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Doctors in 1896


Directory of Iowa Physicians and Surgeons Arranged by Counties



Giving names, address, place and date of graduation, and school of practice, of the physicians of the State.

Note-R., denotes Regular in Practice; H., Homeopathic; E., Eclectic



excerpted from

Malicious Prosecution Cases of Mal-Practice and Alleged Mal-Pracice in the State of Iowa

an article by H. E. W. Barnes, MD, Creston, Iowa

Monroe County (Dr. C. B. Powell): Seven cases in this county. No. 1 was a case of sprain of ankle. Verdict for defendant. No. 2 was a fracture of femur. These cases I know nothing of personally. Verdict for defendant. No. 3 was a claim for damages on account of puncture of bladder supposed to be a tumor, in male, death resulting from violent cystitis and septic infection. Post mortem revealed no tumor. Verdict for plaintiff. No. 3. Fracture of femur in child. At expiration of three weeks was not found satisfactory, and rebroken and adjusted. Final result good. Damages awarded because of the delay incident to rebreaking. No. 5. Fracture of femur. Adult. Result not good. Plaintiff would not submit to confinement and dressing for extension and counter-extension. Doctor withdrew from case yet was held for damages. Case No. 6. This was a compound complicated fracture of femur close to knee in an adult who was dissipated. There was septic inflammation from uncleanliness as was claimed. The result was bad. Judgment for plaintiff. No. 7 (reported by Dr. J. V. Brann, Knoxville, Iowa). The case was a dislocation of the shoulder joint and was alleged to have not been reduced. The doctor was successful on the theory of spontaneous subsequent dislocation from disease in the glenoid cavity. The plaintiff was a permanent cripple.