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Doctors in 1880


The Medical and Surgical Directory of the State of Iowa for 1880 and 1881 containing the names, post office address and professional status of the physicians; the various medical societies, with names and residence of the officers and members; a list of members of the American Medical Association from Iowa; rosters of the U.S. examining surgeons for pensions for the state, and medical officers of the Iowa National Guards. Also medical colleges-state charitable institutions-hospitals, medical laws, fee bills of medical societies in different parts of the state. A mortuary record and an index of the physicians of the state, alphabetically arranged with reference page to register report.


by Charles H. Lothrop, MD


American Medical Association-Permanent Members

Iowa State Medical Society

Des Moines Valley Medical Association

Homeopathic State and District Medical Societies-The Hahneman Medical Association of Iowa

Roster of U.S. Examining Surgeons for pensions for state of Iowa

Mortuary Record

Medical Register

Giving names, address, place and date of graduation, and school of practice, of the physicians of the State.

Note-R., denotes Regular in Practice; H., Homeopathic; E., Eclectic; P.M., Physio Medical; B., Botanic; * Graduation doubtful; % not a Graduate; & nothing known as to standing or Qualification.