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1898 Iowa State Gazetteer and Business Directory



Appleman, Marymusic teacher
Avery Supply Cogeneral store
Brown, H Fbarber
Cady, J Rphysician
Chisholm, Alexanderfeed mill
Evans, J Zpostmaster and supt Smoky Hollow Coal Co
Evans, Thomas Lgeneral store
Montgomery, C Aphysician
Pearson, L Rgeneral store
Pearson, W Ajustice of peace
Peterson, S M blacksmith
Smith, Jamesbillards
Smoky Hollow Coal CoJ Z Evans, supt
Thayer, N Alivery and feed stable
Whaley, P Lrailroad and exp agt


Bluff Creek

Lewis, Lcheese factory
Sumner, W H general store



Allor, Mbilliard hall
Beistle, Brailroad and express agent
Buck, George Wmeat market
Chamberlain, L Ageneral store and banker
Deep Vein Coal Cominers
Miller, Wmgeneral store
O'Cormack, Timothybarber
Rowles & Hickenloopergeneral store
Ruport, Mariongrocer
Thompson, Edwardrestaurant
Thompson, T Wgroceries and feed
Trear, Mrs J Hrestaurant
Trussell & Eslingerlumber and farm implements
Wilson Brosgeneral store
Woodruff, Dr Wilson Jdruggist



Cabarine, Johnblacksmith
Carr, Johnteacher
Chamberlainrailroad and exp agt
Comer, Thomas Egeneral store, drugs and justice
Doody, John Linsurance agt
Garrity, Mrs Pgeneral store
Gaule, Rev EdwardCatholic
Harlow, Johnsaw mill
Kerby, Wmlive stock
Lynch, Martinmusic teacher
Quinn, Marynews dealer
Sarver, Samuelconstable
Sullivan, Bteacher
Sullivan, Martinshoemaker
Sullivan, Minnieteacher
Sullivan, Mdruggist
Walsh, Mrs Pconfectioner



Beck, Abarber
Hagerty, Mmusic teacher
Hagerty, Pgeneral store
Wilson, Dickblacksmith



Avery, T J physician
Bates & Kennedylivery
Burns, Miss Juliadressmaker
Corey, J Gfancy work
Corey, O Rdrugs, paints, oils and stationery
Corey & Canningbicycles and musical instruments
Hiteman Supply Cogeneral store
James, Mrs Olivemilliner and dressmaker
Johnson, J Jlivery
Loach, J Nbakery
McFall, W Ophysician
Meadows, B Obarber
Samuel, Rhysmusic teacher
Sparr, Charleslivery
Swanson, Charlescarpenter
Wapello Coal Company 



Ballard, Rev WUnited Brethren
Barger, B Bjustice of peace
Bissell, C Edruggist
Castner, James N & soncheese, grain and poultry
Clark, P Rgeneral store
Clarke, Marymusic teacher
Clemons, G Hfurniture
Cormany, H Ablacksmith and feed mill
Danbury, Hrailroad, exp and tel agt
Duncan, Olive stock
Ferris, Patrickplasterer
Green Bay Lumber Coluber
Hewitt, R Aplasterer
Holsclaw, C Vphysician
Lovilia String Band 
McDonald, T B & songeneral store
McElhany, J Ccoal prospector
McElhany Sistersmilliners
Meeks & Son live stock
Miser, H Wphysician
Mullen, J Hbarber
Osborn, A Jharnessmaker
Riley, Wesleyhotel and livery
Robins, Benjaminshoemaker and hotel
Rose, Hermanphysician
Sanders, H Aflour and justice
Smith, M Sgeneral store
Swan, H Cgeneral store
Way, F Wlive stock
William, Louiscarpenter
Wilson, Columbusmusic teacher



Gholson, Danielcheese mnfr
Wellenman, Jgrocer



Chamberlain, F Erailroad, exp and tel agt
Greene, L Pcarpenter
McGrath, Jgeneral store
McGrath, J T Flawyer
Mahoney, Mrs Pgrocer
Paxston, Clintonsaw mill



Griffin, Anniegeneral store
Lemhart, Fredblacksmith
Maddy, S Tfarmer