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Bibliography of Monroe County Newspapers

Albia DemocratAlbia1878-1890Weekly
Albia Republic, TheAlbia1868-1869Weekly
Albia RepublicanAlbia1897-1922Weekly
Albia Union and Republican, TheAlbia1922-1923Semiweekly
Albia Union, TheAlbia18??-1893Weekly
Albia Union, TheAlbia1904-1922Semiweekly
Albia Union-Republican, TheAlbia1923-CurrentWkly Apr 19, 1928-
Albia Weekly GazetteAlbia1861-1862Weekly
Albia Weekly Republican, TheAlbia1857-1859Weekly
Buxton Eagle, TheBuxton1903-1905 
Industrial Era, TheAlbia1875-1882Weekly
Jefferson Blade, TheAlbia1859-1861Weekly
Lovilia Press, TheLovilia1907-1957Weekly
Lovilia Tribune, TheLovilia1902-1907Weekly
Melrose Bell, TheMelrose1908-1926Weekly
Monroe County NewsAlbia1897-1898Weekly
Monroe County NewsAlbia1902-currentWeekly
Monroe County News and Albia DemocratAlbia1898-1902Weekly
Reform Weekly LeaderAlbia18??-18??Weekly
Reporter, TheLovilia1957-1961Weekly
Southern Iowa Educator, TheAlbia1???-1906 
Spirit of the WestAlbia1869-1874Weekly
Tuesday Union, TheAlbia1893-1903Semiweekly
Weekly Albia Union, TheAlbia1860-18??Weekly



The Library of Congress Chronicling America Historic American Newspapers US Newspaper Directory, 1690-Present