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The following is a list of names of men and women from the Melrose area who had served, or were serving, in the Armed Forces. The list was found in a school paper called The Melrosian, Volumn I - No. V, published in February, 1945.

Barry, William

Bates, Bill

Booth, Bob

Callahan, Ed

Carbin, George

Carbin, Mike

Carmody, James

Carmody, Matt

Carr, Bernard

Carr, Gene

Carr, James E.

Carr, James P.

Carr, William

Casebolt, Carl

Casebolt, Truman

Ciska, Jack

Ciska, William

Cleary, Joe

Coady, Bill

Coady, Ray

Coady, Richard

Coleman, James

Coleman, Joe

Conway, John

Coughlin, Bernard

Coughlin, Martha

Cozad, Dale

Cozad, Irvin

Cozad, Leroy

Cronin, Bob

Cronin, Charles

Cronin, John

Cronin, Leo

Curran, Alfred

Currie, Kenneth

Davis, Rex

Day, Lerov

Dinneen, Dee

Dinneen, Mary

Dinneen, Paul

Diotte, James J.

Elkin, Virgil

Fitzgerald, Bernard

Fitzgerald, Vincent

Ford, Jack

Foutch, Everett

Griffin, Louis

Grimes, Clifford

Grimes, Dale

Grimes, George

Grimes, Ray

Hannam, Henry

Hannam, Jack

Howie, Joe

Irwin, Dorman

Jones, Charles

Jones, John

Judge, Frank

Kasper, George

Kearney, Gerald

Kearney, William

Kenworthy, Cleo

Kenworthy, Dick

Kenworthy, James

Kenworthy, John

Knowles, Don

Lahart, Joe

Luttrell, John

Malone, Richard

Maney, Walter

Martin, E. C.

McDonald, Chas.

McDonald, Ed

McDonough, D.

McGee, James

McGee, James E.

McGee, John

McGee, Pierce

McGee, Walter

McGinn, James

McGuan, Hugh

Montgomery, Andy

Moran, John

Moran, Tom

Murphy, Joe

Myers, Ed

Nalevanko, Charles

Nalevanko, Cyril

Nalevanko, George

Nalevanko, Harry

Nalevanko, Irvin

Navin, Ray

Nicoletto, John

O'Brien, Ed

O'Brien, Francis

O'Brien, Michael

O'Connor, Jimmie

O'Connor, John

O'Connor, Walter

O'Neill, Connie

Parenza, John

Parks, Carlin

Parks, Mary K.

Parks, Ray

Parks, Robert F.

Parks, Robert J.

Pavlik, George

Riordan, Carbin

Ryan, Dan

Ryan, Harry G.

Ryan, James

Ryan, Mike

Schakel, Lois

Scieszinski, B. J.

Scieszinski, Ed

Sheedy, Gene

Sheedy, Leo

Shehan, Bill

Shrader, James

Sickle, George

Sickle, John

Sinclair, Archie

Sinnott, Joe

Wales, Bill

Walsh, Ed

Walsh, Matt

Ward, Don

Ward, J. J.

Ward, Loraine

Ward, Richard

Weller, Paul

Welsh, William

Wignall, James

Wolf, Eugene


Source: "But of Course They Were Irish", Evelyn Sinclair Tierney, page 108.