Cork Family Cemetery

Rural Turin, Iowa
Belvidere Township

SEC-10 TWP- 83 RNG- 44

24077 Larpentear Mem. Rd.

Property Owners in 2010
Peter & Betsy Kinnick

Original Property Owner--George W. CORK

Link to posted BIO of George W. Cork

~Walked & Transcribed June 2010

~Before this cemetery could be transcribed, this Mother & Daughter Team had to CLEAR the overgrowth. The more they cut and whacked the tall grass, the larger the cemetery became! Enjoy the page links of photos that were taken during the Labor Of Love to get the cemetery groomed and ready for today's researchers!!

~Update March 2011: Terri Stueland received an email message from a lady, whose grandmother's grandfather was George W. Cork, founder of the Cork Family Cemetery.
She thanked Terri & Jami for cleaning the cemetery and said she always thought the Corks were buried in Oregon !
She was so excited to find out that she could one day visit the family cemetery in Monona County, Iowa!

Clearing the Ground, Grooming & Cleaning Up - Page 1 ** Page 2** Page 3** Page 4

~By Volunteers, Jami Reeves & Terri Stueland (Recent update information April 2013--added several graves now found & the photograph of G. W. Cork & wife Lydia--see below)


   June 2010--View of the Cork Family Cemetery, near Turin, Iowa.

~Photo done by volunteers, Jami Reeves & Terri Stueland

Linked names below lead to an image of the tombstone (use your Back Key to return to this page)

Row 1  several unmarked graves
          Front of Stone, Bottom form is stamped: F.M. Havens, Boone, IA
Mary E. Davis, Dau of J.W. & J.R. Davis, Died July 13, 1878; Aged 11yrs,6mos,22das
              Back of Stone
Ida M. Davis, Dau of J.W. & J.R Davis., Died June 19, 1881; Aged 19yrs, 8mos,11das

John Wiggins Davis, 1809-1885 [no stone documented, likely one of the several unmarked graves]

Row 2 several unmarked graves
Lenard P. Livengood, Son of S. & G.F. Livengood.; Died Mar. 1, 1881; Aged 2yrs,3mos,8das
Weep not father and mother for me
For I am waiting in glory for thee.

L.P.L. foot marker

Row 3 several unmarked graves

Row 4 several unmarked graves
James J. Woods, Died Apr. 2, 1877; Aged 60yrs, 8mos,22das
J.J.W. footmarker
M.M.M. foot marker
S.M.D. foot marker

Row 5
Freddie Winegar, son of H.J. & E.M. Winegar; Died Feb. 17, 1880; Aged 7yrs,7mos,13das. I'll be well to-morrow.
Elmer D. Winegar, so on H.J. & E.M. Winegar; Died Dec. 15, 1876; 8 yrs,7mos,17das; I’m going to Heaven.

Row 6
John A. Blackburn
, Died Dec. 16, 1879; Aged 27yrs,12das. Hand Shake
Samuel M. Dorward, Son of S.S. & Elvira; Died May 27, 1876; 1yr,6mos,9das. Lamb
Waltie V. Morse, Son of O.M. & M.C.; Died Sept. 23, 1876; Aged 8yrs,11mos,17das. Lamb. Our little boy sleeps sweetly here.
Mima M. Morse, Dau of O.M. & M.C.; Died Aug. 8, 1874; Aged 1yr,2mos,22das. Dove. Gone to Rest
May M. Morse, Dau of O.M. & M.C.; Born March 3, 1867, Died Sept. 22, 1876. None knew her but to love her

Row 7 (recently found) Elmer E. died Aug. 11, 1878, aged 5mo, 12ds; Mary M. died Oct. 25, 1876, aged 1yr, 9ds. Children of E. & S. Clark

Row 8  Unmarked graves

Row 9
Vernie Cork
, Son of Mr. & Mrs. Thomas; Born April 9, 1892, Died Sept. 11, 1892. Sleep on sweet babe, And take they rest, God called thee home, He thought it best.
George A. Cork, Son of T.J. & M.M.; Died Feb. 12, 1880; Aged 3yrs,3mos
Infant Son Cork, Son of T.J. & M.M.; Sept. 28, 1880; Aged 5 days (George & Infant on same stone)
Infant Dau Cork of F.M. & S.J.; Born Feb. 26, 1888, Died May 28, 1888; 3mos,20das.
(front of the stone)
She like the rose bloomed a few days
But now lies silent in the grave
She will not return to us
But we may go to her.

Twin Daughters Cork of F.M. & S.J., Died May 14, 1882
(left side of the stone)
Gone, but not forgotten.
Earl Cork, Son of F.M & S.J.; Born July 16, 1885, Died Aug. 27, 1888

Row 10
Beloved ones forever
Charles A. Bennett, Died Apr. 20, 1875; Aged 19yrs,1da
Georgie W. Bennett, Died Nov. 25, 1885; Aged 10yrs,7mos,16das
(front of the stone)
Gone but not forgotten
(Bottom of stone stamped Benne H.)
Epraim R. Cork, son of G.W. & L.; Died Dec. 7, 1871; Aged 7yr,9mo,27das
A little flower of love
That blossomed but to die
Transplanted now above
To bloom with God on high.

William S. Cork, Son of G.W. & L.; Died Jan. 9, 1872; Aged 12yr,1mo,6da
Dearest Willie thou hast left us
Here thy loss we deeply feel
But tis God that hath bereft us
He can all sorrows heal.

Mother and Father Cork (on front of stone)
Lydia Cork, Wife of G.W.; Sept. 15, 1825—June 9, 1898 *left side of stone [Photo below]
G.W. Cork Sr., Jan. 27, 1822—May 21, 1905 *right side of stone [Photo below]
MOTHER (small marker on left side of tall head stone)
FATHER (small marker on right side of tall head stone)

G.W. Cork & his wife Lydia

Row 11
Eva S. Hathaway, Dau of Carson & Hannah; Died Dec. 20, 1879; Aged 1yr,5mos,6das. Rosebud.

Farther Back
Lavina M. Janes, Wife of J. L. Crabb; Died Jan. 13, 1876; Aged 46yrs,9mo,22das.

Far East Corner of the Cemetery:
Ernestina Johanna Thummel Baggs (Mrs. John T. Baggs); Died March 18, 1876; Aged 46yrs, 1mo, 22das.


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