Mitchell County
Surname Registry

Updated Feb. 9, 2013

Surname being Researched Researcher's Name Researcher's Email
Bach, Bache Dianna Anderson
Back Dianna Anderson
Baldwin Sharon Marshall
Barenz David Barenz
Benson David Barenz
Blood Valerie (Lane) Mariani
Bosteter June Gallas
Connell Kathleen Connell Ryan
DeFord Marlene Kouba
Depin Kermit Kittleson
Dieterich Kermit Kittleson
Dumire June Gallas
Furnish June Gallas
Gardner Wayne Vizniowski
Gunderson Kermit Kittleson
Hartwig Kermit Kittleson
Hess S. Saatkamp
Kearney Dianna Anderson
Kroneman(n) Kermit Kittleson
Lambert June Gallas
Laughlin David Barenz
Logan S. Saatkamp
McCrane Marlene Kouba
McIntire Wayne Vizniowski
Mosher G. Wayne Mosher
Muller Kermit Kittleson
Nason Karyn Zielasko
Nesset or Nesse Kermit Kittleson
Piper Karyn Zielasko
Rust Dianna Anderson
Schrode David Barenz
Sloan Wayne Vizniowski
Tomlinson Wayne Vizniowski
Vedder Kermit Kittleson
Waddell Karyn Zielasko


Please submit to this list the SURNAMES of people who either live in or once lived in Mitchell County, and whom you are interested in finding out more about, or have information which you would like to share.

Send the necessary information:

  • The surname(s)
  • your full name, and
  • your email address
to Kermit Kittleson, at