A Rural Mitchell County School - Circa 1897-98

Possibly Erbe or Meroa School


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Back row: Oscar Johnson, John "Ray" Tubbs (short guy), Jesse Jeffries, Nettie Johnson, Clayton Tubbs, (Unknown boy)

Middle Row: (Far left) Earl Clark Tubbs, Ina Jeffries, (Unknown girl), Charlie Jeffries, School Teacher (possibly Sarah J. Carter), (unknown girl), Mathias Johnson, Matilda Johnson, Josie Tubbs.

Front: Jessie Tubbs, (Unknown boy).

The photo said: "School class picture" on the back.

Note: The Tubbs family at that time, about 1897, lived west of Osage about six miles, and then south about a mile, (straight south of the road to St. Ansgar). So the school is probably either the Erbe School or the Meroa School.


Can anyone identify rest?

Picture submitted by Kathy Pike - Oct. 2003
(Text updated 2-17-04)
(Text updated 7-03-06)