County News - 1894

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Some Newsy Snippets
from Around Mitchell County

October 26, 1894 Osage News.


  • Mrs. Schuylersí father, Mr. Richards of Otranto, was in town last week.

  • Miss Nellie Dodge visited at Meroa last Thursday.

  • Miss Emma Martin returned from Chicago last Friday. She visited relatives and received treatment for her eyes, which have been troubling her. We are glad she hopes to be improved in health as a result.

  • Mrs. Bradford of Nashua, formerly Miss Grace Shattuck, made a few days visit here last week.

  • Mrs. Huckins of Cedar Falls, is stopping with her sister, Mrs. Lewis Moe.

  • Mrs. Ladd and Miss Louise Baker, of Traer came Monday for a visit at the parental home of Rev. and Mrs. Baker.

  • Miss Esther Bakerís term of school near Otranto closes in a week.

  • Misses Julia and Anna Sheehan visited Mrs. H. Parsons over Sunday.

  • At the Rossiter photograph gallery may be seen some excellent views of the cyclone swept district.

  • Miss Sarah White, of Lyle, was in town Monday afternoon.

  • Mrs. Rhames and Mrs. Squires, also Mrs. Owen, of Mitchell were in town last week.

  • Miss Alvina Falk is again at the counter at Rennebohmís.

  • C. Fedsonís have moved into their new house. They cannot settle until it is finished off. Mr. Bartooís moved into the house formerly occupied by them. We understand their place is spoken for. There are not houses enough to go around at present.

  • A. Dodge has built a nice addition to his barn. Carpenters are busy these days.

  • Dr. Johnsonís brother, who was here for some time, is now at home in Denmark.

  • Gilbert Peshak, of Plymouth, is attending public school here.

  • Mrs. Jno. Olson is improving.

  • Mr. St. John, of Otranto, was in town last week.

  • G. Thornburg visited in Charles City recently.

  • Mrs J. McAllister spent a few days last with old acquaintances here.

  • J. Jones has been quite bad off with rheumatism since leaving here, but is better at last report.

  • The potato business flourishes here. Several carloads went off last week.

  • H. Grothís have received their insurance $782. They have built and moved into their new home.

  • Geo. McCullough is able to be around again, superintending the moving machine this week.

  • T. Tollefson is rebuilding on the old site.

  • We met Supervisor Holmes on the street last week. He says the Newburg bridge will be put in this fall.

  • Clarence Sherman is at home again.

  • Mrs. Klindt and two little daughters returned from Osage Monday.


  • Mrs. Wheeler and little Glenn, from Waterloo, are visiting their many friends in this vicinity.

  • Rev. Moore, the new pastor at Lyle, preached good sermons here Sunday morning and evening.

  • The Misses Jennie and Daisy Rustad spent Sunday in Osage.

  • Mrs. And Mrs. Grubbeare rejoicing over the little stranger who came to live with them last week. Hereís health to the baby.

  • Bills are out announcing an auction sale at Mona, beginning October 29th. The sale consists of the hardware stock of the late S. C. Rustad.


  • Potato digging is over with in this vicinity, and corn gathering is now the order of the day.

  • Miss Cora Hill has returned home from Mason City.

  • Miss Russe of Plainfield is now visiting at the home of Mr. Lytleís.

  • Miss Woolridge, who is assisting in the revival meetings, is a excellent singer.

  • The womanís missionary meeting will be held at the home of Mr. Lytleís.

  • Miss Jessie Burch, of Osage, was a visitor among the Lincoln people.

  • Miss Gracie Armstrong was home to spend the Sabbath with the Lincoln people.


  • Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Goplerud and Mr. and Mrs. G. O. Brager, from Osage, were callers in this vicinity last Sunday.

  • Andrew Larson in Rock, has got his new house nearly completed and ready for use.

  • E. J. Sande started last Sunday morning for Illinois to see his brother, who is lying at the point of death. He was called there by a telegram Saturday night.

  • Some of the people in this locality were a little scared last Saturday night over the storm, lest it should turn out to be a cyclone. We hope no more cyclones will rouse our people in this country this year.

  • O. A. Smeland has taken steps to organize a music class, which will meet from time to time to practice the elements of music. We hope for success in the future.

  • Martin Tollefson and Ole and H.A. Odden were callers in this vicinity last Sunday. By the way the two latter gentlemen seem to be quite frequent visitors in this country.

November 8, 1894- Osage News.


  • Drs. Whitley and Bundy preformed an operation for Hiss Olga Berg Tuesday. It was the removal of an abscess. We sincerely hope she may recover soon.

  • Miss Nellie Dodge went to Osage last Saturday.

  • The W.F. M. S. met with Mrs. Geo. Eaton Tuesday.

  • The Epworth League met at the home of A. M. Dodge last Wednesday evening for business.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Moe will occupy the house fitted up by Mr. Koch.

  • Mr. E. Holmes, of Carpenter, was in town last week.

  • Miss Sarah Stafford visited in Lyle recently.


  • Mr. and Mrs. Edward Budlong, of Shell Rock, Minnesota were guests at H.M. Favilleís last week.

  • The phantom social at Thomas Barnettís Wednesday evening, was largely attended and very enjoyable. The room decorations were artistic and unique. Excellent refreshments were served.

  • Last week Mr. and Mrs. Whitney were here visiting their son, Oliver. Mrs. Whitney will never recover from the injuries she received in the recent cyclone.

  • Mrs. L. H. Fountain is recovering from her illness.

  • Ben Houston has moved his household good in a part of Jay VanArnamís house.

Transcribed by Marilyn O'Connor