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Letters to Mrs. Knowlton


These letters were addressed to Mrs. G.H. Knowlton, Osage, Mitchell County, Iowa.

Written on the envelope is: "This letter was written by my Father and Mother, the only one my mother ever wrote."

The postmarks on the envelope are West Bolton, C.E., Montreal, O., and Knowlton, C.E. Knowlton is a town in Quebec, so these are Canadian postmarks.

I have transcribed the letters as written, including misspellings. There were no punctuation marks so I added those to make the letters easier to understand. -- M. Cross

Letter #1


Bolton May 13th 1868

"My dear Julia,

We receid your letter the 7 of May and was very very glad to hear from you with my eyes swiming in tears. I will tell you about your Uncle Sager Brill, he died April 29. I went to see Phebe Turner last Sunday. She donít set up all of the time. She says she is better. She is taking four kinds of medicine.

Rachel Mizeener is very frechile. She spits blood and has had a great many fits. She had one last Saterday. She is so she ?ides out. Martha was here yesterday. She is a going to live at her fathers this summer. She is beter now. She was confined. She did not have but one fit afterwards. She carrie a little puppy with her in a box about as large as kitten a month or two old. They have let out their farm. David Parmalee wife is dead. The doctor and wife has got back.

Mrs. Wheeler is at Thomases. She and Susan has been here a visiting. Last month Charlotte took her organ. Thomas is here tonight. Anna was here last night. He was after some money to pay his lawsuit. Emily is not very lively. She has had a hard time. She waited up on Martha three or four weeks. Rachel kept house for her till she was taken sick then she came home. Three weeks more she stood over her. The Widow Moses took care of Martha.

Manningís folks is well at preasant. Aunt Pegy is there. Albrowís folks are well. Jonnathan is well. Rotus is well at present. I expect you will say the same as the Judge said by Harvy Fuller. Excuse my bad spelling and bad writing it is forty three years since I have writen as much.

Uncle Palmer was here this morning. He is seventy-eight. Aunt Betsy walked up here last month and staid overnight. Mr. Gott lives at Brome Lake on Hansons farm.

A few words to the boys

I just saw Jonathan drive off with Kitt M from his house. Peter Mizener lives with him. Paschal Chamberlin in Peterís house, Coridon Stone in Elmoreís, Jonathan Mizener in Paschalís, a French man in Thomas Wheeler old house.

I had three little visiters in one day. Jonny Wheeler come up and stopid all the afternoon. He made me a nice visit. He came alone. He said if Thomas did not come back soon he would go and learn him. Minne was here and Ady to this same day. Little Jenieís brother Tommy is not very well. He had a swelling under his jaw and had it lanced. Minnieís sister has no name. She looks like her Grandpa H as fat as a ball of butter.

Warner, I was glad that you wrote to your grandpa. He was very glad to. I sent two papers to, one to Luke and Martin, one was the Farmerís Advocate, the other The Educator. It was three weeks ago, tell me if you got them.

The men is on the hill a making fence today. It was very cold last month it is pretty warm now. We have not had a letter from Goodlaw this long time, tell him to write.

I want you to write as soon as you can. George Wheeler has not got back. He wrote to Thomas that he would sell out and go west. Your father is pretty well at present. He is growing old very fast. He is 67. Your paper comes every week, the North Iowan. Your father says pleas excuse him. He will write before long. We all send our love to you and family so good by. This from your loving mother

H.B. Duboyce"



Letter #2

Bolton, June the 25, 1868

"My Dear Son and Daughter,

I seat myself to write a few lins to you hoping they will find you all well. We received yours and ware verry glad to here from you all. We are all well at presant and sincearly hope these few lines will find you all injoying the sam blessings.

Our crops looks very well. We think of beginning to hay next week if the weather is good. Your Mother and I went down to Lukeís a Tuesday on a visit. When we ware at tea Luke sead he would like to sit down with his brothers a few minets. I thought I should enjoy my self for wonce but I am afraid I never shal. Thomas and Anna and there children ware at our house on Sunday last. Mr. Ranger and his wife ware up to Brome. His helth is not very good. He is at Bolton Springs jest now.

Julia wrote to me to know what a pare of horses would be worth. Co. A.B. Foster bought a pare of clides colts a year old. Colts waid 28-50 pounds and paid $450. Cows common sell for 30 dollars. Luke told me he was offord for 2 cows 140 dollars. Tel the boys I have sold Old Randy last week for 134 dollars in greenbacks. I have 4 pares yet of stears and cows. Thare was a drove of cattle past our place this morning of 350 head going south.

The old lady and I ware over to Shefford. The volunteers ware cald to St. Aumond the 10. Luke Robinson told me they had jest arived to Waterloo this morning. He thought ther would be no trouble with the firearms. The Brome Company go to Mansonville the 4 of July.

Mr. Chamberlin commenced haying today. Grass is verry good here this year. This season Mr. Wheelock preaches at Knowlton the 5 July.

Jonathan is marred to Kit Miener. Thay had quite a time. They invited all the brothers and sisters on both sids, Maning and family, Peter and his family, Thomas and his family, Albro and his family. They held the wedding at Daniel Giddings. Peter Miener lives with Jonathan. He has put up a frame on the lowe side of the rode out to the old pace on that ledge this side of Pascalís barn. Peter Hunt has bilt a large barn this summer.

Emily came up to our place last evening and she is here yet making us a visit. She has not been here since the fore part of last winter before now. She is quite lame with rheumatism. Anny has a pretty hard row to how with her children. She looks pretty thin. She sends her love to you all. Maning is trying to change places with Paltire Townend he owns the Cutting place over in Bonie Woods. There is a thing of a saw mill and a gris mill.

The mail has come and I must close. Give my complements to all. Write soon one and all. So good by

Martin Duboyce"


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