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It is a very good resource.

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. . . the amazing website - Mitchell County/IAGenWeb! I am so very greatful for all the info I have found there!

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You, by far, have the best website of those that I've seen on IAGenWeb. Have occasion this last week to peruse a few others . . . none as good as yours.

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. . . Thanks for your help with the Mitchell County website. I have been to several IAGenWeb sites, and Mitchell County is the best I've found!

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Keep up the great work that you do.

We need more people like you who are dedicated to do what you are doing.

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I have been doing genealogy for years. You have
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Again Thank You!!!

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Thank you for all that good information I have found on your website.

I am looking for information about my family in Iowa, most of them in Mitchell county.




"Thank you so much for the information on your website. Iíve been searching for my Great Great Grandmotherís maiden name for so long I was about to give up on her side of the family. I found it on your site."

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"I live in Oregon. I have some ancestors that are buried in Mitchell County and after I contacted the Mitchell County Courthouse, I received an email from Barb Baldwin who suggested I check out the website for IAGenWeb."

"That website is awesome."

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"I am a genealogy nut, so I venture into lots of county sites. Many are just useless, but once in a while I find a gem. Today I found yours. I am not even well started working my way through it, but I have already found SO much.

"Many thanks for your good work."

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"Thanks for all the hard work you do on the county IAGenWeb sites!"

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"You have done a wonderful job on the website. It has been great help to me in family research."

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"Thanks for the great site that you work on at Mitchell county IAGenWeb. It has been a fantastic resource for me."

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"I tried to do the same thing for ----- county in western Iowa where I grew up. They have nothing in comparison to the one for Mitchell county. I was very disappointed. I had assumed there was a standard form for all Iowa counties. I need to check Buena Vista county too since that's where my parents were born and raised."

L.L. 4/9/2009



"Iíve been sticking to free genealogy information on line in Mitchell County and seeing your name repeatedly. Thank you so much! My families came in the late 1860ís Ė S.W. Cook, William D. Hatch, Samuel and Charles Bacon. Iím very appreciative."

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"Thanks for keeping these websites up and running. I wish some of the other coordinators could do as good of a job as you."

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"I have sought info from many IAGenWeb sites and yours is one of the best. . . . My Dad, a longtime Mitchell County resident, says that Mitchell County has always surpassed the [other] county in everything!

Also do some research on the . . . County site - very catchy - but my heart is still with those who give so unselfishly to the Mitchell County IAGenWeb site."

"Please share my sentiments with those who work on that site with you!"

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