Mills County, Iowa
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Albright Elvina Hiatt
Allen Heike Logan
Anderson Christine
Baird Marcia McKown Hummel
Ballain Christine Eagan
Boyd Maria Jean
Buckle Bill Macy
Burris Bill Macy
Butler Fred Gardner
Carder Marcia McKown Hummel
Case Kay Kinnan
Fewson Marcia McKown Hummel
Gardner Fred Gardner
Garrett Maria Jean
Hightower Dawn Peterson
Kennedy Elvina Hiatt
Kesterson Christine Eagan
Knowles Marcia McKown Hummel
Landanger Christine Eagan
Lang Christine
Marley Dawn Peterson
McAlexander Kay Kinnan
McCrary Dawn Peterson
McCurdy Fred Gardner
McKown Marcia McKown Hummel
Munsinger Heike Logan
Nash Kay Kinnan
Pack Sue Simonich
Phillips Elvina Hiatt
Plumer David Plumer Ewing
Ralston Eileen Heape
Ranne Fred Gardner
Reimer David Plumer Ewing
Said Eileen Heape
Snell Clifford Oliver
Starr Marjorie Brinegar
Surber Elvina Hiatt
Throckmorton Marcia McKown Hummel
Tipple Bill Macy
Tolles Kay Kinnan
Tucker Kay Kinnan
Turk David Plumer Ewing
Walling Marjorie Brinegar
Ward Dawn Peterson
Wolf/Wolfe Maria Jean
Woods Marjorie Brinegar
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