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Family Reunions


Malvern Leader
August 31, 1933

The Shook family held a reunion at the Red Oak Chautauqua park Sunday, Aug. 27. Forty-five relatives and friends responded to invitations. A picnic dinner at noon was a big feature of the day with plenty of fried chicken, home made ice cream, and all the other good things to go with them.

The day was pleasantly spent by the guests in visiting and planning for a reunion next year. An invitation was read from the Shook family in Illinois inviting them to attend their reunion on Sept. 4.

The officers chosen for the coming year were; president, Mrs. James Sowers, Henderson; vice president, Earl Shook, Malvern; secretary, Mrs. Frank Shook, Hastings. The following attended the reunion Sunday: Mrs. Lottie Thrapp, Emerson, Earl Shook and family, Malvern, Frank Shook and family, Hastings, Glen Shook and family, Mrs. Leech Miller and family, Ivan Shook and family, Clyde Shook and family, Mr. and Mrs. Elbridge Shook, Ward Thrapp and family, Mrs. Gladys Daily and son, all of Emerson, and Mrs. Fern Snodgrass and family of Imogene.

Malvern Leader
August 22, 1935

The third annual Shook reunion was held Sunday, Aug. 13, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Sowers near Henderson. A picnic dinner was served at noon to 60 guests and in the afternoon a nice program was given by a group of young people as follows; Piano solo, The Moon Rocket, Pauline Miller. Reading, Edith Economizes, Evelyn Shook. Recitation, Our Friends, Marilyn Jane Shook. Songs, On The Isle and Capri, and In a Winter Wonder Land, Pauline Miller, Evelyn and Jeannette Shook. Recitation, Staying After School, Marion Shook. Recitation, What Am I in the World For, Lester Shook. Violin solo, In a Little Gypsy Tea Room, Pauline Miller. A letter from a cousin was read by Mrs. Earl Shook.

A short business meeting was held following the program and the following officers chosen for the coming year; Earl Shook, president; Mrs. Clyde Shook, vice president; Clyde Shook, secretary and treasurer; Mrs. Earl Shook, reporter.

Relatives present from a distance were Mr. and Mrs. Norman Beresford and Mrs. Ottis Worden and daughters, Grace and Juanita, Smithshire, Ill.; Dan and Roy Shook, Stronghurst, Ill.; Mr. and Mrs. George Drain, Kirkwood, Ill.; Mr. and Mrs. John Gibson and Mrs. Dave Shook, Biggsville, Ill. The Mills county relatives attending were Mr. and Mrs. Glen Snodgrass, Glen Shook and son Dean, Elbridge Shook, Clyde Shook and family, Leach Miller and family, Ivan Shook and daughter Evelyn, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Sowers, all of Emerson; Frank Shook and family, Mrs. Fred Clark and sons, Hastings; Mr. and Mrs. Orris Bently and family, Glenwood; Mr. and Mrs. Earl Shook and family and Mrs. Faye Sowers and sons, Malvern and Mr. and Mrs. James Sowers, Henderson.

Glenwood Opinion Tribune
September 2, 1937

The fifth annual reunion of the descendants of J.A. and Clara Shook was held at the Franks Shook home near Hastings Sunday, Aug. 22. There were 50 present. All but one of the 11 children were present. Well filled baskets were brought and a cafeteria dinner was served. A program had been prepared and after this the business was taken care of by the president, Frank Shook.

New officers for the coming year are: Glen Shook, president; Geneva Shook, vice president; Pauline Miller; secretary; Ruby Shook, reporter. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. James Sowers, Henderson; Mrs. Bertha Silkett, Corydon; her daughter, Mrs. Florence Nagel, Des Moines; Mr. and Mrs. Earl Shook, Max, Byron, Ethel and Maryline Jane, Malvern; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Shook, Jeannette, Lester, Kenneth and Gerald, Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Shook, Geneva, Billie and Dean, Mr. and Mrs. Leech Miller, Pauline, Dale and Wayne, Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Snodgrass and Enid, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Shook, Geraldine, Junior, Marion and Betty, Elbridge Shook, Mr. and Mrs. Oris Bennett and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Cal Shapcott and family.

Malvern Leader
August 25, 1938

The sixth annual reunion of the J.A. and Clara Shook descendants was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Shook and family northwest of here Sunday, Aug. 31. Glenn Shook, president of the group, was in charge of the business meeting. The officers for the coming year are; Ivan Shook, Emerson, president; Mrs. Ivan Shook, vice president; Jeannette Shook, secretary and treasurer; Mrs. Ruby Shook, Malvern, recorder.

Greetings were read from J.W. McLain who has been invited each year but who was unable to attend this year. The group sent greetings to him and wished him a speedy recovery. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Elbridge Shook and Edward Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Sowers, Henderson; Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Snodgrass, Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Shook and Evelyn, Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Shapcott and family, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Shook and family, Emerson; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Shook and family, Hastings; Mr. and Mrs. L.R. Miller and family, Glenwood; Mr. and Mrs. Earl Shook and family, Malvern; Mr. and Mrs. Norman Beresford and son Dean, A.B. Shook, Smithshire, Ill., Roy Shook, Stronghurst, Ill., and George Shook Jr., Gladstone, Ill. The reunion next year will be held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Shook in Emerson.

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