Mills County, Iowa


Gorn Brothers Blacksmith Shop
(Pacific Junction)

General Blacksmith and Repair Work

The Gorn Brothers Blacksmith Shop was located on the south side of Main Street; just east of where the Methodist Church is today.

This photograph was taken in 1918, a few months after it opened, in December of 1917. The shop was opened by Chris, George and Gens Gorn. Pictured at left is Chris, on the right is Jack Hunter, an employee.

Inside this wooden structure, the Gorn brothers repaired plows, shoed horses, welded and even worked on automobiles briefly. The shop, which is thought as the Mills County's first welding shop, was evidently bought out by Chris. The shop closed in the late '40's and the building later was torn down.

This photograph was supplied by Chris Gorn's daughter, Mrs. C. Adams, of Glenwood.

Source: Scrapbook Memories at Glenwood Library
Transcribed by Roseanna Zehner
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