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There is a report current in Glenwood that the above firm are to have an up-to-date millinery stock placed in stock in ample time for the spring trade this year. It has been learned by the Tribune that the report is true. Do not forget it, that the report is true. Also remember that when Carey & Fleming do anything it is not done by halves. The millinery houses of Chicago and St. Louis have been drawn upon to furnish what will be absolutely the best line of bonnets, hats and all sorts of trimming, that has ever been shown in this part of Iowa. When people consider that this firm always takes the lead in modern merchandising. It may readily be seen that their new department will contain only the latest styles. With the assurance that Carey & Fleming will sustain their reputation in every respect, we leave the ladies of Glenwood the pleasant anticipation of soon being able to look over the latest millinery creations, worthy to a much larger city.

Source: Mills County Tribune
February 5, 1909

~ All information about Carey and Fleming contributed by Trini Tracy, thank you.

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