Mills County, Iowa

Various Newspaper Articles

The Tabor Beacon
May 2, 1902

Faith Home Notes
Tabor, Iowa

Word has been received of the late arrival at San Francisco of D. W. Zook and wife and Mrs. Mary Smelser, on their way home from India. Rev. and Mrs. N. Zook, of Des Moines, traveling evangelists for the United Brethren, are holding special meetings at the Faith Home.

Some workers from the home attended the dedication of the new house of worship at Gretna, Neb., on April 27, built by the Holiness church at that place. Service conducted by Elder Geo. Weavers.

Elder Weavers, accompanied by other missionaries, expects to leave soon for South Africa. Mr. Weavers was compelled to leave South Africa at the time of the breaking out of the Boer war. This will be his third trip to that country.