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The Malvern Leader
May 28, 1942

Letters From Boys

Takes Plane Trip To Get Rest

Dear Editor:

Received your letter this morning and was glad to hear the boys enjoy my little experiences. I certainly envy those fellows on the other side who really know what it is all about. I enjoy reading their letters and hope some day before too many moons to be writing from a distance myself.

My church services have finally caught on and the boys fill the church every Sunday. Boys who have never gone to church at home go while in the army and seem to like it. Many of the boys go to Yakima and attend the service there while the Catholic boys are regular at their own church.

The only time I get any rest around this place is when I get one of the pilots to take me on a trip in a plane. The other day I had a date with my Aunt Vera for dinner in Tacoma and was supposed to call her when I arrived. Because of bad weather I couldnít get clearance to get off the ground until 11:45 a.m. At 21 minutes after noon, just 36 minutes later, we were coming down for a landing at McCord field near Tacoma and I kept my dinner date. We made the trip in a big two motored ship, flying above the clouds at a lively clip. The distance by road is 145 miles so go figure our speed. This week if we get a clear day Capt. Heinz had promised to take me up between five or six miles and give me a chance to take pictures at that altitude. If we make the trip I will have to get out the heavy underwear and breathe through an oxygen tube. Tell Ed Knight Iíll try to get him some good pictures of cloud formations and of Mt. Rainier. If one should drop down in some of that wilderness over there it would take a week to walk out.

Made eight speeches including one radio appearance and on sermon down in the city recently and have six more scheduled. The city of Yakima is very hospitable and wants the soldiers to come to everything going on. Last Sunday we sent nearly 100 boys out to eat and enjoy themselves. Many of the boys are invited to private homes or out to various ranches where they are entertained royally.

The Jewish boy I wrote the love letter for a week or so ago came in again Sunday and said his girl is considering coming back to him. He wants me to write another letter so he could get her all the way back. Iíll give you the results of this second letter in a later edition.

Found a boy in camp this morning from my home town, Emmetsburg, so I guess this isnít such a big army after all.

Lt. I.B. Allen

Watts Looks for Victory

Much to my surprise one of the Malvern folk came to see me the other night. He said he saw by the Malvern Leader that I was stationed there in California and so he came to see me. Found out where are a lot of my friends are and what they are doing. He told me that I was to receive the paper and later I received a letter that they had sent my address to you. I assure you that the Leader will be very much appreciated and welcomed. You no doubt have sent a copy to me but I have moved since this has taken place.

I case you donít remember who I am, I was the guy who always came to your office to bother Willard Millikan. Willard was a very good friend of Earl and myself. I understand Willard is flying in England now. He flies and I keep them flying. However, it isnít the air force alone that that is going to win but everyone of us together so letís keep our end of the load up the best we can.

I really canít say what I am doing in this damp, swampy country along with all the other attractions such as flies, etc. Iíll just say that I am here for a vital purpose. Now in closing may I say that we are happy and looking forward to victory for the U. S.

Pvt. V. Eugene Watts
Columbia Army Air Base
31- Bomber Squadron, Columbia, S. C.

Articles transcribed by Lois Shaul

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