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The Malvern Leader
October 8, 1891


Mrs. J.P. Jones has been somewhat indisposed the past week.

John Craig is in from Creston, Neb., visiting his parents this week.

Lewis Baker will barrel his apples in the orchard and then deliver here.

Alfred Bradley is confined to his room. We did not learn what the trouble is.

Uncle Pat Criswell still continues to remain about the same as for the past ten days.

Arther Bradley went to Nebraska Tuesday to look after a place and visit relatives at Elgin.

Mrs. Anna Stockton is spending this week with her brother Sam's family near Indianola, Neb.

Al Bentley and wife, of Chicago, visited a couple of days the past week with Oliver Ogden's family.

John Criswell and wife and Mrs. King returned to their home in Nebraska the latter part of the week.

Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Ewing returned home from Sidney Saturday morning. Mr. Ewing is not improving very fast.

Mr. Pringle, of Grant, Neb., called on Charlie Eacrett's family a couple of days the past week. Miss Jessie will remain for some time.

Mr. Hambach after finishing his barn has concluded to erect a large double crib. It will be 64 feet long, 10 feet on each side, and a 10 foot driveway. Andy Moores is doing the carpenter work.

Al Quackenbush and family stopped off for a couple of day's visit with Charlie Eacrett's family on their return home to Grant, Neb., after their summer's visit at Pittsburg, PA.

Rev. Mr. DeTarr, of Hastings, opened the conference year last Sunday by preaching a very fine sermon. There will be preaching every other Sunday at 11 a.m., and if he can arrange to be here oftener he will do so. He is a fine talker and made a good impression on his audience.


Court meets next Tuesday, Judge Deemer presiding.

A.C. Sabin goes on crutches, the result of a sprained foot.

Mrs. A.S. Ober, of Dakota, is visiting old-time friends hereabouts.

Mother Clarkson, of Des Moines, visited her daughter, Mrs. Coe, of this place.

Ed Deupree, of Oberlin, Kansas is renewing old acquaintanceships hereabouts.

State Auditor Lyons is billed for a speech at the court house Thursday evening.

Hon. Will Berry, of Indianola, brother-in-law of Rev. A.L. Hunt, visited at the latter's bedside Saturday.

Ridgeway's carpenters went on a strike Monday. Most of them left town and their places will be supplied with new men.

T.C. Sherwood, of Des Moines, and H.G. Cilley, of Fairmont, Neb., friends of the Anderson family, attended Miss Ella's funeral.

Word has been received here of the death of Mrs. Wm Hoch, at Los Angeles, Cal. This will be sad though not altogether unexpected news to her many Mills County friends.

J.R. Snider, of Preemption, Ill., visited the week past with his daughter, Mrs. Joe McEwen. Mr. and Mrs. James Taylor, of Omaha, were also over-Sunday visitors at Mr. McEwen's.

Rev. A.L. Hunt is dangerously ill with pneumonia of the lungs. A consultation of physicians was held Tuesday, the result of which is unknown to your correspondent at this writing.

The community was shocked Thursday morning with the news that Miss Ella, third daughter of Wm. H. Anderson, deceased, was dead. She was 18 years of age and generally supposed to be in the best of health. She had been sick but a short time prior to her death, which resulted from congestion of the stomach. Afain are the sympathies of our citizens extended to this bereaved family.


W.W. DeHart is clerking for H.B. Gray.

Miss Kate French spent Sunday at home.

Miss Emma DeHart is on the sick list this week.

Geo Smith was down from Henderson Monday.

Charles Baxter has recovered from his recent illness.

Mrs. Will Hawker is stopping in Hastings this week.

Dave Kinney came over from Emerson Wednesday.


Abe Reed has been on the sick list for several days.

Will Burrows shipped another car load of apples from Silver City Tuesday.

Mrs. Looby and Mrs. H.C. Mass spent several days at Omaha last week.

Tuesday Edwin Morse moved his family into the rooms above the old Moore drug room.

Monday A.J. Hamilton brought to this office a sweet potato of medium size which measured twenty=three inches in length.

Mr. and Mrs. Jones, of Strahan, drove up to Silver City Wednesday, Sept. 30, to visit with friends and witness the ball game.

Mrs. Jaquiss, of Kansas City, who has been visiting with her daughter, Mrs. H.G. Owens, left for home Friday evening. Mrs. Owens accompanied her home and will remain several weeks.

George Hettinger, of Humboldt, Kans., has been visiting his brothers, Messrs. J.M., Wm. and Lewis, and other relatives for a few days and left for home Sunday evening. He was accompanied by G.P. Pullman who will visit in that vicinity a short time.

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