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A Permanent Organization Effected
List of Members and Visiting Comrades Present--Incidents, Etc.

Malvern, Iowa
August 21, 1890

One day during the forepart of July, W. K. Follett and Capt. H. Atkinson met on the streets of Malvern. Both having been members of the "old 29th" Iowa; the matter of a reunion of the old regiment was suggested, and they agreed to set the ball to rolling by publishing a call for a reunion to be held at Malvern August 12 and 13. Accordingly the call was published and thus the ball was set rolling and was accelerated by a general correspondence among the boys. On the morning of the 12th the boys began to roll into camp at the fair grounds (which had been previously secured for the occasion), appropriately led by Company "A", with colors flying, under command of the first Captain, J. P. Williams, assisted by Wall McFaden as orderly sergeant, drum major, quartermaster, color bearer and high private, who arrived on the early train from Council Bluffs.

Next to arrive was Co. "E" from Sidney, under command of its first Captain, Henry Bowen, assisted by Captain High Atkinson, and Orderly Sergeant Mero Webster to keep the boys in line. They marched into camp 27 strong, with flying colors. Then came Co. "B", under command of the sturdy fighting Lieut. Warren, all marching as sprightly as though 25 years had not elapsed since they touched elbows at the close of the war. As new arrivals came the enthusiasm became so great that further details were difficult to gather.

All the companies but "G" and "I" were represented. The first day 68 members of the old regiment fell in line under the temporary command of our Post Commander, H. H. Woodrow, and were marched to seats arranged in the shade of a clump of trees, to listen to many letters bearing cordial good wishes of comrades and regrets at not being able to meet with the old regiment on this occasion.

Lieut. Col. R. F. Patterson, Memphis, Tenn., its old commander on many a sanguinary field, sent a letter, as did also Captains Andrews, of Mt. Pleasant, and Gardner and Sheldon, of Dakota, as well as many comrades and widows of comrades deceased. Short addresses were then listened to from comrade Frank Britt, of Hastings, Neb., and others, all of which were applauded enthusiastically.

The next thing in order was a general raid on the edibles so lavishly supplied by Quartermaster J. M. Johnson, consisting of everything the country affords, including, hardtack, s. b., black coffee and butter, which assured the comrades that J. M. had not lost his skill as a forager, and that Major Follett as an "all purpose" comrade could not be beaten.

The afternoon was mainly devoted to handshaking, visiting and social intercourse, interspersed with short talks and army songs by comrades. One of the indispensable features of interest was Wall McFadden's magnificent drum corps, the music of which roused the enthusiasm of the old vets and sent the blood coursing through their veins, making them feel a score of years younger. Wall's a trump, and don't forget it.

The evening camp-fire was a grand success. Addresses from Col. J. J. Steadman and others were very fine and were enthusiastically received. Had not threatening clouds made their appearance the camp-fire would doubtless have been continued until a late hour. However all retired feeling that the day had been pleasantly passed and the success of the reunion assured. The second day dawned bright and clear and soon after sunrise the camp began to assume the appearance of a reunion in fact. At 9 at the call of the drum corps the survivors of the regiment present assembled and were called to order by Commander Woodrow who announced the business meeting of the regiment. Capt. Henry Bowen, of Sidney, was called to the chair and announced the object of the meeting to be to consider the advisability of forming a permanent organization of the old regiment. On motion it was decided to proceed with the organization by the election of officers, which resulted as follows:

COLONEL, A. J. Chantry, Malvern
LIEUT. COLONEL, J. W. Stocker, Logan
MAJOR, Mero Webster, Sidney
ADJUTANT, William Lyman, Oakland
QUARTERMASTER, M. H. Byers, Glenwood
SURGEON, Dr. J. H. Rice
CHAPLAIN, L. F. Britt, D. D., Hastings, Neb.
SERGEANT MAJOR, Charles Musser
DRUM MAJOR, Wall McFadden, Council Bluffs
FIFE MAJOR, W. K. Follett, Malvern

The member present of the various companies selected Captains as follows:
COMPANY "A", J. P. Williams of Council Bluffs
COMPANY "B", I. M. Warren, Glenwood
COMPANY "C", B. F. Roberts, Dunlap
COMPANY "D", F. M. Davis, Corning
COMPANY "E", Henry Bowen, Sidney
COMPANY "F", W. F. Evans, Bedford
COMPANY "G", A. Johnson, Tingley
COMPANY "H", Ira Seeley, Afton
COMPANY "I", P. H. Lennon, Guthrie Center
COMPANY "K", H. H. Woodrow, Malvern

C.F. Wells, of Tabor, was chosen color bearer, and all survivors of the old regimental color guard were chosen color guard for the organization. The last Tuesday and Wednesday in the month of August, 1891, was fixed as the time of next annual meeting of the regiment and Glenwood the place. Col. A. J. Chantry, Mero Webster and H. H. Woodrow were appointed a committee on Roster and publication of the proceedings of this reunion. On motion a vote of thanks was tendered the Malvern Fair Association for courtesies and use of their beautiful grounds for the reunion.

The meeting adjourned and the veterans present formed in line for a parade of the principal streets of Malvern, which were handsomely decorated by the citizens. Marching up First Avenue the column was halted in front of G. A. R. headquarters and three cheers were proposed and heartily given for the people of Malvern and vicinity for their generous welcome. The Column again moved forward. Arriving at the home of Comrade A. J. Chantry it was again halted for a few moments welcome rest under the shade trees of the lawn, during which time the old boys regaled themselves with sweet cider and cigars.

Soon, however, evidence of demoralization appeared by the return after a few moments absence of Wall McFadden and John Suits with chickens foraged from a poultry yard near by. Knowing the foraging propensities of the old regiment and to prevent further demoralization, "attention" was called and after a few appropriate remarks from Chaplain Britt and a recitation -- "The Veteran's Daughter" -- by Miss Lillian Chantry (who was then and there by vote of the regiment christened the Daughter of the 29th Iowa), the march was resumed. Arriving at camp at "drum call", ranks were broken and a hearty social meal enjoyed.

The afternoon was mainly devoted to social intercourse and visiting, occasionally interspersed with short speeches by comrades, or enlivened with some old familiar army song. The reunion closed with the general feeling that it had been a fine success, and the boys will look forward to the last Tuesday and Wednesday of August next with mingled hopes and fears. Hopes of again clasping hands with old tried and true comrades, and fears that some of the dear comrades, to whom they are bound by the ties formed by common peril, common suffering and privation, buoyed up through all by the love of the life of a common country and the flag that is its emblem, will not, cannot be with them then.

(Where the name of the state is not given with the Postoffice address, it will be understood to be Iowa.)

Alexander, Charles; Missouri Valley
Brown, Frank; Pacific Junction
Custer, Henry; Harlan
Hack, Christian; Panama
Joseph, Nephi; Council Bluffs
McFadden, W.; Council Bluffs
Purcell, S.; Woodbine
Williams, N. W.; Council Bluffs
Williams, J. P.; Council Bluffs

Byers, M. H.; Glenwood
Britt, T. M.; Hillsdale
Britt, Leroy F.; Hastings, Neb.
Carter, John; Glenwood
Cattron,J. H.; Glenwood
Donner, H. L.; Malvern
Davis, J. A.; 8 Mile Grove, Neb.
Davies, Geo. A.; Glenwood
Follett, W. K.; Malvern
Goyer, P. A.; Glenwood
Hollister, Isaac; Tabor
Johnson, J. M.; Malvern
Kempton, Harry; Hopkins, Mo.
Lookabill, C. C.; Hastings
McClelland, I. H.; Tabor
Moore, J.; Hastings
Miller, J. M.; Hillsdale
Noah,J. M.; Glenwood
Purcell, Samuel; Hastings
Pitzer, E. W.; Hillsdale
Stround, O. W.; David City, Nebr.
Savage, Samuel; Tabor
Suits, John; Malvern
Treat, Garry; Weeping Water, Nebr.
Tarpenning, J.: Northboro
Warren, I. M.; Glenwood
Wells, C. F.; Tabor
Wilson, Ira S.; Rock Valley
Wiles, Thomas; Plattsmouth, Neb.

Copeland, W. B.; Logan
Doyel, M.; Magnolia
Huff, A.M.; Hancock
Hill, F.T.; Logan
Lyman, Wm.; Oakland
Roberts, B. T.; Dunlap
Stoker, J.W.; Logan

McCall, J. S.; Prescott
Pumroy, D. C.: Corning
Ramsay, J. N.; Carl
Wilson, W. H.; Morton's Mills

Acord, G. B.; Percival
Atkinson, H.; Randolph
Asman, John; Tabor
Bowen, Henry; Sidney
Cole, Gilbert L.; Beatrice, Neb.
Carman, Sol; Hamburg
Calvert, H.; Ashland, Neb.
Egloff, William; Sidney
Hindman, John T.; Sidney
Havens, C.; Sidney
Jobe, Thos. H.; Sidney
Keyser, J. B.; Knox
Long, James; Clear Water, Neb.
Needham, H. E.; Cameron, Mo.
Page, Geo. W.; Sidney
Pease, E. N.; Shenandoah
Rice, Rodney A.; Imogene
Ripley, R. J.; Shenandoah
Shutterly, S. R.; Malvern
Wax, W. H. W.; Imogene
Wax, F.M.; Imogene
Webster, Mero; Sidney
Witty, Wm. B.; Riverton
Young, P. D. (drummer boy); Miami, Texas

Holladay; New Market
Oxley, E. J.; Siam

Barber, W. W.; Afton
Gripp, J. F.; Hopeville
Ickis, G.O.; Creston
Seeley, Ira; Afton
Wickham, W. M.; Afton

Boswell, J. A.; Henderson
Chantry, A. J.; Malvern
LaRoy,H. L.; Piedmont, S. Dakota
Scott, F. M.; Glenwood
Tague, W. H.; Tabor
Woodrow, H. H.; Malvern
Webster, C. A.; Weeping Water, Neb.


(The following comprises a list of visiting comrades registered in camp during the reunion.)
J. W. Anthony, 12 Kans. Inf.; Glenwood
W. S. Askwith, 11 Penns. Cav.; Council Bluffs
H. Barnes, 47 Iowa Inf.; Malvern
Wm. Barnhill, 39 Iowa Inf.; Hastings
Wm. Bell, 2 Ills. Cav.; Tabor
W. H. Bennett, 73 Ind. Inf.; Sidney
Wm. Bennett, 18 Ohio Inf.; Malvern
Charles W. Black, 32 Ohio Inf.; Malvern
H. H. Black, 48 Iowa Inf.; Strahan
A. M. Bonham, 55 Ills. Ca.; Paris Texas
Spencer Boyd, 4 Iowa Bat.; Hillsdale
J. T. Brohard, 1 W. Va. Cav.; Malvern
John Carl, 50 Ills. Inf.; Malvern
Cyrus Carley, 45 Iowa Inf.; Malvern
James Churchill, 2 Wisc. Cav.; Malvern
C. L. Clark, 13 Iowa Cav.; Tabor
D. B. Clarke, 15 Ills. Inf.; Council Bluffs
A. J. Cobb, 2 Md. Bat.; Malvern
S. Cokely, 6 Iowa Cav.; Malvern
David Copson, 22 Ind. Inf.; Omaha, Neb.
John W. Cox, 15 Iowa Inf.; Hastings
Jas. A. Criswell, 76 Pa. Inf.; Strahan
John Davidson, 32 Ills. Inf.; Hastings
B. S. Dawson, 2 Ills. Cav.; Council Bluffs
B. F. Deuel, 47 Ia. Inf.; Afton
James K. DeWolf, 1 N.Y. Inf.; Malvern
Isaac Dice, 101 Pa. Inf.; Malvern
Dennis Duff, 77 Ills. Inf.; Anderson
J. F. Dull, 17 Pa. Cav.; Malvern
Isaac Edie, 1 Ills.Cav.; Hastings
David Elson, 15 Iowa Inf.; Malvern
Wm. R. English, 4 Iowa Inf.; Glenwood
W. H. Fleck, 4 Ohio Inf.; Glenwood
T. J. Fincham, 3 Ill. Cav.; Silver City
Charles Ford, 28 Iowa Inf.; Plattsmouth, Neb.
A.W. Francis, 28 Iowa Inf.; Silver City
I.S. Francis, 28 Iowa Inf.; Silver City
H. F. Gagnebin, 7 Mo. Cav.; Sidney
John C. Garvin, 5 Iowa Cav.; Hastings
D. B. Goodrich, 1 Ills. Inf.; Strahan
J. F. Haines, 4 Iowa Cav.; Hillsdale
George R. Hall, 202 Pa. Inf.; Malvern
A. J. Hamilton, 18 Md. Inf.; Silver City
R. D. Hammond, 53 Ohio Inf.; Malvern
R. L. Hammond, 53 Ohio Inf.; Malvern
John Hardy, 18 Iowa Inf.; Malvern
D. Harrold, 8 Iowa Cav.; Malvern
S. S. Hawker, 72 Ills. Inf.; Hastings
Thomas H. Head, 4 Ills. Inf.; Glenwood
Jessie Heiner, 33 Iowa Inf.; Malvern
M. J. Higgins, 5 Dela. Inf.;Malvern
Ben Hodges, 4 Iowa Bat.; Malvern
Earl Hodges, 13 Kans. Inf.; Hillsdale
H. Humsted, 36 Iowa Inf.; Silver City
Lewis Ireland, 192 Ohio Inf.; Malvern
Andrew Jackson, 39 Iowa Inf.; Glenwood
D. C. Jackson, 4 Iowa Cav.; Silver City
Samuel Johnson, 6 Iowa Inf.; Council Bluffs
James Jones, 25 Mo. Inf.; Malvern
T. P. Kayton, 15 Iowa Inf.; Strahan
James Kenworthy, 1 D. C. Inf.; Randolph
J. Leak, 36 Ohio Inf.; Malvern
C. A. Libby, 8 Mo. Inf.; New Market
Fred Lockwood, 2 Mich. Cav.; Malvern
A. J. Lunbeck, 5 Iowa Cav.; Malvern
Wilbur McCabe, 119 Ills. Inf.; Malvern
J. A. McCurdy, 22 Wisc. Inf.; Malvern
L. D. McMullen, 30 Ills. Inf.; Hastings
J. H. Meeks, 11 Ills. Cav.; Malvern
John Miller, 18 Iowa Inf.; Hillsdale
John M. Miller, 57 Ind. Inf.; Glenwood
E. H. Mitchell, 54 Ind. Inf.; Sidney
John Moore, 20 Me. Inf.; Malvern
W. M. Myers, 3 N.Y. Bat.; Tabor
John W. Omer, 25 Mo. Inf.; Tabor
Thomas Paul, 11 Ills. Cav.; Malvern
I. M. Phipps, 5 Iowa Cav.; Hillsdale
H. C. Robbins, 92 Ohio Inf.; Hastings
John Ryerson, 15 Iowa INf.; Silver City
Pool Savage, 13, Ia. Inf.; Tabor
Louis Schwartz, 16 Ind. Inf.; Tabor
W. H. Scott, 97 Ohio Inf.; Hillsdale
J. B. Shay, 7 Ills. Cav.; Strahan
B. O. Sheldon, 4 Iowa Inf.; Henderson
Samuel Short, 59 Ills. Inf.; Hastings
D. J. Smith, 6 Ia. Inf.; Council Bluffs
Thomas H. Smith, 30 Iowa Inf.; Randolph
W. J. C. Smith, 6 Iowa Inf.; Malvern
H. M. Starrett, 7 Ia. Inf.; Tabor
J. S. Strain, 15 Iowa Inf.; Council Bluffs
S. S. Strayer, 95 Ohio Inf.; Glenwood
Alex Stroud, 40 Iowa Inf.; Hillsdale
D. H. Thompson, 1 Mich. Cav.; Malvern
Albert A. Timson, 44 Iowa Inf.; Tabor
H. W. Townsend, 3 Mo. Cav.;Hillsdale
Ad Utterback, 15 Iowa Inf.; Tabor
S. VanOrsdel, 15 Iowa Inf.; Hillsdale
Wm. B. Wall, 8 Ind. Inf.; Folsom
M. Weaver, 153 Ills. Inf.; Strahan
Daniel Whetburn, 5 Mo. Cav.; Malvern
H. C. White, 5 Iowa Cav.; Malvern
Joseph Wortman, 5 Iowa Cav.; Hastings

Pool Savage, of Tabor, brought with him a capacious basket filled with the best the land affords in the way of "grub", all nicely prepared by the deft hands of his good wife, and safely stored it in his tent. When the hour for dinner arrived, Mr. Savage gathered up several of his comrades and proudly led the way to the tent where all were to enjoy such a repast as a king might envy. It was the work of but a moment to lure the tempting basket from its hiding place, when with his honest English features wreathed in an expression of pardonable pride, he removed the covering and -- well, "somebody had been there while he was gone," and that basket was the emptiest vacuum Mr. S. ever looked into. Inasmuch as several of the "invited" guests had previously "interviewed" the basket, the solemnity (?) of the situation forced itself upon them and they stole a smile that fairly fractured the atmosphere. Did they laugh? Well, we should remark, next year when Mr. Savage attends the reunion he will stand guard over his basket with a seven shooter.

During the heat of a fierce engagement in the late war a brave boy was stricken down with a terrible wound. As he lay on the ground moaning in agony a comrade inquired what he could do for him. His reply was "water! water!" About midway between the contending lines flowed a stream of clear, cool water. The approach to the stream was swept by the leaden hail of the enemy. To reach the water seemed impossible. To make the attempt was to invite death. But the suffering friend must have water. Grasping a canteen the comrade pushed bravely out from the Federal line and made straight for the stream, where he filled his canteen and triumphantly returned without receiving a scratch, although a perfect tempest of lead raged about him during the entire perilous trip. The sufferer was relieved and his life saved. Is it any wonder that when these men met at the reunion last week there should be a scene that brought tears to many eyes? It is the memory of such deeds that forms a bond between the old soldiers that will endure while life lasts.

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