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Mills County Tribune
September 9, 1915

A. S. Edwards is new Sheriff
Glenwood, Iowa
Board made appointment at meeting Tuesday. Deputy to be appointed tomorrow.

A. S. Edwards of Glenwood was appointed sheriff of Mills County by the County Board as their meeting last Tuesday and assumed his duties at once. Ben Bellwood of Malvern was the only other applicant for the position. The Board was unanimous in their selection of Mr. Edwards, and there had been a general feeling since the death of Sheriff Bushnell that Mr. Edwards would receive the appointment.

The Board's decision was probably largely influenced by the conditions that existed. Mr. Edwards was already deputy under Sheriff Bushnell and because of his relations was familiar with the routine and duties of the office. He was probably also regarded as naturally in line for promotion.

We believe that regarded from the standpoint of efficiency there will be no question as to the fitness of Mr. Edwards for the position. He has done police and constabulary duty for many years, and served as deputy sheriff under both Sheriff's Morgan and Bushnell.

He is about 43 years old, was born in Center township, grew to manhood in Glenwood, and has been in the barber business here practically ever since he grew old enough. His family consists of his mother and his daughter Grace, and it is his intention to occupy the new jail as soon as it is ready.

Mrs. Bushnell will move back to Malvern as soon as she can make arrangements. Her younger daughters are both teaching - Edith at Mineola and Ruth at Mt. Vernon - and this leaves Mrs. Bushnell alone. She will make her home at Malvern with her son-in-law Doctor Rush.

Mr. Edwards has not yet made any appointments as deputy, and it is probable that he will confer with the Board at their meeting tomorrow about this matter, and that they will make a selection at that time.

Source: Submitted to "Iowa Old Press" by Walter Farwell

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