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Mills County Tribune
May 25, 1905


Auditor Agan was in Council Bluffs Tuesday.

D.C. Bradshaw of St. Mary was a Glenwood visitor today.

Mrs. B. K. Windham returned Saturday from Mt. Vernon.

Attorney and Mrs. L. T. Genung returned Tuesday from their Nebraska trip.

Miss Elizabeth Hutchings of Hastings, is a guest this week of Mrs. W. H. Morgan.

Rev. L. D. Brainerd attended the Episcopal state convention last week at Sioux City.

Miss Lydia Van Sheetz of Syracuse, Neb., is visiting friends here and is a guest of Mrs. J. E. Van Pelt.

Col. and Mrs. H. C. Akin and their son Dr. Harry Akin of Omaha were guests Sunday at the home of Walter Breen.

Fay Wright and Ab. Tuck shipped three cars of hogs this week. The Warren boys also shipped a car of cattle.

All Odd Fellows are requested to meet at the hall next Tuesday morning to take part in the Decoration Day parade..

S.S. Brooks of Prescott, Ark., a confederate veteran of the civil war, is visiting his daughter Mrs. E. P. Hamilton of this city.

J. B. Lincoln shipped two cars and A.R. Jones one car of cattle Tuesday to Chicago. Hary Lincoln and Mr. Jones went with the stock. Mr. Lincoln also shipped a car of hogs this week to South Omaha.

S. O. Burgess lost his elegant gold watch in a mysterious manner Saturday night, sometime between 6 and 9 o'clock. It was a "Laraway special." The movement number was 218,911 and case No. 6,889,603. He offers a liberal reward for its return.

Druggist Fred Kelley started his soda fountain Wednesday evening. He knows how to run one in fine style.

The Plattsmouth New-Herald is being sent free to about everybody on the bottom. The commercial club over there footing the bill. They also make a half-rate (25c) to cross the ferry. Postmaster Emmett got the batch of papers Tuesday and it nearly swamped him.

Rural school graduation at the Wright school house Tuesday night, June 2, at 8 o'clock. Oration to be given by a prominent speaker. The class consists of Ethel Haynie, Otto Timmons and probably Bernice Watts and Esther DeLashmutt. The class sermon will be given by Rev. Lafe Wolfe at the Wright school house Sunday, May 28.

Catherine, daughter of John Mulvahill, has been suffering some time from an injury to the thumb of her right hand resulting from a cut on the end some time ago. On Wednesday she went to Glenwood and Dr. Frank Donelan removed a small piece of the affected bone. The Mulvahills are new comers to this section, and live on the Morrow farm south of the Junction.

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