Mills County, Iowa

Newspaper Article

Hillsdale Hare
November 8, 1901

Community News
Vol. 1, No. 7

Chas. Dalton: "Father and I were going home Monday night and heard yells as one being murdered. We located the source of the trouble at the home of George Curtice and discovered that Curtice had hastily left and taken his way to a nearby corn field. We followed and soon overtook him and took him to constable Rankin's and delivered him up to him." Ed Dalton corroberated Chas.

W. S. Rankin: "I am constable of Center township. Was awakened about eleven o'clock by Ed and Charley Dalton who had the defendant in charge. I put hand-cuffs on the defendant, and at his request reached in his pocket for his gloves and found this bottle, as you see it, half full of whiskey."

Mrs. Curtice: "My husband, the defendant came home late tonight full and abused me, calling me all kinds of hard and indecent names, and finally slapped me and struck me with his fist"

C. D. Curtice: "I came home tonight from town with $8 or $10 worth of family necessaries and asked my wife for some bread and butter and coffee. She got mad and called me vile names and did provoke me."

Mayor: "Thirty days."
Sheriff: "All right."

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