Mills County, Military

World War II - Honor List of Dead and Missing

(Army and Army Air Forces Personnel)

Serial No.
Alley, Guy H. 37267605 S SG KIA
Benedict, George J. 37485642 SGT KIA
Bird, Frank R. 20706126 PVT DOW
Borstedt, Glen C. 17011361 CPL DNB
Broman, Donald N. 37485648 PVT FOD
Buffington, C. R. 3rd 0-461238 2 LT DNB
Deitchler, Edgar K. 37118985 SGT KIA
Dodson, Harry J. 17165668 PFC KIA
Fader, Walter D. 17011491 PVT KIA
Findley, Everette A. 20706174 PFC KIA
Frazier, Arthur T. 37466728 TEC4 KIA
Galtry, Clayton A. 6863125 CPL DNB
Harper, Paul M. T-003439 FL O DNB
Johnson, Max R. 20706191 PVT KIA
Kidwell, Harold E. 20706194 SGT KIA
Knight, Devere H. 20706798 S SG KIA
Leet, John D. 37267578 T SG KIA
Martin, Clarence R. 20706198 PVT KIA
Maxwell, Dean G. 0-885715 2 LT DNB
Penewit, Gordon R. 20706207 PVT KIA
Seeger, Roy E. 17131731 SGT KIA
Smith, Henry C. 37480433 SGT KIA
Stearns, Kirk C. ***see below
Stone, Warren F. 20706222 SGT KIA
Tague, Francis A. 370745?5 S SG KIA
Tague, Harold F. 37111602 S SG KIA
Thomas, Kenneth H. 20706224 PFC KIA
Warren, Alfred L. 37470626 PVT DNB
Widows, Harry J. 0-771857 1 LT M
Wilcox, Blaine B. 0-772098 2 LT KIA
Winslow, Fred L. J. 37693036 PFC KIA
Wright, Arlos E. 37697737 PFC KIA

Courtesy of the U.S. National Archives & Records Administration, Washington D.C.

  • Status Key:
    • Killed in Action = KIA
    • Died of Wounds = DOW
    • Died of Injuries = DOI
    • Died - Non-battle = DNB
    • Finding of death = FOD
    • Missing = M
***Lost at Sea

Of the over 800,000 dead or missing, about 800 were from Iowa.

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