Mills County, Iowa

Tornado of 1913 - Ed Lambertís Home

      It is impossible to state just what occurred at the Ed Lambert home when it was struck by the storm. The swirl and fury would be indescribable even if viewed from a safe view point, and Mr. Lambert has a but a faint recollection of the tempest that took his home, his wife and his daughter and left his own life and that of a son trembling in the balance.

      The family was in the lower part of the house. Everything was suddenly confused. Mr. Lambert recalls that he was struck and this probably caused his injuries, or at least a part of them. Then he was carried away. The Lambert home is to the southeast across the road from the Shepardson Home, and north of the Shepardson home there is an orchard.

     All the member of the Lambert family were carried north. Wendell, the son, was carried across the road to the edge of the orchard; Mr. Lambert about to the e center of the orchard; Bertha to the far edge of the orchard, and Mrs. Lambert a considerable distance into the field north of the orchard.

      Mrs. Lambert and Bertha were dead when they were found, and it was some time before Mrs. Lambertís body was discovered. She was found by W. Mm. Hixson who had gone down from Glenwood with a number of others in response to a call for help. Mrs. Lambertís body bore evidence of the wildness of the storm. She had been tossed and tumbled and hurled through elements of blended wind, water and earth, and her clothing and body badly torn and bruised.


Submitted by Alyson Grupp

Original Notes: "Berlin, NE†Tornado" March 23, 1913, in which Ed Lambert's home (Glenwood) and farm were destroyed. Ed's wife Sallie (Howarth) and daughter Bertha were killed, and his son Wendell was injured. Ed Lambert's Piano, sold by LS Robins (sp?) May 1898

Cyclone Mills Co. Iowa Sunday March 23, 1913 at Ed Lambert Home

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