Mills County, Iowa

Partial Death Recording for Iowa Institution for Feeble Minded Children
1885 - 1898
      This facility was originally built as the Soldier's Orphans Home. It was designed to care for children of the Civil War Veterans. In 1874, the Orphan’s Home moved to Davenport, Iowa. The Institute re-opened its doors in 1876, as the Iowa Asylum for Feebleminded Children. By the turn of the century, approximately 1000 children, referred to as inmates, from all over the State of Iowa lived at the IIFMC. The percentage of deaths of children and teenagers was much higher, in Mills, than in other Iowa counties. Many times little was known about the child's age and background. There was a State Cemetery for burial of the residents of the Institution, but it is not indexed in the Mills County Cemetery Book. In the 1940's the name was changed to the Glenwood State School. Today the institution is called the Glenwood Resource Center. ~ Cay Merryman and Karyn
Birth Place
Death Date
Death Place
Spali, Fritz N. m unknown 16y 8m 13d s ng 3 Jun 1885 Glenwood FMI ng
Myren, George m U.S. 14y 10m 8d ng ng 11 Sep 1885 Glenwood FMI Woodbury Co, IA
Dennis, Clifford W.mIA10y 6m 13dnglife30 Aug 1886 Glenwood FMIng
Vorse, Matief U. S. 24y 8m 12d ng ng 24 Oct 1885Glenwood FMIng
Shoneberger, Ira m U. S. 12y ng ng 24 Jan 1886 Glenwood FMI ng
Lovig, John L. m U. S. 19y ng life 15 Oct 1886 Glenwood FMI ng
Doak, Charles m U. S. 15y6m ng ng 18 Mar 1887 Glenwood FMI ng
Chase, Martha C. f U. S. 19y 9m 3d ng ng 6 Apr 1887 Glenwood FMI ng
Stiffey, George m U. S. 8y 3m 24d ng ng 21 Apr 1887 Glenwood FMI ng
Salton, Henry m ng 17y ng ng 22 Apr 1887 Glenwood FMI ng
Hill, Eddie L. m U.S. 18y 5m ng ng 13 May 1887 Glenwood FMI ng
Smith, Philip m U.S. 16y 1m 1d ng ng 2 July 1887 Glenwood FMI Glenwood
Lamphier, Randall m IA 10y 1m 8d ng ng 20 Sep 1887 Glenwood FMI Glenwood
Tisirigton, Lizzie f U. S. 18y 4m 15d ng ng 24 Sep 1887 Glenwood FMI Colfax
Brown, David L. m U.S 12y ng life 10 Feb 1888 Glenwood FMI Glenwood
Kamker, Carl m ng 16y 7m 17d ng ng 20 Feb 1888 Glenwood FMI Glenwood
Dau, Bertha f U. S. 11y 6m 22d ng life 20 Feb 1888 Glenwood FMI Glenwood
Poduski, Farrow ? Pole 11m ng ng 22 Mar 1888 Glenwood FMI Glenwood
Powers, Frank m ng 11y10m4d s ng 08Feb1893 Glenwood Glnwd St Ce
Anderson, John C. m Sweden 22y s 3y 01Mar1893 Poor Farm Poor Farm
Winset, Dell m IA 18y s life 24Apr1894 Glenwood Glnwd St Ce
Ayers, Eddie m IA 23y s life 08Apr1894 Glenwood Glnwd St Ce
Elliot, Edwin E. m IA 15y s life 25May1894 Glenwood Glnwd St Ce
Anet, Charley B. m PA 66y ng 24y 21Jun1894 Bethlehem Glnwd St Ce
Hulbert, Ada f ng 17y s ng 10Jun1894 Glenwood Glnwd St Ce.
Porter, Seth L. m IA 19y s life 02Jun1894 Glenwood Glnwd St Ce.
Clutter, Franz m ng 15y s ng 13Aug1894 Glenwood Glnwd St. Ce
Colburn, Ly___gers m IA 15y s life 05Sep1894 Glenwood Glnwd St.Ce
Fulton, Elmer m Montgomery Co 18y s life 12Sep1894 Lyons Twp Glnwd St.Ce
Darrow, Joseph m Clayton Co IA 24y10m2d s life 28Dec1894 Glenwood Glnwd St Ce.
Edson, Mary M. f ng 15y ng ng 18Jan1895 Glenwood Glnwd St Ce.
Kelley, Isaac m ng 20y s ng 19Jan1895 Glenwood Glnwd St Ce.
Randolph, Jessie M. f ng 19y3m s ng 01Feb1895 Glenwood Glnwd St. Ce
Fiester, Rebecca B. f IA 8y s life 31Jan1895 Glenwood Glnwd St. Ce
Lubke, Jacob m Germany 9y s 2y 12Feb1895 Glenwood Glnwd St Ce
Lun____, John m ng 16y s ng 11Mar1895 Glenwood Glnwd St Ce
Peirce, Thomas m ng 18y s ng 30May1895 Glenwood Glnwd St Ce
Glover, Lenora Marg. f ng 23y s ng 17Sep1895 Glenwood Glnwd St Ce
Sprague, Elsie f IA 5y s life 10Nov1895 Glenwood Glnwd St Ce
Clarke, Allie Matilda f ng 29y s ng 29Nov1895 Glenwood Glnwd St Ce
Ward, Ernest Grover m ng 10y s ng 01Jan1896 Glenwood Glnwd St Ce
Seward, Sylvia A. f IA 9y s life 22Jan1896 Glenwood Glnwd St Ce
Robinson, Nellie V. f SC 28y s 16y 09Feb1896 Glenwood Glnwd St Ce
Stephenson, Geo W m IA 17y s life 01Mar1896 Glenwood Glnwd St Ce
Hubbard, John Wm. m ng 19y s ng 20Mar1896 Glenwood Glnwd St Ce
Sallurlee? Lorin J. m ng 20y s ng 08Apr1896 Glenwood Glnwd St Ce
Travers, Bertha f IA 18y s life 23May1896 Glenwood Glnwd St Ce
Thrush, Charles H m ng 17y s ng 17Feb1897 Glenwood Glnwd St Ce
Huss, Gertrude f ng 15y s ng 01May1897 IFMC Glnwd St Ce
Minard, Rosea f ng 9y s ng 26May1897 Glenwood Glnwd St Ce
Hartzell, Anna V. f ng 21y s ng 26May1897 Glenwood Glnwd St Ce
Shepherd, Jennie f ng 20y s ng 09 Dec1897 Glenwood Glnwd St Ce
Bird, Lucretia f IA 19y s life 16 Dec1897 Glenwood Glnwd St Ce
Thompson, Arthur M m IA 37y s life 19 Dec1897 Glenwood Glnwd St Ce
Lindiman, Benjamin m IA 20y ng life 31 Jan1898 Glenwood Glnwd St Ce
Miller, Donny F. m IA 14y s life 13 Mar1898 Glenwood Glnwd St Ce
Fitzgerald, Joseph m Canada 22y s ng 20 Mar1898 Glenwood Glnwd St Ce

Source: Mills County Death Record Book I, Recorder's Office, Glenwood and
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Family History Library Catalog, Microfilm # 1503210

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