Mills County, Iowa

Register of Deaths, Book 2
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Abbr: y=year; m=month; d=days/died; bp=birthplace; res=number of years a resident of Iowa; bur=buried; and FMI=Feeble Minded Institution.
Birth Place
Death Date
Death Place
Book 2, page 178
Skaggs, Paul R. m Rawles Tp 7m4d ng 19 Nov 1897 Rawles Tp Malvern
Sherwin, Liddie Mary f NY 79y11m6d w 27 Mar 1897 Emerson Aurora IL
Stroud, Elvina P. f NY 79y w 05 Dec 1897 Glenwood Glenwood
Sothern, Lenard W. m IA 53y9m28d m 23 Aug 1897 Anderson Tp Wheeler Grove
Shamer, Ada May f OH 9y4m8d s 27 Feb 1897 Plattville Tp Martin's Chapel
Shannon, Ray Bunker m Meigs Co OH 6y s 20 Feb 1897 Plattville Tp Martin's Chapel
Stout, Samuel Martin m Hardin Co KY 72y3m14d m 07 Jul 1897 Glenwood Glenwood
Shaul, Alice P. f Elkhart Co IN 34y7m8d m 30 Jun 1897 ng Glenwood
Shepherd, Jennie f ng 20y s 09 Dec 1897 Glenwood St. Cem.
Sargent, Lila L. f Mills Co 25y2m12d m 23 Jun 1898 Lyons Tp Glenwood
Shafer, D. W. m WV 30y m 08 Nov 1898 Henderson Glenwood
Stranathan, Sophia B. f Noble Co OH 55y1m5d m 07 Jan 1899 Center Tp Glenwood
Sandiland, Iva M. f Indian Cr. Tp 11y4m7d s 28 Oct 1898 Indian Cr. Tp Emerson
Schaak, Adolph m Germany 47y6m12d m 05 Oct 1899 Ingraham Tp Silver City
Schermeier, Adolph m St. Mary's Tp ng ng 01 May 1899 St. Mary's Tp St. Mary's Tp
Shamblen, George W. m Noble Co OH 44y4d w 30 Jul 1899 Glenwood Glenwood
Slack, Mary Gladys f Lincoln NE 6y6m10d ng 20 Sep 1899 Glenwood Glenwood
Standiford, Lenore D. f Glenwood 11m16d s 04 Sep 1899 Glenwood Glenwood
Sayers, Lula f IA 14y4m8d s 17 Jan 1899 Glenwood Blairstown IA
Smith, William J. C. m IN 57y4m7d m 15 Sep 1899 Silver Cr Tp Malvern
South, Lillian f Red Oak IA 27y8m4d s 11 Apr 1899 Ft. Worth TX Malvern
Scott, Lawrence m Malvern 6d ng 04 Feb 1899 Malvern Malvern
Simons, Eliza E. f ng 75y w 12 Feb 1899 Malvern Dexter IA
Stytes, Lewis C. m Center Tp 11m ng 20 Aug 1899 Hastings Hastings
Stockton, Samuel J. m HendersonCo IL 51y9m13d m 13 Apr 1899 Omaha Malvern
Starr, Cora f Mills Co 19y11m29d m 12 Dec 1899 Lyons Tp Waubonsie
Spellman, Mildred f Des Moines IA 6m20d s 09 Sep 1899 Pac. Jct Pacific City
Book 2, page 188
Tollinger, Susan f PA 58y4m15d m 16 Mar 1897 Emerson Emerson
Tollinger, Silas J. m PA 25y4m14d s 17 Sep 1897 Council Bluffs Emerson
Thomas, Samuel A. m Lyons Tp 5y10m1d ng 07 Dec 1897 Lyons Tp Waubonsie
Thomas, Eave Vila f Mills Co 1d ng 03 Oct 1897 Lyons Tp Waubonsie
Thrush, Charles H. m ng 16y8m10d s 27 Feb 1897 Glenwood St. Cem.
Thompson, Arthur M. m Linn Co IA 36y4m25d s 19 Dec 1897 Glenwood St. Cem.
Terryberry, Daniel A. m NJ 66y28d w 02 Apr 1898 Rawles Tp Private Burial
Tupp, Myrtle f OK 9y s 07 Feb 1898 Glenwood Atlantic IA
Turner, James W. m Franklin Co VA 73y10m6d m 14 Nov 1898 Glenwood Glenwood
Tunnel, Lillie f Polk Co IA 18y s 30 Dec 1898 Glenwood Glenwood
Tipton, Saul m OH 67y6m5d m 26 Sep 1899 Ingraham Tp Silver City
Tolles, Fannie M. f Yates Co NY 71y7m m 01 Aug 1899 Denver Glenwood
Tovley, Ray m Glenwood 2y11m23d ng 10 Aug 1899 Glenwood Knox IA
Tevis, Maud f ng 21y8m29d s 21 Jan 1899 Glenwood Glenwood
Thomas, A. L. m Mills Co. 14d ng 10 Feb 1899 Lyons Tp Waubonsie
Transcribed and submitted by Cay Merryman.

Copyright 2000 by Cay Merryman and may be reproduced only with written permission.
Source: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Family History Library Catalog, Microfilm # 1503210
All data transcribed and submitted by Cay Merryman.

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