Mills County, Iowa

Register of Deaths, Book 2
C - D

Abbr: y=year; m=month; d=days/died; bp=birthplace; res=number of years a resident of Iowa; bur=buried; and FMI=Feeble Minded Institution.
Birth Place
Death Date
Death Place
Book 2, Page 28
Chambers, Phebe f IN 71 or 77y m 09 Dec 1897 Malvern Liberty
Curran, John M. m NY 52y s 13 Dec 1897 White Cloud T Randolph IA
Curtis, Chester m ng 10y8m23d s 25 Mar 1897 Glenwood Bussey IA
Coppage, Milton F. m Pendleton C.KY 89y7m8d w 27 Jun 1898 Emerson Henderson Co IL
Chase, Nellie Tempest f Center Tp 21y3m11d m 03 Dec 1898 Rawles Tp Hillsdale
Cook, Lawson Arthur m IA 15y1m24d s 05 Mar 1898 Glenwood Lake City IA
Carey, Michael Wm. m ng 23y7m s 01 Sep 1898 Glenwood Manson IA
Cable, Elsie A. S. f IA 12y4m4d s 01 Dec 1898 Glenwood St. Cem.
Comer, George W. m NC 91y23d w 31 Mar 1898 Oak Tp Godsey Cem
Campbell, Willis m ng 16y16d s 07 Jan 1899 Glenwood Glenwood
Carlson, Gus F. m IA 10y11m13d s 15 Jan 1899 Glenwood Glenwood
Cook, Edie m IA 15y6m26d s 18 Feb 1899 Glenwood Lone Tree IA
Chapin, Zora f IA 18y4m9d s 28 Feb 1899 Glenwood Minden IA
Correll, Clara f ng 24y s 03 Mar 1899 Glenwood St. Cem
Chandoin, Grace M. f IA 16y4m17d s 20 Mar 1899 Glenwood St. Cem.
Campie, Mabel O. f IA 6y2m14d s 18 Sep 1899 Glenwood Clinton IA
Carl, Susan C. f Philadelphia 48y4m m 09 Sep 1899 Silver Creek East Liberty
Clites, J. A. m PA 77y m 06 May 1899 Deer Creek Tp Montgomery Co
Carlson, Adelf J. m Pac.Jct 1y11m s 26 Oct 1899 Plattville Tp Glenwood
Book 2, Page 44
Dwyer, Ella Adel f Center Tp 19y5m5d s 07 Aug 1897 Center Tp Glenwood
Dashner, Monty E. m Mills Co 10m20d ng 00 Apr 1897 Lyons Tp Glenwood
DeWitt, John Barrett m ng 9y2m20d s 21-May-87 Glenwood Boone IA
Dawson*, Maria Jane f IN 55y5m21d m 04 Aug 1898 St. Mary's Godsey
Deardorff, Maxwell m Malvern 14d ng 23 Nov 1898 Malvern Malvern
Dashner, Sabra W. f Mills Co 20y5m5d s 08 Mar 1898 Lyons Glenwood
Donnell, Pearl f Mills Co. 23y10m s 29 May 1898 Glenwood Glenwood
Davenport, Clarence m GA 14y s 04 Apr 1898 Glenwood St. Cem.
Deake, Alice f ng 31y s 23 Aug 1898 Glenwood St. Cem
Daily, Elizabeth f ng 61y w 26 May 1898 Henderson Henderson
Davidson, Ruth May f ng 10y2m16d ng 14 Jun 1898 Wh. Cloud Tp Malvern
Dunn, Rachel May f ng 11d ng 12 May 1898 ng West Liberty
Dimmitt, Paulina P. f IN 63y4m16d m 09 Apr 1898 Ind. Creek Tp East Liberty
Dustin, John m Troy OH 74y10m27d m 22 Dec 1899 Glenwood Glenwood
Dolph, Charles m IL 17y7m12d s 10 Jun 1899 Glenwood Glenwood
Dennis, Eugene E. m unknown 27y s 17 Aug 1899 Glenwood St. Cem
Dress, Horatio m IA 19y6m20d s 03 Sep 1899 Glenwood Iowa City IA
Dennis, Minnie f ng 30y s 04 Oct 1899 Glenwood Glenwood
DeHart, Laura A. f IA 18y5m15d s 26 Dec 1899 Glenwood Bentonsport IA
Dearden, Edith f Ingraham Tp 19d s 28 Nov 1898 Ingraham Tp Silver City
Donner, Mahala F. f MO 67y m 14 Nov 1899 Silver Creek Tp Malvern
Drake, Victor m ng 2y ng 20 Feb 0000 ng Zion IA
Dickersbach, William m IL 26y10m17d m 18 Mar 1899 Deer Cr. Tp Imogene IA
Delevan, Edward C. m Mills Co 23y7m21d s 22 Nov 1899 Rawles Tp Pleasant Hill
Dashner, Emma f Mills Co 20y9m13d s 20 Sep 1899 Lyons Tp Glenwood
Dashner, Mabel J. f Mills Co 7m9d ng 30 Jul 1899 Lyons Tp Glenwood
Transcribed and submitted by Cay Merryman.

Copyright 2000 by Cay Merryman and may be reproduced only with written permission.
Source: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Family History Library Catalog, Microfilm # 1503210
All data transcribed and submitted by Cay Merryman.

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