Mills County, Iowa

Register of Deaths - Book 1, pages 65-70 (1894 - 1895)
Transcribed and submitted by Beverly Boileau
(Abbr: y=year; m=month; d=days/died; bp=birthplace; res=number of years a resident of Iowa; bur=buried; and FMI=Feeble Minded Institution.)
Birth Place
Death Date
Death Place
Page 65
Daniel, Joseph m OH 60y11m6d m 15 05Dec1894 Glenwood ng
Stearns, Mrs. T. f ng 55y ng ng 09Dec1894 Pacific Jct Glenwood
Rodgers, Robert m Pacific Jct 9m s life 12Dec1894 Pacific Jct Glenwood
Linn, Baby f Washington 20m s 6m 17Dec1894 Glenwood Glenwood
Ellingwood, Vera f NE 2y s 18m 04Jan1895 Pacific Jct Glenwood
Edson, Mary M. f ng 15y ng ng 18Jan1895 Glenwood Glnwd St Ce.
Kelley, Isaac m ng 20y s ng 19Jan1895 Glenwood Glnwd St Ce.
Chelgren, Emma M. f Callender IA 16y s life 21Jan1895 Glenwood Callender IA
H____, ____ m Glenwood 2hrs s life 22Jan1895 Glenwood Glenwood
Parker, Florence f Henderson 2m s life 17Jan1895 Henderson Wesley Chap
Adkins, Jennie M. f ng 39y6m11d m ng 31Jan1895 Henderson Hopeville IN
Randolph, Jessie M. f ng 19y3m s ng 01Feb1895 Glenwood Glnwd St. Ce
Fiester, Rebecca B. f IA 8y s life 31Jan1895 Glenwood Glnwd St. Ce
Page 66
Burns, Samuel m ng 32y m ng 26Jan1895 Pacific Jct Del to Friends
Oakes, Patrick m ng 33y m ng 17Jan1895 Lyons Tp Del to Friends
Lubke, Jacob m Germany 9y s 2y 12Feb1895 Glenwood Glnwd St Ce
Demays, Charley m Glenwood Tp 15m s life 16Feb1895 Glenwood Tp Glenwood
Ross, Hallie J. f KY 8y s 1y 20Feb1895 Glenwood Glenwood
Stearns, Roy Thos. m IA 4y s life 28Feb1895 Pacific Jct Glenwood
Lun____, John m ng 16y s ng 11Mar1895 Glenwood Glnwd St Ce
Hanks, Irene f Glenwood 6m s life 15Mar1895 Glenwood Glenwood
Lyons, John W. m VT 64y ng 35y 21Mar1895 Pacific Jct Glenwood
Bomar, ____ f ng 76y w ng 24Mar1895 Glenwood 2 Glenwood
Dalrymple, Eva J. f Mills Co. 26y2m29d m life 25Mar1895 West Oak Glenwood
Myers, infant f Glenwood 3m8d s life 28Mar1895 Glenwood Glenwood
Hanna, Rhoda J. f OH 38y m 24y 29Mar1895 Glenwood Glenwood
Page 67
Ellingwood, Vera f NE 2y s 18m 04Jan1895 Pacific Jct Glenwood
Larson, Marie f NE 2y s 6m 03Apr1895 Happy Hollow Waubonsie
Stearns, Elizabeth f ng 65y ng ng 09Dec1894 Pacific Jct Glenwood
Rodgers, Robert m Pacific Jct 9m s life 12Dec1894 Pacific Jct Glenwood
Wheeler, Challenge S m MI 31y11m10d ng 31y 07Apr1895 Center Tp Glenwood
Labin, Mrs. Florence f Waupaca WI 44y m ng 08Apr1895 Glenwood Glenwood
Ellis, Lydia f IA 37y m 35y 19Apr1895 Glenwood Glenwood
Murphy, Martha f KY 51y8m27d m 8y 21Apr1895 Pacific Jct Glenwood
Horn, Johann m Germany 74y ng ng 20Mar1895 Oak Tp West Oak
Marshall, Annie J. f ng 19y2m s ng 26Apr1895 Glenwood Fonda IA
Atkinson, Lydia f ME 64y w 2y 11May1895 Glenwood Glenwood
Phifer, Wm. m WV 73y ng 4y 12May1895 West Oak ng
Morris, Jas m PA 72y ng 10y 15May1895 Glenwood 1 Gld. Cem
Page 68
Raynor, Roy G. m IA 15y s life 23May1895 Glenwood Dallas Co IA
Harrington, Arthur m IA 16y s life 15May1895 Glenwood Milton IA
Burr, Fannie f MI 20y s ng 17May1895 Glenwood Glnwd St Ce
Meyer, Mary Christina f IA 25y s life 08May1895 Glenwood Glnwd St Ce
Weaver, Gail f IA 11y s life 26May1895 Glenwood Colfax IA
Kimmel, Mrs. M. W. f OH 72y ng 3y 10Jun1895 Silver City Silver City
Deitchler, Christian m OH (Carl?Co) 44y8m m 38y 21May1895 Mineola Mineola
Peirce, Thomas m ng 18y s ng 30May1895 Glenwood Glnwd St Ce
Longshore, Jesse M. m IA 24y1m18d s life 27Jun1895 Emerson Emerson
Bailey, Noble m Hillsdale 8m3d s life 13Jun1895 Hillsdale Malvern
Benhke, Martis m Germany 28y5m s 7y 07Jul1895 Center Glenwood
Beach, Geo. m NY 56y m 35y 13Jul1895 Hillsdale Hillsdale
Way, J. R. m IN 71y m 41y 07Jul1895 Hillsdale Hillsdale
Page 69
Taylor, Linda f IN 40y ng 11y 20Aug1895 Lyons Tp Waubonsie
Kelsie, Taylor m Parker Co KY 82y ng ng 06Sep1895 Hillsdale Thurman IA
Meshone, James m Monroe Co IA 30y ng ng 18Aug1895 Hillsdale Hillsdale
Wilson, James R. m Knox Co OH 73y ng ng 01Sep1895 Hillsdale Hillsdale
Glover, Lenora Marg. f ng 23y s ng 17Sep1895 Glenwood Glnwd St Ce
Burket, Am___ f ng 20y27d ng ng 29Aug1895 Glenwood Glenwood
Cabill, Mary Lou f ng 47y4d m ng 01Sep1895 Anderson Tp Wesley Chap
Snell, Frank H. m ng 47y m ng 08Aug1895 Emerson Emerson
Wilson, Fannie f VA 76y w ng 03Sep1895 Hastings Emerson
Mayer, Caroline f ng 12y s ng 01Oct1895 Glenwood Hebron IA
Plumb, John m England 67y5m26d m 33y 12Oct1895 Hastings Wesley Chap
Harbor, George T. m IA 6y2m14d s life 08Oct1895 Hastings Hastings
Lookabill, Ina f NE 5y5m20d s 5y 08Oct1895 Hastings Hastings
Page 70
Otis, Roland m IA 4y10m s life 10Oct1895 Indian Creek T Emerson
Babbitt, Jas. M. m IL 44y m ng 10Oct1895 Indian Creek T Malvern
Kathcart, Berthay M. f IN 16y s 5y 13Oct1895 Lyons Tp Waubonsie
Harmon, Jesse m IA 7m s ng 22Oct1895 Lyons Tp Waubonsie
Stockwell, Allie f OH 42y m 5y 01Nov1895 Oak Tp Silver City
Sprague, Elsie f IA 5y s life 10Nov1895 Glenwood Glnwd St Ce
Oakes, Patrick H. m ng ng ng ng 18Jan1895 Lyons Tp ng
Hansell, (Charles?) m ng ng ng ng 01Oct1895 Center Tp Del to Friends
Clarke, Allie Matilda f ng 29y s ng 29Nov1895 Glenwood Glnwd St Ce
Schnoor, Margaret f Germany 67y6m15d m 12y 05Jun1892 Mills Co So. Grove
Culver, Harold m Emerson 27d s life 27Nov1895 Emerson Emerson
Woods, Jennie E. f OH 52y m ng 24Nov1895 Glenwood Schuyler NE
Glassburn, Virginia f IA 22y8d s life 19Dec1895 Center Tp Hillsdale

Copyright 2000 by Cay Merryman and may be reproduced only with written permission.
Source: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Family History Library Catalog, Microfilm # 1503210
All data transcribed and submitted by Cay Merryman.

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