Mills County, Iowa

Register of Deaths - Book 1, pages 59 - 64 (1894)
Transcribed and submitted by Beverly Boileau
(Abbr: y=year; m=month; d=days/died; bp=birthplace; res=number of years a resident of Iowa; bur=buried; and FMI=Feeble Minded Institution.)
Birth Place
Death Date
Death Place
Page 59
Ally, Harry m IA 2y ng ng   Mineola Mineola
Ally, Freddie m MO 11m ng ng   Mineola Mineola
Harrison, Julia f ng ng s ng 28Jan1894 Glenwood Glenwood
No name f Oak Tp 6d s life 18Feb1894 Oak Tp Silver City
West, Mrs. Jas. f ng 27y m 1m 27Feb1894 Pacific Jct ng
Jewell, T. Jeffie m IA 17y s life 06Feb1894 Glenwood Butler Co.
Moore, ____ m Glenwood Tp 5m s life 04Feb1894 Glenwood Glenwood
Lotta, Blanche Eliza f ng 25y s ng 25Feb1894 Glenwood Tipton,Cedar
Petersen, Sofie f Denmark 27y s ng 03Mar1894 Glenwood Glenwood
Forrester, James W. m Des Moines 6y s life 05Mar1894 Glenwood Des Moines
Caress, Edna f KY 68y8m m ng 31Mar1894 Glenwood Waubonsie
No name m Lyons Tp 8d s life __Mar1894 Lyons Tp Van Eaton
Brown, Carl m Hastings 8m s life 25Mar1894 Hastings Hastings
Page 60
Shepherd, James m IA 18y s life 05Apr1894 Glenwood Glenwood
Hayward, John W. m S.Andrews,NB 58y m 1m 27Nov1893 Glenwood Glenwood
Wearin, Cora Agnes f IA 23y10m15d s life 29Mar1894 Hastings Hastings
Winset, Dell m IA 18y s life 24Apr1894 Glenwood Glnwd St Ce
Ayers, Eddie m IA 23y s life 08Apr1894 Glenwood Glnwd St Ce
Barbour, John m CT 64y7m4d m 25y 10Apr1894 Pacific City Glenwood
Gitchell, Earl m Tabor IA 4y s life 02May1894 Tabor, IA Tabor, IA
Sherman,Wm. L. m Pacific Jct 2y9m s life 01May1894 Pacific Jct Glenwood
Templeton, Frank m IA 24y ng life 29May1894 Pacific City Pacific City
King, Mrs. Elizabeth f IA 30y ng life 28May1894 Platt.Tp Pacific Jct
Hunter, Mrs. S. F. f OH 48y8m28d m ng 24May1894 Pacific Jct Pacific City
Lyons, Mary J. f KY 62y18d m 34y 18May1894 Pacific Jct Glenwood
Lloyd, Elizabeth f Wales 52y s ng 12May1894 Glenwood Tp ng
Page 61
Shirley?, Frank m PA 42y11m m 2y 14May1894 Glenwood Glenwood
Labin, H. L. m VT 73y m ng 10May1894 Glenwood Glenwood
Edwards, W. G. m Mills Co. 25y m life 18May1894 Glenwood Glenwood
Graham, Allie f IL 28y8m m 28y 30May1894 Hastings Hastings
Fisher, Caleb m Jasper Co MO 50y ng 5y 13Jun1894 Pacific City Pacific City
Sherwin, James m NY 76y2m10d m 22y 24May1894 Emerson Aurora IL
Elliot, Edwin E. m IA 15y s life 25May1894 Glenwood Glnwd St Ce
Anet, Charley B. m PA 66y ng 24y 21Jun1894 Bethlehem Glnwd St Ce
Hulbert, Ada f ng 17y s ng 10Jun1894 Glenwood Glnwd St Ce.
Porter, Seth L. m IA 19y s life 02Jun1894 Glenwood Glnwd St Ce.
Templeton, David A. m Rockbridge VA 72y ng 30y __Jun1894 Pacific City Glenwood
Jurnnberry? Hattie f MO 45y ng 18y 18Jun1894 Pacific City Pacific City
Fisher, S. A. f (IL?) 44y ng 5y 01Jul1894 Pacific City Pacific City
Page 62
Kay, Lizie f IA 16y s life 07Jun1894 Oak Tp Glenwood
Foster, P. D. m Lancaster OH 76y m 48y 24Jun1894 Glenwood Glenwood
Woodruff, Martha f Glenwood 35y ng life 12Jun1894 Glenwood Glenwood
Heffield, Lu m IL 17y7m s 3y 03Jun1894 Glenwood Glenwood
Dean, Wm. E. m Bainard?, VT 73y ng 43y 27Mar1894 Lyons Tp Glenwood
Phillips, Bernie May f Coal Valley IL 17y17d s 12? 17Jun1894 Henderson Henderson
Henderson, Sarah J. f Brooklyn, NY 50y w 20y 03May1894 Glenwood 2 Glenwood
Alexander, Samuel C. m Warren Co IA 35y10m2d m life 01May1894 Glenwood 1 Glenwood
Croger, Clair H. m Marshalltown IA 23y s life 01Aug1894 Glenwood Marshalltown
Snodgrass, Thos. J. m York Co PA 43y5m19d m 23y 10Jul1894 Emerson Emerson
Benedict, Anna f ___ida Co NY 87y10m13d w 9y 27Jun1894 Emerson Emerson
Wheeler, Mrs. Mary f ng 69y m ng 23Jul1894 Glenwood 1 Glenwood
(Gims?), Caroline f Devonshire Eng 66y10m m 5y 20Jul1894 Anderson Tp Henderson
Page 63
Clutter, Franz m ng 15y s ng 13Aug1894 Glenwood Glnwd St. Ce
Colburn, Ly___gers m IA 15y s life 05Sep1894 Glenwood Glnwd St.Ce
Fulton, Elmer m Montgomery Co 18y s life 12Sep1894 Lyons Twp Glnwd St.Ce
Townson, Hariet f VA 60y ng ng 28Aug1894 Oak Tp Martin Chapel
Richardson, Chas.A m Oak Tp 3m s life 29Aug1894 Oak Tp Martin Chapel
Powell, Mincy A. f IA 22y ng 11y 01Sep1894 Platt. Tp Martin Chapel
Plumb, Ann f English 75y26d m 25y 05Nov1894 Hastings Wesley Chap
Hammers, Wm. m ng 25y s life 21Oct1894 Glenwood Tp Del to Friends
Strickler, Lawrence m IA 37y m life 02Nov1894 Emerson Emerson
Rock, Albert m Lyons Tp 4m s life __Nov1894 Lyons Tp Waubonsie
__,Elizabeth Jane f Bigs___ IL 44y8m21d m 19y 12Jun1894 Emerson Emerson
Reilly, Thos m IA 17y3m3d s life 04Nov1894 Glenwood Lawler IA
Page 64
Smith, Jennie f ng 14y2d s ng 06Jan1894 Glenwood Elgin IA
Darrow, Joseph m Clayton Co IA 24y10m2d s life 28Dec1894 Glenwood Glnwd St Ce.
King, Frank m Brewer IA 10y s life 23Oct1894 Glenwood Glenwood
Adams, Lewis Edgar m IA 4y11m26d s life 06Jan1895 Glenwood Glenwood
Purcell, Samuel m IL 48y1m4d m 36y 04Dec1894 Hastings Hastings
Booth, Philip m ng 30y m life 24Nov1895 Hastings Del to Friends
Hard, Mrs. Fannie f ng 72y w ng 27Jul1894 Glenwood Glenwood
Rich, Anne f Germany 36y m 7y 04Aug1894 Glenwood Glenwood
Starbuck, Mabel E. f Glenwood 35y m life 11Sep1894 Glenwood Glenwood
Butler, Hiram m OH 42y m 20y 16Sep1894 Glenwood Glenwood
Evans, Nina f ng 29y m ng 18Oct1894 Glenwood Glenwood
Palmer, Cora A. f IA 17y ng life 30Oct1894 Pacific Jct Glenwood
Deacon, Laura f Glenwood 18y s life 19Nov1894 Glenwood Glenwood

Copyright 2000 by Cay Merryman and may be reproduced only with written permission.
Source: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Family History Library Catalog, Microfilm # 1503210
All data transcribed and submitted by Cay Merryman.

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