Mills County, Iowa

1905 - Census Registar

Notes for cards: The Number given each name, in the list, must be placed on the population card for that person. Also on the "Agriculture" card of each person managing a farm. This book must be returned to the County Auditor with the cards, and by him sent to Des Moines with the cards.

Example of Card

Card No.
County:               Township:
City:               Ward:
P. O. Address:
Sex:      Can you Read?:       Can You Write?:         Color:
Place of birth, Self:
Place of birth, Mother:
Place of birth, Father:
If you are foreign born, are you Naturalized?:
Years in U.S.:           Years in Iowa:
Conjugal Condition:
Months in school:
Public:      Night:      Private:      College:
Months unemployed in 1904:
Military Service

Service in Civil War:       Mexican War:      Spanish War
Company:     Regiment:    State:
Class of service:     Cavalry:    Infantry:     Artillary:     Navy:
Date of enlistment:       Date of discharge:



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