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1855 List of Tax Payers in Marshall Township

(Information provided by Barbara Price in 2001)

This Tax List has been preserved in the John Smith Museum at Laurel, Marshall County, Iowa. It was published in the Central Iowa Pioneer in Vol. I., No.3 in May, 1973 by the Central Iowa Genealogical Society and permission to repost on this website was given. 

Adams R. F.
Anson Elizabeth
Anson Hnery
Anson Horace
Anson Milo F.
Andrews Ichobad
Armstrong Wm.
Arnold Gilbert
Baker George W.
Baker John
Ball Zopher
Bissell J. F.
Bond William
Bowen Stephen
Bowman James L.
Braddy John
Brown Albert
Butler Alonzo
Butler & McDaniel  
Campbell Daniel
Campbell David
Campbell James M.
Campbell John F.
Canfield Andrew
Canfield George L.
Chron Silas
Clark Charles D.
Clark James
Clifford Joseph P.
Crowder Stephen
Davis Andrew F.
Davis Andrew J.
Deniston George
Downing George
Dubois Ebenzer
Dubois E. C.
Dwight Samuel
Ford Christopher
Ford John R.
Frencesco David
Gregg N. P.
Gillispie Norilo
Hartwell Henry D.
Hayne John
Heald Chester
Heighton Wm. G.
Hickox Stephen
Hill Wm. A.
Hoes E. H.
Hoes E. H. & J. D.
Hoffman John P.
Hoffman Michael
Hoffman & Walters  
Hopkins John C.
Hopkins Pitts H.
Hoxie E. C.
Hoxie N. T.
House Nelson
Howard & Hurlbutt  
Howard Wm. H.
Hulbut Edwin
Kelley Daniel
Kelley John A.
Lyons Bennett
McDaniel Phillip
McCarthy Daniel
Meech Abell
Moler Henry
Moore Lewis
Morrison J. H.
Oviatt Elisha L.
Phillipe Alpheus
Poynis John
Poynes Samuel
Powell Samuel
Pratt A. R.
Ralls William
Rice & Andrews  
Rice Silvanns
Rice Miles
Rice Wells
Rice & Willisgrod  
Rogers Ephram A.
Rogers Reuben H.
Ronsom Charles H.
Sawyer Sirenux
Seasholts George
Sherman Hoyt
Skinner John M.
Smith Charles B.
Smith John
Smith Patrick H.
Smith Paul
Smith William
Snyder & Taft  
Snyder William
Spelman Lucian
Stevens A. J.
Straight Calvin B.
Straw Joseph
Taft Calvin
Taft & Snyder  
Tayler R. Howe
Vanorsdel Samuel
Walters & Hoffman  
Walters Levi
Webster Henry C.
Webster Reuben
Wells Walter
Wescott John
Willet W. W.
Williams A. J.
Willigrod Catherine
Willigrod Edward
Woodard B. C.
 Woodbury G. M.
Yeamans N. F.
Young David C.
Young Jacob
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