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1855 List of Tax Payers in Marion Township

(Information provided by Barbara Price in 2001)

This Tax List has been preserved in the John Smith Museum at Laurel, Marshall County, Iowa. It was published in the Central Iowa Pioneer in Vol. I., No.3 in May, 1973 by the Central Iowa Genealogical Society and permission to repost on this website was given. 

Adams Richard F. *
Albright Catherine *
Allen Eleanor *
Allman J & J  
Allman Jonathon  
Bacon N. *
Baldwin David V.  
Baldwin Harvey B.  
Beachcley Jacob *
Beachley M. J. *
Beachley Peter *
Bennett Lyon *
Beuckley J. R. *
Bonnell Simeon  
Book Henry  
Bovee Moses  
Bowles Abraham  
Bowles Alexander  
Bowles Elias J.  
Bowman James L. *
Brook Harrison *
Brock Alexander  
Brock Joel  
Brown Thomas  
Brown Thomas S.  
Cable Roland E.  
Clay Hiram  
Cleveland G. W. *
Clinton James *
Coats Francis *
Coats Joseph *
Connell & Zehring    
Coppack Chesley *
Darius Tarble *
Davidson Jesse  
Dawson Henry J.  
Dean Hoses J.  
Deihl John *
Deter Absalom  
Deter Daniel  
Deter Jacob S.  
Deter Samuel  
Dirley John W.  
Dobson Stephen  
Doughtery David  
Dunton S. B.  
Dunton Soloman  
Fanton Clark  
Fanton Clarke  
Ferguson George *
Ferguson Nimrod *
Ferguson William A.  
Fowler James *
Franklin John  
Gibson Charles N. *
Gilkerson Wm.  
Gillespie Norllo *
Gordon Larenzo D.  
Grubbs Jonathon  
Hale Horace R.  
Halsey Samuel  
Harris Abraham  
Harris Joseph  
Harris William  
Harvey James W.  
Hausafus William  
Heffley Charles *
Hilty Geo.  
Holcomb Elmiria  
Holliday ?  
Holt John *
Holt Wm. S.  
Hopkins Pitts H. *
Hughs John B.  
Ives Alexander  
John Strubbs *
Jones Elbert *
Jones Charles *
Lane Ozro N.  
Lane Reuben H.  
Layhm James  
Lyon Stephen  
McMahon Andrew  
Mackrill Joel  
Marshall Tarble *
Marquess Wilson  
Marquis Abner A.  
Marquis Squier S.  
Meedowell Wm. *
Messsenger Ebenenzer  
Mills Eli  
Mondall John  
Moore Alanson S.  
Moore C. U. *
Murrey John  
Nations ? *
Nelson Leonard  
Nicholson Jesse  
Nicholson Samuel S. *
Niles James M.  
Orr John  
Pegg William  
Peterfish David M.  
Poe James R.  
Powers Ephriam  
Powers Moody  
Powers Prescott  
Quin James W.  
Reed James Sr.  
Reed James Jr.  
Reed Joseph  
Rees Evans *
Reese Evan *
Richardson J. H. *
Richardson J. W. *
Richey Jesse  
Richey John  
Richey Nathaniel *
Richey Samuel  
Richey Simon  
Robinson Samuel  
Rollison Daniel  
Sanders John  
Sawyer Joseph  
Seighton Andrew J.  
Sherman Hoyt *
Ship & Woodford   *
Simon Richey *
Smith William *
Stephen Lyon *
Strubbs John  
Stubbs John  
Stuart Charles  
Taber Freeman *
Tarble Darius  
Tarble Marshall  
Thomton James  
Tulman George P.  
Voris Geo. W.  
Wallace William  
Wallin Isaih  
Wallin James  
Wallin Joseph  
Wallin Pearson  
Walters Geo. *
Warner John *
Webster Joseph  
Weever Enoch *
Williams Charles *
Williams Daniel *
Williams Polly *
Woodford & Ship   *
Yeamans Nathon F.  
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