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1855 List of Tax Payers in Jefferson Township

(Information provided by Barbara Price in 2001)

This Tax List has been preserved in the John Smith Museum at Laurel, Marshall County, Iowa. It was published in the Central Iowa Pioneer in Vol. I., No.3 in May, 1973 by the Central Iowa Genealogical Society and permission to repost on this website was given. 

Adams Richard F. *
Alexander Wm. E.  
Andrews Ichobad *
Arney John Wesley  
Aultmen Joshua  
Batson Wm.  
Beebe Walter B. *
Benoist Lewis A. *
Birks David  
Bowman Geo. L. *
Brown Turner G.  
Burger Henry O. *
Burns Daniel *
Campbell Daniel *
Carr David *
Casey William B.  
Cooper David E.  
Cooper John F. M.  
Cooper Joseph  
Cooper Temple  
Craig Alsie L. *
Crookham J. G. *
Crumpacker Joel R. *
Cox David V.  
Denney Isaac  
Dorsey Silvester L. *
Dunham Jonathon *
Dunn William E. *
Finders Boston  
Fenton Clark *
Ferguson John J.  
Ferguson Joseph M.  
Fleming Jesse *
Fulsom Peter *
Glenn William *
Hawkins Joseph C. *
Heighton Wm. G. *
Hill Henry  
Hilsabeck Elias  
Hilsabeck John B.  
Hilsabeck Wm. H.  
Hopkins F. C. *
Howard Charles  
Howard Charles A.  
Howard Thomas H.  
Howard Wm. H.  
Hoxie Neri F. *
Hoxur H. Y. *
Hughes Richard B.  * 
Hurlbut Edmond  
Hutchinson S. R.  
Ingall Geo. A. *
Lackhart Robert *
Lantis Martin  
Larken Adam S. *
Larkin Adam L. *
Lathrop Ichobod *
Logan James A.  
McCarthy Daniel *
Magers Riley  
Mann Henry F.  
Meaheny A. I.  
Moler Henry *
Mott James *
Muclay D. Wolf & Quinby *
Mundhenk Augustus *
Murphey James *
Myers Henry B. *
Pancoust Samuel *
Parrit David *
Parrot David *
Powers Francis A.  
Powers John L.  
Powers Sarah  
Powers Thomas C.  
Powers Michall  
Powers Wm.  
Quinby D. Wolf Mucay  
Rathbone Gideon *
Read Jonathon Sr. *
Read Jonathon Jr. *
Rees Samuel *
Reuner Ransom  
Reuner V. W.  
Rice Bryon *
Rice Wells *
Rogers Reuben H. *
Rogers Richard H.  
Ronnedy Charles M. *
Saint Joseph  
Sambaugh George  
Sampson Ezekial  
Scroggins Pleasant M. *
Searholt Geo. W. *
Seasholts Geo. W. *
Sherwood Augustus  
Sherwood Wm. F.  
Simpkins Sasep C. *
Smith A. J.  
Smith Jonathon S.  
Smith Seth  
Smith Wm. C. *
Sparks Leonard  
Stalling Wm., Estate of  
Starry Henry  
Stewart Joseph *
Tice George  
Turner John  
Turner John, Guardian of Birks Heirs  
Turner John L.  
Turner Walter *
Van Allen John  
Vandventer John  
Walkin George *
Walter Beebe B.  
Walton Simon H. *
Warrington  A. L.  
Waters Rees *
Welch John  
Welton C. Lester *
White Miles *
White Mills *
White Wm.  
Williams Andrew J. *
Windriem Samuel *
Wise Wm. J.  
Woods Isaac L. *
Worcester Justin  
Work Robert  
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