Marshalltown City Directory (partial)


     Aamodt, Karl, carp, res 532 N 2nd
     Abbey, Jesse, bkpr, bds 104 E Lincoln
     Abbott, Andrew J, mach M&St L, res 403 S 2nd
     Abbott, A Cutler, Treas Abbot & Son, Res 3 W Grant
     Abbott, Edward B, Agt Wells Fargo & Co Express, bds 405 Lee
     Abbott, Miss Helen M, bds 405 Lee
     Abbott, James, mach, bds 405 Lee
     Abbott, Lewis C, Pres Abbott & Son, Res 511 E Church
     Abbott, Mary W (wid Albert C), res 511 E Church
     Abbott School, 4th Ave and Linn
1918 Marshalltown City Directory
     Abbott & Son, L C Abbott, Pres; F L Glick, Sec; A Cutler Abbott, Treas; Hardware, Ranges, Tinners and Sporting Goods, 1-3 W Main (see front cover)
     Ackerman, Henry, billiards, 16 N 1st Ave, res 615 W State
     Ackert, Harry J, clk, bds 11 N 3rd Ave
     Ackert, Margaret E (wid Reuben), res 11 N 3rd Ave
     Ackley, Charles F, blacksmith M Trowel Co, res 606 E Main
     Ackley, Mrs. Hannah M, bds 606 E Main
     Acme Printing Co (E D Yount, C E Edsall), 22 N Center
     Adams, Charles F, dentist Hynds Dental Parlors, res 9 W Webster
     Adams, Claude, fireman M&St L, res 511 W Boone
     Adams, Edward W, blacksmith M&St L, res 306 W Nevada
     Adams, Elizabeth A (wid James J), bds 105 S 9th
     Adams, Ernest, driver U D Co, res 19 N Center
     Adams Express Co, R G Dravis agt, 17 N 1st
     Adams, George B, carp, res 1203 Fremont
     Adams, Joseph, cutter Hopkins & Son, bds 12 W Grant
     Adams, Lucina (wid Samuel T), res 509 N 1st Ave
     Adams, Miss Mollie M, clk J D Palmer & Co, bds 509 N 1st Ave
     Adams, Miss Pearl L, bds 11 W Grant
     Adams, Robert E, trav agt, res 11 W Grant
     Adams, Thomas E, Lawyer 111 E Main, Res 105 S 9th
     Adamson, Max L, farmer, bds 202 N 7th
     Adamson, Paul M, res 202 N 7th
     Adlend Korner, emp Lennox F Co, bds 608 E Boone
     Adlend, Thomas C, emp Lennox F Co, res 608 E Boone
     Agard, James A, emp M Vinegar Co, bds 101 W Main
     Agnew, Etta E (wid Ward B), res 5 E Webster
     Ahl, August, lab M&St L, res 901 S 5th Ave
     Ahrens, Ernest A, res 213 N 2nd Ave
     Ahrens, Fred A, windmills, res 1107 W Church
     Ahrens, Mabel F (wid Albert E), stenog Fidelity Savings Bank, res 7 N 5th
     Ake, Alva A, trav agt, res 10 N 5th
     Ake, Miss Mae-Dell, music tchr, bds 10 N 5th
     Alban, Frank W, trav agt, res 504 W Main
     Albert, Edwin N, carp, res 6 S 3rd
     Alden, James W, mngr Sunlight Hat Co, res 1206 W Main
     Alderman, Charles, emp Imperial F Co, res 804 E Boone
     Ale, Paul, bds S N 2nd Ave
     Alexander, D John, mach Dunham Co, res 201 N 12th
     Alexander, Miss Evelyn M, bds 402 1/2  E Linn
     Alexander, Fred, res 101 W Church
     Alexander, John, emp Geo Gregory, rms 322 S 3rd Ave
     Alexander, John M, Pres and Sec McBride & Will Drug Co, bds 402 1/2 E Linn
     Alexander, Quincy, Treas McBride & Will Drug Co, bds 402 1/2 E Linn
     Allard, Horace J, real estate 35 1/2 W Main, res 407 N 4th
     Allard, Miss Isabella J, student, bds 407 N 4th
     Allard, Miss Mary L, bds 407 N 4th
     Alldredge, John I (Wicklund & Alldredge), res 612 N 4th Ave
     Allen, Arthur B, carp, res 412 N 12th Ave
     Allen, Benjamin F, lab, bds 107 N 1st
     Allen, Edward, emp Rude Auto Co, res 309 E Church
     Allen, Elias E, bds 611 E Boone
     Allen, George W, farmer, res 107 N 1st
     Allen, George W, res 107 S 1st Ave
     Allen, Gordon G, vocal tchr, bds 409 Summit
     Allen, Harry, mach M Electric Co, bds 708 Jackson
     Allen, James M, res 611 E Boone
     Allen, James O, bds 611 E Boone
     Allen, John, bds Clifton Hotel
     Allen, Lester O, bds 611 E Boone
     Allen, Margaret (wid Oscar), dressmkr, res 409 Summit
     Allen, Mrs Minnie E, stenog F E Northup, res 109 N 2nd
     Allen, Rollin M, veterinary 112 E State, res 408 Fremont
     Allen, Thomas W, res 307 Bromley
     Allen, Wallace E, bds 207 S 5th Ave
     Allen, Wm B, lab, res 207 N 6th
     Allgeyer, John H, printer Marshall Ptg Co, res 10 S 3rd
     Allgeyer, Miss Margie A, stenog First Natl Bank, bds 10 S 3rd
     Allison, Alice K (wid Charles W), music tchr, bds 210 W Church
     Allison, Charles K, trav agt, res 110 S 3rd Ave
     Allison, J Gould, mngr Singer Sewing Mach Co, res 510 W Main
     Allison, Wm H, emp Lennox F Co, bds 105 S 5th Ave
     Alsbaugh, Earl E, bds 413 Union
     Alsbaugh, Elmer H, janitor First Natl Bank, res 413 Union
     Alward, S A, res 503 E Boone
     Amblad, Andrew J, carp, res 506 W Linn
     Amblad, Charles A, printer M Oil Co, res 205 S 5th
     Amblad, Miss Esther M, clk, bds 506 W Linn
     Amelung, Gust H, washing cars 16 N 1st, res 105 S 1st
     American District Telegraph Co, C A Gillette mngr, 117 E Main
     American Express Co, B R Marshall Agt, 124 W Main
     American Machine Products Co, E A Francis Pres and Treas; Merritt Greene Jr, V-Pres; J S Johnson, Sec; Automobile Accessories and Hardware Specialties, res 811 E Main
     Ames, Charles A, clk Benedict Flour Co, bds 309 N 4th
     Ames, Josephine (wid Wesley), res 309 N 4th
     Amos, Earl W, mailing clk Times-R, res 107 1/2 S 2nd Ave
     Anders, Rev Albert J, pastor Elim Norw Luth Ch, res 103 S 3rd
     Anderson, Adolph A, carp, res 209 N 13th
     Anderson, Albert, farmer, bds 107 N 19th
     Anderson, Alfred T, res 612 W Linn
     Anderson, Andrew, lab, res 109 Helms
     Anderson, Mrs Anna, bkpr H W Shove & Son, res 112 W Lincoln
     Anderson, Anna (wid Karl N), res 107 N 19th
     Anderson, Anna C (wid John A), res 103 N 2nd Ave
     Anderson, Bliss, cigars and billiards 12 E Main, res 113 N 7th
     Anderson, Miss Carolyn, tchr J Childs School, bds 103 N 2nd Ave
     Anderson, Mrs. Cecilia, rms 29 W State
     Anderson, Miss Della, nurse, bds 12 W Grant
     Anderson, Elizabeth L (wid Carl), res 703 W Church
     Anderson, Ellen J (wid Sandford W), bds 704 Summit
     Anderson, Emily A (wid John W), res 608 W Railroad
     Anderson, Miss Emma, nurse, St. Thomas Hospital
     Anderson, Farwell N, cond M&St L, res 403 1/2 W Nevada
     Anderson, Frank O, painter Soldiers Home, res 1707 Summit
     Anderson, Mrs. Hannah, res 303 S 3rd
     Anderson, Jens C (Anderson & Empie), res 7 S 6th Ave
     Anderson, John, janitor Fidelity Sav Bank, rms 8 1/2 S 1st Ave
     Anderson, Louis, rms 212 S Center
     Anderson, Magnus N, res 709 Noble
     Anderson, Martin A, carp, res 612 N 2nd Ave
     Anderson, Mary (wid Gust), res 606 S 7th
     Anderson, Miss Mary C, clk Bargain Store, bds 703 W Church
     Anderson, Miss Mayme, clk C G W Ry, bds 301 S 2nd Ave
     Anderson, N Peter, lab, bds 508 W South
     Anderson, Peter, farmer, res 508 W South
     Anderson, Peter, car repr M&St L, bds 508 N 4th Ave
     Anderson, Miss Sarah E, tchr, bds 703 W Church
     Anderson, Wm A, supt of mails post office, res 307 N 1st Ave
     Anderson, Wm C, clk E R Lay, rms 131 E Main
     Anderson, Wm H, lab, res 20 N 16th
     Anderson & Empie (J C Anderson, E E Empie), Sewer and Drainage Contractors, Tremont Block
     Andre, Charles E, blksmith rear 17 S Center, res 920 S 2nd Ave
     Andreen, Harold, clk A P Strub, rms 107 E Church
     Andrews, Miss Carrie L, bkpr M Syrup and S Co, res 35 W State
     Andrews, C Harry, fireman M&St L, res 406 S 3rd
     Andrews, George L, Grocer 128 W Main, res same
     Andrews, Miss Helen, bds 7 S 9th
     Andrews, James, farmer, res 7 S 9th
     Andrews, Miss Mariam E, bds 35 W State
     Andrews, Mitchell E, res 811 W Church
     Andrews, Nathan F, student, bds 7 S 9th
     Andrews, Raymond J (Kellogg & Andrews), res 303 S 5th
     Andrews Store, J D Palmer & Co props, 6 and 8 W Main (See right top lines)
     Angelsberg, Joseph A, sales Singer Sewing Mach Co, res 6 E State
     Anson, Emeline C (wid Horace A), bds 110 W Church
     Anson, Frank, tmstr, res 607 S 7th
     Anson, Homer S, student, bds 607 S 7th
     Anson, Mary E (wid A J), res 14 W Main
     Anson, Monroe, tmstr, res 607 Shepard
     Anson School, S 3rd Ave N E cor South
     Apgar, Ross E, photos 1 W Main, res 802 W Main
     Areilvas, Jesse, lab Ia Ry & L Co, res 403 May
     Arends, John P, res 409 E State
     Ariens, Margaret R (wid Louis C), bds 312 S 2nd
     Armour, John I, res 502 E Linn
     Armour, Miss Margaret G, stenog M Oil Co, bds 502 E Linn
     Armour, Miss Nellie E, bds 502 E Linn
     Armstrong, Harry B, Sec and Treas Hawkeye Commercial Men's Assn, res 406 Fremont
     Armstrong, Leoti (wid Charles), res 111 N 1st Ave
     Armstrong, Miss Margaret E, clk Levin Dry Goods Co, bds 111 N 1st Ave
     Armtrout, Ferris, emp M&St L, bds 501 S Center
     Armtrout, Iris L (wid Wm), res 501 S Center
     Arney, Mrs Della, res 606 N 1st Ave
     Arney, Miss Effie R, bds 911 W State
     Arney, Miss Grace, bds 606 N 1st AVe
     Arney, Jacob, rms 17 N Center
     Arney, John L, driver Standard Oil Co, res 911 W State
     Arney, Max S, student, bds 608 W Main
     Arney, Miss Mildred M, student, bds 608 W Main
     Arney, Perry F, mngr Light Draft Harrow Co, res 608 W Main
     Arney, Sarah A (wid Ira R), res 106 S 8th
     Arney, Wallace H, Pres Iowa Savings Bank, res 1110 W Main
     Arney, Miss Wanda C, music tchr, bds 608 W Main
     Arnold, Miss Erma, bds 405 Park
     Arnold, Ernestine A (wid Eugene A), housekpr 503 W Main
     Arnold, Miss Garnet L, clk Levin Dry Goods Co, bds 612 W Church
     Arnold, George W, rms 322 S 3rd Ave
     Arnold, Harry B, clk Sinclair Tea Co, res 612 W Church
     Arnold School, cor 7th and Linn
     Arnsby, Isaac, bds 307 S 1st Ave
     Arquette, Mose, eng, res 806 S 1st Ave
     Artz, Mary (wid Daniel), res 706 E Main
     Ashbrook, Omer D, bds 204 W Church
     Asher, Wilbur M, clk, res 704 W Railroad
     Asktenau, Mary A (wid Lewis N), bds 308 N 3rd
     Atkinson, Miss Grace R, stenogr Dunham Co, bds 504 N 1st
     Atkinson, Jacob R, plasterer, res 109 N 11th Ave
     Atkinson, Jesse, clk, bds 109 N 11th Ave
     Atkinson, Lee S, clk J D Palmer & Co, bds 504 N 1st
     Atkinson, Raymond E, clk J D Palmer & Co, bds 504 N 1st
     Atlas Disposal Works, H W Householder mngr, 9 W Church
     Attig, Charles R, brakeman M&St L, res 105 S 6th Ave
     Atwood, Wm H, res 1115 W Boone
     Augustine, Alfred P, res 7 S 2nd
     Auld, John, lab, bds 310 S 3rd
     Auld, Lester R, brakeman M&St L, bds 310 S 3rd
     Auld, Mary A (wid Charles C), res 310 S 3rd
     Auld, Miss Nellie E, clk Burch Bros, bds 310 S 3rd
     Ausdal, Hans P, bricklayer, res 504 W Church
     Ausdal, Henry, messr W U T Co, bds 504 W Church
     Ausdal, Peter, clk Letts-F Co, bds 504 W Church
     Austin, Edward C, emp Letts F Co, res 508 W Church
     Austin, Ed T, Job Printer 14 S 1st, res 408 E Main
     Austin, Ellsworth S, clk Bargain Store, bds 6 Marion
     Austin, Ernest L, bds 6 Marion
     Austin, Fred T, emp Benedict Feed Co, res 6 Marion
     Avey, Raude B, meats 313 N 4th Ave, res 305 Woodbury
     Awtry Alphonse D, bds 918 S 1st Ave
     Awtry, Giles S, trav agt, res 918 S 1st Ave
     Axe, Samuel R, clk J C Penney Co, res 412 N 1st
     Ayres, Miss Florence, emp Benedict & Britnall, rms 109 N 1st

     Baasch, Miss Amanda R, bds 705 W Boone
     Baasch, John F, res 705 W Boone
     Baasch, Miss Thresa E, bds 705 W Boone
     Bach, Henry, res 1102 S Center
     Backman, Paul, bkpr First Natl Bank, rms 306 N Center
     Baenziger, Rudolph, trav agt, res 507 N 2nd
     Bailey, Dewey T, mach F Brody & Sons Co, res 113 N 2nd
     Bailey, Fred O, (M Syrup and Sugar Co), res 117 N 3rd
     Bailey, Joel B, farmer, res 1721 Summit
     Bailey, J Royal, (M Syrup and Sugar Co), res 206 N 3rd
     Bailey, Louis N, res 306 1//2 Fremont
     Bailey, Mary (wid Wm T), res 1005 Turner
     Bailey, Perry S, driver Adams Ex Co, bds 1721 Summit
     Bailey, Ray C, bds 1721 Summit
     Bailey, Wm, tiler, bds 1005 Turner
     Bailey, Wm T, (M Syrup and Sugar Co), res 206 1/2 N 3rd
     Baily, Clarence W, farmer, res 1004 S 12th Ave
     Baily, Ellis, res 409 E State
     Baily, Guy, helper M&St L, bds 5 Anson
     Baily, Miss Lela M, stenog M M O'Bryon, bds 409 E State
     Baily, Miss Lois I, bds 409 E State
     Baird, Miss Alice A, tchr Abbott sch, res 304 N 3rd Ave
     Baird, Fred S, emp Western Groc Co, res 411 May
     Baker, Dallas B, farmer, res 107 N 2nd Ave
     Baker, Mrs. Ella, res 303 E Church
     Baker, Ernest F, clk C G W Ry, res 407 S 1st
     Baker, George, farmer, bds 107 N 2nd Ave
     Baker, John B, farmer, res 212 N 6th
     Baker, Joseph, emp C&NW, res 505 E Boone
     Baker, Mrs Nellie G, bds 207 N 14th
     Baker, Rev. Wm. M, pastor Central Church of Christ, res 5 S 4th
     Balch, Albert F, Pres Marshalltown State Bank, res 106 N 2nd
     Balch, Miss Dorothy H, sutdent, bds 106 N 2nd
     Balch, Miss Edna May, tchr High sch, bds 604 W Main
     Balch, Harold M, clk M State Bank, bds 604 W Main
     Balch, Nellie W (wid Phineas S), res 604 W Main
     Baldwin, Woodson W, emp M Oil Co, bds 303 S 4th Ave
     Bales, James M, res 514 N 2nd
     Ball, Edward, emp Lennox F Co, bds 303 S 4th Ave
     Ball, Joab H, carp, res 303 S 4th Ave
     Ball, Otto T, bds 405 W Linn
     Ball, Russell R, carp, res 308 N 12th Ave
     Balvin, Edward, helper M&St L, res 708 Bromley
     Bandfield, Kate (wid Wm M), bds 110 N 13th
     Bannon, Miss Eva, seamstress, bds 916 Jackson
     Bannon, Wm, lab M&St L, res 916 Jackson
     Banzhaf, Anna (wid Gustav A), res 512 E State
     Banzhaf, Christian, student, bds 109 E High
     Banzhaf, Jacob, clk First Natl Bank, res 408 May
     Banzhaf, Leonard, tinner, res 217 Anson
     Banzhaf, Miss Marie, student, bds 109 E High
     Banzhaf, Michael, farmer, res 109 E High
     Banzhaf, Michael Jr, (Boughton & Banzhaf), res 405 W Linn
     Banzhaf, Miss Pauline, res 312 E State
     Barber, Guy J, trav agt, res 1215 W Main
     Barber, Milo K, foreman T Lennox Co, res 105 S 1st Ave
     Bardwell, Willard H, freight agt C&NW, res 204 N 3rd Ave
     Barfoot, Herbert F, elec, res 303 E Church
     Barker, Mrs. Ida, bds 112 May
     Barker, James W, res 110 May
     Barker, John H, lab, res 705 Turner
     Barker, Lewis, emp M&St L, res 112 May
     Barker, Ollie R, tmstr Joyce Lmbr Co, res 108 S 7th Ave
     Barlow, Edward, baker 112 W Main, res same
     Barnard, Fred, car repr M&St L, res 911 S 3rd Ave
     Barnard, Herman A, bds 911 S 3rd Ave
     Barnard, Miss May, tchr, bds 911 S 3rd Ave
     Barnard, Neil W, lab, bds 911 S 3rd Ave
     Barnard P Lyle, brakeman M&St L, res 916 S 2nd Ave
     Barnes, Clyde H, painter E B Everist, bds 111 N 7th
     Barnes, Harold D, rms 401 S 5th
     Barnes, Leona A (wid Charles J), res 211 W Main
     Barnhard, George W, lunch counter 1 W Main, bds 409 W State
     Barnhart, George, emp Iowa Ry & L Co, rms 107 E Church
     Barnhart, Homer C, molder Central Foundry, res 509 S 12th Ave
     Barrett, Annie E (wid John W), bds 313 N 3rd
     Barrett, Mrs. Archibald C, res 111 E State
     Barrett, Henry B, brakeman M&St L, res 605 E Linn
     Barriage, Leroy A, sales G W Darling Co, res 207 W Nevada
     Barrie, Wm, mngr E R Lay, res 601 Jerome
     Barry, Charles K, pres United Delivery Co, res 201 N 2nd Ave
     Barry, Ella, domestic 405 Park
     Barry, James S, (Barry & Dursee)
     Barry & Dursee, (J S Barry, Frank Dursee), blksmiths, 115 E State
     Barstow, Sarah M (wid George T), res 208 W Church
     Bartlett, John M, jeweler, res 1217 Fremont
     Bartlett, Leo, res 101 1/2 E Linn
     Bartlett, Mayo C, eng M&St L, res 14 N 12th Ave
     Bartlett, Merle A, bds 14 N 12th Ave
     Bash, Miss Catherine, bds 304 E State
     Basham, John T, emp Central Foundry, res 208 S 8th
     Bass, John V, see Benedict Flour & F Co, res 308 N 4th
     Bassett, Ben V, bds 521 N 3rd
     Bassett, George G, asst eng water works, res 521 N 3rd
     Bastle, Charles, lab, res 810 S  6th Ave
     Bastle, Charles Jr, emp Western Groc Mills, bds 810 S 6th Ave
     Batchelder, Miss Addie, bds 114 Anson
     Bates, Ann K (wid Charles G), bds 1019 S 5th Ave
     Bates, Miss Blanche L, student, bds 508 S 5th
     Bates, Charles A, res 208 N 3rd Ave
     Bates, Clarence B, (Peterson & Bates), res 204 S 1st Ave
     Bates, Edward C, mach, res 508 S 5th
     Bates, Fred H, clk, res 1019 S 5th Ave
     Bates, Mrs Hattie B, hair dresser 34 W Main, res same
     Batesole, Miss Agnes A, clk Iowa Adjt Co, bds 532 N 3rd
     Batesole, Claire M, emp M&St L, rms 6 E Linn
     Batesole, Clarence E, student, bds 511 1/2 N 1st
     Batesole, Mrs. Dolly, res 8 E State
     Batesole, E B, grocer 20 N 1st Ave, res 507 N 1st
     Batesole, Earl D, grocer 14 E State, res 511 1/2 N 1st
     Batesole, Howard E, clk E D Batesole, bds 511 1/2 N 1st
     Batesole, John F, grocer 211 N 13th, res 537 N 3rd
     Batesole, Lee, emp Ind Fruit Co, bds 219 E Main
     Batesole, Lyle E, clk E D Batesole, bds 511 1/2 N 1st
     Batesole, Wm H, res 532 N 3rd
     Battin, Elizabeth B (wid Wm), res 310 N 1st Ave
     Battin, Franklin S, clk Iowa Savings Bank, bds 807 W Main
     Battin, James F, physician, res 807 W Main
     Battin, John R, student, bds 807 W Main
     Battin, Maurice T, student, bds 807 W Main
     Battis, Mary S (wid Wm F), res 208 N 3rd
     Battis, Mrs M Maude, bds 208 N 3rd
     Batty, Alfred, blk B A Morgan, res 508 E Linn
     Baughman, Jasper N, horse buyer 19 N 1st, res 305 E State
     Baxter, Miss Alice P, stenog Letts F Co, bds 209 S 3rd
     Baxter, Cinderella (wid Edwin A), res 209 S 3rd
     Baxter, Mrs Dollie L, res 3 Anson
     Baxter, Mrs Edith L, bds 209 S 3rd
     Baxter, Mrs. Ferne, Variety Store 20 W Main, res 212 E State
     Baxter, Orlando, typewriters Tremont blk, res 212 E State
     Baxter, Wilbur R, (Baxter & Nelson), res 107 S 8th
     Baxter & Nelson, (W R Baxter, E R Nelson), shoes 30 E Main
     Bay, Charles P, Letter Carrier, res 411 N 1st Ave
     Bay, Miss Inez E, bkr Motor Accessories Mnfg Co, bds 411 N 1st Ave
     Bayne, Lewis, carp, res 608 Summit
     Beach, Clarence E, plumber J H Thorn, res 519 Woodbury
     Beacom, Joseph I, painter W A George, res 712 N 3rd
     Beale, Wellington H, res 11 N 2nd
     Beale, W Harry Jr, mngr G B Van Ness, bds 11 N 2nd
     Beaman, Henry H, res 402 W Main
     Beardsley, Rosa (wid J Lewis), res 705 S 3rd
     Beatty, Edward N, clk C P Cook, rms 35 1/2 W Main
     Beatty, Harry B, trav agt, res 112 N 3rd
     Beatty, W Ellsworth, lab, res 8 N 10th Ave
     Beaver, Leslie G, trav agt, res 205 W Linn
     Beaverlander, Peter, lab, res 810 S Center
     Bechtel, Daniel G, watchman M&St L, res 305 S 4th Ave
     Bechtel, D Gantz, sales T Lennox Co, res 6 N 4th Ave
     Bechtel, Grover C, eng M&St L, bds 305 S 4th Ave
     Bechtel, Miss Mabel, bkpr Lennox F Co, bds 305 S 4th Ave
     Beck, Carl F, lab M&St L, bds 215 Anson
     Beck, Charles, res 215 Anson
p. 28
     Beckwith, Agnes M, emp Meeker Laundry, bds 1012 S Center
     Beckwith, Charles H, clk G L Andrews, res 1304 W Church
     Beckwith, Frank A, lab, res 607 N 1st Ave
     Beckwith, Miss Marguerite, clk R J Bowen, bds 607 N 1st Ave
     Beckwith, Mary A (wid Harvey), res 1012 S Center
     Beckwith, Ralph N, bds 607 N 1st Ave
     Beckwith, Miss Winifred Marie, clk W U T Co, bds 607 N 1st Ave
     Beevar, Joseph, emp Lennox F Co, res 712 E Linn
     Beevar, Joseph Jr, res 208 S 12th Ave
     Bedeger, Andrew, tmstr, res 510 S 12th Ave
     Bedeger, Harland S, bds 411 Swayze
     Bedeger, Wm M, tmstr, res 411 Swayze
     Beebe, Harriet R (wid George H), res 214 N 2nd
     Beebout, James L, res 304 Woodbury
     Beebout, John C, lab, bds 304 Woodbury
     Beebout, Miss Maude, bds 304 Woodbury
     Beehrle, Bert, keeper Riverside Park, res same
     Beeks, Frank A, emp M&St L, res 312 S 1st
     Beeks, Fred A, emp M&St L, bds 312 S 1st
     Beeks, Leo P, clk A E Myers, bds 312 S 1st
     Beeson, Donald, bds 9 S 3rd
     Beeson, George B, musician, res 9 S 3rd
     Beeson, Wilson B, farmer, res 804 W Boone
     Behrends, Miss Catherine, waitress, bds 611 N 1st Ave
     Behrends, Joseph F, lab, res 611 N 1st Ave
     Behrends, Nicholas, bds 611 N 1st Ave
     Behrens, Miss Marie, nurse R E Keyser, rms 110 1/2 N 2nd Ave
     Beinert Drug Co, Harry Vogel Mngr, 113 E Main (see front inside cover)
     Beinert, Mrs Mary, res 112 E Church
     Belden, Frank L, emp Rude Auto Co, res 305 E Linn
     Belfry, Fred N, clk Lennox F Co, res 207 N 5th Ave
     Belknap, Fred W, (Bowman & Belknap), bds 407 E Boone
     Belknap, Lawrence P, collector Fidelity Savings Bank, res 907 Fremont
     Bell, Fred G, helper M&St L, bds 912 S 4th Ave
     Bell, James R, clk G O Coburn, res 535 1/2 N 3rd
     Bell, Joe, grocer 212 S 5th Ave, res same
     Bell, John I, V Pres of the Council Supt Dept of Accts and Finances, res 303 E State
     Bell, Lloyd M, bds 418 Swayze
     Bell, Rose (wid J Wm), bds 923 S 10th Ave
     Bell, Samuel C, Real Estate and Loans, Fire Insurance, 34 W Main Hopkins Blk, res 512 W Main
     Bell, Virginia P (wid Charles M), res 410 Park
     Bell, Wm T, driver Benedict & Brintnall, res 418 Swayze
     Beller, Frank X, specialist 35 1/2 W Main, bds 306 Fremont
     Bellus, Ardelia E (wid Charles E), res 101 E South
     Bellus, Earle, farmer, bds 101 E South
     Bellus, Frank A, gardener, res 1419 S Center
     Bellus, Lisle S, bds 101 E South
     Bellus, Lyle S, mach Cooper Mnfg Co, bds 901 Anson
     Bellus, Max S, emp Ind Fruit Co, res 109 E Church
     Bellus, Miss Mona A, clk Western Groc Mills, bds 810 May
     Belt, Miss Bessie, comp H B Miller, bds 306 W State
     Belt, George W, janitor, res 306 W State
     Bemis, John E, emp Rude Auto Co, bds 110 N 3rd Ave
     Bemis, Miss Lois E, stenog Letts F Co, bds 110 N 3rd Ave
     Bemis, Preston W, bds 110 N 3rd Ave   
     Benbow, Ralph, emp Fisher Gov Co, res 11 N 13th
     Bender, Henry, bds Clifton Hotel
     Bendlage, Charles B, rural letter carrier, res 308 S 2nd Ave
     Bendlage, George A, student, bds 206 W Grant
     Bendlage Hardware Co, T H Bendlage Mngr, 102-104 W Main
     Bendlage, Miss Marie J, bds 206 W Grant
     Bendlage, Theodore H, Mngr Bendlage Hardware Co, res 206 W Grant
     Bendlage, Theodore J, clk Bendlage Hdwe Co, bds 206 W Grant
     Benedict, Emmer E, pres Benedict Flour & F Co, res 908 W Main
     Benedict Flour and Feed Co, E E Benedict pres, J V Bass sec, L E Herring treas, S E State
     Benedict, Frank R, (Benedict & Brintnall), res 907 W Main
     Benedict, Miss Kathryn L, bds 907 W Main
     Benedict, Miss Margaret E, bds 907 W Main 
     Benedict & Brintnall (F R Benedict, H G and W L Brintnall), Dry Goods, 13-15 W Main
     Benge, James M, tmstr, res 704 S 2nd
     Benge, James T, lab, bds 704 S 2nd
     Bennett, Horace J, quartermaster Soldiers Home
     Bennett, Wm D, emp Soldiers Home, res 1106 Fremont
     Bennett, Wm T, lawyer 119 E Main, res 401 N 1st Ave
     Bennett, Mrs Elizabeth, res 108 S 7th Ave
     Benning, Charles P, cond M&St L, res 109 W Boone
     Benny, Mrs Bertha, clk Bargain Store, res 8 S 7th
     Benny, Henry, painter, res 8 S 7th
     Benson, Frank A, emp M&St L, res 209 S Center
     Benson, Joseph A, lab Iowa Ry & L Co, res 906 Jackson
     Benson, Joseph H, eng M&St L, res 309 S 1st Ave
     Benson, Willis B, barber J P Spencer, res 543 N 3rd
     Benson, Wm A, emp M&St L, res 124 1/2 W Main
     Bentley, Miss Alchia L, bds 211 S 4th Ave
     Bentley, Mrs Alice, res 407 E Main
     Bentley, Edward J, mason, res 1801 W Main
     Bentley, Ulysses S, mach Brauer A L Co, res 211 S 4th Ave
     Berg, Albert J, florist JL Denmead, res 604 Jerome
     Berg, A Gust (Berg Grocery Co), bds 507 W Linn
     Berg, Charles A, comp Times-R, res 607 W Boone
     Berg, G Albert (Berg Grocery Co), bds 507 W Linn
     Berg Grocer Co (AG and GA Berg), 507 W Linn
     Berg, Harry L, bkpr M Oil Co, res 503 W Nevada
     Berg, Miss Mamie J, bds 503 W Nevada
     Berg, Ralph H, trav agt, res 1 W Grant
     Bergen, Cecil C, garage rear 118 E Main, res 312 S 2nd
     Berger, Charles W, bookbinder Marshall Ptg Co, res 502 W South
     Berger, Harry J, auto repr LG Marsh, bds 12 N 14th
     Berggren, Miss Christine C, bds 204 E Webster
     Berggren, Eric P, emp M Oil Co, res 402 E Linn
     Berggren, Miss Minnie R, tchr Anson sch, bds 204 E Webster
     Berggren, Peter E, res 204 E Webster
     Berhendt, Mrs A G, res 507 E Church
     Bernstein Bottling Co, Chas Bernstein Mngr, 405 S 2nd Ave
     Bernstein, Charles, Mngr Bernstein Bottling Co, res 12 N 7th
     Bernstein, Fannie (wid Adolph), res 31 W State
     Bernstein, Miss Helen, bkpr Bernstein Bott Co, bds 31 W State
     Bernstein, Miss Marguerite, emp Dunham Co, bds 31 W State
     Bernstein, Maurice C, student, bds 12 N 7th
     Bernstein, Miss Rose, bds 31 W State
     Berriman, Mary W (Wid George R), bds 8 N 9th
     Berry, Miss Angie, bds 1302 W Linn
     Berry, Benjamin F, res 1302 W Linn
     Berry, Mrs E, bds 604 E Boone
     Berry, Miss Flora F, bds 205 S Center
     Berry, Frank M, bds 205 S Center
     Berry, George, blksmith, rms 23 N 1st Ave
     Berry, Levi G, clk Levin Dry Goods Co, res 205 S Center
     Berry, Mrs Mary L, housekpr, 108 N 5th
     Best, Mrs Bessie M, supervisor M Tel Co, bds 404 Lee
     Bethke, August H, physician 209 1/2 W Main
     Bethke, Miss Ida L, bds 209 1/2 W Main
     Beveridge, Herbert, clk, rms 112 S 2nd
     Beveridge, Maurice C, rms 107 S 4th Ave
     Bickett, Miss Lila, tchr Woodbury sch, rms 202 N 1st Ave
     Bierkamp, Mrs Margaret, res 108 E North
     Bierman, Carl, clk M&St L, bds 114 N 1st
     Bierman, Caroline B (wid Gustav), res 114 N 1st
     Bierwirth, Harry, emp M Trowel Co, res 208 E Linn
     Bigalow, Clarissa C (wid Herbert P), res 403 S 6th
     Bigalow, Harold P, clk Lennox F Co, bds 403 S 6th
     Bigalow, Miss Jessie S, student, bds 105 E South
     Bigalow, Miss Mary A, student, bds 105 E South
     Bigalow, Otto H, carp, res 105 E South
     Biggs, Wm, clk JH Wachter, res 401 S 2nd
     Bills, Bessie (wid Henry), bds 808 E Main
     Bills, Frank E, carpet weaver, res 111 E State
     Bills, Miss Iva, bds 111 E State
     Bina, Miss Carrie, student, bds 1316 Summit
     Binford, Angelica (wid Thaddeus), res 110 N 2nd Ave
     Bingaman, Clarence B, trav agt, res 207 W Church
     Bingaman, Miss Gretchen I, student, bds 207 W Church
     Bingaman, Frank, harnessmkr, res 802 S 9th Ave
     Bingaman, John G, tinner Abbott & Son, res 907 May
     Bingham, Gilbert, bds 303 E State
     Bint, Edgar F, miller Western Groc Mills, res 806 Bromley
     Birkeland, Miss Leona, student, bds 306 S 6th
     Birks, Elmer C, bds 610 N 1st Ave
     Birks, Henry T, foreman M&St L, res 310 S 2nd
     Birks, Lydia A (wid David L), res 610 N 1st Ave
     Birks, Lyle, helper M&St L, bds 310 S 2nd
     Birks, Morris, mach M&St L, res 310 S 2nd
     Birmingham, Joseph M, clk, rms 211 S 1st
     Bishop, A Otto, draftsman Lennox F Co, res 403 1/2 W State
     Bishop, C Albert, ck O wulff, res 310 N 2nd
     Bishop, Sarah F (wid Benjamin J), res 206 N 11th
     Bissonette, Harry W, tanner Willard Son & Co, res 526 N 1st
     Bittner, Annie (wid Uriah), res 416 Union
     Bixby, Mrs. Jessie, res 401 S 3rd Ave
     Black, Herbert P (Independent Fruit Co), res 207 1/2 E State
     Black, Robert T, cook A P Strub, res 506 S 5th
     Blackburn, Charlotte I (wid Edward), res 115 S 10th
     Blackburn, Miss Lelia, tchr, bds 115 S 10th
     Blake, Alexander C, garage 302 S 1st Ave, res 108 S 3rd
     Blake, Harry M, welder M&St L, res 426 Union
     Blake, James Z, emp Central Foundry, bds 1312 W Linn
     Blake, Miss Myrtle M, bds 1312 W Linn
     Blake, Oral W, bds 108 S 3rd
     Blake, Miss Pearl E, student, bds 108 S 3rd
     Blake, Ray A, emp M Syrup & S Co, res 425 Swayze
     Blake, Robert S, captain fire dept, res 426 Swayze
     Blake, Sarah M (wid H Brown), res 1312 W Linn
     Blakely, Clay A, brakeman M&St L, res 211 S Center
     Blakely, Robert W, farmer, res 1110 W Boone
     Blanchard, Bert H, trav agt, bds 508 W Nevada
     Blaney, Benjamin, emp M&St L, bds 411 E Main
     Blaney, Jennie (wid Oscar S), res 411 E Main
     Blink, George, farmer, res 501 N 1st    
     Blink, Leopold B, res 111 N 5th
     Blink, Louie E, farmer, res 6 E Webster
     Block, Wm F, contractor 401 E Main, res same
     Blocker, Dora (wid Nicholas C), bds 1014 W Church
     Blodgett, Charles G, mach, res 309 Bromley
     Blodgett, Charles R, bds 309 Bromley
     Blodgett, Miss Nina, bds 309 Bromley
     Bloer, Robert, lab, bds 504 N 4th Ave
     Bloom, T Edward, blksmith, res 109 W Main
     Blue, Thomas C, life ins 24 E Main, res 209 N 7th
     Blumberg, Carl L, emp M&St L, res 710 1/2 S Center
     Bly, Austin H, emp Meeker Laundry, bds 106 S 12th
     Bly, Henry O, emp Meeker Laundry, res 106 S 12th
     Boardman, Miss Anna L, tchr, bds 7 S 5th Ave
     Boardman, Miss Bonnie B, tchr, bds 405 E Church
     Boardman, Charles H E, Lawyer 12 E Main, res 405 E Main
     Boardman, Elderkin, bds 405 E Main
     Boardman, Emma J (wid C Edward), res 7 S 5th Ave
     Boardman, Miss Janice, bds 405 E Main
     Boardman, Miss Lulu F, clk Levin Dry Goods Co, bds 113 N Center
     Boardman, Miss Nellie B, bkpr H H Nichols, bds 113 N Center
     Boardman, Wm T, bicycles & welding 113 N Center, res same
     Bodine, Mrs Helen, res 401 E Main
     Boehler, Louie E, draftsman Dunham Co, rms YMCA
     Bogardus-Nelson Co, H A Bogardus, pres; E N Farber, sec and treas, steam gauges, 810 E Main
     Boggie, Charles A, mach M&St L, res 510 W Boone
     Boggie, Henry C, eng M&St L, res 412 W Boone
     Boggie, John W, emp M&St L, res 409 W Boone
     Boggie, Thomas C, brakeman M&St L, bds 409 W Boone
     Boggie, Wallace W, bds 412 W Boone
     Bohen, Walter B, real estate 24 E Main, res 111 N 4th
     Bohn, Andrew, polisher, bds 201 S 2nd
     Bolei, Charles A, bds 905 Bromley
     Bolei, George J, bds 905 Bromley
     Bolei, George W, tinner Edward Heinz, res 905 Bromley
     Bolei, Henry, repr Double Thread Tire Co, bds 905 Bromley
     Bolle, Harry E, signalman C & NW Ry, res 5 Anson
     Bollinger, August, eng Deaconess Hospital
     Bolt, Orville C, com Marshall Ptg Co, res 217 N 2nd Ave
     Bond, Fred S, emp Rude Auto Co, res 103 N 8th
     Bond, Josiah H, res 107 S 2nd
     Bonebright, Kenneth H, emp Cooper Mnfg Co, res 205 S Center
     Bonhorst, Herman, farmer, bds 1004 S 12th Ave
     Bonnette, Jesse N, gardener, res 1312 S 2nd Ave
     Boody, Louella M (wid Joseph), res 708 Fremont
     Boofer, Walter, lab, rms 31 N Center
     Boomer, Emery E, Sec and Treas Jackson Dairy Co, res 419 Park
     Booth, Miss Gladys, student, bds 203 1/2 S 1st
     Booth, Judson S, res 117 N Center
     Booth, Richard A, brakeman M&St L, res 203 1/2 S 1st
     Booth, Robert J, broker Western Groc Mills, res 212 S 9th
     Booth, Wm, emp M Tel Co, res 211 N 1st Ave
     Border, Catherine E (wid Henry), res 800 W Railroad
     Boswell, Harry, eng M&St L, res 309 N 3rd Ave
     Boswell, Lee R, driver M Syrup & S Co, res 511 1/2 Woodbury
     Boswell, Miss Louisa, bds 309 N 3rd Ave
     Boswell, Robert R, bds 309 N 3rd Ave
     Boswell, Wm L, sales G W Darling Co, res 209 W Church
     Boucher, Francis H, physician 208 S 3rd Ave, res 10 N 4th Ave
     Boughner, Lanson B, res 116 N 14th
     Boughton, Miss Dorothy M, bds 104 W Webster
     Boughton, M Jay (Boughton & Banzhaf), res 104 W Webster
     Boughton, Miss Olive M, res 407 N 1st
     Boughton & Banzhaf (M J Boughton, Michael Banzhaf Jr), Plumbing, Hot Water and Steam Fitting and Electric Lighting, 20 N Center (see back cover)
     Boury, Frank J, driver F H Willard, bds 808 Bromley
     Boury, George H, lather, bds 808 Bromley
     Boury, Hezekiah J, lather, res 808 Bromley
     Bousum, Earl M, clk Levin Dry Goods Co, res 206 W Boone
     Bousum, Laura J (wid George W), res 516 S 4th
     Bousum, Ruby E, clk W G Strickler, res 105 W Boone
     Bovee, Archie E, bds 314 N 4th Ave
     Bovee, Edward H, mach Central Foundry, res 314 N 4th Ave
     Bovee, John M, emp G H Steward, rms 26 N 1st Ave
     Bovee, Miss Viola M, opr M Tel Co, bds 314 N 4th Ave
     Bowe, Willis G, Vice-Pres and Mngr Marshall Telephone Co, res 413 Park
     Bowen, Miss Cora A, bds 512 W Church
     Bowen, Esther M (wid Wm L), res 512 W Church
     Bowen, James E, switchman M&St L, res 208 1/2 W Boone
     Bowen, Roscoe J, photos 35 W Main, res 104 S 3rd
     Bowen, Wm H H, emp D&S Auto Co, res 109 S 2nd Ave
     Bower, Miss Ella L, bds 203 S Center
     Bower, Floyd E, clk, res 510 E Main
     Bowers, A Frank, emp M Oil Co, res 208 S 2nd Ave
     Bowers, Charles T, emp Bogardus-N Co, res 112 N 7th Ave
     Bowles, Charles E, emp M&St L, res 307 S 4th Ave
     Bowles, Billings, Kessler Grain Co (E A Bowles, E L Billings, B F Kessler), Wholesale and Retail Coal, Flour and Feed, 305 Market (see back cover)
     Bowman, Mrs. Allie, clk M State Bank, res 307 E Main
     Bowman, Andrew, res 307 E Main
     Bowman, Andrew Jr (Bowman & Belknap), res 304 1/2 E State
     Bowman, Charles G, bds 501 Anson
     Bowman, Clarence J, bds 808 W Church
     Bowman, Earl, emp E S Ketchum, rms 304 1/2 E State
     Bowman, Emil F, buyer Western Groc Mills, bds 113 N 2nd Ave
     Bowman, Florence, emp Wester Groc Mills, bds 501 Anson
     Bowman, Miss Gertrude, bds 502 N 4th Ave
     Bowman, Harry R, emp Western Groc Mills, res 600 N 4th Ave
     Bowman, Henrietta (wid Fred), res 113 N 2nd Ave
     Bowman, James J, bds 501 Anson
     Bowman, James K, res 808 W Church
     Bowman, Miss Louise E, bds 112 E Church
     Bowman, Mary (wid George A), res 112 E Church
     Bowman, Stanton L, clk Ingledue & Young, bds 106 S 1st
     Bowman, Theresa C (wid George J), res 106 S 1st
     Bowman, Wm J, lab, res 501 Anson
     Bowman & Belknap (Andrew Bowman Jr, Fred Belknap), billiards and barbers, Pilgrim Hotel
     Boyd, John F, bds 111 N 1st Ave
     Boyer, Roscoe K, driver Jackson Dairy, res 516 Lee
     Boyle, Elizabeth (wid Andrew), res 405 Woodbury
     Boysen, Knud, emp Am Mach Products Co, bds 136 W Main
     Bracewell, Wm E, meat ctr, res 208 N 1st
     Bradburn, John, farmer, bds 308 N 10th Ave
     Bradburn, Robert, tmstr, res 308 N 10th Ave
     Bradbury, Mary G (wid James R), bds 302 N 3rd
     Bradbury, Roy R, V Pres Fidelity Savings Bank, res 302 N 3rd
     Bradford, Emma (wid Theodrick F), res 210 W State
     Bradford & Johnson (T F Bradford, R E Johnson), Lawyers, Woodbury Bldg
     Bradley, Arthur, clk Rude Auto Co, bds 410 N 4th Ave
     Bradley, G Lewis, clk, res 410 N 4th Ave
     Bradley, Louis H, emp Dunham Co, bds 410 N 4th Ave
     Bradley, Philip, clk G L Andrews, bds 410 N 4th Ave
     Bradley, Mrs Rosetta, emp Western Groc Mills, bds 105 May
     Brady, Miss Helen, cash A P Strub, bds 105 S 2nd Ave
     Brady, Miss Rose A, clk Gildner Bros, bds 212 Player
     Brady, Thomas, lab M&St L, res 212 Player
     Bragg, Edward, waiter Mrs Ella Fisher, rms 31 N Center
     Braley, Mrs. Grace, res 209 S 5th Ave
     Braley, N O, barber, bds Clifton Hotel
     Braman, Wm, shoemkr, res 211 N 13th
     Brandt, Millie (wid Ivan), cash H A Weisman, res 306 Jerome
     Branscomb, David O, lab, res 504 1/2 May
     Bratt, Albert P, lands Masonic Temple, res 11 S 3rd Ave
     Bratteig, Arnold K, farmer, res 705 W State
     Bratteig, Gustav, bds 705 W State
     Bratteig, Miss Mabel, domestic, 118 N 1st
     Bratteig, Miss Margaret O, bds 705 W State
     Brauer Acetylene Lighting Co, A D Meeker pres, 306 E Boone
     Brechtbill, Guy H (Brechtbill & Son), res 406 W Main
     Brechtbill, Harold M, mach M&St L, res 1011 S 1st Ave
     Brechtbill, Miss Ruth E, stenog city clk, bds 105 S 5th
     Brechtbill, Susan R (wid Simon), bds 12 N 4th
     Brechtbill T Benton (Brechtbill & Son), res 105 S 5th
     Brechtbill & Son (T B and G H), Coal, 5 W Main
     Breckel, Charles F, Chief of Police, res 107 W State
     Breckle, John W, check C & N W, res 707 Noble
     Brees, Sereno M, mach A C Blake, res 517 N 3rd
     Breisinger, John, res 916 Anson
     Breitting, W J, emp Lennox F Co, res 1316 E Linn
     Bremmer, A H, trav agt Ketchum & Co, res 6 1/2 S 2nd
     Brennan, Miss Alice B, bds 710 Noble
     Brennan, Miss Anna I, bds 603 W Linn
     Brennan, Harry J, emp Dunham Co, bda 710 Noble
     Brennan, Jeremiah, emp Petersen & Bates, res 710 Noble
     Brennan, Miss Mary A, stenog, bds 710 Noble
     Brennan, Ralph P, bds 710 Noble
     Brennan, Timothy J, farmer, res 603 W Linn
     Brenneck, August G, res 3 1/2 E State
     Brenneck, Mrs A G, emp Burch Bros, res 3 1/2 E State
     Brennecke, Miss Amy C, bds 405 E Church
     Brennecke, Charles D, bds 405 E Church
     Brennecke, Frank, real estate 103 E Main, res same
     Brennecke, Miss Grace L, stenog YMCA, bds 405 E Church
     Brennecke, John C, res 405 E Church
     Brennecke, J Lawrence, bkpr, bds 405 E Church
     Breunig, Herman, bds 1007 Anson
     Breunig, Joseph, tmstr, res 1007 Anson
     Brewer, Frank W, auto storage 205 S 3rd Ave, res 201 S 3rd Ave
     Brewer, Ralph H, painter B Everist, res 605 W Boone
     Breyman, Roland S, trav agt, res 211 S 9th
     Brhel, Miss Anna, tchr Click sch, bds 407 E Linn
     Brhel, George W, bds 407 E Linn
     Brhel, John, res 407 E Linn
     Brhel, Miss Vlasta S, tchr Abbott sch, bds 407 E Linn
     Bricker, Miss Harriet R, waitress, rms 10 1/2 E Grant
     Bricker, James, res 3 W State
     Bridgeman, Edward E, bds 13 E South
     Bridgeman, Elmer A, painter e B Everist, res 707 Doty
     Bridgemen, James B, bkpr E B Everist, bds 707 Doty
     Bridgeman, John S, mason, res 13 E South
     Bridgeman, Oliver P, lab, res 1301 W Main
     Bridgeman, Walter F, lab, bds 13 E South
     Bridgman, Adam L, brakeman C G W Ry, bds 411 S 1st
     Bridgman, James N, farmer, res 411 S 1st
     Briggs, Eldon T, painter, res 702 E State
     Briggs, Oliver F, blksmith Petersen & Bates, res 206 S 5th Ave
     Briggs, Osler F, clk, bds 702 E State
     Briggs, Wm E, res 200 1/2 S 3rd Ave
     Brimmer, Vincent L, horse trainer, res 901 E Main
     Brindle, Miss Angeline H, bds 8 1/2 N 3rd
     Brindle, J Nevin, cement wkr, res 8 1/2 N 3rd
     Briney, Jesse E, carp, res 108 N 18th
     Briney, J Oliver, carp, bds 414 Woodbury
     Briney, Louis F, carp, res 414 Woodbury
     Brinkerhoff, Mrs Minnie M, bds 403 1/2 W Linn
     Brintnall, Herbert G (Benedict & Brintnall), res 1009 W Main
     Brintnall, W Leon (Bendict & Brintnall), bds 1009 W Main
     Bristol, Miss Alice V, clk M Oil Co, bds 403 W Church
     Bristol, John, res 403 W Church
     Britt, Miss Clara, nurse, rms 11 S 4th
     Britton, Alice C (wid James L), res 109 1/2 N 5th
     Brock, Miss Alice, tchr Abbott sch, bds 115 N Center
     Brock, Cloud H, bds Soldiers Home
     Brock, Miss Dolly, stenog P F Arney, bds 115 N Center
     Brock, Mrs Ella M, nurse, res 11 W High
     Brock, Harry E, clk G A Olson Grocery Co, bds 115 N Center
     Brock, Helen K (wid George), res 406 W Main
     Brock, Jackson, mason, res 115 N Center
     Brock, Miss Maretta, bds 212 N 3rd Ave
     Brock, Miss Neva, student, bds 212 N 3rd Ave
     Brock, Ralph C, mngr Good Grocery Co, bds 115 N Center
     Brody, F & Sons Co, F C Hussman mngr, overalls, 110 E State
     Bronton, Wm, bds 607 W Nevada
     Brooke, George E, eng M&St L, res 407 W Railroad 
     Brookens, James C, boilermkr M&St L, res 1107 E South
     Brooks, Albert R, helper M&St L, res 710 N 4th
     Brooks, Alexander H, helper M&St L, res 1008 E State
     Brooks, Benjamin L, printer Herald Ptg Co, res 5 N 3rd Ave
     Brooks, Burt H, barber C J Holmes, res 501 N 3rd Ave
     Brooks, Miss Christine, clk, bds 533 N 2nd
     Brooks, Delmar, student, bds 506 N 4th Ave
     Brooks, Miss Dorothy F, stenogr M Oil Co, bds 506 N 4th Ave
     Brooks, Fred, bds 533 N 2nd
     Brooks, Wm E, janitor, res 533 N 2nd
     Brooks, Willis W, barber W A Talbot, res 508 N 4th Ave
     Brott, Sadie (wid Charles), dressmkr, res 124 1/2 W Main
     Brown, Albert P, bds 814 S Center
     Brown, Andrew J, bds 209 S 2nd
     Brown, Miss Anna P, stenog Bogardus-N Co, bds 113 N 1st
     Brown, Caleb, carp, res 501 Marion
     Brown, Carl, porter W E Winterringer, bds 712 Bromley
     Brown, Carlton L, student, bds 307 S 5th
     Brown, Miss Catherine, stenog M Oil Co, bds 7 E Grant
     Brown, Charles, rms 322 S 3rd Ave
     Brown, Charles H, helper M&St L, res 814 S Center
     Brown, Charles N, carp M&St L, res 507 S 5th
     Brown, Cora C (wid Wm), bkpr G A Olson Grocery Co, res 510 N 2nd
     Brown, Darwin E, switchman C G W Ry, res 12 N 10th Ave
     Brown, David, emp Soldiers Home, rms 108 N 13th
     Brown, David F, clk J D Palmer & Co, res 405 S 1st Ave
     Brown, Edwin C, eng M&St L, res 407 S 3rd
     Brown, Mrs Elizabeth, propr Plumley Hotel, 219 E Main
     Brown, Everett E (Brown & Ringold), res 136 W Main
     Brown, Frank E, city electrician, res 1005 Fremont
     Brown, Fred, mach, res 410 N 2nd
     Brown, Fred L, mac M&St L, res 430 Union
     Brown, Gara W, bds 510 N 2nd
     Brown, George D, real estate, res 113 N 1st
     Brown, Harold L, clk First Natl bank, bds 711 W State
     Brown, Harry L, trav agt, res 711 W State
     Brown, Isaac L, sexton St Mary's Church, res 712 Bromley
     Brown, James V, clk Letts F Co, res 205 N 10th
     Brown, Mrs Joanna, stenog M Oil Co, bds 209 S 5th Ave
     Brown, Joseph, lab M&St L, res 605 S 8th Ave
     Brown, Lewis S, eng M&St L, res 307 S 5th
     Brown, Miss Mabel, opr M Tel Co, bds 408 N 2nd
     Brown, Miss Marie, clk Singer Sewing Mach Co, bds 307 W State
     Brown, Miss Nellie E, stenogr N A Evans, bds 304 N 3rd Ave
     Brown, Raymond H, emp Union Cheese Co, res 428 Swayze
     Brown, Roy H, bds 113 N 1st
     Brown, Walter A, auto repr, bds 506 N 5th
     Brown, Wm H, res 506 N 5th
     Brown & Ringold (E E Brown, A A Ringold), grocers, 136 W Main
     Browne, Alfred M, rupture specialist 29 W Main, rms Soldiers Home
     Browne, Lyle W, emp Fisher Gov Co, res 605 W State
     Brubaker, John, emp M&St L, bds Thompson Hotel
     Bruce, Miss Idella, tchr Abbott sch, bds 312 W Church
     Bruce, John G, mach Dunham Co, res 208 S 8th Ave
     Bruce, Miss May, bds 9 S 6th Ave
     Bruner, Lawrence C, musician Strand Theatre, res 107 N 15th
     Bruner, Salem, res 203 Anson
     Brunton, J Milton, clk C G W, res 109 S 10th
     Brush, Dolly (wid John M), res 311 N 9th Ave
     Brush, Emma (wid Obediah), bds 510 N 2nd Ave
     Brush, Harvey E, Barber C F Cripps, res 424 Swayze
     Brush, John B, bds 424 Swayze
     Bruster, Ellsberry, emp Western Groc Mills, res 702 S 9th Ave
     Bruster, Robert (Bruster & Roundy), res 3 E Grant
     Bruster, Thomas J, emp Dunham Co, res 704 S 9th Ave
     Bruster & Roundy (Robert Bruster, J H Roundy), grocers, 12 S 1st Ave
     Bryant, Dale H, brakeman M&St L, res 604 1/2 E Boone
     Buchanan, A Corey, plumber, res 219 E Main
     Buchanan, E Harvey, farmer, res 406 N 3rd
     Buchanan, Wm A, county agt Court House, res 706 Summit
     Buchwald, Miss Amelia M, emp Deaconess Hospital, bds 411 Bromley
     Buchwald, Charles A, sec Buchwald Lmbr Co, res 108 N 1st Ave
     Buchwald C A Lumber Co, M Buchwald pres, C A Buchwald sec & treas, 109 N Center
     Buchwald, Frank, painter, res 308 N 5th Ave
     Buchwald, Fred J, emp Buchwald Lmbr Co, res 1106 Doty
     Buchwald, Fred L, emp Central Foundry, res 411 Bromley
     Buchwald, Harry, emp Central Foundry, res 108 N 5th Ave
     Buchwald, Robert J, pipeman fire dept, res 508 Bromley
     Buck, Arla, clk, res 1003 W Boone
     Buck, J Don, bkpr Nelson Coal Co, res 8 W Nevada
     Buck, Merton L, barber J R Crandall, bds 303 S 3rd Ave
     Buckman, John C, clk Gildner Bros, res 201 N 2nd Ave
     Buffett, Wm H, trav agt, res 201 N 2nd Ave
     Buffington, John H, driver M Oil Co, res 107 N 1st Ave
     Bugbee, Miss Bessie N, tchr Glick Sch, bds 205 N 4th
     Buge, Harold, bds 207 N 2nd
     Buhrer, Wm, molder La Plant Co, res 806 S Center
     Buhrer, Wm G, mach, bds 412 E State
     Buihner, George F, res 109 W Webster
     Buihner, Jacob, res 205 E Webster
     Bulger, Sarah (wid Frank), bds 116 N 14th
     Bull, George W, carp, res 11 S 4th
     Bullard, Harold, emp Davidson Bros Co, bds 203 S 3rd Ave
     Bullard, John R, Osteopath 15 W Main, Res 414 N 4th
     Bullard, Miss Lenore, bds 414 N 4th
     Bunce, Louis J, carp, res 309 Lee
     Bunker, Miss Laura U, res 307 E State
     Bunting, Ernest L, farmer, res 1713 Summit
     Bunting, Harry R, bds 604 1/2 W Church
     Bunting, Ralph H, bds 604 1/2 W Church
     Burch Bros Co, J B Loeffel Mngr; Ladies' Ready to Wear and Millinery, 131 E Main
     Burch, Joseph S, baggageman C G W, res 312 S Center
     Burdett Jack, mngr Casino Theatre, bds 112 N 7th
     Burdick, Frank H, cement contractor, res 543 N 2nd
     Burgess, Arthur C, plumber Boughton & Banzhaf, res 411 N 3rd Ave
     Burgess, Fred A, stockman McCombs Bros, res 5 W Linn
     Burgess, Margaret A (wid Walter C), res 109 N 2nd
     Burgfechtel, Herman, boilermkr M&St L, res 11 W Boone
     Burgoon, Miss Nellie, tchr Woodbury Sch, bds 103 S 2nd
     Burianek, Alois, lab, res 908 S 6th Ave
     Burke, Frank, lab, bds 1007 Turner
     Burke, Mrs Hattie, res 604 E Church
     Burke, Miss Ilda, clk Iowa Ry & L Co, bds 104 S 3rd Ave
     Burke, John, cook, res 1308 W Church
     Burke, Michael, waiter G M Thompson, bds 304 1/2 S 2nd Ave
     Burke, Patrick W, comp Times-R, res 104 S 3rd Ave
     Burke, Thomas M, emp M Trowel Co, res 713 May
     Burke, Timothy, plmbr, res 1007 Turner
     Burke, Wm M, emp Bogardus-N Co, res 1007 Turner
     Burnett, Miss Ada, tchr High Sch, bds 408 N 2nd
     Burnett, Frank A, foreman Lennox F Co, res 103 N 8th Ave
     Burney, Wm, emp Acme Ptg Co
     Burns, Miss Anna, stenog M Oil Co, bds 205 S 7th Ave
     Burns, Miss Ellen, bds 205 S 7th Ave
     Burns, James, carp M&St L, res 301 S 2nd
     Burns, James, driver Wells Fargo Express, bds 205 S 7th Ave
     Burns, Marie (wid Wm J), domestic, 312 E Main
     Burns, Wm, res 205 S 7th Ave
     Burr, Miss Gladys M, stenog Dunham Co, bds 1314 Summit
     Burr, James, tmstr, res 317 N 10th Ave
     Burr, Wm H, emp Central Foundry, res 1314 Summit
     Burritt, Blackleach L, Justice 123 E Main, rms same
     Burritt, Hal H, clk A M Morris & Co, res 406 N 4th Ave
     Burritt, Ray, emp Buchwald Lmbr Co, res 204 E Linn
     Burroughs, Edward S, physician, res 115 N 2nd
     Burroughs, James W, res 304 E Church
     Burt, Miss Helen M, bds 212 1/2 S Center
     Burt, Howard, eng M&St L, res 107 S 1st Ave
     Burt, Stella (wid H), res 212 1/2 S Center
     Busch, Alfred H, grain dealer 106 E Main, res 710 W Linn
     Busch, Miss Alfreda V, student, bds 710 W Linn
     Busch, Miss Lillys I, tchr, bds 710 W Linn
     Busch, Miss Marjorie N, bds 710 W Linn
     Bushing, Martha (wid August H), res 307 S 6th Ave
     Busina, Samuel, mach M&St L, res 806 S 3rd Ave
     Busse, Benjamin, gardener, res 920 E South
     Butler, Addison T, res 135 W Main
     Butler, Percy, switchman M&St L, res 207 S 2nd
     Butler, Roy D, truck driver Citizens Lmbr Co, res 503 Summit
     Butler, Susanna H (wid Clarkson), bds 408 1/2 N 3rd
     Butler, Wilbur, clk C & N W, bds 205 N 8th
     Butler, Wm O, Mngr Citizens Lumber Co, res 205 N 8th
     Butterfield, Wm, farmer, res 201 S 4th
     Butters, Florence (wid Osce P), res 1206 Fremont
     Butters, Leonard, emp Central Tire Co, bds 1206 Fremont
     Buttgen, Henry P, bds 714 May
     Buttgen, Robert K, switchman M&St L, res 204 S 5th Ave
     Buttgen, Theodore, lab M&St L, res 714 May
     Button, Leonard, lab, bds 311 N 7th
     Button, Tory, lab, res 311 N 7th
     Butts, Gilbert W, lab, res 105 Riverside
     Byrd, Lewis C, lab, rms 31 N Center
     Byrd, Philip F, carp, res 708 1/2 E Main
     Byrnes, Emmett E, emp M Oil Co, bds 112 S 2nd Ave
     Byrnes, Miss Helen, clk Abbott & Son, bds 112 S 2nd Ave
     Byrnes, Miss Mary E, bds 112 S 2nd Ave
     Byrnes, Patrick B, res 112 S 2nd Ave

     Cable, Charles E, lab M&St L, res 7 Anson
     Cable, Harvey O, car repr M&St L, res 308 S 1st
     Cagwin, Chelsey D, clk Ingledue & Young, bds 406 W Boone
     Cagwin, Ray D, clk B Anderson, res 405 Union
     Cain, Joseph W, lab, bds 405 N 1st Ave
     Cain, Mary E (wid Coleman), res 405 N 1st Ave
p. 44
     Caldwell, Miss Emma J, clk E R Lay, bds 9 N 8th
     Caldwell, Harry C, brakeman C G W ry, res 208 W Railroad
     Caldwell, Miss Hattie C, res 6 1/2 S 3rd
     Caldwell, Margaret E (wid Samuel I), res 9 N 8th
     Caldwell, Mary A (wid Brooks), bds 6 1/2 S 3rd
     Callahan, Ellen C (wid Michael F), res 104 1/2 W Webster
     Callahan, Miss Mary M, stenog Lennox F Co, bds 104 1/2 W Webster
     Calmus, Clarence J, student, bds 609 W Church
     Calmus, Frank A, bds 609 W Church
     Calmus, Joseph F, helper M&St L, res 609 W Church
     Calmus, Miss Katherine, bds 609 W Church
     Calmus, Peter A, res 610 W Nevada
     Campbell, Charles C, fireman M&St L, res 508 S 3rd
     Campbell, Frank J, policeman, res 607 1/2 Shepard
     Campbell, Rebecca E (wid Cyrus F), bds 302 N 6th
     Canfield, Leo H, opr Casino, bds 507 W Nevada
     Canfield, Mary A (wid Fairchild), res 507 W Nevada
     Canfield, Sarah E (wid Andrew N), res 410 W Nevada
     Cannan, Delbert A, adv solicitor Times-R, rms YMCA
     Capron, Nannie A (wid Greenleaf F), res 312 W Church
     Carkhuff, Arthur C, emp Lennox F Co, bds 407 N 10th Ave
     Carkhuff, Charles H, tmstr, res 712 S 3rd
     Carkhuff, Eugene J, res 407 N 10th Ave
     Carkhuff, Harley J, lab, res 307 N 9th Ave
     Carkhuff, Wm L, lab, res 604 S 8th Ave
     Carl, Fred W, real estate 115 E Main, res 609 Fremont
     Carl, Harry C, bds 609 Fremont
     Carlson, Adolph, General Contractor Woodbury Bldg, res 204 S 7th
     Carlson, Albert C, bds 509 W Church
     Carlson, Andrew, car insptr M&St L, res 509 W Church
     Carlson, Andrew E, lab, res 306 N 4th Ave
     Carlson, Anna M (wid David E), bkpr D&S Motor Co, res 321 N 3rd
     Carlson, Arthur E, driver McCombs Bros, res 109 E Church
     Carlson, Arthur W, supt Western Groc Mills, res 507 W Church
     Carlson, Carl E, bds 306 N 4th Ave
     Carlson, Carl O, mach M Trowel Co, res 307 N 5th Ave
     Carlson, Carl P, marble cutter, res 506 W Church
     Carlson, Charles, lab, res 308 N 2nd Ave
     Carlson, Miss Edith S, clk Levin Dry Gds Co, bds 506 W Church
     Carlson, Edward C, emp Western Groc Mills, res 104 S 6th
     Carlson, Edward C, bkpr Lennox F Co, res 608 1/2 E State
     Carlson, Miss Emma M, clk E R Lay, bds 506 W Church
     Carlson, Hattie C (wid Gust), res 542 N 2nd
     Carlson, Josephine (wid Gust A), res 204 S 4th
     Carlson, Ralph L, driver Bendlage Hdwe Co, bds 302 N 2nd Ave
     Carlton, James S, blksmith M Trowel Co, res 8 S 4th Ave
     Carmean, John M, real estate, res 301 S 2nd Ave
     Carmichael, George W, emp Bogardus-N Co, res 612 S 9th Ave
     Carney, George W, carp, res 1310 W Linn
     Carney, Miss Gerna J, tchr Arnold Sch, bds 617 W Main
     Carney, Miss Gladys M, bds 617 W Main
     Carney, Leonard T (Carney & Carney), res 615 W Main
     Carney, Minnie T (wid James L), res 617 W Main
     Carney, Rose E (wid John W), res 5 S 6th
     Carney & Carney (LT Carney, lawyers, First Natl Bank blk
     Carothers, Charles S, trav agt, res 203 1/2 W Main
     Carpenter, Byron M, trav agt, res 805 W Church
     Carpenter, Charlie M, carp, res 504 N 2nd Ave
     Carpenter, Clyde O, carp, res 1009 W Nevada
     Carpenter, Edward H, carp, res 536 N 1st
     Carpenter, Edward S, farmer, res 621 W Nevada
     Carr, Anna (wid Edward), res 521 S 5th
     Carr, Charles, emp Oppice Fruit Co, rms 113 1/2 N Center
     Carr, John M, janitor, res 4 N 12th Ave
     Carr, Wm, porter A P Strub, rms 330 S 3rd Ave
     Carrell, George B, farmer, res 614 Fremont
     Carrington, Nathaniel T, res 208 N 12th
     Carroll, Arvine W, electrician 116 W Main, rms 7 N 3rd
     Carroll, Charles C, painter, res 310 S 6th
     Carson, Frances A (wid Henry F), bds 8 N 2nd
     Carson, Mrs May E, bds 1211 Fremont
     Carson, Nancy L (wid Wm J), res 1211 Fremont
     Carter, Arthur S, lab, res 106 Ferner
     Carter, Miss Blanche, tchr High Sch, bds 304 N 3rd Ave
     Carter, Carroll C, bkpr M State Bank, res 506 N 3rd
     Carter, Charles T, variety store 16 W Main, res 1104 W Main
     Carter Coal Co, C E Smith mngr, 101 E Main
     Carter, Joseph G, carp, res 9 S 4th
     Carter, Miss Marie H, tchr, bds 9 S 4th
     Carter, Miss Mildred H, bkpr Security Sav Bank, bds 9 S 4th
     Carter, Miss Myrtle S, bds 623 W Nevada
     Carter, Samuel T, carp, res 623 W Nevada
     Carter, Wallace M, mach M&St L, res 103 W Railroad
     Cartlidge, Mrs Winnogene, clk Benedict & B, res 10 N 5th Ave
     Cartmill, John, clk M&St L, res 406 S 4th
     Cartmill, Miss Lillian, clk Mrs F Baxter, bds 406 S 4th
     Cartwright, Lottie (wid Owen), milliner Benedict & B, rms 109 N 1st
     Cartwright, Miss Lottie, tchr Woodbury sch, rms 202 N 1st Ave
     Cartwright, Theodore C, res 1110 W Main
     Carver, Edward E, res 207 N Center
     Case, Miss A Pearl, student, bds 111 N 15th
     Case, Clyde E, clk Willard Son & Co, res 1514 W Main
     Case, Fred W, elec, res 102 W Church
     Case, Harvey O, res 715 Summit
     Case, Ira E, emp Western Groc Mills, res 304 Bromley
     Case, Marion W, emp Western Groc Mills, res 111 N 15th
     Case, Oliver B, rural letter carrier, res 1410 W State
     Casey, John F, emp M&St L, bds 308 S 4th Ave
     Casey, Miss Mamie, bds 308 S 4th Ave
     Casey, Maurice, emp C G W Ry, res 308 S 4th Ave
     Cash, Charles D, elec, rms 211 N 1st Ave
     Cash, Harold R, sales M Candy Co, bds 306 S 6th Ave
     Casino Theatre, Jack Burdett mngr, 207 E Main
     Cass, Mrs Lucile, bds 219 E Main
     Caster, Charles, lab, res 1302 S 1st Ave
     Castle, Jewell E, bds 604 E Main                                  
     Castle, Richard E, bds 604 E Main
     Cateron, James C, lab, res 707 Shepard
     Cateron, John H, tmstr Buchwald Lmbr Co, res 1110 Doty
     Cather, Thomas J, painter, res 306 1/2 S Center
     Catizone, Frank, shoemkr 204 E Main, res 802 E Main
     Caton, Charles W, eng M&St L, res 109 S 3rd Ave
     Caughey, Samuel P, lab, res 608 Shepard
     Caul, Harry S, res 710 E Boone
     Caul, James, clk, bds 502 N 3rd Ave
     Cavanaugh, Alice, domestic, 605 Jerome
     Cavanaugh, Ida, housekpr, 411 Jerome
     Cavanaugh, John A, helper M Elec Co, bds 308 S 3rd
     Cavanaugh, Miss Katharine F, nurse, rms 607 E Main
     Cavanaugh, Mary, domestic, 411 Jerome
     Cavanaugh, Miss Mary L, nurse, bds 607 E Main
     Cavanaugh, Noble S, elec M Elec Co, res 211 S 3rd
     Cavanaugh, Thomas, helper M&St L, res 308 S 3rd
     Cavanaugh, Wm T, car repr M&St L, bds 308 S 3rd
     Center, Henry H, physician Masonic Temple, res 201 N 5th
     Center, Lan, ydman Mrs J R Kirby, res 508 1/2 E Main
     Central Abstract & Loan Co (A B Hoover, T E Adams), 111 E Main
     Central Church of Christ, Rev W M Baker pastor, S E cor Main and 3rd
     Central Foundry Co, R H McDowell Pres; R W McCreery V Pres; W B Wood Sec; E P Gale Treas; Castings, 201 S 2nd Ave
     Central Iowa Business College, W H Gilbert Pres, Woodbury Bldg
     Central Tire Co, L H Green Mngr, Auto Supplies, 119 W Main (see Backbone)
     Chadwick, Guy W, carp, res 305 N 16th
     Chamberlain, Riley W, optician Masonic Temple, res 6 S 8th
     Chamberlain, Wm L, emp Lennox F Co, res 8 N 11th Ave
     Chamberlain, Miss Winifred S, tchr Roger Sch, bds 6 S 8th
     Chamberlin, Joseph H, foreman M&St L, rms 2 E Main
     Chamness, J Frank, barber R A Julian, res 502 N 1st
     Chandler, Arthur S, trav agt, res 408 Park
     Chandler, Carlton S, clk Letts F Co, bds 408 Park
     Chandler, Harold R, bds 408 Park
     Channells, Ortus, auto repr, rms 1308 Summit
     Chapman, Miss Ethel, bds 114 W Main
     Chapman, Nora (wid Chas), emp Stoddart Cafe, res 609 E Church
     Chapman, Wm H, busman McCombs Bros, res 114 W Main
     Charlesworth, Ole, emp Ryder Furn Co
     Charlesworth, Oscar L, mach, res 211 S 12th
     Chase, Samuel P, res 508 N 2nd
     Chase, Wm, gardener, bds 807 S 1st Ave
     Chellson, John B (Lambert & Chellson Transfer Co), res 4 W Nevada
     Cherney, James, steam fitter M&St L, res 1004 S 1st Ave
     Cherney, John, blksmith M&St L, res 101 Anson
     Cherney, John F, emp M Oil Co, res 905 S 2nd Ave
     Chesire, Matthew U, physician Masonic Temple, res 711 W Main
     Chesmore, C Wm, junk dealer, res 909 Turner
     Chicago & Northwestern Depot, W H Bardwell frt agt, S 3rd Ave nr Market
     Chicago Great Western Depot, I W Shaw frt agt, Nevada bet 3rd and 4th Aves
     Childs John School, Grant and 1st ave
     Choate, Mrs Cora W, physician 102 E Main, res 808 W Main
     Choate, Morton M, res 306 W Church
     Choate, Wm M, dentist 102 E Main, res 808 W Main
     Christenson, Carl E, bds 914 E Main
     Christenson, Miss Mabel, emp Western Groc Mills, bds 914 E Main
     Christenson, Thomas, helper Lennox F Co, res 914 E Main
     Chistiansen, Ernest J, driver Bendlag Hdwe Co, res 108 W Linn
     Christiansen, Miss Mary, bds 702 Noble
     Christian Science Reading Room, Masonic Temple
     Church, Arley M, opr W U T Co, res 608 Bromley
     Church, Earl L, mach opr Dunham Co, res 512 Woodbury
     Church, Fred N, lab, rms 205 S Center
     Churchhill, Cynthianna (wid Henry D), res 103 S 7th 
     Citizens Lumber Co, W O Butler Mngr, 306 Market
     Clark, Albert M, res 214 N 2nd Ave
     Clark, Alden R, tmstr, res 412 N 2nd
     Clark, Arthur J, elec M Elec Co, res 905 Fremont
     Clark, Aubrey B, clk Wilbur Store, res 620 W Boone
     Clark, Miss Blanche M, stenog Letts F Co, bds 104 E Lincoln
     Clark, Cecil C, appr Times-R, bds 805 Bromley
     Clark, Charles M, emp Cooper Mnfg Co, res 111 W Grant
     Clark, Chester A, emp Bogardus-N Co, res 707 Bromley
     Clark, Clement, fitter M&St L, res 504 S 5th
     Clark, Clyde E, clk W G Strickler, bds 504 S 5th
     Clark, Eugene D, bds 208 S 4th Ave
     Clark, Frank, carp, rms 114 N 1st
     Clark, George, clk E R Kuhl, rms 2 E Main
     Clark, Miss Grace L, bds 8 S 3rd Ave
     Clark, Helen A (wid Perry J), res 204 W Church
     Clark, Herbert B, tmstr, res 11 N 9th Ave
     Clark, Jacob W, emp Am Mach Products Co, res 805 Bromley
     Clark, James M, bds 208 S 4th Ave
     Clark, Mrs. Julia, res 707 Bromley
     Clark, Martha J (wid Gabriel C), res 803 W State
     Clark, Mary (wid Miles), res 8 S 3rd Ave
     Clark, Michael, overseer of poor, res 208 S 4th Ave
     Clark, Minnie L (wid Frank A), res 104 E Lincoln
     Clark, Miss Neva A, supervisor M Tel Co, bds 111 W Grant
     Clark, Thomas, emp Western Groc Mills, res 402 S Center
     Clark, Thomas A W, carp, res 1516 W State
     Clark, Thomas H, carp, res 1514 W State
     Clark, Thomas H Jr, mach opr Times-R, res 208 E Webster
     Clark, Wm G, clk F W Gates, bds 8 S 3rd Ave
     Clark, Willis M (Clark & Treat), res 8 N 12th
     Clark & Treat (W M Clark, A M Treat), Real Estate, Insurance and Surety Bonds, First Natl Bank Blk
     Classen, Miss Belle, tchr, bds 404 W Main
     Classen, John B, farmer, res 404 W Main
     Clay, Claire C, veterinary 20 W State, res 604 W Church
     Clay, Gertrude W (wid Oscar), dressmkr, bds 12 N 5th
     Clay, Wesley N, chauffeur R E Keyser, bds 12 N 3rd Ave
     Claybaugh, Benjamin, painter, bds 207 W Main
     Claybaugh, Louisa (wid James), res 207 W Main
     Clegg, Belle (wid Thomas C), res 309 S 4th
     Clegg, Cedric B, student, bds 309 S 4th
     Clem, Adrian D, student, bds 1507 W Main
     Clem, George L, emp Western Groc Mills, res 110 N 9th
     Clem, Ross E, bds 110 N 9th
     Clem, Miss Sylvia, emp Dunham Co, bds 110 N 9th
     Clem, Watson G, carp, res 1507 W Main
     Clem, W C, res 105 E Church
     Clemens, Clarissa (wid Archibald), res 204 N 4th
     Clemens, H Frank, res 606 E State
     Clemens, Joseph J, motorman Ia Ry & L Co, res 107 E Church
     Clemens, Julia J (wid Wm), res 702 E Main
     Clemens, Miss Leora B, bds 204 N 4th
     Clemens, Levert D, lab, bds 220 Player
     Clemens, Mrs Libbie, res 220 Player
     Clemens, Louis P, emp Lennox F Co, res 503 E State
     Clemens, Lousia M (wid Wm T), bds 204 N 4th
     Clemens, Miss Mabel F, stenog M Tel Co, bds 503 E State
     Clemens, Miss Marie, bds 702 E Main
     Clemens, Miss Myra L, stenog, bds 204 N 4th
     Clemens, Oren M, lab, bds 220 Player
     Clemens, Miss Viola, bds 702 E Main
     Clements, George E, auto livery, res 505 N 3rd
     Clemons, Abraham L, farmer, res 107 N 4th
     Clemons, Arthur E, bds 211 S 7th
     Clemons, Guy H, bds 211 S 7th
     Clemons, Rose B (wid Jacob B), res 211 S 7th
     Cleveland, Ray, emp M Oil Co, rms 703 W Main
     Clifford, Charles V, emp court house, res 101 W Main
     Clifton Hotel, T W Townsend propr, 105 N Center
     Clinton, Edward B, bkpr M Trowel Co, res 110 N 4th Ave
     Coates, Miss Genevieve, student, bds 206 E State
     Coates, Robert, farmer, res 206 E State
     Coates, Samuel F, bds 206 E State
     Coats, Roy N, trav agt, res 309 Summit
     Cobb, Edwin (French & Cobb), res 118 N 1st
     Cobb, Miss Frances B, supervisor public sch, bds 106 W Grant
     Cobb, Howard E (Kinsey & Cobb), res 10 W Webster
     Cobb, John A, clk Mickel Furn Co, res 213 S 7th
     Cobb, Miss Mary, dressmkr, res 107 E North
     Cobb, Miss Nellie E, dressmkr, bds 4 E State
     Cober, Carrie (wid Francis), res 313 N 3rd Ave
     Cober, Miss Orpha E, milliner Levin Dry Goods Co, bds 313 N 3rd Ave
     Coburn, Geo O, Coal, Coke, Wood, Lime, Cement and Sewer Pipe, Uptown Office 128 E Main, Yard Office 502 S Center, res 208 W Grant (see embossed lines on cover)
     Coburn, John, res 306 N 1st
     Cochran, Elzia B, emp Cooper Mnfg Co, res 303 E Church
     Cody, Emory J, rms 206 N 5th
     Coffey, Edward, emp M&St L, res 8 W High
     Cohens, Thomas, porter C P Cook, bds 403 S 2nd Ave
     Cohn, James B, emp U D Co, res 202 N 2nd
     Cohn, Joseph, roundhouse foreman M&St L, res 103 E Linn
     Cole, Alvin, farmer, res 805 Jerome
     Cole, Alvin B, foreman M Ice Co, res 534 N 1st
     Cole, Miss Annabelle, clk F W Woolworth Co, bds 534 N 1st
     Cole, Miss Florence I, clk J A Pinkerton, bds 805 Jerome
     Cole, Frank W, cond C G W Ry, res 411 S 2nd
     Cole, Miss Jennie M, bkpr M Tel Co, bds 513 1/2 N 3rd
     Cole, Mary J (wid George B), res 513 1/2 N 3rd
     Cole, Merrill H, cond M&St L, res 706 E Linn
     Coleman, Charles M, life ins 111 E Main, res 810 W Main
     Coleman, Henry, farmer, res 308 N Center
     Coleman, John, lab, res 404 N 1st Ave
     Collins, Anna, bds 709 S 3rd
     Collins, Anna (wid Michael C), bds 709 S 3rd
     Collins, Benjamin F, watchman Bogardus N Co, res 508 E State
     Collins, Miss Bessie, bds 609 1/2 E Main
     Collins, Dennis J, eng M&St L, res 406 W Nevada
     Collins, Elmer J, painter, bds 110 1/2 S Center
     Collins, James J, helper M&St L, res 709 S 3rd
     Collins, Leonard F, barber 208 N 13th, res same
     Collins, Mary M (wid Thomas), res 408 1/2 N 3rd
     Collins, Milton P, carp, res 502 W South
     Collins, Richard K, student, bds 406 W Nevada
     Collins, Wm A, eng Kane Laundry Co, bds 412 S 2nd
     Collins, Wm M, bds 609 1/2 E Main
     Collison, Daniel A, dentist 2 E Main, res 2 Denmead Blvd
     Colonial Theatre, Mrs v E Jones propr, 11 W Main
     Combs, A Burr, traffic mngr M Oil Co, res 1104 W Boone
     Comer, Miss Bera M, bds 410 Bromley
     Comer, Mrs May, res 410 Bromley
     Comger, George, lab, rms 108 N Center
     Conaway, Alpheus B (Drs. Conaway), res Pilgrim Hotel
     Condon, Edward L, real estate Masonic Temple, res 211 W State
     Conger, David H, eng M&St L, res 302 S 1st
     Conger, Wm P, rms 207 S Center
     Conkling, Miss Addie, bkpr Abbott & Son, bds 12 1/2 S 7th
     Conner, Jane E (wid John), bds 205 S 1st
     Conner, Louis H, eng M&St L, rms 210 N 1st Ave
     Connley, Earl R, emp Dunham Co, res 702 E Boone
     Connley, Edward B, emp Western Groc Mills, res 406 Swayze
     Connley, Henry E, bds 406 Swayze
     Connley, Henry L, bds 421 Swayze
     Connley, James M, lab, res 421 Swayze
     Connley, L Pearl, emp Meeker Laundry, bds 421 Swayze
     Connley, Milton F, bds 421 Swayze
     Connoly, Miss Blanche, stenog J M Holt, bds 507 E Church
     Connoly, Mary E (wid James), res 507 E Church
     Conrad, Wm, emp Am Mach Products Co, res 703 Bromley
     Conrad, Wm N, emp J N Baughman, rms 19 N 1st
     Cook, Albert H, lineman M Tel Co, res 507 N 3rd
     Cook, Albert T, emp M Oil Co, res 916 S 7th Ave
     Cook, Anna L (wid Rolin), bds 609 Fremont
     Cook, Bert L (Cook Bros Grain Co), res 8 S 12th   
     Cook Bros Grain Co (B L Cook), 812 E Main
     Cook, C P, Cigar Store, Billiards, Bowling Alley and Barber 22 W Main, Res 3 W Webster
     Cook, Frank M, clk A P Strub, res 311 N 2nd Ave
     Cook, George G, lab, bds 909 S 6th Ave
     Cook, James T, clk Western Groc Mills, res 18 N 10th Ave
     Cook, John S, gardener, res 909 S 6th Ave
     Cook, John W, car repr M&St L, res 808 Jackson
     Cook, Joseph A, res 501 W Main
     Cook, Mrs May, res 311 N 2nd Ave
     Cook, Mrs May, dressmkr, res 207 N 14th
     Cook, Richard H, cond M&St L, res 7 1/2 E Linn
     Cook, Roy E, elec M Tel Co, res 603 N 1st Ave
     Cook, Wm H, lab, bds 909 S 6th Ave
     Cooke, Harry L, rural letter carrier, res 108 E Webster
     Cooledge, Byron C, student, bds 605 1/2 W Boone
     Cooledge, Charles W, carp, res 605 1/2 W Boone
     Cooley, Kennedy C, cash C G W Ry, res 908 1/2 S 2nd Ave
     Coop, Philip M, res 107 S 13th
     Cooper, Allyn R, pres Cooper Mngf Co, res 504 N 5th
     Cooper, Bert D, res 603 E Main
     Cooper, Chas R, lab, res 907 S 11th Ave
     Cooper, George W, lineman M Tel Co, res 1005 W Boone
     Cooper, Miss Grace E, tchr, bds 505 N 2nd
     Cooper, Harold M, sec and treas Cooper Mnfg Co, res 309 N 2nd
     Cooper, J Gilbert, student, bds 505 N 2nd
     Cooper, J Perry, V-Pres Iowa Savings Bank, Res 505 N 2nd
     Cooper, J Wilfred, trav agt, bds 10 E North
     Cooper Mnfg Co, A R Cooper pres, H M Cooper sec and treas, auto accessories, 411 S 1st Ave
     Cope, Rev Howard W, pastor First Friends Church, res 205 N 15th
     Copeland, Merrill S, clk Pilgrim Hotel, res 111 W State
     Coppock, John L, res 406 S 1st
     Corder, Miss Altus M, stenog Willard Son & Co, bds 111 W State
     Cordt, Carl, molder Lennox F Co, bds 604 S 9th Ave
     Cordt, Miss Clara, student, bds 604 S 9th Ave
     Cordt, Fred, emp Western Groc Mills, bds 604 S 9th Ave
     Cordt, John L, welder M&St L, res 711 Jackson
     Cordt, Peter, res 604 S 9th Ave
     Cordt, Peter, bds 604 S 9th Ave
     Cornelius, Miss Clara B, bds 1503 W Main
     Cornelius, John B, lab, res 1503 W Main
     Cornell, Elizabeth F (wid Wm), bds 106 N 6th
     Cornell, John, clk, res 118 N 14th
     Cornwell, Mary J (wid Wm H), res 402 N 1st
     Cornwell, Otto, fireman J L Denmead, res 407 S 9th
     Corrick, John W, res 1009 W State
     Corum, Bert, collector, res 1003 Turner
     Coryell, L Herman, mach M&St L, res 110 S 3rd
     Costello, Martin, eng M&St L, res 607 E Linn
     Cotton, Miss Anna, bds 908 Fremont
     Cotton, Leslie A, bds 908 Fremont
     Cotton, Miss May, bds 908 Fremont
     Cotton, Roy L, clk B Anderson, res 405 1/2 N 3rd Ave
     Cotton, Viola M (wid Abram L), res 908 Fremont
     Cottrill, Rudolphus B, barber C P Cook, res 407 Lee
     Coughlin, John J, mach M&St L, res 205 W Boone
     Coughlin, Michael P, lab M&St L, res 206 Pine
     Coughlin, Thomas W, clk Abbot & Son, res 107 N 7th
     Coulton, David B, plmbr McCarten Plumbing Co, bds 205 S 6th
     Courter, Howard R, cook Kenney Cafe, res 303 S 3rd Ave
     Cover, Wm H, electrician, res 510 W Church
     Coward, Miss Louise, clk W T Hubler, bds 412 N 1st Ave
     Coward, Maurice, bds 412 N 1st Ave
     Cowell, Harry S, driver No 2 fire dept, res 701 Jackson
     Cowie, Miss Martha A, tchr Rogers Sch, rms 311 W Main
     Cox, Anna C (wid Patrick A), res 108 1/2 N Center
     Cox, Arminta (wid Albert L), res 114 N 1st Ave
     Cox, Arthur E, bds 302 N 6th Ave
     Cox, Charles W, lab, res 707 Woodbury
     Cox, Hugh A, cigarmkr, bds 111 W State
     Cox, Ver, carp, res 110 N 10th Ave
     Coyne, John W, gateman C G W Ry, res 412 S 3rd
     Coyne, Martin L, clk Davidson Bros Co, res 306 S 1st Ave
     Coyne, Miss Theresa S, bkpr U D Co, bds 406 S 2nd
     Coyne, Thomas B, mach M&St L, res 407 S 2nd
     Coyne, Thomas H, emp Ia Ry & L Co, res 406 S 2nd
     Coyne, Thomas H, bds 412 S 3rd
     Crabtree, Etta (wid Arthur), res 708 E Main
     Crabtree, Gertrude J (wid J Clyde), res 207 S 4th
     Crabtree, John H, farmer, res 802 W Linn
     Crago, Anderson, painter, rms 117 W Main
     Crago, Charles E, painter, rms 107 W Railroad
     Crago, Claude O, painter, res 716 W Railroad
     Crago, Earl E, emp M&St L, res 204 1/2 S 4th Ave
     Crago, George M, painter, res 509 W Railroad
     Craig, Wm E, bds 902 Anson
     Cramer, Charles A, carp M&St L, rms 211 N 4th Ave
     Cramer, Clarence A, bds 611 W Nevada
     Cramer, Claude A, molder Central Foundry, res 305 1/2 S 1st Ave
     Cramer, Emma (wid Charles L), res 410 S 1st Ave
     Crandall, Eugene A, blksmith M&St L, res 515 S 3rd
     Crandall, John R, barber 323 S 3rd Ave, res same
     Crandall, Miss Susie A, clk Levin Dry Goods Co, bds 515 S 3rd
     Crane, Miss May, opr M Tel Co, bds 117 S 10th
     Craney, Howard H, Lawyer 125 E Main, bds 505 N 1st
     Crawford, Miss Alice M, stenog M Oil Co, bds 523 N 3rd
     Crawford, Clarence, student, bds 808 W Nevada
     Crawford, Miss Elsie B, seamstress, bds 523 N 3rd
     Crawford, George W, carp, res 808 W Nevada
     Crawford, John C, res 112 N 3rd Ave
     Crawford, Samuel T, emp Jackson Dairy Co, res 503 E Linn
     Crawford, Wm D, res 204 Market
     Crawford, Wm E, real estate 401 S 2nd Ave, res 523 N 3rd
     Cray, Elmer E, res 105 N 1st
     Cray, Miss Ethel, bds 105 N 1st
     Cray, Glenn F, bds 105 N 1st
     Crecelius, George J, bds 904 W Nevada
     Crecelius, Wm T, bricklayer, res 904 W Nevada
     Credit Guide Co, A H E Matthews pres, C H E Boardman sec and treas, 16 S 1st Ave
     Crego, L Russell, mach repr, bds 31 N Center
     Crellin, Caesar, carp, res 411 S 5th
     Crellin, Miss Grace, Sec and Treas D C Wilbur Store, bds 411 S 5th
     Crellin, John C, Supt Dept of Public Safety and Public Improvements, res 710 Fremont
     Crill, Elizabeth (wid Wm), bds 9 N 3rd Ave
     Crinklaw, Archie D, emp M&St L, bds 205 E Church
     Crinklaw, J Frank, plmbr, res 205 E Church
     Crinklaw, Lyle, bds 205 E Church
     Crinklaw, Wm E, plmbr, res 123 E State
     Crino, Antonio, shoemkr 102 E State, res same
     Cripps, Charles F, barber 21 1/2 N 1st Ave, res 203 N 2nd
     Cripps, Irvin, bds 211 N 1st Ave
     Cripps, Ivan C, bds 203 N 2nd
     Cripps, Wm L, stockpr Fisher Gov Co, res 206 S 7th Ave
     Critchlow, Miss Bertha, emp Kane Laundry Co, bds 609 E Church
     Critchlow, Mrs Martha, res 609 E Church
     Croak, John T, auditor Am Express Co, res 8 S 8th
     Crone, Charles F, clk Letts F Co, res 507 Lee
     Cronk, Eliza J (wid Albert B), res 208 S 4th
     Cronk, Harrison C, lab, res 12 N 11th
     Cronkleton, Frank, bds 206 E Linn
     Cronkleton, Miss Sadie, clk J D Palmer & Co, bds 111 S 3rd Ave
     Crosby, James B, clk G W Darling Co, res 6 W Boone
     Crosby, John F (Crosby & Crosby), res 308 N 7th
     Crosby, J Harold, clk Abbot & Son, res 612 Summit
     Crosby, Wm G, bds 308 N 7th
     Crosby & Crosby (L F and J F), grocers, 5 E State
     Cross, Miss Edna R, bkpr Lennox F Co, rms 603 E State
     Cross, Harry W, mach, res 509 1/2 S 3rd
     Cross, Hiram W, carp, bds 509 1/2 S 3rd
     Cross, Lester L, bds 509 1/2 S 3rd
     Cross, Wm A, eng M&St L, res 506 S 4th
     Cross, Wm R, student, bds 506 S 4th
     Crosthwaite, David N, eng Dunham Co, bds 402 N 4th Ave
     Crowder, Mrs May, nurse, rms 1212 W Main
     Crowder, Rev Wm G, pastor First M E Church, res 206 W Main
     Crowley, Miss Rosetta, bds 109 S 3rd Ave
     Crowther, Fred J, cond M&St L, res 909 S 6th Ave
     Croy, Charles E, helper M&St L, res 503 W Railroad
     Culbertson, Clarence C, riveter Lennox F Co, bds 807 E State
     Culbertson, John J, grinder Lennox F Co, res 807 E State
     Culley, Will D, baker, res 510 N 3rd
     Culp, Miss Cora, bds 411 N 10th Ave
     Culp, Frank M, farmer, bds 411 N 10th Ave
     Culp, Herbert I, driver Geo Gregory, res 307 May
     Culp, Joshua N, carp, res 411 N 10th Ave
     Cumming, Miss Eva I, tchr, bds 610 E State
     Cumming, Francis O, emp La Plant Co, res 610 E State
     Cumming, Wayne A, bds 610 E State
     Cummings, Adelaide (wid Charles P), res 506 E Linn
     Cummings, Amanda C (wid Alfred B), bds 205 S 3rd
     Cummings, Hon B F, Judge District Court, Office 8 S 1st Ave, Res 1002 W Main
     Cummings, Claude E, driver Am Express Co, res 312 S 1st
     Cummings, Claude H, emp M Bottling Works, bds 506 E Linn
     Cummings, George E, eng M&St L, res 309 S 3rd
     Cummings, Glenn, bds 208 S 5th Ave
     Cummings, Miss Mary, student, bds 1002 W Main
     Cummings, Maurice J, res 208 S 5th Ave
     Cummings, Roy C, emp Ia Ry & L Co, res 309 S 4th Ave
     Cummings, Wm H, musician Soldiers Home, res 1312 1/2 Summit
     Cundiff, Harvey, lab, rms 31 N Center
     Cundiff, Lloyd, lab, rms 31 N Center
     Cunningham, Wm R, clk Bendlage Hdwe Co, res 411 E Boone
     Curran, Miss Anna, bds 311 N 4th Ave
     Curran, John, emp Paul Roskopf, res 311 N 4th Ave
     Currier, Miss Adeline, tchr John Childs Sch, rms 11 N 3rd Ave
     Curry, Bert, emp M&St L, res 115 N 3rd
     Curtice, Miss Gertrude, emp M Vinegar Co, bds 914 S 2nd Ave
     Curtice, Hobart M, bds 914 S 2nd Ave
     Curtice, Martin L, car repr M&St L, res 914 S 2nd Ave
     Curtis, George A, molder Central Foundry, bds 103 N 9th
     Curtis, Mary A (wid Moses S), res 103 N 9th
     Curtis, Minerva (wid Charles), bds 107 S 13th
     Cusey, D Clement, cement wkr, res 1205 W Linn
     Cushing, Elmer C, painter W A George, res 102 S 12th
     Cuthbertson, George A, carp, res 804 W Linn
     Cut Rate Shoe Co, K J Ingledue mngr, 115 E Main

     Daggett, John M, Pres and Treas D & S Motor Co, res 607 Jerome
     D & S Motor Co (Incor), J M Daggett Pres and Treas; G Z Shugart V-Pres and Sec, 19-21 S 2nd Ave
     Daigle, Edward, ydman Stoddart Cafe, rms 614 E Main
     Dalby, Wm E, clk Lennox F Co, res 1602 Summit
     Dale, Miss Helma, nurse, rms 110 1/2 N 2nd Ave
     Daly, Harriet C (wid Anthony C), res 208 W State
     Daniels, Lee S, res 309 S 8th Ave
     Danielson, Thomas, emp Lennox F Co, res 702 E Boone
     Danskin, Augusta (wid Thomas), res 303 E Church
     Darling, Charles E (G W Darling Co), res 303 N Center
     Darling, Floyd M, ydman Citizens Lumbr Co, res 704 Summit
     Darling, John, boilermkr M&St L, res 705 Wood
     Darling, George W (G W Darling Co), res 206 N 2nd
     Darling G W Co (G W and C E Darling), autos, 19 W State
     Darling, James C, eng M&St L, res 403 S 3rd
     Darling, Walter A, lab, res 307 N 2nd Ave
     Darnell, George W, lab, res 611 Shepard
     Darnell, Mary C (wid Calvin), res 612 Doty
     Darnell, Robert C, signalman C & N W, res 707 S 3rd
     Darner, Miss Ethel E, stenog, bds 501 N Center
     Darner, Frank M, trav agt, res 501 N Center
     Darner, Glen W, trav agt, bds 501 N Center
     Darner, Miss Mary O, stenog, bds 501 N Center
     Darr, Basil, lab, res 407 Swayze
     Darr, Edward S, janitor Arnold Sch, res 408 Swayze
     Darr, Franklin P, chef, bds 407 Swayze
     Darr, Lee, barber C A Landis, res 303 Lee
     Darr, Martha (wid John B), bds 528 N 1st
     Dauber, J Harry, pressman Acme Ptg Co, res 501 W Nevada
     Davenport, Carl R, mach Bogardus-N Co, res 1018 S Center
     Davenport, Ira A, res 1215 E Boone
     David, Wilbur F, physician Tremont blk, res 900 W Main
     Davidson Bros Co, W E Waud mngr, fruits, 401 S 1st Ave
     Davidson, John G, emp M&St L, res 602 E Boone
     Davidson, Ole, civil eng, res 205 S 9th
     Davidson, Perl M, trav agt, res 112 W Grant
     Davidson, Rev Robert B, pastor Baptist Temple, res 8 N 2nd
     Davidson, Wm, bds 602 E Boone
     Davis, Asa T, Cash Fidelity Savings Bank, res 105 N 10th
     Davis, C Fred, brakeman M&St L, res 606 E Linn
     Davis, Dora Z (wid Wm H), res 108 N Center
     Davis, Miss Emma B, bds 305 W Railroad
     Davis, George W, porter Stoddart Hotel
     Davis, Lester, bds 207 S 4th Ave
     Davis, Loney M, bds 207 S 4th Ave
     Davis, Mary (wid Gibson L), res 207 S 4th Ave
     Davis, Miss Matilda, emp Meeker Laundry, rms 9 1/2 W Main
     Davis, Sampson, bds 307 S 5th
     Davis, Wilbur C, optician Masonic Temple, rms same
     Davis, Wm A, res 110 N 2nd
     Dawson, Miss Agnes F, student, bds 8 N 6th
     Dawson, James F, metalwkr La Plant Co, res 504 Woodbury
     Dawson, Miss Marietta, bds 111 N 3rd Ave
     Dawson, Mary (wid Albert), tchr, bds 109 N 1st
     Dawson, Mrs Mary E, res 111 N 3rd Ave
     Dawson, Obie J, tiler, res 310 W State
     Dawson, Wm E, fireman Ia Ry & L Co, res 1008 Jackson
     Day, Bryan I, clk McBride & Will, res 308 1/2 N 7th
     Day, Samuel V, switchman M&St L, res 902 Anson
     Day, Wm, rms Goodwin Hotel 
     Deakin, Robert H (Deakin & Farguson), res 5 E North
     Deakin & Farguson (R H Deakin, C L Farguson), barbers 2 E Main
     Dean, Hulda G (wid Dewitt W), res 115 N 9th
     Dean, Wm R, clk Bargain Store, res 410 Summit
     De Bates, James, fireman M&St L, res 408 Bromley
     Decker, Oscar R, watchmkr Masonic Temple, res 106 S 5th Ave
     Deeter, Charles C, emp F Baxter, res 319 N 3rd
     Defrancise, Joseph, emp C & N W, res 703 E Boone
     Delahoyde, Charles E, trav agt, res 6 W Webster
     De Lap, Wm G, res 807 S 1st Ave
     De Mange, L Bert, sales Singer Sewing Mach Co, res 311 W Main
     De Muth, Miss Elizabeth, nurse, St Thomas Hospital
     De Muth, Rev John P, asst St Mary's Church, res 9 W Linn
     Denbow, Lillian O (wid Robert), res 214 N 2nd Ave
     Denmead, Dwight H, whol autos 21 S 2nd Ave, res 405 W Main
     Denmead, Harry K, Cash First Natl Bank, res 3 Denmead Blvd
     Denmead, James L (James L Denmead Flower Shop), res 1011 W Main
     Denmead James L Flower Shop, Store 109 E Main, Green House 408 S 9th (see back cover)
     Dennett, George W, bds 913 S 2nd Ave
     Dennett, Henry A, ydman G O Coburn, res 913 S 2nd Ave
     Dennett, Victor H, bds 913 S 2nd Ave
     Dent, Donald E, bds 401 S 4th
     Dent, Inez W (wid John O), prin Woodbury sch, res 401 S 4th
     Dent, Willis M, student, bds 401 S 4th
     Depew, Abram F, lab, res 1002 Bromley
     Depew, Frank O, paperhanger E B Everist, rms 208 E Linn
     Depew, George G, bds 710 E Main
     Depue, C S, emp Central Foundry, res 202 S 3rd Ave
     Derby, Dan M, emp M Syrup & S Co, bds 205 N 4th
     Derby, Ladoit, res 205 N 4th
     Dervin, James F, blksmith 9 E State, res 305 N 2nd
     Dervin, Leo J, clk M&St L, bds 305 N 2nd
     Dervin, Maurice E, emp J F Dervin, bds 305 N 2nd
     De Shong, Miss Tena, bds 108 E Linn
     Detrick, Carroll, lab, bds 906 W Boone
     Detrick, Miss Emma L, bds 906 W Boone
     Detrick, Fred, res 107 W Webster
     Detrick, Joseph, clk Levin Dry Goods Co, res 711 Bromley
     Detrick, Mrs Margaret, tailoress Burch Bros, bds 607 W Church
     Detrick, Robert R, carp, res 11 S 9th
     Detrick, Wm E, carp, res 906 W Boone
     Detter, George E, molder Central Foundry, bds 305 N Center
     Deuell, C, Newsdealer, 202 E Main
     Deuell, Charles A, Station Master Union Depot, res 218 N 2nd Ave
     Devine, Miss M Forestine, tchr Arnold sch, bds 312 N 1st
     Devine, Winfield S, physician 8 E Main, res 312 N 1st
     Dewey, Marylda J (wid Albert P), bds 512 N 1st Ave
     De Witt, Frank E, res 712 E Main
     De Witt, Frank W, bds 712 E Main
     De Witt, Lydia C (wid Frank), res 105 N 1st Ave
     De Witt, Miss Marvel, clk Levin Dry Goods Co, bds 109 S 5th Ave
     De Witt, Orlando S, ydforeman C & N W, res 109 S 5th Ave
     Dexter, Fred T, emp Cooper Mnfg Co, res 802 E Boone
     Dibbern, Wm A, clk C P Cook, res 401 S 2nd
     Dickerson, Effie E (wid Samuel A), res 112 N 2nd Ave
     Dickerson, S Albert, clk J C Penney Co, bds 112 N 2nd Ave
     Dickerson, Wm N, res 402 N 3rd
     Dickey, John T, clk Benedict & Brintnall, res 310 N 2nd
     Dickey, Martha C (wid David M), bds 310 N 2nd
     Dicks, Charles A, eng M&St L, res 504 1/2 W Boone
     Dickson, Arthur G, res 104 N Center
     Dickson, Melzar M, civil eng, res 803 W Main
     Dieckman, Lloyd L, molder Lennox F Co, res 311 W Church
     Diehl, Miss Frances M, bds 301 N 4th
     Diehl, Miss Grace, clk, bds 301 N 4th
     Diehl, James P, farmer, res 301 N 4th
     Diener, Miss Freda, emp Kane Laundry Co, bds 907 S 7th Ave
     Diener, Miss Matilda, emp Kane Laundry Co, bds 907 S 7th Ave
     Diesing Bros (W C and Fred), florists 511 S 9th
     Diesing, Catherine (wid Louis), res 536 N 2nd
     Diesing, Miss Clara, emp Kane Laundry Co, bds 536 N 2nd
     Diesing, Fred (Diesing Bros), bds 807 W Nevada
     Diesing, Wm C (Diesing Bros), res 511 S 9th
     Dieterich, Miss Adeline M, bds 406 N 1st
     Dieterich, Charles F, res 406 N 1st
     Dieterich, John F Jr, mach M&St L, rms 408 E State
     Dieterich, Ralph H, mach opr M&St L, bds 406 N 17th
     Dieterich, Miss Ruth E, tchr Woodbury sch, bds 406 N 1st
     Dietrick, Russell E, trav agtr, res 402 E Church
     Diggins, Charles H, res 501 1/2 N Center
     Diggins, J Arthur, emp D&S Motor Co, res 209 S 12th
     Diggins, Miss Lois, clk Levin Dry Goods Co, bds 501 1/2 N Center
     Diggins, Miss Nellie, clk J D Palmer & Co, bds 501 1/2 N Center
     Diller, Alfred C, farmer, res 301 S 9th
     Diller, Claude R (Diller & Jensen), res 807 W Boone
     Diller, Dennis B, washer Meeker laundry, res 609 Bromley
     Diller & Jensen (C R Diller, J A Jensen), veterinary surgeons, 30 N 1st Ave
     Dilley, Mrs Amelia, res 408 E Linn
     Dillon, Edward O, cook, res 303 W Nevada
     Dimmock, Harry A, carp Joyce Lmbr Co, res 604 N 1st Ave
     Disbrow, Robert E, Mngr Lamson Bros & Co, res 201 N 7th
     Dishaw, Frank, farmer, res 401 Bromley
     Divis, Joseph, tailor 119 E Main, res 705 Woodbury
     Divis, Wm, upholsterer, bds 705 Woodbury
     Dixon, Albert L, student, bds 8 W Lincoln
     Dixon, Alva A, lab, res 811 S 3rd Ave
     Dixon, Ausman, rug weaver, res 702 Woodbury
     Dixon, Ida (wid Herbert C), res 425 Union
     Dixon, James, bridge foreman C G W, res 613 W Nevada
     Dixon, Miss Lulu, bds 613 W Nevada
     Dixon, Wm A, clk Bargain Store, res 8 W Lincoln
     Dixon, W Earl, student, bds 8 W Lincoln
     Doan, Frederick L, druggist 212 N 13th, res 1506 Summit
     Doan, John A (Howe & Doan), res 405 W Nevada
     Dobbins, Lewis S, mach Thompson Bros, res 6 1/2 S 2nd
     Dobbs, Leroy O, bds 201 N 2nd Ave     
     Dobson, Dorsey W, res 311 S 6th
     Dobson, Miss Frances M, stenog M Tel Co, bds 109 W State
     Dobson, Miss Gertrude F, student, bds 109 W State
     Dobson, Gertrude M (wid Warrington), res 109 W State
     Dobson, Henry L, real estate 107 E Main, res 104 S 12th
     Dobson, Miss Mary, dressmkr, bds 411 E Church
     Dodd, Fred, farmer, res 203 N 2nd Ave
     Dodd, Edith, domestic, 607 Jerome
     Dodd, John E, helper M&St L, res 105 W Railroad
     Dodd, Warren, mach, bds 203 N 2nd Ave
     Dodge, Abraham R, awnings, res 36 S 1st Ave
     Dodge, Minerva J (wid Eli M), res 209 W Main
     Dodson, Orley N, farmer, bds 310 S 6th
     Doe, Albertus E, clk Wilbur Store, res 203 W Linn
     Doherty, David C, helper M&St L, res 407 Washington
     Dollarhide, Charles C, ydmaster M&St L, res 204 S 3rd Ave
     Donaldson, Miss Alta E, tchr, bds 409 N 2nd Ave
     Donaldson, Miss C Blanche (Gay Ins Agency), res 506 N 5th
     Donaldson, Orville K, auto painter 205 S 3rd Ave, res 208 1/2 S 4th
     Donaldson, Wm B, grocer 313 N 4th Ave, res 409 N 2nd Ave
     Donegan, John J, emp M&St L, res 209 W Boone
     Donegan, Miss Marie, clk Levin Dry Goods Co, bds 706 Anson
     Donegan, Raymond B, clk B A Morgan, rms Clifton Hotel
     Donegan, Miss Vera M, emp Credit Guide, bds 209 W Boone
     Doner, John R, res 111 1/2 S Center
     Doner, Mrs Margaret, emp Marshall Ptg Co, bds 111 1/2 S Center
     Donnelson, Alpha H, eng C G W Ry, res 605 E Church
     Donnelson, Fred S, bds 605 E Church
     Donnelson, Guy W, bds 605 E Church
     Donnelson, Mrs Nellie, bookbinder M Ptg Co, rms 107 W Linn
     Dooley, Wm T, blacksmith M&St L, res 105 S Center
     Doolittle, Raymond W, see Marshall Vinegar Co, res 547 N 3rd
     Doolittle, Wm W, Pres & Mngr Marshall Vinegar Co, res 102 S 3rd Ave
     D'Orazio, Henry, tailor, bds 513 E Boone
     D'Orazio, Ralph, tailor Hopkins & Son, res 513 E Boone
     Dorosin Bros (Saul & Z H), clothing, 130 E Main

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