Marshalltown City Directory (partial)



                              Corcoran Mrs Eliza, res 7 W Webster

                              Cordt John L, emp Lennox F Co, bds 604 S 9th Ave

                              Cordt Peter, lab Lennox F Co, res 604 S 9th Ave

                              Cordt Wm, switchman C G W Ry, bds 602 S 8th Ave

                              Corelis Angelo, res 510 E Nevada

                              Corelis Bros (John, George and Angelo), billiards, 214 E Main

                              Corelis George, bds 510 E Nevada

                              Corelis John, res 510 E Nevada

                              Cornelius John B, lab, res 306 N 6th

                              Cornell Erastus, County Auditor, res 513 N Center

                              Cornell Philip B, painter, rms 101 W Main

                              Cornwell Wm H, res 402 N 1st

                              Correll Guy H, mach opr Times-Republican, res 410 N 1st

                              Corrick John W, res 1009 W State

                              Corrigan Charles P, emp Lennox F Co, res 609 E Boone

                              Corrigan Eva, waiter Pilgrim Hotel

                              Corrigan James A, lab, res 205 N 6th

                              Corvan Miss Ruth, nurse, bds 406 N 3rd

                              Coryell Lewis S, emp R W Chamberlain, bds 201 S 2nd

                              Coryell L Herman, emp M Trowel Co, res 201 S 2nd

                              Cosgrove Robert L, emp M Buggy Co, res 10 N 11th

                              Costello Martin, eng I C Ry, res 607 E Linn

                              Coughlin John C, moulder Lennox F Co, res 210 W Boone

                              Coughlin John J, mach I C Ry, res 503 ½ S 2nd

                              Coughlin Thomas W, clk Abbott & Son, res 107 W Boone

                              Cover Wm F, bds 1007 S 3rd Ave

                              Cover Wm H, electrician A W Carroll & Co, res 510 W Church

                              Coward Arthur, emp I C Ry, bds 405 Anson

                              Cowell Arthur, watchman I C shops, bds 1115 W Boone

                              Cowell Harry C, tmstr, bds 503 S 3rd

                              Cowell Wm F, emp I C shops, res 503 S 3rd

                              Cowger George A, emp Norton & Newland, res 110 N 6th

                              Cowie Miss Mattie, teacher Rogers School, rms 7 S 5th Ave

                              Cox Albert L, trav agt, res 114 N 1st Ave

                              Cox Arthur, emp Lennox F Co, bds 504 Woodbury

                              Cox George W, emp I C Ry, res 302 N 6th Ave

                              Cox Harry C, bkpr Citizens Lmbr Co, bds 101 S 4th


                              Cox Miss Lella V, teacher, bds 114 N 1st Ave

                              Cox Patrick H, res 412 N 1st

                              Cox Ver, carp, res 512 ½ Bromley

                              Coyle Electa (wid Thomas), res 505 Summit

                              Coyne Miss Mary E, clk Benedict & Brintnall, bds 406 S 2nd

                              Coyne Miss Theresa S, student, bds 406 S 2nd

                              Coyne Thomas H, foreman C G W Ry, res 406 S 2nd

                              Coyne Thomas P, mach I C Ry, res 505 S 3rd

                              Cozad Miss Lottie, teacher Central Iowa Business College, bds 604 W Linn

                              Crabtree Arthur, fireman Dunham Co, res 708 E Main

                              Crabtree John H, red 802 W Linn

                              Crabtree Miss Mabel A, clk Benedict & Brintnall, bds 708 E Main

                              Crabtree Miss Merle R, bds 708 E Main

                              Crago Claud O, painter, bds 409 S 1st

                              Crago George M, painter, res 409 S 1st

                              Craig George, emp Pilgrim Hotel

                              Craig Wm G, watchman Lennox M Co, res 902 Anson

                              Cram Miss Hazel E, student, bds 808 W Linn

                              Cramer Charles H, carp, bds 305 N 9th Ave

                              Cramer Clarence A, emp Brittain & Co, bds 305 N 9th Ave

                              Cramer Claude, tmstr F A Gillette, bds 505 Jerome

                              Cramer Ernest A, emp Brittain & Co, bds 305 N 9th Ave

                              Cramer Esther M (wid Austin), res 305 N 9th Ave

                              Cramer Raymond C, emp Letts F Co, bds 118 N 2nd

                              Crandall Eugene A, blksmith I C Ry, res 515 S 3rd

                              Crandon Fred J, clk M Printing Co, res 202 N 1st Ave

                              Crawford Alvin C, bds 112 N 3rd Ave

                              Crawford George W, carp I C Ry, res 808 W Nevada

                              Crawford John C, res 112 N 3rd Ave

                              Crawford John W, emp Brittain & Co, bds 114 N 3rd Ave

                              Crawford Margaret (wid John), bds 207 N 12th

                              Crawford Miss Nevada, bds 604 S 3rd

                              Crawford Wm D, res 604 S 3rd

                              Crecelius Miss Grace R, student, bds 904 W Nevada

                              Crecelius Wm T, mason, res 904 W Nevada


                              Hamilton Eugene D, Propr The Fair 6-8 W Main, res 209 N Center (see back cover)

                              Hamm David W, clk Brittain & Co, res 309 N 2nd Ave

                              Hammer Murray C, comp Herald Ptg Co, bds 305 S 1st Ave

                              Hammitt Miss Margaret M, res 408 Johnson

                              Hammond Walter R, inspr Western Weighing Assn, res 107 S 6th

                              Hammond Wm H, Abstracts and Loans 12 E Main, res 109 S 10th

                              Hampton Curtis, res 205 W Linn

                              Hampton Leslie D, res 1504 W Main

                              Hampton Lindly C, money order clk Post Office, res 303 N 3rd Ave

                              Hampton Mary A (wid Allen C), res 9 W Nevada

                              Hampton Orville L, carp, bds 1504 W Main

                              Hamre Emma, domestic 708 W Church

                              Hanan Percival R, mach I C Ry, res 1016 S Center

                              Hanawalt Hubert H, piano tuner, res 305 ½ S 1st Ave

                              Hand Clarence, emp I C Ry, bds 505 S 3rd Ave

                              Handy Esther A (wid Theodore), res 416 Swayze

                              Hanegan Floyd H, emp I C Ry, bds 707 W Linn

                              Hanegan Guy W, clk I C Ry, res 402 N 2nd

                              Hanegan Wilbur B, emp I C Ry, res 707 W Linn

                              Haney John C, plasterer, bds 217 N 2nd Ave

                              Hankins Abel F, comp Acme Ptg Co, bds 412 S 3rd

                              Hankins Miss Goldie, bds 108 N 6th

                              Hankins Miss Mabel M, bds 412 S 3rd

                              Hankins Polly (wid Abel), bds 111 N 3rd Ave

                              Hankins Wm B, blksmith 1 W Church, res 412 S 3rd

                              Hanks Ruth (wid Isaiah), bds 1506 Summit

                              Hanna Frank, emp M Buggy Co, bds 303 S 3rd Ave

                              Hannan Michael C, res 405 S 5th

                              Hannan Wm, emp C J Scheeler, rms 2 E State

                              Hannard G James, res 1304 W Linn

                              Hannum Miss Agnes M, teacher Rogers School, bds 7 N 5th

                              Hansen Andrew, emp Shorthill Co, res 708 Noble

                              Hansen Charles L, bds 608 E Church


                              Hansen Chris, emp Shorthill Co, res 609 Woodbury

                              Hansen Miss Ellen M, bds 608 E Church

                              Hansen Gust, bds 509 E State

                              Hansen H Charles, clk Wilhau & Halverson, res 608 E Church

                              Hansen Leroy C, bds 608 E Church

                              Hansen, R R, physician Hopkins Blk, rms same

                              Hanson Charles A, policeman, res 404 S 3rd

                              Hanson Miss Clarice G, emp Brown Café, bds 12 W Nevada

                              Hanson Elmer C, clk Edward Sheridan, bds 404 S 3rd

                              Hanson Hans C, foreman C & N W Ry, res 12 W Nevada

                              Hanson Hans G, emp I C shops, res 406 S 5th

                              Hanson Hilma M, domestic 107 ½ W Grant

                              Hanson Miss Jennie F, bds 404 S 3rd

                              Hanson Lawrence, bds 211 N 1st Ave

                              Hanson Marenius C, res 515 Lee

                              Hanson Mary (wid George), bds 312 N 1st Ave

                              Hanson Pehr H, carpet weaver, res 308 S Center

                              Har Felix H, Propr Palace Steam Laundry 13-17 N 2nd Ave, res 205 W Main

                              Haradon Frank M, clk Dist Court, res 409 E Church

                              Harbaugh Isaac, paperhanger, bds Plaza Hotel

                              Harfner Louis, res 116 May

                              Harkness Miss Jennie, bds 1402 W Main

                              Harlan John N, emp Western Groc Co Mills, res 307 W Nevada

                              Harmon Ellsworth W, res 307 N 5th

                              Harms Harry M, trav agt, res 303 W Linn

                              Harms Harry W, trav agt, res 122 E State

                              Harrington Morris, emp Lennox F Co, res 304 N 6th Ave

                              Harris Miss Florence G, bds 31 W State

                              Harris George W, physician 10 W Main, res 31 W State

                              Harris Miss Louisa, stenogr, bds 101 W Church

                              Harris Millie (wid Wm J), bds 307 S Center

                              Harris Polly (wid Frederick), bds 409 W Boone

                              Harris Thomas E, clk Letts-F Co, res 606 N 1st Ave

                              Harrison Edmund W, res 1208 Summit

                              Harrison Isaac W, bds 208 W Lincoln

                              Harrison Ralph E, real estate, res 211 N 1st


                              Hubler Miss Nellie, bds 802 N Center

                              Hubler Roy, lab, bds 506 Woodbury

                              Hubler Roy, res 712 Bromley

                              Hubler Walter T, emp C H Eckman, bds 516 N 1st

                              Hudson M Emma (wid Charles B), res 1311 W Linn

                              Huffaker Jacob M, emp M Buggy Co, res 918 Jackson

                              Huffman Miss Adah, bds 207 N 11th

                              Huffman Elias P, res 207 N 11th

                              Hughes Charles N, bds 415 Union

                              Hughes Charles W, real estate, res 500 N 5th

                              Hughes Frank W, lab, res 606 ½ S 7th

                              Hughes George W, tmstr, bds 415 Union

                              Hughes Isaac L, emp M Trowel Co, bds 415 Union

                              Hughes Mrs Mary, domestic 4 S 5th Ave

                              Hughes Nancy E (wid Josiah), res 415 Union

                              Hughes Wm, clk Lennox M Co, res 413 E Boone

                              Hulbert Anna (wid Charles E), Variety Store 29 N Center, res same

                              Hulbert Charles W, blksmith, res 904 S 1st Ave

                              Hull Albert F (H Willard Son & Co), bds 408 W State

                              Hull Charles H (H Willard Son & Co), res 408 W State

                              Hull Company The (W H Hull), Booksellers, Art Dealers, Stationers, Office Outfitters, Interior Decorators, Kodak Equippers, 36 W Main (see back cover)

                              Hull Frank L, student, bds 408 W State

                              Hull George F, tmstr W H Sloppy, res 909 S 6th Ave

                              Hull James H, res 403 S 2nd Ave

                              Hull Walter H (The Hull Company), res 607 W State

                              Hull Willard B, bds 408 W State

                              Hull Wm, clk Leland Hotel, bds same

                              Hulse John H, mach Lennox M Co, res 912 Jackson

                              Humeston Fred L, dentist 31 W Main, res 7 W Grant

                              Humlong George, res 310 N 4th

                              Humphrey D Pierce, res 205 ½ S 1st Ave

                              Humphrey Earl, emp Pilgrim Hotel

                              Humphrey John E, mach Shorthill Co, res 108 E Linn

                              Humphrey Wm L, res 12 N 5th


                              Hundley Joseph A, emp A Pose, res 427 Swayze

                              Hunnewell Catherine (wid David), res 510 Bromley

                              Hunnicutt G D, emp W H Sloppy, res 206 W Railroad

                              Hunt Wm A, res 710 Noble

                              Hunter Charles E, driver E E Downing, res 501 N 4th Ave

                              Hunter Mary J (wid James), bds 112 N 3rd Ave

                              Hunter Wm, res 1501 W Linn

                              Hurd Charles, mason, res 306 Woodbury

                              Hurdle Mark, eng I C Ry, bds 200 ½ S 3rd Ave

                              Hurlbut Myo C, res 804 W Boone

                              Hurto Miss Leanor, stenogr Hylo Co, rms 10 S 3rd Ave

                              Hussey John, painter M Buggy Co, res 305 E Church

                              Huston Morris D, tinner 126 W Main, res 205 N 7th

                              Huston Reuben J, res 103 E Linn

                              Hutson Calvin S, sales Eldridge-Beebe Auto Co, res 6 N 4th

                              Hutson Calvin W, well driller, res 608 W Nevada

                              Hutson Harry H, res 608 W Nevada

                              Hutson Miss Martha, rms 311 N 1st

                              Hutson Miss Nina, bds 6 N 4th

                              Hutt Fred (Woodmansee & Hutt), res 405 ½ N 3rd Ave

                              Hutzel Mrs Lucy, res 708 ½ S Center

                              Hylo Co, 111 E Main

                              Hynds Frederick S, dentist 35 ½ W Main, res 703 W Main

                              Hynek Frank J, emp W P Flower, res 508 N 2nd Ave

                              Imlay Ernest R, bds 310 N 5th Ave

                              Imlay Miss Iolene, emp Meeker Laundry, bds 310 N 5th Ave

                              Imlay Ira, bds 310 N 5th Ave

                              Imlay Mary (wid David), res 310 N 5th Ave

                              Ingalls Miss Laura, emp Robertson & Strub, rms 216 N 3rd Ave

                              Ingledue Anna M (wid James L), res 304 W State

                              Ingledue Frank J, trav agt, res 112 N 7th

                              Ingledue James L, clk H Pappe, res 104 S 12th

                              Ingledue Karl J, clk Ingledue & Young, res 312 E Main


Spencer Miss Beulah M, comp OD Ellet, 404 Railroad

Spencer Floyd B, eng IC Ry, 404 Railroad

                              Spencer George H, carpenter, 404 Railroad




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