Marshalltown City Directory (partial)



                p. 56

                                        Cooley K Calvin, emp C & N W frt, bds 912 S Center

                                        Cooley Mary F (wid James), res 402 E Church

                                        Coons S Karl, trav agt, res 407 E Church

                                        Cooper Allyn R, emp Dunham Co, res 211 N 1st

                                        Cooper Joseph N, res 501 N 2nd

                                        Cooper J F Marion, res 6 W Webster

                                        Cooper J Perry, county treasurer, res 505 N 2nd

                                        Copenhafer Wm H, tmstr Woodmansee & H, res 504 N 3rd ave

                                        Coppersmith Dina (wid Louis), res 7 S 4th

                                        Coppock Alden B, res 1100 W Main

                                        Coppock Mrs Anna T, res 406 N 4th ave

                                        Coppock John L, carp, res 108 E Main

                                        Coppock Miss Mabel E, nurse, bds 402 N 1st ave

                                        Coppock Mary (wid Chesley D), res 605 W Linn

                                        Coram Thomas W, barber 323 S 3rd ave, res 214 Plair

                                        Corbin Frank E, foreman The Reflector, rms 303 E Church

                                        Cordero George, confectioner 136 E Main, res 203 S 1st ave

                                        Cordt Peter, emp Lennox F Co, res 812 Jackson

                                        Corell Morna A (wid George A), bds 109 S 2nd

                                        Cornell Erastus, County Auditor, res 513 N Center

                                        Cornell Philip B, painter, res 203 S 1st

                                        Cornwell Wm H, res 402 N 1st

                                        Corrick Earl, emp Shorthill Co, bds 305 E Church

                                        Corrick Milton J, lineman M Tel Co, res 508 E Main

                                        Corrick John W, res 1009 W State

                                        Corvan Miss Ruth, nurse, bds 212 E State

                                        Coryell Lewis S, clk Joseph Jewelry Co, bds 201 S 2nd

                                        Coryell L Herman, mach I C shops, res 201 S 2nd

                                        Cosgrove Robert L, emp M Buggy Co, res 907 Iowa

                                        Costello Anna (wid Karin), res 607 E Linn

                                        Costello Martin, eng I C Ry, res 607 E Linn

                                        Coughlin John C, molder Lennox Co, res 210 W Boone

                                        Coughlin Thomas W, clk Abbott & Son, res 511 E Linn

                                        Courm Bert, res 905 Leverton

                                        Couser Rev Alta A, pastor First United Evan church, res 201 Anson

                                        Cover Wm H, lunch counter 1 W Main, res 510 W Church

                              p. 57

                                        Coward Mrs Pearl L, bds 207 N 1st

                                        Cox Columbus T, tmstr C W Brown

                                        Cox Ethymer I, bds 517 ½ N 1st

                                        Cox Floyd E, emp Dunham Co, res 409 N 3rd ave

                                        Cox George W, emp Brittain & Co, res 207 N 5th ave

                                        Coyle Electa (wid Thomas), res 116 ½ W Main

                                        Coyne Miss Marie E, bds 406 S 2nd

                                        Coyne Thomas H, foreman C G W Ry, res 406 S 2nd

                                        Coyne Thomas P, mach I C Ry, res 412 S 2nd

                                        Crabtree Arthur, fireman Dunham Co, res 708 E Main

                                        Crabtree Miss Mabel A, clk A M Parker, bds 708 E Main

                                        Crago George M, painter, res 510 S 4th

                                        Craig Maria (wid Wm), res 902 Anson

                                        Craig Wm G, emp Cook Bros Grain Co, res 902 Anson

                                        Cramer Charles H, bds Mrs E M Cramer

                                        Cramer Clarence A, emp Brittain & Co, bds Mrs E M Cramer

                                        Cramer Claud, emp John Ferneau, bds 605 S 8th ave

                                        Cramer Esther M (wid Austin), res Woodbury cor 9th ave

                                        Cramer Ray C, clk Benedict & Brintnall, bds 118 N 2nd

                                        Cramer Miss Winnie, bds Mrs E M Cramer

                                        Crandall Eugene A, blksmith I C Ry, res 515 S 3rd

                                        Crandon Fred, bds 410 N 2nd

                                        Crary Charles C, real estate, res 406 N 3rd

                                        Crary George E, res 408 N 3rd

                                        Crawford Miss Cassie, bds 608 E Nevada

                                        Crawford George W, carp I C shops, res 808 W Nevada

                                        Crawford John L, carp, res 622 W Nevada

                                        Crawford Miss Vada, bds 608 E Nevada

                                        Crawford Wm D, emp Brittain & Co, res 608 E Nevada

                                        Crecelius George W, bds 904 W Nevada

                                        Crecelius Wm T, mason, res 904 W Nevada

                                        Credit Guide Co The, E M Vail pres & treas, L D Atherton v pres, E M E McEvoy sec, 130 W Main

                                        Crellin Ceasar, carp, res 411 S 5th

                                        Crellin Miss Grace D (D C Wilbur store), res 411 S 5th

                                        Crenshaw B F, teacher High School, bds 8 S 3rd ave

                              p. 68

                                        Eige Jacob, mach Fisher Governor Co, res 301 N 2nd ave

                                        Eige John B, mach Fisher Governor Co, res 205 S 4th

                                        Eige Olaf H, car inspr I C Ry, res 604 W Nevada

                                        Elder A T, Drugs, Paints, Oils and Glass 317 S 3rd ave, res 108 S 3rd ave

                                        Elder James, carp I C shops, res 307 N 1st ave

                                        Elder Sarah A (wid George), res 110 N 4th ave

                                        Eldridge-Beebe Auto Co (C C Eldridge, E J Beebe, S L Wedgwood) 18 N 1st

                                        Eldridge Charles C (Eldridge-Beebe Auto Co), res 406 N 2nd

                                        Eldridge Harry O, baggageman C G W, res 212 N 2nd

                                        Elery Charles H, emp Brittain & Co, res 701 Woodbury

                                        Elery George D, helper I C shops, res 305 E Church

                                        Elery Le Roy, dairyman, res 510 S 12th ave

                                        Elery Perley B, res 510 S 12th ave

                                        Elgin Frank, tmstr, res 804 W Nevada

                                        Elgin Hannah (wid Wm), res 802 W Nevada

                                        Elite Theatre, S M Horwitz propr, 7 W Main

                                        Elledge Lewis, emp Brittain & Co, res 505 Lee

                                        Ellett Oren D, pub Iowa Prohibitionist, res 103 S 1st

                                        Elliott Annie, nurse Soldiers’ Home

                                        Elliott Miss Ethel A, recitals, bds 512 E Main

                                        Elliott Julius E, emp Shorthill Co, res 407 N 1st ave

                                        Elliott Miss Lillian, res 207 N 8th ave

                                        Elliott Noyes (Elliott & Paul), res 506 Woodbury

                                        Elliott Miss Patience, bkpr Drs Conaway, bds 207 ½ W Main

                                        Elliott Wm B, Fire Insurance, Surety Bonds and Notary Public, 5 Kibbey blk, res 512 E Main

                                        Elliott Wm R, eng I C Ry, res 512 S 4th

                                        Elliott & Paul (Noyes Elliott, W A Paul), feed stable 29 S Center

                                        Ellis Mrs Abbie, res 1412 Summit

                                        Ellis James H, bartdr E E Boomer, rms 302 E State

                                        Ellis Ollie S, 2nd v pres Western Grocery Co, rms 7 S 3rd ave

                                        Ellis Richard, bds 1412 Summit

                                        Ellison John, res 6 E High

                                        Ellsworth E, res 11 E Nevada

                              p. 69

                                        Ellsworth Miss Madge, teacher Roger School, bds 306 W Main

                                        Ellwood Patrick E, emp I C shops, res 909 S Center

                                        Elson Archie J, eng I C Ry, res 200 ½ S 3rd ave

                                        Elzy Robert A, contractor City Bank Blk, res 107 S 1st ave

                                        Emerson Clarence E, opr Postal Telgh Cable Co, bds 112 E Main

                                        Emerson Roy C, mach, bds 622 W Nevada

                                        Emes Elias B (Beeson & Emes), res 518 N Center

                                        Englert Anna M (wid Anthony), res 412 S 1st ave

                                        Englert Harry, painter, bds 412 S 1st ave

                                        Englert Margaret (wid John), Coal and Wood, Builder Supplies 409 S 2nd ave, res 412 S 1st ave

                                        English Bernard E, clk J R English, bds same

                                        English Joseph R, meat market 228 ½ E Main, res 111 E State

                                        Ennis L Earl, motorman M L P & Ry Co, res 7 W Nevada

                                        Eno Burton, patternmkr I C Ry, res 207 N 3rd ave

                                        Eno Guy B, bds 207 N 3rd ave

                                        Ensminger Fred, driver F W Oppice, bds 919 Jackson

                                        Erickson Mrs Carrie, domestic, 106 N 2nd

                                        Erickson Miss Clara C, dressmkr, bds 506 N 4th

                                        Erickson Edward L, emp Brittain & Co, res 205 N 10th

                                        Erickson Miss Mary, stenogr J L Carney, bds 205 N 10th

                                        Erlacher Joseph R, plumber, res 207 S 1st ave

                                        Ernest George, bds 1210 Summit

                                        Ernstberger John, res 411 Bromley

                                        Ertel Miss A Maud, bds 106 S 3rd

                                        Ertel Daniel, res 707 E State

                                        Ertel James A (Bristol & Ertel), res 106 S 3rd

                                        Eskil Ostlund, painter, bds 205 N 5th

                                        Espe Carl J, brakeman I C Ry, res 512 S 3rd

                                        Espersen George A, clk I C Ry, res 615 W Boone

                                        Esperson John P, flagman C G W Ry, res 509 S 6th

                                        Estabrook Aaron, bds G R Estabrook

                                        Estabrook George R, See Fisher Governor Co, res “The Maples” S E cor 12th and Main

                                        Estel Anthony F, res 311 N 3rd

                                        Estel Edward F, bds 311 N 3rd

                                        Estel Miss Kate, bds 311 N 3rd

                              p. 84

                                        Hamblin Robert S, driver Bruster & K, bds 708 S 3rd

                                        Hamiel Bradford H, painter Lennox M Co, res 709 E State

                                        Hamiel Clarence A, mach Lennox M Co, res 709 Bromley

                                        Hamilton Miss Dora, bkpr L S Peckham Grocery Co, bds 201 N 3rd ave

                                        Hamilton Miss Ethel, teacher, bds 201 N 3rd ave

                                        Hamilton Eugene D, Propr The Fair 4-8 W Main, res 503 N 1st

                                        Hammond Walter R, emp C & N W frt, res 305 ½ S 2nd ave

                                        Hammond Wm H, Abstractor and Loans Court House, res 109 S 10th

                                        Hampton Curtis, res 205 W Linn

                                        Hampton Lindly C, money order clk Postoffice, res 207 S 2nd

                                        Hampton Mary A (wid Allen C), res 9 W Nevada

                                        Hanawalt Hubert H, eng I C Ry, res 305 ½ S 1st ave

                                        Handy Esther A (wid Theodore), res 416 Swayze

                                        Hanegan Guy W, stenogr I C Ry, res 402 N 2nd

                                        Hanegan Wilbur B, baggageman C G W Ry, res 707 W Linn

                                        Hankins Polly (wid Abel), res 5 E State

                                        Hanks Ruth (wid Isaiah), bds 1506 Summit

                                        Hann David W, emp Brittain & Co, res 206 N 8th ave

                                        Hannan Michael C, res 405 S 5th

                                        Hannard James G, res 1304 W Linn

                                        Hannum Miss Agnes M, teacher Roger School, bds 7 N 5th

                                        Hansen Andrew, blksmith Shorthill Co, res 708 Noble

                                        Hensen H Charles, clk Sinclair Tea Co, res 608 E Church

                                        Hansen Joseph E, emp M Buggy Co, res 403 S Center

                                        Hansen Leroy, emp M D Huston, bds 608 E Church

                                        Hansen Miss Murriel, bds 608 E Church

                                        Hansen Nels P, res 609 E Nevada

                                        Hanson Charles A, policeman, res 404 S 3rd

                                        Hanson Chris, emp Brittain & Co, res 609 Woodbury

                                        Hanson Elmer C, clk Edward Sheridan, bds 404 S 3rd

                                        Hanson Hans C, emp C & N W Ry, res 12 W Nevada

                                        Hanson Hans G, carp I C shops, res 406 S 5th

                                        Hanson Miss Jennie C, bds 404 S 3rd

                                        Hanson Julia, domestic, 10 N 10th

                                        Hanson L A, bds 211 N 1st ave

                              p. 85

                                        Hanson Marenius C, lab, res 512 Woodbury

                                        Hanson Pehr H, carpet weaver, res 308 S Center

                                        Hanson Roy, opr W U T Co, bds 512 Woodbury

                                        Har Felix H, Propr Palace Steam Laundry 13-17 N 2nd ave, res 205 W Main

                                        Haradon Amasa F, office 24 E Main, bds 401 E State

                                        Haradon Frank M, dep county clerk, res 409 E Church

                                        Harbaugh Isaac, bds New Windsor Hotel

                                        Harding James R, agt C G W Ry, res 520 N 3rd

                                        Hargrave Richard W, Probate Attorney (41 years experience) 3 Court House, res 202 N 4th ave

                                        Harlan Albert, sales Eadie-Ward Piano Co, rms 26 E Main

                                        Harlan John N, emp Spencer-L Coffee Co, bds 911 S Center

                                        Harmon Ellsworth W, res 307 N 5th

                                        Harmon Frank, bds 1412 W Main

                                        Harrington John, emp H E Franke, rms 15 N Center

                                        Harris Albert H, mach Lennox M Co, res 605 E Linn

                                        Harris Miss Florence G, bds 109 W Church

                                        Harris George W, physician 12 W Main, res 109 W Church

                                        Harris Miss Peryle M, bds 109 W Church

                                        Harris Mrs Stella E, bds 517 N 1st

                                        Harris Thomas E, clk Letts-F Co, res 606 N 1st ave

                                        Harrison Edmund W, emp Soldiers Home, res 108 N 15th

                                        Harrison Isaac W, bds 208 W Lincoln

                                        Hart Clara, domestic 1108 W Main

                                        Hart Clyde W, carp, bds 1504 W Linn

                                        Hart Henry H, carp, res 1504 W Linn

                                        Hart L Ida (wid Peter V), res 703 E Main

                                        Hart Paul, laundryman Soldiers Home

                                        Hart Preston V, bds 703 E Main

                                        Hart Miss Velura, bds 703 E Main

                                        Hart Willis A, carp, res 1506 W Linn

                                        Harter Albert, emp I C shops, res 513 S 2nd

                                        Harter Charles C, truckman C G W Ry, res 700 Shepard

                                        Harter Samuel N, driver G A Olson, res 209 W Railroad

                                        Hartjens Henry B, trav agt, bds Pilgrim Hotel

                                        Hartman Miss Blanch B, bds 310 S 2nd


                                        Houck Thomas, res 401 ½ May

                                        Hougeland Ole C, carp, res 609 W Nevada

                                        Houghkirk Benjamin B, res 712 E Main

                                        Houghkirk Miss Ferol, bds 712 E Main

                                        Houghton Frank H, ins 108 E Main, res 1411 S Center

                                        Houghton Fred, foreman McCombs Bros, bds 305 W Church

                                        Houghton Martha (wid Wm), res 305 W Church

                                        Houghton Thompson, emp McCombs Bros, bds 305 W Church

                                        Houseman Winn L, res 500 Shepard

                                        Hovey Maurice W, Treas Marshalltown L P and Ry Co, res 508 W Main

                                        Howard Bert A, emp Shorthill Co, res 116 May

                                        Howard Emmett B, trav agt, bds 502 N Center

                                        Howard Warren, trav agt, res 502 N Center

                                        Howe George A, with Fidelity Savings Bank, res 114 ½ N Center

                                        Howe Henry J, Cash Fidelity Savings Bank, res 6 S 5th ave

                                        Howig Bryant H, Pres Marshall Printing Co, res 305 N 1st

                                        Howig Lewis M, trav agt, res 609 W State

                                        Hoyt Myra Y (wid Charles J), res 9 N 3rd ave

                                        Hubbard Ross W, cash Marshall Oil Co, res 504 N 5th

                                        Hubbard Slyvester L, tmstr, res 3 E State

                                        Hubbard Mrs S L, clk J L Inman, res 3 E State

                                        Huber Mrs Anna, matron Y M C A, res 112 Anson

                                        Huber Mrs Theresa, res 323 S 3rd ave

                                        Hubler Ellsworth G, emp Woods & McNeely, res 516 N 1st

                                        Hubler Harry, emp Brittain & Co, res Woodbury cor 9th ave

                                        Hubler I Ernest, Automobile and Bicycle Repairing, Gen’l Machine Work 5 W State, res 216 N 3rd ave (see page 1)

                                        Hubler Jacob, res 802 N Center

                                        Hubler Miss Nellie, bds 802 N Center

                                        Hubler Roy, emp Brittain & Co, res 516 Lee

                                        Hudson Mary E (wid Charles B), res 1311 W Linn

                                        Huffaker Jacob M, emp M Buggy Co, res 908 Jackson

                                        Hughes Charles N, bds 607 S 7th

                                        Hughes Charles W, real estate, res 500 N 5th

                                        Hughes Miss Della, bds 502 N 4th

                                        Hughes Isaac L, bds 607 S 7th


                                        Hughes John M, res 502 N 4th

                                        Hughes Mrs Mary, domestic 4 S 5th ave

                                        Hughes Nancy (wid Josiah), res 607 S 7th

                                        Hughes Wm M, clk I C Ry, res 620 W Nevada

                                        Hughes Wm P, Business Mngr Times-Republican, res 107 S 8th

                                        Hughes W Frank, lab, res 606 ½ S 7th

                                        Hulbert Charles, tmstr Gregory Coal Co

                                        Hulbert Charles W, blksmith, res 7 Anson

                                        Hull Albert F, clk Marshalltown State Bank, bds 408 W State

                                        Hull Charles H (H Willard Son & Co), res 408 W State

                                        Hull Company The (W H Hull), Booksellers, Art Dealers, Stationers, Office Outfitters, Business Systematizers 36 W Main

                                        Hull George F, res 510 S 2nd

                                        Hull James H, boarding house, res 403 S 2nd ave

                                        Hull Jerome H, clk American Ex Co, res 7 N 6th

                                        Hull Walter H (The Hull Company), bds 408 W State

                                        Hull Wm, nurse Soldiers’ Home

                                        Huls Mallory S, bds 412 N 1st

                                        Huls Spencer S, clk Wilhau & Halverson, res 412 N 1st

                                        Hultenberg Fred, nurse Soldiers’ Home

                                        Hultenberg Lena, nurse Soldiers’ Home

                                        Humeston Fred L, dentist J L Whinery, res 211 ½ N 1st

                                        Humlong George, res 310 N 4th

                                        Humphrey John E, mach Shorthill Co, res 108 E Linn

                                        Humphrey Olive (wid Thomas J), bds 405 N 4th

                                        Humphrey Sarah (wid Alfred), res 410 Bromley

                                        Humphrey Wm L, emp Dinges & E, res 12 N 5th

                                        Hunnewell Catherine (wid David), res 510 Bromley

                                        Hunter Wm, res 1501 W Linn

                                        Hurd Charles, res 306 Woodbury

                                        Hurd Miss Irene I, clk P W Hecker, bds 406 Woodbury

                                        Hurdle Mark, eng I C Ry, bds 200 ½ S 3rd ave

                                        Hurlbut Myo C, emp Lennox Co, res 804 W Boone

                                        Huston Melvin R, emp M L P & Ry Co, res 105 E Linn

                                        Huston Morris D, Furnaces and Tinner 119 W Main, res 205 N 7th

                                        Huston Reuben J, blksmith, res 512 E Linn


                                        Pinkerton Sarah (wid Hezekiah H), res 101 E Main

                                        Pinneo Walter R, driver Snyder & Lonergan, rms 107 E Church

                                        Pitcher Austin L, emp Kreutzer Wasem, res 808 E State

                                        Pitcher George L, grocer, 313 N 4th ave, res same

                                        Pitcher Henry, clk G L Pitcher, bds same

                                        Pitner Rev Wm F, presiding elder M E Church, res 712 W Main

                                        Place Woodbury L, mach I C shops, res 301 S Center

                                        Placek Frank A, tailor 24 E Main, res 503 Lee

                                        Plander Miss Christina, bds 708 Coal

                                        Plander Frederick H, res 708 Coal

                                        Plander Henry G, bds 708 Coal

                                        Plander Wm G, bds 708 Coal

                                        Plattner Miss Amelia, opr Iowa Tel Co, bds 508 E State

                                        Pletscher Henry J, bartdr W H Muelhaupt, res 507 N 1st ave

                                        Plum Albert E, tmstr, bds 1713 Summit

                                        Plum Edward R, emp Brauer Acetylene Co, res 8 Ferner

                                        Plum John C, tmstr, res 515 N 3rd

                                        Plum Martha (wid John M), res 909 S 6th ave

                                        Plumb Charles A, res 912 Mitchell

                                        Plumb Rev James M, res 804 W Main

                                        Plumb John D, carp, res 9 N 7th

                                        Plummer Andrew M, emp C & N W Ry, res 502 W Railroad

                                        Plummer A Maggie (wid Edward M), emp E W Stone, res 307 S 2nd ave

                                        Plummer Earl M, emp Shorthill Co, bds 502 W Railroad

                                        Plummer Miss Georgia, emp E W Stone, bds 307 S 2nd ave

                                        Plummer Miss Maud G, bds 502 W Railroad

                                        Plunkett Miss Anna, bds 302 S Center

                                        Plunkett Edward, res 302 S Center

                                        Plunkett John J, bds 302 S Center

                                        Plunkett Miss Julia, bds 302 S Center

                                        Plunkett Miss Nellie, bds 302 S Center

                                        Plunkett Philip, mach I C shops, bds 302 S Center

                                        Poduska Carrie, domestic 704 W Main

                                        Poduska Charles, bds 507 May

                                        Pontious Harold R, emp D C Wilbur store, res 4 E State

                                        Porrotti Louis, clk F W Oppice, rms 111 S 3rd ave


                                        Porter Rose R (wid George H), res 305 S 4th

                                        Porter Thomas M, emp M Drop Forge Co, bds 304 S 1st ave

                                        Porter Wm N, emp M Drop Forge Co, res 304 S 1st ave

                                        Portz Miss Angeline K, dressmkr, bds 111 S 4th

                                        Portz John, trav agt, res 111 S 4th

                                        Posey George, trav agt, rms 7 S 3rd ave

                                        Postal Telegraph Cable Co, W J Fowler Mngr, 130 E Main

                                        Post Office, C H Smith postmaster, Church s e cor Center

                                        Powell Donald A, brakeman I C Ry, rms 331 S 3rd ave

                                        Powell Miss D Ethel, emp Palace laundry, bds 3 ½ W State

                                        Powell Edward F, res 410 E Church

                                        Powell Edwin H, confectioner 315 S 3rd ave, res 407 Frederick

                                        Powell Miss Ella E, stenogr Ketchum & Gaston Co, bds 411 E Main

                                        Powell George W, bkpr Consumers Fuel Co, bds 410 E Church

                                        Powell Miss Gertrude M, tch Arnold School, bds 410 E Church

                                        Powell John W, mach Lennox M Co, res 915 Mitchell

                                        Powell Russell W, trav agt Ketchum & Gaston Co, bds 410 E Church

                                        Powers Clark D, bds 8 W Lincoln

                                        Powers David C, watchman Lennox F Co, res 510 W Ingledue

                                        Powers Miss Edith, bds 407 S Center

                                        Powers George P, drugs 110 E State, res 8 W Lincoln

                                        Powers Mitchell R, carp, res 407 S Center

                                        Poynes Ralph, clk Batesole & C, bds 912 Jackson

                                        Poynes Samuel E, tmstr H J Nichols, bds 912 Anson

                                        Poynes Wm E, res 912 Anson

                                        Prazak Frank, lab, bds 112 N 10th

                                        Prazak John F, wire chief M Telephone Co, res 112 N 10th

                                        Prchal Joseph, tailor A Psenicka, bds 705 Woodbury

                                        Presnall John T, mailing clk post office, res 510 E Linn

                                        Preston James D, emp Lennox M Co, res 1703 Summit

                                        Price Alexander T, res 706 W Church

                                        Price Anna M, housekpr 910 W Main

                                        Price George A, clk D C Wilbur store, bds 706 W Church

                                        Price Miss Kathryn, bkpr Benedict &  Brintnall, bds 706 W Church


                                        Price Sarah E (wid Jenkins R), res 310 N 1st ave

                                        Priessinger John, emp Brittain & Co, res 1008 Jackson

                                        Probst Helen E, opr M Tel Co, bds 601 S 12th ave

                                        Probst Miss Marsina, nurse Soldiers Home, bds 601 S 12th ave

                                        Probst Miss Rosa W, head cook Soldiers Home, bds 601 S 12th ave

                                        Probst Theresa (wid Louis), res 601 S 12th ave

                                        Probst Miss Theresa A, teacher Anson School, bds 601 S 12th ave

                                        Probst Wm, bds 922 Leverton

                                        Prochaska Frank, bds 505 S 6th

                                        Prochaska James, car repr I C Ry, res 505 S 6th

                                        Propst Charles M, carp, res 203 S 2nd

                                        Prouty Levi O, res 204 S 12th

                                        Pryor Earl M, emp M L P & Ry Co, res 310 S 4th ave

                                        Psenicka Anthony, Merchant Tailor 120 E Main, res 705 May

                                        Punnell Miss Anna A, dressmkr, bds 106 ½ N 4th

                                        Punnell Miss Cecelia M, clk The Fair, bds 106 ½ N 4th

                                        Punnell Miss Elizabeth L, emp Meeker laundry, res 106 ½ N 4th

                                        Pursel Edward, res 7 W High

                                        Pursel Ervin O, emp Lennox F co, bds 407 W Boone

                                        Pursel Miss Ethel, bds 5 W Linn

                                        Pursel John W, undertaker Wilbur & Sons, res 407 W Boone

                                        Pursel J Wm, emp A E Wilbur & Sons, bds 407 W Boone

                                        Pursel Ralph M, baggageman McCombs Bros, bds 5 W Linn

                                        Pursel Samuel F, baggageman McCombs Bros, res 5 W Linn

                                        Putman Edward C, res 204 E State

                                        Putzel Leopold L, trav agt, res 103 N 2nd ave

                                        Putzel Miss Lola B, nurse, bds 103 N 2nd ave

                                        Pyle Edwin, comp H B Miller, res 411 S 2nd

                                        Pyle Wilmer M, res 308 N 3rd


                                        Quaife Miss Fannie A, teacher High School, bds 402 N 3rd

                                        Qualen Rev Olaus, pastor Norw Luth Church, res 112 S 10th

                                        Quam Marshall, emp Lennox F Co, res 406 Woodbury


                                        Quigley Wm, eng I C Ry, bds 201 S 3rd ave

                                        Quinlan Michael P, emp I C Ry, res 407 S 2nd

                                        Quinn Dennis, boilermkr I C shops, bds 107 S 3rd ave

                                        Quinn Miss Kate, bds over 101 W Main

                                        Quintard Cyrus B, res 309 N 4th ave

                                        Quintard Cyrus E, emp Brittain & Co, res 517 Woodbury

                                        Quintard Miss Edith B, bkpr F H Pepper, bds 309 N 4th ave

                                        Quist John, clk A E Wilbur & Sons, res 609 W Boone

                                        Quist Miss Mabel C, bds 609 W Boone


                                        Raber George F, bds 403 ½ S 1st

                                        Raber John, res 403 ½ S 1st

                                        Raber Miss Kate, emp depot lunch counter, bds 403 ½ S 1st

                                        Raber Philip I, bds 311 N 9th

                                        Radloff Otto, stock buyer, res 105 Byron

                                        Ragan Herman O, tmstr Letts-F Co, res 216 N 2nd ave

                                        Raglin Luke, porter C P Cook, rms 35 ½ W Main

                                        Rahn Jacob O, janitor City Nat’l Bank, res 212 E Webster

                                        Rahn Max, res 719 S 7th ave

                                        Railroad Y M C A, J A Goodell Gen’l Sec, 324 S 3rd ave

                                        Rains Fred C, res 108 S 1st ave

                                        Raley Esther H (wid Jehu), bds 115 N 3rd

                                        Ralls James A, letter carrier, res 513 N 1st

                                        Ralls Wm C, rms 19 N 1st ave

                                        Raneberg, Inval, emp M Trowel Co, res 102 Anson

                                        Ranger Mrs Florence E, res 307 W Railroad

                                        Rankin James S, gardener, res 1311 W Boone

                                        Rapp George, trav agt, res 510 E State

                                        Rasmussen Nels P, emp Brittain & Co, res 503 N 3rd ave

                                        Ray James C, painter, res 209 ½ W Railroad

                                        Ray James M, tmstr, bds 209 ½ W Railroad

                                        Ray Sadie (wid Frank E), res 211 W South

                                        Raymond Wm M, propr Theatorium, res 7 S 3rd ave

                                        Reasoner Ralph B, gen’l supt Shorthill Co, res 111 W Grant


                                        Wilson Herbert R, mach Lennox M Co, res 412 Union

                                        Wilson James J, lawyer 125 E Main, bds 105 W Webster

                                        Wilson Jennie (wid Henry C), res 10 ½ E Grant

                                        Wilson John, bds 3 ½ W State

                                        Wilson John G, bds 8 N 6th

                                        Wilson John L, emp Lennox F Co, res 907 Anson

                                        Wilson Leon A, emp G W Heater Co, res 136 W Main

                                        Wilson Levi B, tmstr W H Sloppy, res 108 N 7th ave

                                        Wilson Lewis, bds 201 S 5th

                                        Wilson Mary (wid Nelson M), res 512 N Center

                                        Wilson Orsamus R, eng, res 510 N 2nd ave

                                        Wilson Mrs Rhoda, emp Robertson & Strub, res 307 S 6th ave

                                        Wilson Miss Sadie, teacher Rogers School, bds 5 N 4th

                                        Wilson Stephen M, Mngr of Sales Great Western Heater Co, res 8 N 6th

                                        Wilson Thomas, tmstr Henry Weber, res 108 S 4th ave

                                        Wilson Miss Vernie, teacher, bds 403 ½ W State

                                        Wilson Miss Viola A, bds 208 N 8th ave

                                        Wilson Walter D, clk, res 602 N 2nd ave

                                        Wilson Walter H, constable 6 S 1st ave, res 403 ½ W State

                                        Wilts Herman, bds 107 W State

                                        Wiltsey Anna (wid Eugene T), res 108 S 4th

                                        Wiltsey Miss Nettie M, bkpr W P Flower, bds 108 S 4th

                                        Winans Mrs Carrie M, bds 1105 W Boone

                                        Winans Nelson E, emp M L P & Ry Co, res 305 S 2nd

                                        Winchel Charles E, tmstr, res 210 N 6th

                                        Winchel Miss Essie E, bds 210 N 6th

                                        Winchel Harriet M (wid Elias), res 107 S 3rd

                                        Winchel Joseph H, emp E W Stone, bds 402 S Center

                                        Winchel Mrs Lizzie, res 402 S Center

                                        Winebrenner Miss Alice M, clk Whitton-W Co, bds 505 S 1st

                                        Winebrenner John C, tmstr, res 505 S 1st

                                        Winebrenner John M, bds 505 S 1st

                                        Wingert Mrs Alice M, clk C Deuell, res 226 Player

                                        Wingert Samuel, bartdr, bds 107 W State

                                        Winter Miss Bessie, teacher, bds 110 Anson

                                        Winter Miss Blanche, clk J E Stanton, bds 110 Anson


                                        Winter Fred W, foreman I C shops, bds 110 Anson

                                        Winter James, mach I C shops, bds 110 Anson

                                        Winter Nancy (wid David), res 110 Anson

                                        Winters Charles E, mach I C Ry, res 406 S 3rd

                                        Winters Frank A, emp M Oil Co, res 711 Frederick

                                        Winters Fred, tmstr Gregory Coal Co, res 610 Coal

                                        Winters James W, painter, bds 1202 Summit

                                        Wise Ernest, res 1103 Turner

                                        Witt Julius, res 702 E Main

                                        Wittel George, emp Lennox M Co, bds 311 May

                                        Wittel Jacob, emp I C shops, res 311 May

                                        Wittel Jacob Jr, clk Ingledue & Co, res 212 W Boone

                                        Wittel Miss Lillian, bds 311 May

                                        Witty Claude F, res 519 N 3rd

                                        Witty Samuel E, bds 519 N 3rd

                                        Wohlheter Frederick, bds 6 N 4th

                                        Wolcott Caroline F (wid Frank), res 12 N 3rd ave

                                        Wolcott Frank C, trav agt M Oil Co, bds 12 N 3rd ave

                                        Wolder Andrew C, bds 701 Frederick

                                        Wolder Andrew J, res 701 Frederick

                                        Wolder Harold, janitor Odeon Theatre, bds 701 Frederick

                                        Wolever Theodore, veterinary rear 8 N 2nd ave, bds 802 Frederick

                                        Wolf George, lab C & N W Ry, res 106 S 6th

                                        Wolff Wm L, automobile repr I E Hubler, res 104 S 7th ave

                                        Wolfgang Sherman, res 807 E Main

                                        Wonder Herman L, steam fitter McCarten Plumbing Co, bds 305 E Church

                                        Wood Amanda (wid W Henry), bds 409 W Railroad

                                        Wood Bessie, nurse Soldiers Home

                                        Wood Charles A, emp C & N W Ry, res 409 W Railroad

                                        Wood Miss Emma L, teacher Glick School, bds 406 Fremont

                                        Wood Fred A, trav agt, res 812 S 3rd ave

                                        Wood Ida H (wid Oliver), res 406 Fremont

                                        Wood Lee, clk I C Ry, res 513 Frederick

                                        Wood Miss Lena, bds 812 S 3rd ave

                                        Wood Miss Lora A, bkpr Spencer-L Coffee Co, bds 406 Fremont

Unknown page

                                        Plunkett Miss Anna, bds 302 S Center

                                        Plunkett Edward, res 302 S Center

                                        Plunkett John J., bds 302 S Center

                                        Plunkett Miss Julia, bds 302 S Center

                                        Plunkett Miss Nellie, bds 302 S Center

                                        Plunkett Philip, mach I C Shops, bds 302 S Center

                                        Quigley Wm, eng IC Ry, bds 201 S 3rd Ave

                                        Spencer Miss Beulah M, 404 Railroad

                                        Spencer Floyd B, eng IC Ry, 404 Railroad

                                        Spencer George H, carpenter, 404 Railroad



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