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Marshalltown City Directory (partial)




Abbott A C & Son, wholesale and retail hardware, 1 W Main st

Abbott A J, bartdr, res 7 E Nevada st., Mrs. Alice, Edward, Laura M

Abbott E A, comp, res 205 W Main st., Mrs. E A

Abbott L C, hardware dealer, res 207 E Main st., Mrs. Carrie W, Helen W

Abbott W M Mrs, res 212 S 2nd st., Carrie, Rea

Abbs James, foreman cooper shop, bds 113 May st

Abel Mrs. A E, wid, res 205 E Main st

Ackerman Ben, barber, res 210 N 1st st., Mrs Stella

Ackerman & Putman, barbers 2 W Main st

Ackley Emma, music teacher, res 411 W Main st

Ackley Mrs Hannah M, res 606 E Main st., Charles, Florence, Belle, Fannie

Ackley W O, blksmith, res 204 S 2nd ave., Mrs. Mary E

Adair Nora, domestic 307 N Center st

Adams Mrs Carrie--wid Justus--seamstress, res 402 W Main st

Adams C H, con I C R R, res 104 E Byron st. Mrs. Ida

Adams Miss Ella, teacher, res 207 W Main st

Adams Everett, wks L P & Ry Co, bds Satia House

Adams Express Co, 14 E Main st


Adams George E & Son, Livery 21-23 N 1st ave

Adams George E, real estate 21-23 N 1st ave

Adams George E, real estate 308 N 5th st., Charles

Adams J O, telegraph editor Times-Republican, res 406 N Centerst., Mrs. Mary, Roscoe, Gertrude, Joy

Adams Miss Mollie, clk, res 207 W Main st

Adams Roy E, bds 402 W Main st

Adams S T, tailor, res 207 W Main st., Mrs. Lucind

Adams U G, Grocer, res 8 S 4th st., Mrs. Regina

Adams U G, grocery and bakery 34 E Main st

Adams Wm retired farmer, res 205 N 2d., Jermima

Adams W W, carp, res 411 W Nevada., Mrs. Maude

Addis J R, res 505 Lee st., Mrs. Sarah, Hattie, Lloyd

Adrian J M, auctioneer 308 W State st., Serene, Walter H, Paul

Aegis Manufacturing Co, 104 E Church st

Agan Chet, cond I C R R, res 411 S 4th st

Agan Miss Josie, fancy needle work, bds 411 S 4th st

Agan J C--wid Wm--bds 411 S 4th st

Airy C E, lab, res 512 E State st., Mrs Retta

Aisquith Hobart, com trav, res 710 W Main st., Mrs. M E, Grace, Roy Nellie

Akers Mrs M L Agnes, res 801 W Church st

Akers N J, res 512 S 4th st

Akra Miss Laura, res 103 W Main st

Albert George B, com trav, res 210 S 1st st

Albery Robert E, carp, bds 105 W Webster st

Alderson C B, policeman, res 208 W State st., Anna M

Aldrich Edwin, grain buyer, res 201 S 5th st., Mrs Kate, Allie, Eva, Irene

Alexander George, wks I C R R, res 306 S 1st ave

Alexander Mervin, clk, res 303 Summit st

Allard Mrs Cornelia T, res 530 N 1st st

Allard Horace J, mcht, res 512 S Boone st., Mrs Mary

Allard & Sheldon, grocers 23 W Main st

Allen George J, res 708 W Main st., Mrs Carrie H

p. 21

Allen Mrs Lizzie, res 104 S 7th ave., John, Charles, Joel

Allen Oscar, justice of the peace, res 201 N 2d st., Margaret

Allen Mrs Sarah, res 209 W Boone st

Allen W E, stationary eng, res 312 N 2d st., Mrs Myrtle, Wallace, May

Allen W J, baggageman I C R R, res 403 S 3rd st., Julia, Roy

Allen W H, clk, res 10 N 3rd st., Mrs Rosamond, Charles F

Allgier Jacob, gardner, res 1108 W Doty st., Mrs Lizzie , Mable

Allgeyer J H, job comp Marshall Printing Co, res 207 N 2d st., Mrs Maggie J

Allison C H, com trav, res 210 W Church st

Allison Miss Mollie, clk, res 307 E Main st

Almblad Andrew, carp, res 506 W Linn st., Mrs Christine, Esther

Almblad Charles O, comp, bds 506 W Linn st

Almblad Edward, stenographer, bds 506 W Linn st

Aman Byron, lab, bds 104 E Byron st

American Express Company 117 E Main st

American House, 401 S 2d ave

Ament J J, lab, res 307 Market st

Anderson Andrew O, lab, res 305 Bromley st., Mrs Louisa

Anderson Andrew, tailor, bds 613 W Boone st

Anderson A T, painter, res 612 W Linn st., Mrs Emma

Anderson Miss Cecile, bds 105 N 3rd ave

Anderson Charles, eng, res 408 S 2d st., Mrs Hannah

Anderson Chris, lab, res 703 E State st

Anderson Miss Edna, res 301 N 2d st

Anderson Miss Ella, clk, bds 613 W Boone st

Anderson Emma, domestic 306 E State st

Anderson F O, painter, res 205 N 5th st., Adla, Edith

Anderson Gus, eng I C R R, res 703 S 1st st., Mrs Rosa

Anderson Mrs G B, res 808 Bromley st

Anderson G F, barber 303 S Center st., Mrs Mary, Ralph, Jessie

Anderson G W, agt Am Ex Co, res 506 N 1st., Mrs Belle st

Anderson Henry, bkbinder, bds 703 W Church st

Anderson Miss Ida, res 103 W Main st

Anderson J A, wks I C R R, res 404 S 2d st., Mrs Annie, Carrie

p. 22

Anderson J H, carp, res 612 E Main st., Mrs Jennie

Anderson Mrs Eliza, res 703 W Nevada st., Carrie, Lizzie

Anderson Lizzie, 11 W Boone st

Anderson L J, comp, res 105 N 3rd ave., Mrs Catherine, Theo

Anderson Mack, lab, res 901 Iowa st., Mrs Mary A

Anderson Mrs Mary, wid, res 412 Woodbury st

Anderson Marshall, barber, res 106 S 3rd st., Mrs Helen

Anderson Marshall W, lab, res 106 S 6th st., Mrs Annie

Anderson K N, stone mason, res 811 W Nevada st., Mrs Annie, Rose, Albert

Anderson O W, lab, res 618 W Nevada st., Mrs Sophia

Anderson Peter, lab, res 412 Woodbury st

Anderson Samuel, lab, res 410 1/2 S Center st., Celia

Anderson Swan drayman, res 303 S 3rd st., Hannah, John

Anderson Wm, wks I C R R, res 404 S 2d st. George, A C

Anderson Wm A, clk P O, rms 123 E Main st

Anderson W D, clk, res 608 E Linn st., Mrs Bertha, Lizzie

Andrews Miss Carrie, stenographer, bds 607 W Boone st

Andrews Debarah, domestic 708 W Church st

Andrews Edward V, res 205 W Church st., Pauline

Andrews George L (Andrews & Hoyt), res 205 W Church st., Mrs Clara L

Andrews Harry, res 607 W Boone st

Andrews & Hoyt, grocers 126 W Main and 126 E Main st

Andrews Louis F, bkpr, res 604 W Linn st., Mrs Harriet

Andrews M F, merchant, res 111 N 1st st

Andrews Wm, loan agent 9 S Center st

Andrews Wm, insurance, res 401 N 4th st., Mrs Hattie, Carrie, Deborah

Anson A, lab, res 606 Frederick st., Mrs Sophia, Annie

Anson Alva B, res 5 N 1st st., Inda

Anson A J, grocery and commission merchant, res 104 S 3rd ave., Mrs Mary E

Anson A J, grocer 332-334 S 3rd ave

Anson Miss Cora, clk Hoyt & Parker, res 812 S 3rd ave

p. 23

Anson Co. (Henry and S R), brick and tile, coal and wood, S 3rd ave cor May st

Anson Eva, domestic 505 S 4th st

Anson Henry, res 802 S 3rd ave

Anson Horace, retired farmer, res 206 W Church st., Mrs E C

Anson Mrs Julia A--wid John--res 504 W Main st

Anson Monroe, tmstr, res 607 Johnson st., Mrs Eliza

Anson School, Annie Cornelius principal

Anson Sturgis R, 812 S 3rd ave., Mrs Anna

Anson Wm, bkpr Anson Co, res 812 S 3rd ave

Armbruster Louis, shoe store 6 E Main st

Armbruster Louis, res 201 S Center st., Kate L, Fred

Armour Frank, clk Peter Mayer, res 502 E Linn st

Armour J I, eng I C R R, res 502 E Linn., Mrs Nellie

Armstrong Charles, blksmith, res 111 N 1st ave., Mrs Leoita, Marguerete

Armstrong J C, retired farmer, 407 N 2d ave

Arney Jacob, lab, res 404 N 1st ave., Mrs Della, Jessie, Grace

Arnold A J, bds 304 S 1st ave

Arnold Miss Bessie, student, res 206 E Webster st

Arnold D F, mach, res 716 Noble st., Mrs Tillie

Arnold George W, lab, res 125 W Main st., Mrs Rosa B

Arnold H B, bds 304 N 2d st

Arnold Miss Lena, bds 206 E Webster st

Arnold School, bet Church and Linn on S 7th st., Miss Minnie A Bach prin

Arnold Wm, res 716 Noble st

Artz Daniel, carp, res 706 E State st., Miss Mary A

Artz Henry, grocer 308 W Railroad st, res same., Mrs Augusta, Ella, Bertha, Teresa

Arquette Mose, eng I C R R, rms 327 S 3rd ave

Ashbrook O D, prop Aegis Mnfg Co, res 110 S 3rd st

Ashbrook Miss Minnie D, teacher, res 110 S 3rd st

Ashtenan Lewis, lab, res 103 S 12th st., Mrs Amelia, Viola

Ashton Mary, res 108 W Nevada st., Wm

p. 24

Atkinson F E, com trav, bds 302 W Main st., Mrs M A, C

Atkinson John A, tmstr, ref 8 W Church st., Mrs Carrie A, Lulu M

Atkinson J F, contractor, res 207 S 3rd ave., Mrs S E, Neal, Vera

Atkinson Bros (J F and C E) over 106 E Main st

Atkinson Lee, clk,bds 8 W Church st

Aude George H, wks U S Ex Co, bds 310 N 1st st 

  Aude J A, butcher, res 510 N 1st st., Mrs H J

Augustine A P, 7 S 2d st

Auld C C, lab, res 310 S 3rd st., Mary A, Lister

Auld Nelli, res 310 S 3rd st., George, John, Mamie, Frank, Nellie

Aurenger G F, painter, res 407 N 2nd st., Mrs Sarah

Auringer F G, marble cutter, res 308 N Center st

Austin A M, retired farmer, res 103 S Center st., E S, E C, D J, T T

Austin Charles S, stone cutter, res 408 E Main st

Austin Edward T, comp, res 408 E Main st

Austin Miss Nellie, seamstress, bds 402 W Main st

Austin S J, res 408 E Main st., Mrs E E, M Ella

Avey John, plasterer, bds Satia House


Baasch Herman T, wks A A Moore, res 213 Anson st., Mrs Elsie

Baasch John, lab, res 605 S 4th st., Mrs Melinda, Amanda

Bach Charles, wks I C R R, res 411 S 1st st., Mrs Dora

Bach George, wks I C R R, res 112 Anson st., Gus

Bach Minnie, school teacher, res 110 S 3rd st., Mattie

Bacon C W, co supt public schools, res 502 N 4th st., Florence A, S Harold

Bailey & Forney, maple sugar wks 205 Market st

Bailey W T, merchant 206 N 3rd st., Mrs Marion L, T O, J R


Baird Miss Alice, teacher, res 403 E State st

Baker Bros (E D and C A), coal, wood and building material 3rd ave opp I C R R, general office.

Baker Charles A, wood dealer, res 604 E Church st., Mrs Fanny, Edna

Baker Edward D, coal dealer, res 606 E Linn st

Baker Mrs Ella, wid, res 309 S 4th ave., Frank, May

Baker Emma R, res 206 N 2d st., Walter

Baker Mrs Nellie G, res 612 W Main st., Roy H

Baker Walter, res 204 N 2d st., Mrs Emma

Baker Wm, retired, res 606 E Church st., Miss Emma

Baker W C, miller, res 531 N 2d st., Abbie, Neva, Guy

Balch A F, banker, res 106 N 2d st., Mrs Nettie L

Balch P S, banker, res 604 W Main st., Mrs Nellie, Katie

Balcom Mrs A M, wid, res 202 N 2d st

Balcom Dr G W, res 407 L Main st

Ball Frank, res 303 N 9th ave., Mrs Gertie

Ball Harry, wks packing house, res 710 Woodbury st., Mrs Laura

Ball Mrs Kate, wid, bds 303 N 9th ave

Ball Mary, domestic, S 3rd ave

Ballach Nancy J, res 312 N 5th st

Ballou J R, bkbinder Marshall Printing Co, bds 602 E Linn st

Banks John, lab,res 409 W Church st., Mrs Katie

Banner Lodge, I O O F hall over 126-128 E Main st

Banzhaf John, contractor, res 312 E State st., Mrs Lena

Barger Miss Gussie, res 103 W Main st

Barker Frank, tmstr, res 402 Johnson st., Mrs Ida

Barnhard Mrs Mary, wid, bds 311 S 4th st

Barnhart R H, city green house 11 N 2d st., R E

Barnhart C R, prop Pilgrim Hotel st., Mrs Mary, Willie, Paul

Barnhill Louis, opr W U Tel Co, bds 109 N 1st ave

Barnhill Mrs M E, wid, res 206 S 2d ave

Barnhill R J, lab, res 201 S 2d st., R M

Barnhill S S, wks glucose, res 109 N 1st ave., Mrs M E, Otis, Charles

Barnhill Wm, lab, res 206 Johnson st., Mrs Harrett


Barrell Herman, carp, res over 21 W Main st

Barrell Levitt, clk, res over 21 W Main st

Barrett Warren, com trav, res 304 N Center st

Barror Nick, carp, res 113 May st., Mrs Ida

Barrows O B, overseer of poor, res 301 W State st., Mary

Barry T P, general pass ticket agt I C R R, res 101 S 1st ave, L C, E P, W B, F C. See also Berry

Barstow Mrs Allie, res 407 W Main st., Louis

Bartleson James, lab, res 409 Union st

Bartley Ed, bds 410 S 1st ave

Bartley Owen, bds 410 S 1st ave

Bartley Simon, res 410 S 1st ave., Mrs May, Annie

Bassett George G, eng, res 504 N Center st., Mrs J Es nerett, Ver?

Bassett Hallie, domestic 201 S 3rd ave

Bates Clarence A, bds 209 N 1st ave

Battin John M, clk I C R R, bds 310 N 1st ave

Battin Wm, justice of the peace over 26 E Main, res 310 N??? ave., Mrs Elizabeth, Helen, Maggie, Cora, Jennie

Battis Mrs Mary A, wid, res 208 N 3rd st., Mrs Maud, Ruth

Batty Blfred, res 306 S 1st., Mrs Elizabeth, Edgar, Arthur

Baty James, retired, res 307 S 4th ave., Mrs Lavina

Baughfman E A, night clk P O, bds 105 W State st

Baughfman Jasper N, horse dealer, res 105 W State st

Baum Miss Ella, clk McIntyre & Cohen, res 201 N 3rd

Baum Mrs R D, wid, res 201 N 3rd st

Baumgartner Louis, bds 205 E Church st

Baxter Edwin, lab, res 913 Iowa st

Baxter Mrs E A, wid, res 913 Iowa st., Edith, Maggie, Cinderella

Bay Charles P, letter carrier, res 411 N 1st ave., Mrs Ella, Albie, Inez, Bertha

Baysore M K, opr C & N W R R, bds Windsor Hotel

Beal Miss Ina, milliner, bds 5 E State st

Beard Edwin, compositor, bds 512 S 4th st

Beasley George, dray line, res 609 W Main st., Sadie, H??, F M, George L


Beasley Mra May, dressmkr, wks over 117 E Main st

Beasley N H, retire, res 106 E State st, Mrs B L

Beasley W H, painter, bds 106 E State st

Beasley G W, prop White Transfer Line, 116 E Main st

Beauty Culture Parlor, Miss Roxie Smith mngr, 111 E Main st

Beatty E N, janitor, bds over 124 W Main st

Beaupier Jacob, lab, res 501 May st

Beck C E, paper hanger, res 103 W Nevada st., Mrs Della

Becker A R, barber, bds 109 W Main st

Becket Mrs Frankie, wid, rms 406 N 1st ave

Beckwith Frank, res 607 N 1st ave., Mrs Mary

Beckwith Mary, wid, res 5 E Church st., Aggie

Bedford Mrs S J, res 205 N 2d ave

Beebe George H, wks Fisher Governor Co, res 212 N 2d st., Mrs Lucretia, Mary, John, Roy, Rob

Bee Hive Harrigan's, 24 E Main st

Beeks Frank, brakeman, res 608 Frederick st., Mrs F

Beeks James F, tmstr, res 305 Cunningham st., Mrs Matilda, Nettie

Beeson Miss Alice, teacher, bds 524 N 1st st

Beeson W B (Haas & Beeson), real est, res 524 N 1st., Mrs Hannah, Miriam, Martha, Sam, Caddie

Belangee Charles, barber, res 11 S 1st st

Bell John, eng I C R R, res 307 S 1st st

Bell John I, pork packer, res 309 E State st., Mrs Ida J

Bell S C, real est, bds 512 W Main st

Bellesfielt Porter J, shoemkr, res 305 S 3rd ave., Mrs H S

Belor Jacob, paper hanger, res 407 N 4th ave

Belor James R, paper hanger, res 407 N 4th ave

Belor Mrs Julia Ann, res 407 N 4th ave

Benda May, bds 909 Mitchell st

Bendlage, Theodore H, grocery, res 511 E Linn st., Mrs M A Gertie, Charlie, Eddie

Benedict E E, feed store, res 507 N Center st., Mrs Larissa, Lyra, Jennie

Benedict Frank (Lee & Benedict), res 907 W Main st., Mrs Alice


Benedict Grace, bds 205 E Linn st

Benedict H W, res 110 N 3rd st., Sarah A

Bengston N P, real est and ins, res 406 S 2d st., Mrs Tilda

Benjamine Abbie J, bds 110 1/2 S Center st

Benjamin Bicycle Livery, 8 N 1st ave

Benjamin F A, res over 28 E Main st., Mrs L L, L, Pearl

Benjamin's Music and Millinery House, 28 E Main

Bennett Mrs J C, housekpr, res 212 E State st

Bennett Mrs Leora, 407 N 2d ave

Bennett Sam, butcher, 207 S 2d st., Mrs Enola, Annie V

Bennett Wm T, clk, bds 207 S 2d st

Benson C W, clk, bds Murphy House

Benson H J, prop Woodbury Mills 202 N 3rd st., Mrs Clara ?, Clyde M, Edna

Benthall Eugene D, bds Wilson House 105 N Center st

Bently D A, painter and paperhanger, res 306 S 2d ave., Mrs Lucin?

Bentley S G, agt, 201 N 4th st., Mrs Susan, Alta, Noma, Neva, Pa??

Bentley Duane, painter, res 407 E Main st., Mrs Alice J

Bently E Rossetta Mrs, bds 6 Anson st

Bently Mr, 6 Anson st., Mrs Rossetta

Bently Ulyses, Iowa Heating Co, res 207 S 4th ave., Mrs Lida E

Beobachter The, F S Widl pub, over 23 W Main st

Berg A G, plumber, res 507 W Linn st., Mrs Annie, Albert, John

Berg Chris, lbr, res 711 E State st., Mrs Martha

Berg J H, lbr, 503 W Nevada st., Mrs Augusta, May, Charles, Bessie

Bergren E P, lab, res 204 E Webster st., Miss Lena, Charles, Em??

Bernstein Adolph, res 401 E Church st

Bernstein Bros, (Chas and Adolph) bottling works, east e?? Frederick st, office 19 N Center st.

Bernstein Chas, (Bernstein Bros) res 107 W Church., Mollie

Bernstein Herman, wks bottling wks, res Windsor hotel

Bernstein Louis, bartnds Bernstein Bros 21 N Center st

Berry George T, tmstr, res 708 Doty st., Mrs Belle, Maud

Berry John, lab, res 505 W Church st., Mrs Margaret


Berry W T, res 504 Bromley st

Best Wm T, wks packing house, res 701 Woodbury st., Mrs Mary A, Lewis A, Wm J

Beverage Hattie O, wid, res 104 W Nevada st

Beverage M C, photogrpher, res 108 N Center st., Nora, Herbert

Beverly Charles, editor Press, res 8 N 2d ave., Mrs Anna, Charles Jr

Bierman Gustaf, bartndr, res 105 N 1st ave

Bigalow A T, res 407 W Nevada st

Bigalow Miss Mary E, seamstress 407 W Nevada st

Bigelow Clinton, carp, res 513 Lee st., Mrs Rhoda

Biglow H P, painter, res 512 N 3rd st., Clarissa, Earl

Bill H A, res 108 S 4th ave., Mrs Bessie M

Billings Dr Charles A, dentist, res 105 N 2d ave., Mrs Rachel, Fred

Billings C A, dentist, office over 102 E Main st

Billings Walter, blksmith, res 104 W Church st., Ed J

Binder Everett L, baker, res 412 E Linn., Mrs Alice L, Ruben R

Binford & Binford, lawyers, 35 W Main st

Binford O L, attorney, 501 W Main st., Abbie, Raymond

Binford & Snelling, lawyers, over 111 E M st

Binford Thad, atty, (Binford & Snelling) res 110 N 2d ave., Mrs Jessie, Ruth, Eugene

Binford T E, lawyer, res 108 S 3rd st., Mrs Nellie

Bingaman C B, harnessmkr, bds Hopkins House

Bingaman Frank, gardner, res 806 S 9th ave., Mrs Maggie

Bingamans Harness Store, 23 N Center st

Bingham Miss May, res 309 E State st

Bingham Wm H, emp Bernstein Bros, res 506 E Nevada st., Mrs Malinda

Birchard A T, prop Marshalltown Canning Co, res 204 W State st., Margaret S

Birchard--see also Burchard

Birkeland I. Mrs, res 5 W Nevada st


Birkland Miss Pauline, domestic 6 N 3d ave

Birmingham J G, drayman, res 412 W Linn st., Mrs Margaret, Mary, Josie, John

Birmingham Lloyd, bds 405 S 2d ave

Bissill Thomas, lab, res 704 Doty st., Mrs Mary

Black E M, res 612 N Center st

Black J H, baggageman C & NW depot, res 408 E Nevada st., Mrs Minnie

Black J S, speculator, 303 E Church st., Mrs Lucy A, Pearl E, Herbert O

Blackburn Mrs Anna, wid Thomas, bds over 112 W Main st

Blackburn Robert, wks for J Duncan, fair ground

Blackwell Missouri, res 505 N 3d st., Bert, Daisy, Venus

Blair C S, com trav res 206 E Main st., Mrs Alice, Calvin S, Joe

Blair Hazlett Nettie Miss, rms 206 E Myin st

Blake R S, butcher, res 406 N 4th ave., Mrs Anna

Blake S C, plumber, res 203 S 1st st., Mrs Tillie

Blakely Wm, lab, res 902 W Boone st., Mrs Emma

Blaney Mrs Jennie, rms 208 E Linn st

Blaylock Mrs A D, rms 401 N 2d ave

Block John C, res 609 E Church st., Mrs Fena

Bloom John, lab, res 811 Woodbury st

Bloom Dave, res over 103 E Main st., Mrs Lena

Bloomfield R E, broker, res 12 N 3rd st., Cloe

Blossom C H, real est, res 610 W Main st., Mrs Mary, Bessie

Blue T C, clk, rms 501 N Center st

Blum John, lab, res 610 Doty st., Mrs Frances

Boardman & Boardman, lawyers, office over First National Bank

Boardman C E, attorney, res 410 E Church st, Mrs Emma, Mattie L, Clara E, Anna L

Boardman C H E, city attorney, res 612 W Main st., Mrs Blanche

Boardman H E J, attorney, res 2 S 3rd ave., Mrs, Noretta, Esther


Boardman Mrs Rebecca, res 305 1/2 S 1st ave

Boardman Wm T, letter carrier, res 305 1/2 S 1st ave., Mrs Althea, Jennie, Bessie, Ella

Bogard C H, lab, res 510 S 4th st

Boggie Bert, mach Fisher Governor Co, bds 409 W Boone st

Boggie H C, eng I C R R, res 108 S 5th ave., Mrs Lottie

Boggie J W, brakeman I C R R, res 409 W Boone st., Mrs E L, Pearl, Glen, Tom C

Boggie Mrs Lavina, wid, res 604 E Linn st., Arthur, George

Boldus Fred, res 104 S 3rd ave

Bonawitz A L, horse dealer, res 808 W Main st., Mrs Minnie

Bond Oliver L, bds 508 W Linn st

Bonham John C, blksmith, res 706 N 4th st., Salama, Oscar, Henry, Zula, Charles, George

Booth J M, lab, res 508 Lee st., Mrs Emma, Alta

Borchardt Philip, wks Oil Mill, res 805 S 3rd ave., Mrs Elizabeth, Carrie

Borchardt Wm, wks oil mills, res 805 S 3rd ave

Bordahl Rev O E, res 613 W Nevada st., Mrs Emma

Boston Store, I L Cady propr, dry goods and cloaks, 27 W Main st

Boswell Harry, tmstr, res 508 1/2 E Main st., Mrs Nellie

Boswell Ira, tmstr, res 111 N 3rd ave., Mrs Estella

Boucher Dr F H, physician and surgeon, 125 E Main st over P O

Boucher Dr F H, res 208 S 3rd ave., Mrs Susie, Francis, Emerson, Leo

Bouldin Dr I W, eye, ear and nose, office 129 E Main st, over P O

Bouldin Dr, bds 201 S 4th st., Mrs Lottie

Bourne Geo T, hardware merchant, res 208 W Main st., Mrs Mabel

Boury H J, lab, res 3 Summit st., Mrs Eliza

Bousum George W, lab, res 516 S 4th st., Mrs L J, Carrie

Bowe W G, electrician, 310 N 3d st., Mrs Lura

Bowen Palmea, student, res 311 Bromley st


Bowen W H H, painter, res 109 S 2d ave., Mrs Anna, Clement

Bower Ella, bds 212 S Center st

Bowman Andy, 219 Anson st., Mrs Barbrie, Clara

Bowman Bros, (Fred W, Geo A) wholesale liquors, 30? Market st and 13-17 N 1st ave

Bowmans Carpet Cleaning Co, 309 Market st

Bowman Fred, teamster, bds 312 May st

Bowman Geo A, (Bowman Bros) res 112 E Church st., Alice, Louisa, Frank, May, Mabel, Clarence

Bowman Geo M, bds 211 S 2d ave

Bowman G J, res 207 S 2d ave., Mrs Teressa

Bowman John, saloon keeper, 312 May st., Mrs Gertrude A, Fred

Bowman Mrs J F, res 105 S 3rd ave., Heneretta, Jennie, Emil

Bowman Richard, egg buyer, res 607 1/2 W Church st., Mrs Josephine

Bowman W J, res 211 S 2d ave., Mrs Katie

Boyce J P, eng I C R R, 405 S 4th st., Mrs Retta, Clyde

Boyle Andrew, res 610 E Frederick st., Elizabeth, Jessie

Braee J H, lab, res 607 S 3rd st., Mrs Mary, Jennie, Nellie, Fred

Bracke J W, grain dealer, res 206 S 4th ave

Bradbury & Co, meat market, 310 and 312 S 3rd ave

Bradbury J R, butcher, res 109 N 3rd ave., Roy Carrie

 Bradford Theo F, attorney, 210 W State st., Mary, L

Bradford T F, attorney, office over 36 E Main st

Brandon W C, lab, bds 105 S 7th st

Brady J P, comp Times-Republican, rms 208 S 3rd st

Brady Thomas, wks I C R R, res 212 Player st., Mrs Hannah, John

Brady T C, physician and surgeon, office over 117 E Main st, res 107 E Church st

Bramer George W, wks I C R R, res 402 S 2d st., Ruth

Brand Mrs George A, wid, res 507 N 1st ave

Brand S F, lab, res 211 W Nevada st., H F

Brandon John S, cond, res 210 S 2d ave., Mrs Clara B


Bristol J G, train dispatcher I C R R, res 205 W Main st

Bristol Mrs O A, res 205 W Main st

Britt Walter, teamster, res 210 S 2d ave., Mrs Lydia, Jessie

Brittain & Co (Richard Reed, John I Bell, T L Boyd, A??? Glick) pork packers, 9th ave bet Woodbury and Marion st

Britton J L, street commissioner, res 109 N 5th st., Annie

Broadhead John, jeweler, bds 201 N Center

Broadhead Martha, clk Lee & Benedict, bds 201 N Center st

Brock Mrs Ann, wid, res 311 Bromley st

Brock C H, res 410 N 2d st

Brock Mrs Ella M, nurse, res 301 N Center., Miss Idella

Brock George, constable, res 410 N 2d st., Mrs Ella

Bromley C E, merchant, res 308 1/2 N 3rd st., Mrs Emma, Ed???, Florence, Charles

Bromley Nancy, wid, bds 105 N 2d st

Bronson Miss Ethlyn, stenographer, bds 601 E Church st

Brookins James, watchman C G W Ry, res 310 S 4th ave., ??, Ella, Roy, James C

Brott Bros, barbers, 323 S 3rd ave

Brott Charles W, barber, bds over 112 W Main st

Brott Fred B, barber, bds over 112 W Main st

Browhard J W, lab, res 105 E Lincoln., Mrs Kate

Brown Alonzo, lab, res 610 W Church st., Mrs Julia, Gert?, Charles, Harold

Brown Caleb, carp, res 411 Marion st., Mrs Louise, Minnie, Walt?

Brown Miss Carrie D, teacher, res 408 E Main st

Brown C N, lab, res 507 S 5th st., Olive H, Nellie, Frank, Wilbe?, Herbert

Brown C R, bkpr Marshalltown State Bank, res 106 N Center., Mrs Lizzie

Brown Delilia, res 302 W Church st

Brown Miss Dot, bds 412 W Main st

Brown Frank, porter Pilgrim Hotel

Brown F S, lab, rms over 29 N Center st


Brown H D, wks Letts, Fletcher Co, res 9 N 9th st., Mrs Ida, Roy

Brown Mrs H R, rms 406 N 1st ave

Brown I L, lab, res 515 Bromley st., Mrs Amelia

Brown Mrs J J, wid, res 208 E Main st

Brown J G, retired farmer, res 106 N Center st., Mrs Anna

Brown Lisle W, stenogr, 506 W Main st

Brown Nellie A Mrs, agt, 412 S 1st ave

Brown Miss Nellie, stenogr, res 208 E Main st

Brown Miss Nettie, bds 106 N 1st st

Brown Theodore A, photographer, res 506 W Main st., Mrs Allie V, Edith M

Brown T A, photographer, over 19 W Main st

Brown Timothy, atty, office over 111 E Main st

Brown Timothy, atty, res 401 E Main st., Mrs Laura W, Mary, Antionette, W L, Arthur

Brown Wm S, drayman, res 310 N 4th ave., Mrs Elizabeth

Brown W A, res 510 N 2d st., Cora

Brown W H, lab, 8 S 3d st., Mrs A E

Brownlee Wm, lab, res 106 E North st., Mrs Arretta, Kate, Lyle

Brundage Volney Allen, clk, res 305 E Church., Mrs Carrie, D D, Earle

Bruner J H, barber, res 117 N 3rd st., Ann, Anna K, Olive M

Brunner Isabel, dressmkr, res 112 N 2d ave

Brush John, lab, res 203 1/2 S 7th ave., Mrs Lou

Brush J M, res 812 Bromley st., Mrs Dollie

Bryan E E, Iowa Heating Co, res 605 E State st., Mrs Sadie

Bryant Morton, lab, rms 311 N 1st ave

Buchacker Carrie, domestic Satia House

Buchanan C C, student, rms 517 N 1st st

Buchanan Albert, lab, res 908 Iowa st., Minnie

Buchanan Wm, student, rms 517 N 1st st

Buchwald Amelia, wid, res 108 N 1st ave., Wm, Frank, Clara

Buchwald Fred, butcher, res 712 Bromley st., Mrs Mary


Buchwald Charles, wks A A Moore, res 805 1/2 S 3rd ave., Mrs Mary, Fred, Laura, Bertha

Buchwald Harry, pkr, res 108 N 1st ave

Buchwald Robert, tmstr, res 508 Bromley st., Mrs Gertrude

Buchwald Theodore, pkr, res 108 1/2 N 1st ave., Mrs Annie

Buck C M, res 614 S 3rd st., Libbie, Cleave, Leroy

Buck George, lab, res 412 W Church st., Mrs Alzums

Buck Wm, lab, res 511 S 2d st., Mrs Mary

Buckley Wm, lab, res 511 S 2d st., Mrs Mary

Bulanek John, lab, res 102 May st., Mrs Mary

Bulfer Geo, ret, res 103 1/2 S 1st st., Mrs Elizabeth

Bull Geo, mach, bds Satia House

Bullock J C, clk of court, res 308 E Church st., Mrs Mary E, Davis J

Buol Christ, lab, bds 406 S 5th st

Buol John, lab, bds 406 S 5th st

Bunyea Mrs Lunda, wid, res 1020 S Center st

Bunce N L, farmer, 603 Jerome st., Mrs M

Burchard Geo A, res 207 W Lincoln st., Estella

Burchard see also Birchard

Burdick, Miss Leona May, domestic 409 W Nevada

Burg see also Berg

 Burger Nina Miss, bds 212 S 1st ave

Burges Arthur, plumber, res 709 N 4th st., Hazel, Ray, Carrol

Burgess A S, lab, bds 406 S 4th st., Mrs E J

Burges Margaret, res 202 N 5th st., Jessie

Burk John, prop Ogden House, 405 S 2d ave., Mrs Jennie

Burk Martin, res 506 S 2d s., Mamie

Burk Tobias, section foreman, 409 S 3rd st., Mrs Mary, Mertie, Clara

Burke J S, lab, 910 Mitchell st., Mrs Kate

Burke P W, res 310 N 2d st., Mrs Hettie

Burkhart Chas J, editor Statesman, rms Church and Center sts

Burkholder E A, lab, res 406 S 1st st., Mrs Ella

Burlingame Bert, comp Reflector, bds 107 W State st

Burnell A S, Inter-State Tracer, 212 N 3rd st., Mrs Florence M, Florence C, Helen M

Burns Maggie, domestic 803 E Linn  


Buras--see also Byrnes

Burritt B L, attorney, res 311 N 2nd ave., Mrs Lottie, Florence, Raymond, Bessie, Maud

Burret Dena, domestic Wilson House

Burritt Edwin, lab, red 311 N 2d ave

Burritt Iessie, domestic 409 N 1st st

Burroughs James W, architect, res 304 E Church st., Mrs Catherine J, Mary A, Edna

Burs John, cooper, bds 503 May st

Burt Frank, lab, res 104 W Nevada st., Howard

Burton Rev M I, bds 709 E Linn st

Bush Frank, colored, lab, wks 902 W Main st

Butler A D, res 102 N 2d ave

Byrnes C S, dentist, bds over 104 W Main st

Byrnes J H bkpr, res 801 Bromley st., Mrs Mary

Byrnes, Maggie, domestic 803 Linn st

Byrns P B, wks I C R R, res 702 Frederick st., Mrs Kate, Mary, Minnie


Cady Frank, lab, res 603 E Main st

Cady I L, Boston Dry Goods Store, 27 W Main st

Cady I L, merchant, res 401 N 1st st., Mrs Nellie

Cady Mrs Nellie Reid, res 401 N 1st st., Ruby

Cahill Thomas, tmstr, res 219 N 2d ave

Caldwell M, tmstr, res 105 May st

Caldwell M, res 3 E Church st

Caldwell W J, conductor, res 406 S 4th st., Mrs Genie, Ella

Calhoun George W, real est, res 801 W Church st., Mrs Martha


Calhoun J S, bkpr, res 802 W Church st., Mrs La Mattie

Calhoun & Sontee, real est 17 W Main st

Calhoun W H, music dealer, res 207 W State st., Louisa, Wm G, Lulu

Calhoun William, salesman, rms 207 W State st

Calmus Joseph, blksmith, res 609 W Church st., Mrs Lena

Calmus Michael, carp, bds 609 W Church st

Calmus Peter, boilermkr, bds 609 W Church st

Cammack R, ret, res 202 W Church st., E

Cammack S T, res 114 N Center st., Mrs Lillie

Cammack & Saints, justice and ins over 12 E Main st

Canfield Justis, com trav, res over 124 W Main st., Mrs Julia, Mabel

Cannon Mrs Rebecca, bds 411 W State st., Rachel

Carkruff Eugene J, tmstr, res 714 S Center

Carkruff Sam, teamster, res 708 S Center st., Mrs Elizabeth

Carkruff Wm, teamster, res 12 May st., Mrs Nellie

Carleton Sylvia, dressmkr, res 115 N 1st st

Carleton W H, clk I C R R, res 115 N 1st st

Carlson Andrew, car insptr I C R R, res 509 W Church st., Mrs Ida, Albert

Carlson Charles, car repairer I C R R, bds 409 S 4th st

Carlson C P, marble cutter, res 506 W Church st., Mrs Matilda, Edith, Anna, Arthur, Eddie

Carlson C V, mach, res 405 E Linn st

Carlson Miss Emma, dressmkr, bds 506 W Church st

Carlson G A, advertising agt, 409 S 4th st., Mrs Josie, Edna

Carlson Hattie, res 542 N 2d st., Ellen

Carlson Peter, lab, res 406 Swayze st., Mrs. Mary, Ida

Carlson Rosa, domestic, res 6 N 2d ave

Carlton James, blksmith and musician, res 614 E State st., Mrs Tillie

Carmean N A, Rhoades & Carmean, rms 107 N 2d ave., Mrs Lizzie

Carmody James, com trav, rms 105 E Webster st., Mrs Annie, Madge, Owen, Tomy

Carnahan D S, laundryman, 115 N 2d st., Sadie


Carnahan E F, agt, 110 1/2 W Lincoln st., Bertha, Wilie, M E, M F, Etta, Bell

Carnahan W A, teamster, res 409 N 3rd ave., Mrs Nancy Carney J L atty, over City Bank

Carney J L, atty, res 11 S 4th st., Mrs Minnie E, Leonard T, Lora M, Gladys, Gerna

Carpenter C E, agt Singer Sewing Machine Co, office 116 E Main st

Carpenter C M, furniture dealer, res 208 E Webster st., Mrs Henrietta, Bertha A, Byron P, Clyde O

Carpenter C M, furniture, 110 E Main st

Carr Charles M, Marshalltown Grocer Co, res 309 E Church st., Mrs Ella A, Hallie, Grace

Carrier Jack, com trav, res 503 N 1st ave., Mrs Lizzie, Pearl

Carroll A W, lab, res 205 W Main st

Carroll Fred L, opr I C R R, res Windsor Hotel

Carson W J, ret farmer, res 207 N 4th ave., Mrs N T

Carter Mrs C, col'd, res near 505 E Linn st

Carter Emma, domestic, 202 N 3rd st

Carter Flo M, teacher, bds 311 W Church st

Carter J G, painter, res 05 W Linn st., Mrs Emma

Carver E E, I C R R, res over 23-25 S Center st

Carver T E, motorman, bds Murphy House

Cassidy Michael, plumber, res 608 W Doty st., Mrs Mary

Cassidy P H, lab, res 105 W Railroad

Cassidy M F, bds 512 S 2d st

Caswell Miss Leona, teacher, bds 309 S 6th st

Caswell Miss Maggie, stenogr, bds 309 S 6th st

Caswell Obed, law office, Court House

Caswell Obed, attorney, 309 S 6th st., Mrs Mary, Clyde

Cathers Mrs Kate, wid, res 1004 S Center st

Cathers Thomas, painter, bds 1004 S Center st

Caton C T, eng I C R R, res 308 W Boone st., Mrs Kate

Caton Geo W, eng I C R R, res 311 West RR st., Mrs Anna E

Cauffman--see Kauffman

Cauvel Mrs Bertha, dressmkr, rms 8 W State st


Cavert Miss Emma B, bkpr, bds 508 W Linn st

Cavert Frank, upholster, bds 508 W Linn st

Cavert John R, com trav, res 508 W Linn st., Mrs Sarah A

Center House, 108 S Center st

Center House, M A Pendleton propr, 108 S Center st

Chadwick C S Mrs, dressmkr, 105 S Center st

Chamberlain's Jewelry Store, 18 1/2 E Main st

Chamberlain Riley W, jeweler, res 709 W Main st., Winiford, Mary, Sarah

Chapin E N, ret, res 409 N 3rd st., Mrs Nettie S, May S

Chapin F B, ret, res 712 W Church st., Mrs Ellen, Etta

Chapin Mary A, res 404 N 4th st

Chapman F M yard master I C R R, 105 S 5th ave., Mrs Jennie, Harry

Chapman Wm H, wks McCombs Bros, res 211 N 4th ave., Mrs E??

Charney James, janitor Anson school, res 903 Iowa st

Charney John, lab, res 101 Anson st., Mrs Mary

Charney Mary, wid, 903 Iowa st

Chase H F, tinner, res 304 N 4th ave., Mrs Minnie, Linnie

Chase S P, retired farmer, 410 N 1st ave., Mrs Hulda

Cheney Mrs E J, rms 214 N 2d ave

Cheville Miss Marie, book agt, res 308 Bromley st

C & G W passenger and freight depot bet 2d and 3d ave on Nevada

C & N-W depot, cor 3d ave and R R st

Childs Mrs Lodemcy, wid, res 102 N 2d st

Choat E G, mach I C R R, res 311 N 1st ave., Mrs Eva

Choate J P, mach I C R R, res 309 W Linn st., Mrs Abbie

Choate M M, com trav, res 306 W Church., Lou, Wm

Choate Wm, dentist, over 5 W Main

Chorn Silas, janitor Baptist church, res 309 Bromley st., Mrs Sarah

Christensen Thos, lbr, res 306 S 7th ave., Mrs Annie, Edward

Christenson Mrs Annie, domestic, res 302 E Church

Christiansen Annie, domestic, 13 S 3rd ave

Christianson Chris, lab, res 310 N 3rd ave

Christianson Chris, lab, res 410 Woodbury st., Mrs Anna


Christianson Hilda, domestic, 512 N Center st

Christianson John, moulder, bds 507 W Linn st

Christianson Mary, housekpr, res 408 Bromley st

Church L F, carp, res 606 N 4th st., Mary M

Church H A, real est, res 202 N Center st., Mrs M A, Clyde, Ralph

Church Susie A, teacher, 537 N 3rd st

Churchill Kitty, res 108 N 2d st

City Bill Poster, Ike Speers, Fidelity Bank

City Bill Posting Co, Fred Way city bill poster, 113 E Main st

City National Bank, cor Main and Center sts

C?affie Michael, lab, res 506 S 1st st., Julia

C?arahan Ed switchman C & N W R R, res 406 W Linn st., Mrs Adella, Roy, Cliff

Clark Albert G, well digger, res 3 N 9th st., Leroy

Clark A J, mngr Savory House 205 W Main st., Elzie, Emma

Clark A M, tel opr I C R R, res 214 N 2d ave., Mrs Florence

Clark E G, retired farmer, res 514 N 3rd st

Clark Goshen, propr Savory House 205 W Main st., Mrs G

Clark H L, lab, bds 201 N Center st

Clark James, lab, res 8 W Nevada st., Mrs J

Clark Michael, car repr I C R R, res 203 S 7th ave., Mrs Kate, Thomas P, Eugene B, Thomas

Clark P, bds 108 S Center st

Clark P J, retired, res 510 W Nevada st., Mrs Helen, Roy P

Clark Wm M, insurance agt, over 23 W Main st

Clark Wm M, insurance agt, res 204 N 3rd st., Mrs Flora M

Claus John, blksmith 35 N Center

Claus John, blksmith, res 505 N 1st ave., Mrs Annie, Chester

Clausen John, lab, res 706 E State st., Mrs Annie

Clay Delos, lab, res 304 S 1st st., Mrs Ellen, Clay Hiram

Clay Reuben, res 501 E State st., Mrs Agnes

Claybaugh James, farmer, res 514 N 1st ave., Mrs Louisa, Daniel, Bertie, Ben, Merle

Claybaugh Sylvester, res 514 N 1st ave., Mrs Hattie

Clayman Wm, cooper, bds Hotel Eagle


Clegg Thomas C, eng I C R R, res 202 1/2 S 2d ave

Clem J P, teamster, res 201 N 5th st., Lottie, Wallace

Clemens Louis, woodworker, res 503 E State st., Mrs Ida, Essie

Clement Mrs Margaret C, wid, res 307 E Main st

Clemmons Archie, retired farmer, res 103 E Webster st., Mrs Lav??

Clemmons Joseph, lab, res rear 501 S 1st ave., Alice

Cliff Miss Mable V, student, bds 116 N 1st ave

Clifford P, res 405 1/2 S 1st st., Mary

Clifton S L, lab, bds 308 N 9th ave

Clinite Miss Estella, bds 407 N 2d ave

Clow W D, real est, res 607 N Center st., Mrs Dora M, Charl?, Helen

Cobb T C, col'd, lab, res over 34 W Main st., Mrs Rebecca

Cochrane Bert G, carp, bds 910 S Center st

Cochrane Permelia, wid, res 910 S Center st

Coe Mrs Ella M, res 601 N 1st ave

Coen M J, dry goods merchant, res 204 N 4th st., Mrs Naoma

Coffey Ed, wks I C R R, res rear 706 S 2d st., Mrs Anna

Coffman Harry F, painter, res 801 Iowa st., Mrs Anna

Coggin C H, lab, bds 214 Player st

Cogswell J R, conductor, res 611 E Church st., Mrs Jane, Mary P??

Cole Mrs Edith, res 404 Bromley st

Cole Francis, domestic, rms over 14 E Main st

Cole James N, carp, 212 N 1st st., Mrs Edith

Cole J H, board of trade, res 105 S 3d st., Flora J

Cole L, teamster, res 701 E State st., Mrs T A, Richard, Edith, Ha??

Coleman Annie, domestic, 102 N 1st ave

Coleman C M, com trav, res 412 N 1st ave., Mrs Mollie

Coleman Miss Ella, modiste, 8 N 3rd st

Coleman Miss Kate, modiste, 8 N 3rd st

Coleman Minnie, domestic, 301 N 1st ave

Collins D J, eng I C R R, res 406 W Nevada st., Mrs Julia

Collins Henry, lab, res 305 1/2 S 3rd st., Mrs Ida

Collins Michael, boarding house, 502 S Center st., Mrs An??, Agnes, Annie, J J, Michael


Collins Miss Kate, clk, res 502 S Center st

Collins Milt P, carp, res 511 W Linn st., Mrs Josie E, Bertha, Dora, Frankie, Edna

Commercial State Bank, cor Main and 1st sts

Conger C C, res 204 S 4th st., Mrs Esther

Conger Miss Nellie, bds 403 N 4th ave

Conger Pearl, lab, res 602 1/2 S 3rd st., Myrtle

Conger Washington P, res 406 W Railroad

Conklin John, molder, res 506 S 2d st., Susie

Conkling Mrs Marv, wid Frank, clk, res 12 1/2 S 7th st., Addie, Ina

Conlee Miss Grace, bds 708 W Main st

Connely E B, lab, res 702 E Linn st., Mrs Sarah E

Conner L L, baggageman C G W Ry, res 308 1/2 S 2d ave., Mrs L J, Jessie J

Conners David, lab, res 1006 S Center., Mrs Mary, Nellie

Conners Ed, fireman I C R R, bds 1006 S Center

Conners Mart, lab, bds 10 6 S Center st

Cook Charles P, rms 6 E Linn st

Cook C M, jeweler R W Chamberlin, res 506 N 1st ave., Mrs Emma, May, Laura

Cook G D, car repr, bds 411 E Linn st

Cook Jacob, retired, res, 802 Iowa st

Cook Joseph Wm, eng, res 308 S 4th ave., Mrs Ida B, Charles A, Edna, May

Cook J G, carp, res 712 E State st., Mrs Jennie

Cook M D, trainman, bds 309 W Railroad st., Mrs Mary

Cook M L, gunsmith under 11 W Main st

Cook M L, gunsmith, res 7 N 6th st., Mrs D E F

Cook N W, printer, res 215 N 2d ave., Mrs A A, Aggie, Nellie, Harry

Cook's Restaurant, 508 S 3d ave

Cook Samuel C, eng, res 305 S 4th ave., Emma L, Anna L, Ralph G, Anna I

Cook T J, mach, bds 108 S Center st

Cooleage Nettie, domestic, res 407 E Church

Cooley Edgar W, bds 106 N 1st st


Cooley K C, wks I C offices, bds 106 N 1st st

Coonay Mary J, Wilson House 105 N Center st

Cooney Mrs J J, res 205 S 1st ave

Cooper A B, bkpr S W Ins Co, res 211 N 1st ave., Mrs. Sarah, ???

Cooper Dr A B, res 302 N 2d ave, Mrs Poebe, Charlie, Earl ???

Cooper Charles, wks Glucose, 1107 W Boone st

Cooper Etha, stenogr I C R R, bds 211 N 1st ave

Cooper Isaac, lab, bds 1107 W Boone st

Cooper J F M, retired farmer, 533 N 2d st., Elizabeth D, Edith ???

Cooper J M, real est, res 306 Bromley st., Mrs. Martha, Ethel, F???

Cooper J P stock dealer, res 512 N 1st ave., Mrs. Eva

Cooper Lora L, teacher, res 302 N 2d av

Cooper Moon, real est agts, office over 111 E Main st

Cooper Mrs M A, res 604 E Church st

Copland John, lab, res 803 N Center st

Coppersmith Mrs Dina, wid Louis, bds 7 S 4th st

Coppock A R Co, ticket brokers over 25 W Main st

Coppock Charles, res 305 Summit st

Coppock J L, miller, res 104 N 1st st

Coppock Mrs Katie, dressmkr, rms 104 N 1st st

Coppock W R, loan broker, res 111 S 1st st., Lucy S

Corberry Miss Ella, res 108 N 7th ave

Corbett Miss Jessie, stenogr, 301 S 1st ave

Cordt Peter, wks glucose, res 401 May st., Mrs. Agnes

Cornelius Miss Anna, teacher, res 205 N 4th st

Cornell P B, painter, res 112 S 3rd st., Mrs. Eveline, Judith, ???, Frank, Margaret

Cornwell, W H, claim agt I C R R, res 402 N 1st st., Mrs Mary

Cosgrove James, bds 502 S Center st

Costello Mrs Anna, res 607 E Linn st., Martin

Cotterell Ioseph W, trav agt, res 209 E State st., Mrs Margaret, Bessie Kate

Cottle Dr C C, res 202 N Center st., Mrs May

Cottle's office over 2 E Main


Cottomas Mrs Mary, wid, res 709 E Linn., Lillie, Rebecca, Rosa, Mary, Preston, Lucy

Cottomas W B, lab, res 507 Woodbury st., Mrs Ellen

Couchman W V, implement dealer, 309 W Church st., Mrs Addie

Coughlin John, molder, res 210 W Boone, Maggie, Mary, Thomas W

Coulter M, lab, res 710 S Center, Mrs Almira

Coulton F D, carp, res 303 S 1st ave., Mrs Clara E, Myrtle

Coulton David, plumber, 601 S 6th st., Mrs Mary

Cour James, boss boilermkr I C R R, res 303 E Linn st., Mrs Annie

Cousins Mrs Laura E, bds 311 N Center st

Cousins Miss Winifred, clk I L Cady, bds 311 N Center st

Cowell Mrs M J, bds 108 S 2d st., Ella

Cowell W J, lab, 3 E Church st., Mrs. Delia, Harry, Clyde

Cox Archie Jr, clk I C R R, res 3 W Lincoln st., Mrs Nora

Cox A B, propr Tremont, 30 W Main st, res same., Mrs Marcia

Cox A L, grain buyer, res 208 N 4th ave

Cox Emily, res 414 N 4th st

Coyne J W, res 505 S 2d st., Agnes, T H, Roy, Wm, Tom, Mary, Tresa

Crabtree Arthur, four and feed, res 708 E Main st., Mrs. Etta, Mable, Nellie

Crabtree Ben, emp I S Finkle, bds 5 E State

Crabtree James, grocer, res 5 E State st., Mrs. Amanda, Leora

Crabtree & Son, grocers and baled hay, 20 N 1st ave

Craig L R, ins agt, 208 S 1st ave., Mrs Emma

Craig W G, lab, res 123 May st., Mrs. Maria

Cramer Miss Dora May, res 308 S 3d ave

Crandell E E, bds 515 S 3rd st., E A, Susie, Maud

Craushaw Miss Ada, domestic 503 S 4th st

Crawford E, drayman, res 107 E Lincoln st., Mrs Polly

Crawford George W, carp, res 808 W Nevada st., Mrs Minnie

Crawford H H, cond, res 5 E Linn st., Mrs Lotta

Crawford J B, teamster, res 403 W Boone st., Mrs Hannah


Crawford Miss Nettie, teacher, bds 403 W Boone

Crawford W E, drayman, rms 107 E Lincoln st

Crawshaw Wm, lab, res 411 Swayze st., Mrs Lottie, Ada

Creech Wm, lab, bds 406 W Church st

Crellin C, bridge builder I C R R, res 411 S 5th st., Mrs Alice, Grace D, Chester

Crellin John, mach, res 104 S 2d st., Laura

Criley J J, tel opr, res 508 W Nevada st

Crill J A, lab, res 505 1/2 E Linn., Mrs H A

Crinklaw J F, plumber, res 301 N 3rd ave., Mrs Clara

Crinklaw J M, teacher, res 303 Bromley st., Mrs S E, Gertrude, Myrtle, Grace, Walter, Charles, R M

Crinklaw & Schober, plumbers, 216 E Main st

Crinklaw Wm, plumber, res 303 Bromley st

Crist Miss Clara, stenogr, bds 505 W Linn st

Crist J H, lab, res 505 W Linn st., Mrs Louisa

Crombie Fred, pressman Times-Republican, res 102 S 7th ave., Mrs Ella

Crombie J A, carp, res 412 S 2d st., Mrs S, Estella

Cronk A B, drayman, res 208 S 4th st., Mrs E E

Cronk F W, lab, 608 W Nevada., Mrs Ella

Cronkleton O T, retired, res 405 W Church st., Mrs Sarah E

Cronkleton Miss Sadie, clk M F Andrews, bds 405 W Church st

Cronkleton T C, retired farmer, res 806 W Church st., Mrs Mary M, Frank, Agnes

Cross Chas, lab, res 610 Bromley st., Mrs Catherine, Arthur, Minnie, Malinda, Tillie, Ben

Cross E P, carp, res 603 E State st., Mrs Clarissa, Gertrude, Edna

Cross Miss Vinnie, money order clk P O, res 603 State st

Crowl F S, com trav, res 308 N 3rd st., Mrs Emma M, Edwin V, Donald E

Crumm Frank, lab, res 6 S 2d st., Mrs Belle, John

Crumm O B, exp agt, res 411 W Church st., Mrs Fannie

Cudlitz Frank M, clk Satia House


Culkins Frank, waiter, res 405 N 4th ave., Mrs Tillie

Cully C H, grocer, res 503 N 2d st., Mrs Ida M, Claud

Culter Henry, cooper, bds 503 May st

Cummins A B, teamster, 103 W Boone., Mrs Amanda, George, Nellie, Fred

Cummings B F, county attorney, rms 1002 W Main st, bds Tremont

Cummings Mrs C P, wid, res 506 E Linn., Claud

Cummings E, cigarmkr, bds Breckel's 109 W Main st

Cummings John, rms over 35 W Main st

Cummings J C, shoemkr, res 412 W Church st., Mrs Ella

Cummings W C Dr, 1002 W Main st

Cunningham Charles, wks I C R R shops, bds Hotel Eagle

Cunningham D W, retired, res 406 Cunningham st., Mrs Elizabeth

Cunningham Samuel, retired farmer, res 402 N Center st

Cunningham Wm, clk, bds 406 Cunningham st

Curran John, harnessmkr, res 311 N 4th ave., Mrs Anna, John, Anna

Curtis Miss Emma, teacher, bds 101 N 9th st

Curtis Miss Ida, clk, res 208 N Center st

Curtis George, plumber, bds 101 N 9th st

Curtis J F, carp, res 208 N Center st., Mrs Mary

Curtis Mary A, wid, res 101 N 9th st

Cutforth Nellie, wid, res 406 E State st

Cutshall Joseph, cooper, bds Hotel Eagle


Dagman Maggie, bds 212 W Nevada

Dailey Mrs Henry, res 802 N Center st

Dallis Miss Sadie, domestic, 211 E Main st

Daly Anthony C, attorney, over 36 E Main st

Daly Anthony C, attorney, res 135 W Main st., Mrs ???

Daly & Bradford, lawyers, office over First National Bank

Danihy Mary, res 12 West Linn

Danielson S W, bds 5 W Nevada st., Dan

Danskins R, supt water supply, 208 E Linn st., Mrs Fannie, Karl ???

Danskin Thomas, miller, res 104 S 5 ave., Mrs Augusta B

Dann E H, dep county clerk, res 205 E Main st., Mrs Jessie

Darley R M, trav, residence 106 S 5th ave., Mrs Mary E, Mrs ???

Dashing David, wks Simpkins & Downing, bds 701 E Nevada st

Darling John Sr, section foreman I C R R, res 701 E Nevada st

Darling John Jr, bds 701 E Nevada st

Darling Nellie, bds 701 E Nevada st

Darnell H B, well digger, 512 S 4th st., Alice

Darnon Joseph, bds 108 S Center st

Darrow Mrs Mary J, 302 S Center st., Rosa

Davenport E Frank, com trav, res 114 N 1st ave., Mrs Alice

Davenport F H, conductor I C R R, 409 W R R st., Mrs Rub???...Joie

Davenport W H, lab, res 205 W Main st

David A W, bds 108 S Center st

David W F Dr, res 406 W Main st., Mrs. Adelia D, Lula E

p. 49

Davids Henry, comp Statesman, res 308 N 2d st

Davids Miss Tony, clk, res 308 2d st

Davis Mrs Annie, cook at Breckel's dining rooms 109 W Main st

Davis Ed A, eng, res 505 S 3rd st., Jennie M, Harry E, Thomas C

Davis J P, lab, res over 116 W Main st., Mrs Minnie

Davis J W, res 305 S 2d st., Mrs Emma

Davis Mrs L E, res 507 S 2d st., Mrs Ella, Maud, Grace, Pearl, Lewis

Davis Miss Marie, bkbinder Marshall Printing Co, res 701 S 6th st

Davis Millie, col'd, bds 709 E Linn st

Davis M C, special pension exam, rms 9 W State st., Mrs Mary

Davis Robert Sanford, res 305 E Church., Charlotte, Lizena

Davis Sampson, carp, res 701 S 6th st., Mrs Margaret, Marie

Davis W A, res 205 S 3rd ave., Mrs Jennie A

Davis W C, molder, res 301 S 3rd st., Mrs M D

Davison Henry, lab, res 505 S 1st st

Dawson Mrs Bessie, cook Satia House

Dawson Samuel, res 405 S 2d ave

Dawson E J, solicitor Times-Republican, res 8 S 7th st., Mrs Ella, Claude, Fred

Dawzer Joseph, wks glucose, res 503 1/2; May st., Mrs Mary

Day Mrs J, domestic 7 S 6th st

Dayton A, res 103 E Lincoln st

Dayton Mary A, res 103 E Lincoln st

Deakin Robert, barber, res 211 E Main st

Deale F, line repairer, bds at Breckle's 109 W Main st

Dean Dewitt, res 300 N 6th st., Hulda, Pearl, Fern, Dessie, Ralph

Dean George W, restaurant 119 E Main st., Mrs Georgia T

Dean Miss Hester A, dressmkr, res 302 N 4th ave

De Butts H A, retired farmer, res 209 N Center st., Mrs Hester

Deiley Josiah, retired farmer, res 406 E Main st., Mrs M A

De la Gardelle Annie, domestic Windsor Hotel

Denmead D T, Banker, res 306 E State st., Mrs Gertrude, Dwight H, Harry K

Denmead James L, student, bds 306 E State st

Densel Mrs Harriet, res 201 S 3rd ave


Densel & Wilbur, Furniture, carpets and undertaking, 11-17 S Center st

Denton Charles, lab, bds 228 Player st

Denton W J, teamster, bds 228 Player st

Depot Drug Store, McBride & Will proprs, 329 S 3rd ave

Depuy Mrs S E, res 105 E Linn st., Lauretta M, Lillie V, George G, Frank O

Derdal Bertha, domestic, res 510 W Main st

Derby Ladoit, trav salesman, res 205 N 5th st., Mary E, Louis,

Dervin James, horseshoer, 404 W Linn st., Mrs Virge

Desch M E, carp, res 209 S 1st ave., Mrs Emma

DesRsehes Henry, wks glucose, res 706 S 3d st., Mrs Mary

Detrick Joseph, lab, res 506 N 4th ave., Mrs Syrena, Joe, Oliv? Grace

Detrick Mrs Mahala, wid, res 509 N 2d st., Fred, Harry, Clayton

Detrick W E, lab, res 305 Summit st., Mrs Carrie

Detrick--see also Dietrick

Devine W H, lab, 615 S 3rd st., Luella

Devine Dr W S, res 312 N 1st st., Mrs Allie

Devine Dr, office over 8 E Main st

Deuell Charles, news depot, 27 W Main st, res 118 N 2d ave., Mrs Clara

Devore H B, chief train dispatcher I C R R, bds Windsor Hotel

Dewey Miss Mabel, teacher, bds 201 S 4th st

Dewey Mrs M J, rms 118 N 1st ave

Dewitt F E, teamster, 106 W Church st., Ella E

DeWitt J W, res 115 N 3rd st., Mrs Mary A, Blanche C, Lula E

DeWitt Mrs Lydia, res 10 W State st

Dewitt O S, section foreman C & N W, 109 S 5th ave., Mrs M, Ray, Iva

Dewitt Wm, lab, res 506 N 4th ave

Dibble Dora, domestic, 104 W Church st

Dibble Grace, bkpr Brittain & Co, bds 308 N 9th ave

Dickenson Mrs R W, wid, 206 N 3rd st

Dickey F N, fruit dealer, 305 S 1st ave., Miss Gwendolene


Dickey Wm, rms, 409 N 1st st

Dicks T E, res 506 S 3rd st., Charles, Nora, Sarah, Enos

Dickson--see Dixon

Dieckmann, C F L, painter, res ?07 E Linn st., Mrs Rosa, Clanse J, Lloyd, Carl E

Dignan Miss Francis, bds 410 W Nevada st

Diesing Fred, gardner, bds 807 W Nevada st

Diesing Miss Kate, domestic, bds 807 W Nevada st

Diesing Lewis, gardner, res 538 N 3rd st., Mary, Clara, Lottie, John, Fred, Laura

Diesing Magdalena, wid Charles, res 807 W Nevada st

Diesing W C, gardner, ads 807 W Nevada st

Dieterich Chas, cigarmkr, res 209 N 2d ave., Mrs Christiana

Dietrich Fred, cigarmkr, res 102 E State st., Mrs Pearl

Dietrich John F, cigars and tobacco, 104 E Main st, res 107 N 1st ave

Dietrich--see also Detrick

Densel & Wilbur, Leading Embalmers, So. Center St.

Dillon D H, eng I C R R, res 409 W Linn st., Mrs Libbie

Dillon James, res 304 W State st., Mrs Eva, S A, Robert, John

Dillon James, wks glucose, 212 W State st., S A, Eva, Robie, John

Dillon John H, printer, rms Wilson House

Dilley W C, bl,ksmith, res 408 E Linn st., Mrs Daisy, Roy W, Gye E, Bessie H

Dilley W R, lbr, res 511 W Boone st., Mrs Clara

Dinges F N, painter, res 512 W Church st., Mrs Lilah

Diope Fred, wks glucose, res 403 May st., Mrs Anna

Divis Joseph, tailor, res 514 Lee st., Mrs Mary

Dixson A W, painter, bds 104 W Nevada st

Dixon Mrs Charles, wid, res 203 S 3rd ave., Frank A

Dixon Miss Elizabeth V, stenogr Brittain & Co, res 604 1/2 E Linn st

Dixon Hattie, 1110 W Main st

Dixon Inez, bds 201 N 3rd st

Dixon James, eng, res 802 N Center st

Dixon John, retired farmer, res 1010 W Main st., Mrs Catherine

Dixon M M, surveyor, bds 1110 W Main st


Dobrkosky Frank, wks glucose, bds 512 Anson

Dobson Blanche, res 212 W Church st

Dobson C, retired farmer, res 512 E Linn st., Mrs M J, Mary, ??mer, Mattie

Dobson Mrs Gertrude M, wid Worrington, res 410 W Church st, ??

Dodge A R, painter, res 106 S 1st st., Mrs Joan, Cora

Dodge's Dining Hall, 103 W Main st

Dodge E M, Restaurant, res 103 W Main st., Mrs M??

Dodge Miss Lillie E, res 103 W Main st

Dodge Miss Maggie C, res 103 W Main st

Donald John, bridgeman C G W Ry, res 303 1/2 S 2d ave., Mrs Em?

Donald W H, rms 303 1/2 S 2d ave

Donaldson Miss Maggie, res 8 S 3rd st., Orwals, Blanche

Donaldson W B, painter, res 111 N 3rd ave., Mrs Irene

Doner Mrs Emma, dressmkr, res 708 W State st., Miss Lizzie

Donnelly Miss Ella, domestic, res 303 E Linn st

Doolittle Mable, stenogr Northern Life Insurance Co, bds 305 ? 4th ave

Doolittle M G, res 208 N 5th st., Mary, May, Lottie

Doolittle W W, merchant, res 102 S 3rd ave., Mrs Lenora F, Raymond W

Dostal Julia, domestic, res 11 S 3rd ave

Dotter Rev T E, res 206 S Center st., Mrs Mable

Dotson J P, editor Reflector, res 107 W State st., Marion W

Douda Joseph J, wks glucose, res 106 May st., Mrs Mary, Mary

Doud Mrs Hattie, res 301 S 2d st., Maggie

Dougherty Rev J F, res 9 W Linn st

Downer Geo C, flour and feed, 306 Cunningham st

Downer John C, retired, res 209 S 3rd ave

Downing E E, (Simpkins & Downing) res 102 N 2d ave., Mrs Cora, N E

Downing E E, undertaker, 103 E Main st

Downing Geo, lab, res 404 N 4th ave

Downs Emma, over 21 N Center st


Downs T N, train dispatcher, bds 206 S 2d ave

Dozier A F, electrician, res 308 Bromley st., Mrs Mattie

Drager Ernest, S 12th ave., Mrs Agusta, Louis

Drubka Mrs Hellen, rms 209 N 1st ave

Drum Charles (Hodges & Drum), res 108 N 1st st., Mrs Annie, Agnes, Mable

Drum Miss Maud, teacher, res 108 N 1st st

Drum Miss R C, res 709 1/2 E Main st

Ducane F C, baker, res 311 S 2d st., Rosa, Mary

Dudley Sarah, wid, res 6 N 4th st

Dudley W E, upholster, rs 503 W Linn st., Mrs Mary

Dudycha John, lab, res 309 S 7th ave

Duffey Ray, res 112 S Center st., Mrs Alta W

Dugan Miss Ida, grain agt, res 105 S 2d ave

Dugan Peter, wks I C R R, bds 611 S 3rd st

Duglas Robert, peddler, res 203 1/2 Anson st., Mrs Ella

Duke Mrs Nannie, bds Wilson House

Duncan Benjamin, res 310 N 5th ave

Duncan E J, res 512 Jerome st., Etta, Willie

Duncan John C, horse trainer, res 608 E Main st

Duncan Josephus, res 8 1/2 N 3rd st., Mrs Hannah J, M G, Geo F

Duncan Rufus H, res 401 W State st., Mary J, Susie, Stella, Harley, Robert, Gertie

Dunham Luther, res 512 Jerome st., Gertie, Lee

Dunn Edward, lab, res 309 N 5th ave., Nettie

Dunn E B, lab, res 908 Mitchell st., Mrs Margaret

Dunn James, lab, res 102 N 2d st

Dunn J C, coal and wood dealer, S 3rd ave

Dunn J C, coal dealer, res 107 S 2d st., Edith

Dunn Samantha, res 512 Jerome st., Lovesie, Loren, Estella

Dunn Miss Lizzie, wks Windsor Hotel

Dunn J A, salesman, 212 W State st., Maggie

Durand Mrs S M, residence 103 S 1st st

Durell J E, peanut stand, rms over 29 N Center st

Durelle Chester, tailor, res 509 N 1st st., Mrs Louisa, Ralph, Violet


Dutcher J T, eng I C R R, res 208 S 1st ave., Sarah

Dwinell Mrs Adaline, wid, res 502 Bromley st

Dwinnell J L, collector, res 502 Bromley st

Dwyer Miss Nellie, bds 8 W Nevada

Dwyer Patrick, res 510 S 2d st., Mrs Mary, Tom, Fannie

Dwyer Wm, fireman I C R R, 217 Washington st., Mrs Laura A

Dwight Samuel, retired farmer, 601 N 1st ave., Mrs Ann, Miss Clara, Nora A, Samuel Jr

Dwight Stanley, res 601 N 1st ave

Dymond M R, miliner, 115 W Main st

Eagle Hotel, 210 1/2 S 3rd ave

Eames Clifton, student, bds 406 N 1st ave

Eames E B, deputy sheriff, res 406 N 1st ave

Eames F H, trav agt, res 410 N 3rd st., Mrs Etta W, Willie

Eames Henry, retired farmer, res 406 N 1st ave

Eames Percy F, bkpr, 410 N 3rd st

Eason Stewart, letter carrier, res 203 N 3rd st., Mrs Belle, Mabel, Irene

East End Bakery, 120 E Main

East Harry (Rhodes-Carmean Buggy Co), res 112 ? 1st ave., Mrs Ella, Ray

East Mrs H J, res 102 N 1st ave

East H M, lab, res 312 N 4th ave., Mrs Lydia, Leavitt, Harry

East W R, wks Rhodes-Carmean Buggy Co., bds 102 N 1st ave

Easter Mrs Emily, bds 509 N 2d st

Eastman J W, lab, res 308 E Main st., Mrs M E, R W, J R

Easton Lydia, dressmkr, res 209 W Main st


Eaton David, teamster, res 207 E State st

Eaton Marcus, teamster, res 207 E State st., Mrs Emma

Eaton Warren, teamster, res 803 N Center st., Maud M, Robert M

Ebart Maud, domestic Pilgrim Hotel

Eberhart B E, trav agt, res 101 S 4th st., Mrs Clara, Fay, Harry, Florence

Echternacht George, carp, res 407 E State st., Mrs Catherine, Louis, Edwin, Alice G, Harry

Eckert Louis, res 405 N 4th ave

Eckman C F, carp, 610 E State st., Mrs Matilda, Charles, Arthur, George

Eddy F R, moulder, res 306 Bromley st., Mrs. Hattie

Eddy James, lab, res 811 S 3rd ave., Mrs Francis

Eddy Mrs J B, bds 411 W Church st

Eder Chris, wks glucose, bds 501 May st

Ederhoff Eno, res 4 E State st., Mrs Lottie, George

Edgar Mrs Clara, wid, res 202 1/2 S 3rd ave., Thomas E, Anna Odell

Edgar Stephen, butcher, res 108 8th ave., Mrs Ellen

Edgar Thomas E, wks Marshall Printing Co, res 202 1/2 S 3rd ave

Edgington A A, lab, res 8 E North st., Mrs Martha

Edgington J L, lab, res 103 North st., Mrs Tillie

Edgington Mrs Mary, res 701 N 1st ave., Edgar, Sylvia, Rose, Chloe, Gertie

Edgington Thomas, farmer, 503 N 2d st., Nettie

Edling John, lab, res 106 1/2 N 6th st., George

Edminson Rev James, res 107 S Center st., Mrs Mira, Mattie, Edward, Sharley

Edwards Albert, res 110 W Lincoln st., Millissa, Orin, Frank H, Royal A, Cora M

Edwards Asa, teamster, res 510 E Main st

Edwards A G, day clk, Pilgrim Hotel

Eich Catherine, wid, res 505 E Marion st

Eich Catherine, wid, res 608 Woodbury st

Eich Frank, wks Brittain & Co, bds 505 East Marion st

Eich Joseph, cook, res 808 Woodbury st


Eich Joseph, wks Brittain & Co, bds 505 East Marion st

Eich Otto, farmer, res 608 Woodbury st., Mrs Monika

Eich W C, cook, res 808 Bromley st., Mrs Minnie, Tessie

Eichorn F P, police, res 409 E Church st., Mrs Catherine, Clara

Eichorn W H, motorman, res 127 May st., Mrs Mary, Justinia

Elder Al S, agt, bds 407 W Railroad st

Elder A T, mngr McBride & Will's drug store, res 7 W Nevada st., Mrs Nellie

Elder James, carp, res 407 W Railroad st., Mrs Maggie, Lizzie, Lou, Adam

Elder James T, fireman I C R R, bds 407 W Railroad st

Eldridge Elmer, clk, res 304 Jerome st., Mrs Ella

Elery Charles, wks McCombs Bros, bds 3 East Limit st

Electric Rebecka Lodge No 331, Isa Long N G, Mrs C W Hutson treas, Myrtle Nason V G, W B Elliott fin secy, W C Dilley rec secy

Elgin Frank, teamster, res 7 N 7th st., Lizzie

Elgin Wm, teamster, res 7 N 7th st., Mrs Hannah

Ellington Bertha, res 405 W Main st

Elliott C A, retired merchant, res 304 E State st., Mrs E M, Mary L, F B

Elliott Mrs Hattie, res 708 Noble st

Elliott Lee, carp, 307 N 5th ave., Mrs Florence E, Ethel B, Clair

Elliott Lucy, res 506 E Linn st

Elliott Mrs M, res 508 E Main st., Maggie, Lizzie

Elliott Miss Pashie, res 308 W State st

Elliott's Real Estate Office, 8 S 1st ave

Elliott Mrs Abbie F, wid, nurse, 701 W State st

Elliott W B, real est, res 510 1/2 E Main st., Mrs Hattie A, Ethel A

Elliott W R, mach, res 514 S 4th st., Lizzie

Ellis Ellis Albert T, foreman round house I C R R, 407 W R R st., Mrs Jennie


Ellis J A, agt C & G W R R, res 5 N 3rd ave., Mrs Elizabeth, Clifton

Ellis Miss Lucy, student, bds 514 N 1st st

Ellison John, well digger, 6 High st., Mrs Mary

Elsworth Miss Nellie, dressmkr, over 34 W Main st res same

Elwell C J, mach, 406 S Center st., Lizzie, Annie

Emerson C H, wks I C R R, res 1010 S Center st., Mrs Lucy, Walter, Myrtle

Emerson J W, bds 11 S 3rd ave., Mrs Nellie

Emery E U, com trav, res 303 W Linn st., Mrs Mary

Emery L L, clk county treas, bds Windsor Hotel., Mrs Gertrude

Emery Mahlon, student, bds Windsor Hotel

Emery S A, propr Windsor Hotel., Mrs Emma C

Empire Mills, E Main st bet 8th and 9th aves

Empire Steam Laundry, A D Meeker propr, 117 W Main st

Engelhardt John Andrew, retired, res 105 E Church st., Mrs Mary, Barbery

Englert John A, bkpr, res 472 S 1st ave., Mrs Mary, Harry

English Alexander, retired, res 519 N 1st st., Mrs Mary, Olive

Ennessey Frank, cooper shop S 3rd ave

Ennis Mrs Nellis, res 508 N 3rd ave., Edith, Earl

E??worth James, lab, res 103 E Lincoln st., Mrs Mate

Ensminger J S, Ensminger Orchestra, res 206 E Webster st

E?o Burt, patrnmkr, res voer 13 N Center st., Mrs Eva

Erickson Andrew, lab, bds 507 W Linn st

Erickson Bertha, domestic, res 306 E State st

Erickson Ed, butcher, res 410 N 4th ave., Mrs Annie, Mary

Erickson Hans (Erickson & Millhiser), res 508 N 1st ave., Mrs Augusta, Anna

Erickson John, lab, res 807 Bromley st., Mrs Jennie

Erickson M, tailor, res 607 E State st., Mrs Betsey

Erickson & Millhiser, grocers 3 E State st

Erickson's Tailor Shop, over 15 W Main st

Ernstberger John, cabinetmkr, res 712 W Nevada st., Mrs Regina


Ernstberger Lena, domestic, bds 712 W Nevada st

Ernstberger Tena, domestic, 212 N 3rd st

Esperson John, wks I C R R, res 505 S 6th st., Julias, John, Julia, Maggie, Frank, George

Esperson L C, clk, res 505 S 6th st., Petra

Estabrook Geo, agt Jasper Coal Co, 409 S 1st ave

Estabrook G R, coal dealer, res 202 N 2d st., Kittie

Estel Maggie, bkpr Lenox Machine Co, lives in country

Etterim Julia G, domestic, 411 W State st

Evans D J, attorney, 207 S 1st st

Evans Miss Ida, res 526 N 1st st

Evans Jane, res 6 E North st

Evans S W, res 309 N 3rd st., Mrs Amy, Lottie

Evans Thad D, attorney, over 21 W Main st., bds N 1st st

Evans Wilbur H, druggist, 113 E Main st

Evans Wilbur H, druggist, res 109 E Church st., Mrs Carrie

Everist Al C, painter, 309 S 2d st., Mrs Nora

Everist Bert, paper hanger, 527 N 2d st., Mrs Nora

Everest J C, retired farmer, 104 N 6th st., Mrs Elizabeth A, M?, Carroll, Guy

Everest Wm M, paper hanger, res 104 N 6th st

Everest W F, lab, 101 1/2 W R R st., Mrs Fidelia, Verda

Everets C, plasterer, res 11 N 1st st., Mrs F P

Everts a D, bds 504 S 1st st

Ewald Conrad, moulder, 206 S 2d st., Mrs Emma, Ray, Gracie

Ewing Wm, emp at Wilson House, 105 N Center st



F?gg C L, wks I C R R, 503 S 4th st., Mrs Minnie

Fahey Patrick, car repairer, res 705 Frederick st., Mrs Margaret, William, Gertrude, Edward

Fa?rney Edward, feed yard, 205 1/2 S 1st st., Mrs Mary

Fa?e Geo, cooper, bds Windsor Hotel

Fairbanks Carrie E, teacher, 207 W Church st

Falk John, bds 108 S Center st

Fallis B J, train dispatcher I C R R, res 406 N 4th st., Mrs Minnie M

Famous Shoe Store, 9 W Main st

Faton Frankie, bds over 34 W Main st

Farber Nellie, bds 104 W State st

Fargo A R, tailor, 132 E Main st

Farnsworth John, carp, res 307 W Church st., Mrs Agness

Farrand & Gifford, clothing, 16 W Main st

Farrand Mrs Mary (Farrand & Gifford, clothiers), res 206 N 4th st., Grace

Farrell John, section foreman C & G W, res 402 S 3rd st., Mrs Maggie, Francis, Agnes, Nellie, Edward, James

Farrington Miss Estella, stenogr, bds 407 W Boone st

Farrington Mrs E G, wid C, res 407 W Boone st

Farrington Miss Winifred, stenogr, bds 407 W Boone st

Farquier Frank, lab, res 540 N 2d st., Mrs Margaret, Mabel, Claud, Pearl, Nina

Fe?ckie Miss Lena, wks Breckel's dining hall, 109 W Main st

Feld Miss Mary, domestic, 204 E Main st

Feld Miss Nora, domestic, 204 E Main st


Fellows C M, lab, 1202 W Boone., Mrs Lucy M, Brighton

Fellner's Candy Store, 13 W Main st

Felstead Mrs L A, res 204 N 1st ave

Felton Mrs Georgie, domestic, 404 N 4th st

Fenner John, res 303 S 2d st., Frank, Lizzie

Fenner J S, lab, res 414 Woodbury st

Fenner W A, trav agt, res 311 W Boone st., Mrs Lizzie, Virginia

Ferguson David J, music teacher, res 510 N 2d ave

Ferguson Josephine, bds 212 W Church., John G

Ferguson Linn, barber, res 304 N 2d st

Ferguson Miss Nora, res 404 N 4th ave

Ferguson P J, trav agt, res 212 W Church., Mrs Belle

Ferguson Samuel, mach, res 304 N 2d st., Mrs Rachel, Eva

Ferguson--see also Furguson

Ferneau James M, house mover, res 702 N 4th st., Clara, Ru??, John O, Nora M, Roy, Ross

Ferree J A, wks for G F Kirby, res 601 E Main st., Mrs Louisa, Ernest R

Fetters C W, res 608 E Nevada st., Mrs Eliza, Claud, Roy, Lu??, Earl, Harvey

Fidelity Savings Bank, 102 E Main

Field J B, lab, res 703 Frederick st., Mrs Nora, William, Nora, Ma??

Fike Mrs Elizabeth, wid, res 410 E State st

Fill J K, cond I C R R, res 402 W Railroad st., Mrs Hattie, Jennie, Leo, Orwin, Arthur

Fillmore C K, cashr C G W Ry, res 308 S 1st st., Mrs Sarah, Ralph, Ross

Finders Charles, lab, res 309 N 4th ave., Mrs Rosa

Finkle I S, feed barn 28 N 1st ave

Finkle I S, propr Finkle's feed barn, bds 104 E State

Finders Oliver, lab, res 309 N 4th ave

Firmenich Mnfg Co, bet 4th and 5th aves s of C & N W Ry tracks

First National Bank Block, cor Main and 1st ave


First National Bank, 36 E Main st

Fisher Governor Co, cor 1st ave and Linn st, George Estabrook secy

Fisher Louis, trav agt, res 407 W Church st., Mrs A D, Louis J, Esther C

Fisher Thomas, clk John Shobert, res 502 N Center st., Mrs ?ester, Winnie, Gilbert, Charles

Fisher Wm, Fisher Governor Co, res 209 N 1st st., Mrs Martha, Jasper H, Lillie M

Fiethner Charles, lab, bds 701 Woodbury st

Fitz Miss May E, res 106 N 1st st

Fitzgerald J M, trav agt, bds Wilson House

Flanagan Patrick, bds 502 S Center st

Flathers G W, res 307 S 7th ave., Mrs C J

Flathers Ira C, res 502 E Nevada st

Flemming Frank, trav agt, res 108 E State st

Fletcher Mrs Elizabeth, bds 106 S 5th st

Fletcher Thomas, cashier First National Bank, res 202 E Church st., Mrs Alice, Miss E B, Belle, George, Glick, Frank, Jack

Flippings W H, colored, res 802 Frederick st., Mrs Emma

Flitton & Co, laundry and dye works, 119 W Main st

Flitton Miss Eunice, Flitton's dye works, res over 119 W Main st

Flitton J F, tailor, res 907 Iowa st., Mrs Ollie

Flitton J W, res 119 W Main st

Flitton Miss Nellie, res over 119 W Main st

Flitton W J, laundry, res 808 W Church st., Mrs Hatie

Floer Miss Jennie, res 112 W Grant

Flowers Herbert, butcher, res 113 1/2 N Center st., Mrs Emma

Flowers' Meat Market, 17 N Center st

Flower W P, butcher, res 404 N 1st ave., Mrs J, Steve, Lola

Flynn James, marble cutter, res 308 N 2d ave., Mrs Ida, Lydia, Guy

Flynn Terence, wks I C R R shops, bds 102 N 1st st

Forbes I S, com trav, res 104 N 1st ave., Mrs Alice


Forbush W D, real est, 111 N 3rd st., Mrs Cornelia A

Ford E A, well driller, 209 W Main st

Ford John R, lab, res 606 W Nevada., Mrs Edith

Ford Mary A, wid, 7 N 9th st., Otho, Katie, Alice, Willie, Earnie

Foreman B F, retired, res 205 S 2nd st., Mrs Emily, Edward, Fern, Sarah, Annie, Emma

Foreman Rev Wm M, res 214 W Main st., Mrs Susan

Forney Henry, retired, res 8 W State st., Mrs Flora

Forney's Music Hall, over 16-18 E Main st

Forney W R (Bailey & Forney), res 509 N 1st st., Mrs Helen, Mary

Forsyth R J, tailor, 32 W Main st

Fort Wm J, books and stationery, res 607 W Main st., Mrs Emily C

Foster L A, blksmith I C R R, res 312 W Linn st., Mrs Rose, Nellie

Foster Sarah E, res 505 1/2 E Linn st

Fountain F C, bds 507 S 1st st

Fourth Ward School, cor Linn and 4th ave, Kathryn Morgan, princ

Fox L W, stock dealer, res 302 N 3rd st., Mrs Harriet, Harold

Francisco Miss E, bds 309 S 1st st

Francisco Mrs P, wid Hiram, bds 307 W Church st

Frank Herman, lab, res 12 Anson st., Mrs Josie

F M Thomas Post, G A R No 94, 8 N 1st ave

Franklin E D, res 308 S 6th ave., Mrs Mary

Franklin George H, lab, res 701 Bromley st., Mrs Ida, Mabel, Maud

Frazier A W, trav agt, res 306 N 2d st., Mrs Carrie

Frazier Wm L, bds 812 W Nevada st

Frederickson Miss Ida, agt, bds 103 S 7th st

Fredland J G, wks I C R R, res 208 S 2d st., Jennie, Maud, Albert, Emma, Harry

Fredrick F F, res 311 S 1st st., Barker

Free J H, poultry dealer, res 307 W Linn st., Mrs Flora

Free M P, feed barn, res 111 E State st., Mrs Martha

Freeland Mary, domestic, 10 E Grant st

Freeman Miss Nettie E, trimmer, bds 302 W Main st

Freet Geo W, lab, res 510 Main st., Mrs Eva


Freidman J M, junk dealer, 201 W Main st., Mrs Sarah B, Ida

French A N, real est, res 312 E Church st., Mrs Sarah, Hal, Mabel

French E E, lab, 508 S 4th st., Mrs Stella

French & Turner, over 17 W Main st

Friend A M, clothier, 12 E Main st

Frink Geo D, oil insptr, res 8 S 3rd ave., Mrs Kate

Frisbie J H H, bkpr, res 102 N 5th st., Mrs Mary M

Fritche W H, barber, bds Wilson House 105 N Center st

Frost Rev J A, res 209 W Church., Mrs H C

Frudden Lumber Co, Richard Sorgel mngr, lumber and coal, 409-11 S Center

Fry Mrs, physician, over 109 E Main st., Halsey

Fry Dr I H, physician and surgeon, over 109 E Main st

Fularton J W, res 109 S 1st st., Mrs C, Edna, H W

Fuller G F, merchant police, res 102 W Church., Clara B

Fuller Miss H Grace, milliner, 214 E Main st

Fulmer Rev B E, res 207 W Grant st., Mrs Jessie

Fulmer Fred, mach, res 207 W Grant st

Fulmer Rebecca S, wid, res 301 N 2d st

Fulmer Mrs S J, wid, res 207 W Grant st

Furgeson E P, livery stable, res 205 1/2 W Main st., Mrs Nellie

Furgeson Wm, harnessmkr, res 304 N 2d st

Furgeson--see also Ferguson

Furnace Sylvanus, plasterer, res 302 N 6th st., Naoma

Furnas Mrs Adaline, res 504 N 4th ave., Susie



Gabelman Mrs Frankie, wid 403 E Church st., Miss Josephine

Gale Rev Clarence Ross, res 305 E Church st., Mrs Grace, Gilbert, Fulton G

Gallagher Clarence, emp I S Finkle, bds 104 E State st

Gallagher Harry, lab, bds 104 E State st

Gallagher W H, blksmith, res 104 E State st., Mrs Sarah, Ollie

Galloway Miss Eliza, seamstress, bds 503 W Boone st

Galloway John, farmer, res 503 W Boone st., Mrs Lydia R, ??, Cora, Blanche

Galloway W P, dentist, bds 503 W Boone st., Mrs Belle

Gamel G D, teamster, res 416 Union st., Mrs Cynthia, Fa??, Harvey, Samuel, Willis

Gard Marion, salesman D C Wilbur, res 102 N 9th st., Mrs Do??

Gardner Miss Maud, res 307 S 1st st., George, Frank

Garmhausen Fred, bartndr, res 205 E Church st., Mrs Louisa, ??

Garrett Stephen, lab, res 309 N 4th ave., Mrs Martha

Garvey M M, master bridge builder I C R R, res ??? 4th ave., Mrs Gertrude, Edward, John

Garvin F B, agt C & N W, res 211 S 4th ave., Mrs Maria, El??

Garwood E, barber, bds Breckles', 109 W Main st

Garwood J N, letter carrier, res 209 W Grant st., Mrs Lizzie, Nellie M

Garwood Miss Mary, bkpr, bds 511 W Boone st

Garwood Mrs R M, wid I, res 511 W Boone st

Gates Myrtle L, teacher, 9 S 3rd st

Gatton George, res 304 N 4th st., Mrs Marietta, Mary, Hattie

Gaw Rose, domestic Pilgrim Hotel

Gay A E, fire insurance, real estate and loan agt, over 105 W Main st


Giles Mrs Addie, wid, res 313 N 4th ave

Giles D R, grocer, 313 N 4th ave., Mrs E S, Nino E, Ona E, John ?

Gillett Jay, res 210 N 1st ave

Gillett Miss Eva, domestic, 704 W Main st

Gillispe Mrs S C, bds 7 S 2d st., M E

Gillman James, cooper, bds Windsor Hotel

Gilman C C, contractor, over City Bank

Gilman C C, contractor, res 202 S Center st., Lettie, Walter, Carrie

Gilmore C P, col'd, res 706 Fredrick st., Mrs Martha, Mary, Charley, Lulu, Hardiena

Gilmore Mrs E L, res 206 S 3rd ave

Gilson Susan E, wid, res 106 N 1st st

Ginder Mrs G W, wid, res 507 E Linn st., Cora B, George W, J??, Alta

Ginder George W Jr, comp, res 507 E Linn st

Given Welker, res 107 W Grant st., Mrs Maud, Jay

Glaus Gust, lab, bds 601 W Boone st

Glick A G, pork pkr, res 511 E Church st., Mrs Helen A, Abbott, Arthur, Frank, Lewis

Glick Charles, Lennox Machine Co, res 411 W State st., Mrs Myr? C, Charlotte, Carrol

Glick W F, lab, res 6 W Webster st., Mrs Clara

Glidden A J, woodwkr, res 541 N 3rd st., Mrs Mary, Nellie, Eugene

Glidden J D, res 414 N 4th st., Mrs Jane

Gnagaw W, res 604 Frederick st., Mrs Lida

Goethe Lodge I O O F, 8 N 1st ave

Gold Brank Carpet Cleaning Co, 309 Market st

Gold Brank Soap Co, 309 Market st

Golding J F, agt, bds 311 N 1st ave

Golding W B, eng, res 12 S 7th st., Mrs Fannie, Blanche

Goldsmith J C, barber, res 327 S 3rd ave., Mrs Ada

Goldsmith Miss Mary, dressmkr, res 325 S 3rd ave

Goldsmith S F, painter, res 110 N 1st st.,, Mrs Kate, Hulda


Golke Oscar, barber, res 405 S Center st., Mary

Golweitzer Adam, lab, res 412 Bromley st

Good D S, grocer, res 306 W Main st., Mrs Mary E, Harry

Goodale D M, bkpr Beasley G W, res 409 N 1st ave., Mrs L M, Ina

Goodale R G, painter, bds 409 N 1st ave

Goodrich D M, wall papers dealer, res 102 S 2d st., Mary

Goodman Mrs E A, dentist, res over 3 E State st

Goodman Frank C, clk I C R R, res 3 E State st

Gordon Jerome, res 108 S 4th ave

Gordon Peter, rms 206 N 1st ave., Mrs Louisa

Gordon Thomas Sherman, eng, res 108 E Linn st., Mrs Eva

Goss Elizabeth, wid, res 517 Bromley st

Goss George H, wks packing hosue, res 517 Bromley st., Mrs Annie

Goudy G W, mngr soap factory, bds 209 W Main st

Goudy J S, retired, res 203 S Center st., Mrs A E, Lizzie

Gourley S Birch, painter, bds 625 W Nevada st

Gowland Frank, res 211 S Center st

Gowland John W, comp Times-Republican, res 211 S Center

Gowland Susan, wid, res 211 S Center st., John W, Frank

Grabenbour Alvid, lab, res 221 Anson st., Mrs Eva

Grabenbour James, lab, res 504 Anson st., Mrs Theresa

Graff Conrad, blksmith, rms 29 N Center st

Graham Catherine, bds 302 E Church st

Grandon Jeff B, lab, res 612 N Center st., Mrs Barbara, Wm

Grant A H, clk, bds 401 S 3rd ave

Grant Gust, wks glucose, res 704 E Linn st., Mrs Lena, Louie

Grand Mrs Rose, stenogr, bds Satia House., Ella

Granvill G H, painter, bds 404 N 2d ave

Grasmeir H B, com trav, res 402 N 2d st., Mrs Sadie

Grath Mrs Mary, wid, res 808 S Center st., Louisa, Willie

Graves W H, peanut stand, rms over 14 E Main st

Graw Lewis, lab, res 107 W Boone st

Gray Lacy G, res 312 W Main st

Graybill Miss Emma, stenogr, rms 513 N 1st st


Graybill E B, res 513 N 1st st

Graybill Mrs Jennie, res 513 N 1st st

Green Geo, lab, 511 N 2d st., Mrs Mamie

Green G W, barber shop, under 26 E Main st

Green John, mach, res 603 S 4th st., Mrs Mary

Green Merritt, City Bank

Green Oscar O, eng I C R R, res 308 S 2d ave., Mrs Susie, Hazel

Greenbaum Albert, merchant, 206 W State st

Greenbaum H, merchant, 206 W State st., Mrs Lena, Florence, Esther

Greenbaum Oscar, clk, res 206 W State st

Greenbaum & Son, clothing, 7 W Main st

Gregg H H, bkpr A E Shorthill, res 409 E Linn st., Mrs Dora, Jessie S, Annie M, Harry S

Gregory George, trav agt, res 6 N 4th st., Mrs Clara

Greeting Miss Sophia, stenogr, rms 521 N 1st st

Griffen John, lab, res 504 S 1st st., Peter, Maggie

Griffen Mrs J E, wks tel co, rms 207 N 1st ave., Fannie

Griffin Frank, lab, res 508 Woodbury st., Mrs Jennie, Mamie, Ch?

Griffith Mrs H A, res 105 E State st

Grim John, lab, res 805 S 6th ave

Griswold F H, shoemkr, res 6 W Webster st., Mrs Mary

Griswold G P, agt, res 308 N 4th ave., Mrs Minnie, Everett D, Ni??, Blanche

Griswold Miss Lilliann, proof-reader Statesman, res 308 N 4th ave

Groff A L, clk, res 410 E Linn st

Groff E M, buttermkr, res 506 E Nevada st., Mrs E, Bernice

Gross D H, trav agt, res 211 W Main st., Mrs Jennie

Gross Harry, wks A S Burnell, res over 120 E Main st

Grover J C, bus driver, res 112 N 1st st., Mrs Ida

Gruell A T, grocer, res 803 S 3rd ave., Mrs Ester V

Grumme Fred, pres Marshalltown Bank, res 503 W Main st., Mrs Mary F

Grumme Mary, wid, res 311 W State st., Fred, Lena

Guerin Philip, cooper, bds Windsor Hotel


Gustafson Alfred, fireman packing house, bds 507 W Linn st

Gustafson Charles, clk, res 534 N 2d st., Mrs Emma, Florence

Gustafson Charles G, res 200 S 3rd ave., Mrs Mattie

Gustafson Miss Emma, res 108 N 2d st

Guthrie Miss Carrie, res 11 N 5th st

Gutman Adolph, lab, res 118 May st

Gutman Fannie, wid, res 118 May st., Leo

Gwinn Eugene P, cycle salesman, res 203 E Church st., Mrs Mabel


Haas & Beeson's Real Estate Office, over 14 E Main st

Haas Charles E, letter carrier, res 312 S 2d st., Mrs Myrtle

Haas Frank, res 107 W Nevada st., Mrs Della

Haas G R, real est, res 310 S 2d st., Mrs Augusta J

Hagen S H, com trav, 611 W Nevada st., Mrs Anna, Martha, Dina

Hagenlock Ludwig, res 507 Bromley st

Hager W W, poultry raiser, 812 S Center st., Mrs Carrie

Haggard J W, carp, 5?4 S Center st., Mary, Ray, Walter

Hagglin Miss Hilda, teacher, res 505 Woodbury st

Hagglin John, lab, res 505 Woodbury st., Mrs Mary, Emanuel

Haines A E, carp, res 107 S 12th st., Melvin, J M

Haines Edward, plumber, bds 507 W R R st

Haines J R, res 204 S 2d st., Mrs Sopha

Haines Martin, plumber, 507 W R R., Mrs Sarah

Halbert H S, insurance, res 407 W Main st., Mrs Julia A, Miss Mertie

Halderman I H, lab, res 219 N 2d st., Mrs Jennie, Dolly G

Halferty Mrs R E, wid, 307 S Center st., Laura, Thomas, Rosa, Gertie

Hall Albert, lab, High st., Mrs Synthia


Hall C C R, electrician, 210 E Main st

Hall C W, school teacher, 1202 Iowa st., Mrs Nellie

Hall H A, lab, res 10 W State st., Mrs Kate, Albert, Frank

Hall Jacob, wks I C R R, res 711 N 4th st., Mrs Mary E, Gertrude, Homer, George

Hall James, stock buyer, res 212 S Center st., Mrs Kittie, Libbie, Jessie, Mary B

Hall James, real est, res 405 W Main st., Mrs Elizabeth H

Hall Mrs Jennie, domestic, res 312 E Main

Hall Leland H, lab, res 108 S 4th ave., Mrs Nettie J, Elvin L

Hall Mark, res 510 S 6th st., Mrs Jennie, David

Hall O O, wks I C R R offices, res 1202 Iowa st

Hall T L, electrician 210 E Main

Hall T L, electrician, res 9 S 6th st., Mrs Nannie

Hall Miss Maggie, dressmkr, bds 608 W Boone st

Hall Willis, city editor Press, rms 105 W Grant st., Mrs Daisy

Halsey Miss Mary, bkpr, res 107 N 2d st

Halverson S A, lab, res 6 W Boone st., Mrs Tina

Halverson Miss Minnie, domestic, res 705 E State st

Hamble Mrs Lucilia, wid, res 101 S 1st ave

Hambright George, lab, res 417 E Swayzie st

Hambright Mrs Julia, res 105 ½ S 7th ave

Hamilton Mrs Cora, bds 205 E State st

Hamilton Miss Dora, cashr Letts-Fletcher Co, res 201 N 3rd ave

Hamilton Miss Loretta, res 201 N 3rd ave

Hammer Mrs Allie, bkpr, res 112 W Grant st., Lena, Murry

Hammond & Benedict, feed store, 21 N Center st

Hammond J J, res 108 S 2d st, Mrs Susie, Florence

Hammond Susie, bds 108 S 2d st., Florence

Hammond Victor, paper hanger, res 108 S 2d st

Hammond W H, attorney, res 217 N 2d ave., Mrs Sue, Miss Bell

Hammond W H, real estate & loans, over 105 E Main st

Hampton A C, brakeman, res 204 S 3rd ave., Mary, Alice

Hampton Barclay, insurance agent, res 614 W Linn st., Mrs Sarah J, Gilbert

Hampton Curtis, salesman, res 610 E Linn st., Mrs Tamer A, L C

Hampton F A, res 610 ½ E Linn st., Mrs Della J

Hampton Gilbert, press feeder Marshall Printing Co, bds 614 W Linn st

Hampton Miss Alma, milliner, bds 614 W Linn st

Hampton Miss Lewnetta, carriage trimmer, bds 614 W Linn st

Hampton Miss Maymie, canvasser, bds 614 W Linn st

Hampton Miss Rozella, dressmkr, bds 614 W Linn st

Handy Chas, paper hanger, res 708 E State st

Handy Douley, gard, res 708 E State st., Mrs Mary C, Bertha, Mary

Handy Theo, lab, 212 N 1st st., Mrs Esther

Handley Miss J T, res 110 ½ W Lincoln st

Hanegan W B, carp, res 612 W Nevada st., Mrs Low, Guy

Hankins Lilly, bds 405 S 3rd st

Hanlon Frank, yd clk I C R R, rms 7 S 3rd ave

Hanlon Mollie, waiter Windsor Hotel

Hannan Michael, lab, res 405 S 5th st., Mrs Catherine

Hannan Miss Sarah, bkpr Welch Bros, bds 405 S 5th st

Hansen Annie, domestic 202 E Church st

Hansen Christian, lab, res 308 Woodbury st., Mrs Amelia

Hansen Chris M, lab, res 411 N 3rd ave., Mrs Annie

Hansen Everet, wks L S Peckham, rms 111 E Main st

Hansen Hannah, domestic, res 211 E Main st

Hansen Hans, res 537 N 2d st

Hansen Ida, domestic 403 E Church st

Hansen P N, carp, res 512 Woodbury st

Hanson Anna, domestic 102 N 2d st

Hanson C A, res 404 S 3rd st., Mrs Lottie, M K

Hanson E G, clk, bds 201 N 3rd ave

Hanson H C, wks I C R R, res 12 W Nevada st., Mrs Lizzie

Hanson H Rasmus, lab, res 309 N 3rd ave., Mrs Carrie

Hanson P D, lab, res 508 N 5th ave

Hanson P H, carpet weaver, res 308 S Center st., Mrs Mary

Hanson P N, lab, res 609 E Nevada st., Anna, Henry


Haradon A F, attorney, 103 N 6th st., Mrs R H

Haradon A F, attorney, over 22 E Main st

Hardy T H, res 22 N 1st st., Mrs Sarah

Hargrave F W, dep county auditor, res 107 N 3rd ave., Mrs. All??

Hargrave R W, attorney, res 202 N 4th ave., Mrs A B

Harlan Arthur B, piano agt, res 518 N Center st., Mrs Hanah, Ray

Harlan Ernest E, clk, res 518 N Center st

Harlan Hannah, wid, bds 607 W Boone st

Harlan Joseph, lab, res 612 Marion st., Etley

Harper Mattie C, school teacher, bds 203 S 3d st

Harrah Cleveland, lab, res 603 E Main st

Harrah J L, lab, res 410 Bromley st., Mrs Nettie, Lucy

Harrigan Clarence, clk, 305 W Church., Mrs Maud

Harrigan J F, propr Bee Hive, res 111 N 2d st., Mrs Cora

Harrington L P, retired, over 126 W Main st., Mrs Emily S

Harris Benjamin, mach, res 410 E Linn., Emma

Harris E A, retired, res 309 N 4th st., Mrs Catherine, Dwight, Leroy

Harris Dr, office over 2 E Main st

Harris Dr G W, res 111 W Church st., Mrs E L, Pearl

Harris T E, teamster Rhodes-Carmean, res 606 N 1st ave., Mrs Ada, Carrie, Myra

Harrison I W, res 12 S 5th ave

Harrison S T, propr restaurant, res 401 S 3rd ave., Mrs Ida

Harrity P J, roadmaster C G W, res 410 W Nevada st., Mrs Emm?

Hart H H, teamster, res 105 S 12th st., Mrs Rebecca

Harter Samuel, res 209 W Railroad st., Mrs Kate

Hartman G A, res 404 S Center st., Mrs N J, Grant

Hartnett John, bartendr, res 3 1/2 W State st., Mrs Lizzie

Hartwell Charles, comp Times-Republican, res 108 W State st., Mrs Sarah, Pearl

Hartwell Mrs Chloe, res 105 N 2d st

Hartwell H, cigars and tobacco 31 W Main st

Hartwell Harden, cigars and tobacco, res 105 N 2d st


Hartwell Oscar, hay dealer, res 1101 W Main st., Mrs Elizabeth

Hartwell Sanford, comp Times-Republican, res 105 N 2d st

Harvey George, res 502 S 3rd st., Mrs Annie

Harvey Maggie, bds Wilson House 105 N Center st

Haskell James, trav agt, res 118 N Center st., Mrs Delia

Haskell Wm, lab, res 111 N 3rd ave

Haskill Tim, lab, res 610 E Nevada st., Mrs Jennie

Haskins Annie, res 11 E Railroad st

Haskins Thos, bds 505 1/2 E Linn st

Hastings Homer, bds 607 S 6th st

Hastings Mrs Mary A, bds 311 N Center st

Hastings O T, carp, res 705 W Church st., Mrs Angie L, Millie

Hastings W S, wks I C shops, res 605 S 6th st., Mrs Ellen Myrtle

Hatch Miss Elva, res 612 E Main st

Hatch Mrs Sarah, wid, res 604 Main st., Dayton

Hatch Wilbur, barber, res 612 E Main st

Haughey R A, switchman C & NW, res 306 E Nevada st., Mrs Sadie

Hausafus Edward S, lab, res 604 1/2 Frederick st., Loretta, Mary B, Alva C

Hausafus Mrs May, laundress Windsor Hotel

Havelo P H, fireman I C R R, res Mitchell st., Mrs Annie, Elmer

Havens Mrs B J, wid, res 803 W Main st., Nellie, Grace

Havens John, teamster, res 804 W State st., Mrs Alice

Havens Miss Nan A, teacher, bds 212 N Center st

Haviland, I B, bicycle dealer, res 201 N 3rd St., Mrs Alice

Haviland M H, real estate and insurance office, 10 S 1st ave

Haviland M H, insurage agent, over 119 E Main st., Mrs Emma

Hawkeye Oil Mills, across creek, S 3rd ave

Hawkeye Tread Power Co, 106 S Center st

Hawkins Mary, wid, rms 505 N 1st st

Hawkins W B, trav agt, res 505 N 1st st., Mrs Nannie

Hawkinson Gus, teamster, res 802 W State st

Hawley P A, mailing clk P O, res 311 E State st., Mrs Sophrana, George, Edgar

p. 74

Hayden E R, insurance agt, res 205 W Main st

Hayden H B, prin high school, res 206 W Grant., Mrs Jessie

Hayes Edward, conductor, res 205 W Railroad  st., Mrs Mary, Ne??

Hayes T W, plasterer, res 704 N 2d ave., Mrs Sarah, Gertie, Myr?, William, Eddie

Hayes Wm, brakeman I C R R, res 405 W Boone st., Mrs Mary, Anna, Willie

Hayhurst Belle, domestic 107 W Church st

Haynes A C, res 608 Bromley st., Mrs Emily

Hazen Jennie E, bds 211 S 1st st

Hazen Rev W W, res 711 N Center st., Mrs Louisa, Ray M, W? cliff, Grace H, Vella M, Lela B, George L, Fay A

Heald A W, real est office 21-23 N 1st ave, rms 209 1st ave

Heald E W, janitor, res 211 S 3rd ave., Mrs Ladorna, Wylie S

Healion Miss Anna, cashr, bds 109 S 1st ave

Heath Miss Ida, clk, res 410 N 4th st

Heath J A, wks U S Ex Co, res 8 W Webster., Mrs Grace

Heath Lyman H, wks glucose, res 410 N 4th st

Heath Mrs Sarah A, res 410 N 4th st

Hederman Robt, bridgeman C & G W R R, bds 401 S 3rd ave

Hedstrom John, teamster, res 404 W Church st., Mrs Agusta, George

Hedstrom Wm, lbs, bds 404 W Church st

Hecox Mary A, res 406 E Church st., Mrs Anna A

Heinz Edward, tinner, res 306 Jerome st., Mrs Malinda, Millie

Heinz & Hansen (Edward Heinz, E A Hansen), tinners 9-11 N ? ave

Heisinger Miss Anna, dressmkr, res 507 Woodbury st

Heisinger John, wks Letts, Fletcher Co, res 507 Lee st., Mrs Nel??

Heisinger Miss Lizzie, milliner, res 507 Woodbury st

Heisinger Mrs Mary, wid, res 507 Woodbury st

Heitzhu Chas, bkpr, res 104 1/2 N Center st., Mrs Hattie, Frank, C??

Hemmingsen J P, carp, res 311 N 3rd ave., Mrs Mary, Martha, Emma Anna

Henningsen J P, wagonmkr 102 1/2 S Center st

p. 75

Henderson Andrew, car repairer I C R R, 7 W Boone st., Mrs Martha

Henderson Miss Heline, domestic 409 E State st

Henderson Henry E, lab, 9 E Nevada st., Mrs Belle

Henderson Miss Senei, domestic, bds 304 S 1st ave

Heng Chris, lab, res 513 Woodbury., Mrs Tena

Heng Miss Jane, domestic, 201 N 3rd ave

Heng Miss Lena, domestic 311 E Church st

Henry Mrs Annie, res 514 N 2d ave

Henry Chas, (Reflector, Dotson & Henry), bds 514 N 2d ave

Henry Edward, lab, res 309 1/2 S 7th ave., Mrs Jennie

Henry Rudolph, foreman Press, res 203 N 2d st

Herbet John, teamster, res 701 S 2d st., Mrs Mary, Bessie, Kate

Herman & Flitton, tailors 332 S 3rd ave

Herman George, tailor, res 305 S 3rd ave

Herman Ole, plumber, res 411 Swayze st., Mrs Sadie

Hesmer John, lab, res 712 Noble st., Mrs Annie

Hess Henry H, dentist, res 1106 W Main st., Mrs Lizzie, Andra

Hesse Otto, lab, res 612 E State st

Hessenius Hilka, wid, res 407 S 6th st

Hessenius Miles, retired, res 407 S 6th st

Hibben E H, secy Northern Life Assn, res over 126 W Main st

Hibben L O insurance, res 404 N 3rd st., Mrs Kate, Edwin H Jr

Hibben Louis, bartndr Pilgrim Hotel

Hickok Mrs Clara, dressmkr over 119 E Main st

Hickok Clarence S, musician, res 505 Jerome st., Mrs Clara, Sidsey, Harry Roy

Higgins Daniel, lab, res 602 E Nevada st., Mrs Annie

High School Building, Frank E Willard supt, bet 1st and 2d aves on Byron st

Highbergor R K, lab, res 703 E Linn st., Mrs Emma, Sadie, Gertie, Lottie

Higley Howard E, lab, rms over 29 N Center st

Higley O, lab, res over 29 N Center st., Mary A

p. 76

Hildreth Wayne, banker, res 708 W Church st., Mrs Francis, Carroll

Hileman G W, teamster, res 712 S Center st., Mrs Maggie, Harlen

Hill Anna, domestic, 302 N Center st

Hill Edward, fireman, res 510 E Main st., Mrs Exa

Hill Nora, domestic, res 209 E State st

Hillins Mrs Sarah, wid, bds 407 Johnson st

Hills Miss Jennie, laundress, res 115 N 2d st

Hinchel Joseph, lab, 508 May st., Anna

Hinecker Geo, res 203 S 1st ave., Mrs C R, Cassius, Lafa, Lena, Clara

Hixon Mrs Elizabeth, wid, res 209 W Main st

Hixon J S, stock buyer Brittain & Co, res 209 W Main st

Hoag C W, lab, res 501 W Boone st., Mrs Mary

Hoag E L, res 310 Bromley st., Mrs Carrie A

Hoag Pliny, clk, bds 501 W Boone st

Hoar F C, well driller, res 313 N 3rd ave., Mrs Amanda, Elsie, Mam??

Hobart O, retired, bds 708 W Church st

Hobbs Mary, teacher, res 9 S 3rd st

Hockett Henry, lab, res 501 S 6th st., Mrs Thresa R D, Sherman

Hockridge Mrs Mary, wid John, res 701 Woodbury st

Hockridge R J, butcher, res 703 Woodbury st., Mrs Mary Ann, W??, John, Richard, Aggie

Hockridge Wm, foreman packing house, res 308 N 9th ave., Mrs Mary, R J

Hodges & Drum, grocers 115 E Main st

Hodges Wm (Hodges & Drum), bds 106 W State st

Hodgson Mrs Anna V, res 205 S 3rd ave

Hodkinson Rev T R, res 105 S 2d st., Mrs Jane

Hoeck C H, lab, res 412 Anson st., Mrs Lena

Hoeck Herman, bricklayer, bds 412 Anson st

Hoff John W, carp, res 912 Iowa st., Mrs Ida, Anna, Henry

Hoff Joseph Sr, lab, bds 104 May st

Hoff Joseph Jr, teamster, bds 104 May st., Mrs Lidie

p. 77

Hoffman Otto, lab, res 215 Anson st., Mrs Mary

Hogancamp P W, farmer, res 512 1/2 N 1st ave., Mrs Emma

Hogue H W, trav agt, res 307 E State st., Mrs Jennie

Hogue S R, res 108 W Boone st

Holcomb George W, painter, res 610 N Center st., Mrs Anna J, Maud, Pearl, Hattie, Louisa

Holden C C, lab, bds over 122 W Main st

Holden John, ydmaster I C R R, res 706 S 3rd st

Holden Martin, boilermkr, bds 512 S 2d st

Holden Wm, blksmith, bds 211 E Nevada st

Holdgrofer Agnes, bds 202 W Church

Hole John L, clk, res 709  W Church st., Mrs S M, Adalee, Harry E

Hole Miss Lou, abstracts, bds 510 Main st

Hole O H, gents furnishing goods, 25 W Main st

Hole O H, clothier, res 510 W Main st., Mrs Marcia E, Leona M

Holland Bert, lab, res 703 E State st., Mrs Mary

Holladay J D, miller, res 704 E State st., Mrs Emma

Holland Miss Martha, domestic 512 Woodbury st

Holland Lewis, lab, res 709 E State st., Mrs Martha

Holland Oscar, lab, bds 507 W R R st

Holley H M, com trav, res 616 W Nevada st., Mrs Violetta, Drew, Maude, Earl, Theron, Lizzie

Holley H S, sewing machine agt, res 409 S 6th st., Mrs Mary

Hollingsworth Elijah, plasterer, 411 N 4th ave., Mrs Nancy J, Walter C

Hollingsworth J A, res 406 N 2d st., Mrs Alice, Lida, Mable, Lulu

Hollingsworth J C, lab, 805 W State st., Mrs Carrie

Hollingsworth Mrs Maria, wid, res 537 N 3rd st

Hollingsworth Miss Maud, domestic, 108 N 7th ave

Hollingsworth M J, carp, res 509 N 2d ave., Mrs Alice, Maud, Anna

Hollingsworth S J, painter, 611 N 3rd st., Mrs Ellen, Harold

Hollingsworth Yates, lab, res 401 W Boone st., Mrs Nancy

Hollister Mrs Jennie, res 403 E Church st., Mary E

p. 78

Holly Frank G, collector, res 208 E Church st., Mrs Daisy, Flossie, Netiie

Holly Henry J, res 506 E Linn st., Mrs Alice

Holm Andrew, lab, res 108 S 12th st., Mrs Christena

Holm Miss Emma, res 103 W Main st

Holm Miss Emma, domestic 103 S 1st st

Holm Julius, musician, bds 108 S 12th st

Holman H A, cabinetmkr, res 406 W Boone st., Mrs Eva, Frank

Holmes Joseph, vinegar and pickle works, res 304 S 1st ave., Mrs M A

Holmes Mrs J S, res 536 N 2d st., Jasper, Etta

Holmes Rev O, res 405 W Main st., Mrs Mary

Holmes W A, eng I C R R, res 207 W Boone., Mrs Nora, Blanch

Holt E N, attorney, res 411 Jerome st., Mrs Lydia

Holt S S, ship clk Ketchum & Johnson, res 802 W Nevada st., Mrs Rettie, Orpha

Hood E E, grocer, res 412 N Center st., Mrs Edith, Mabel, Edith, Clyde

Hood's Grocery Store, 6 W North st

Hoover A B, stenogr I C R R, bds 103 E State st., Mrs Maud

Hope Dauphin, bds 505 1/2 S 1st st

Hopkins' Boarding House, 36 N 1st st

Hopkins B B, mach, res 36 N 1st st., Mrs Lydia

Hopkins Mrs C, wid, propr Hopkins House, res 36 N 1st st

Hopkins D E, jeweler, bds 36 N 1st st

Hopkins Fred, tailor, res 201 S 3rd st., Mrs Elizabeth, Bessie, Fred Jr, Nellie, Harry, Irving, Florence

Hopkins Fred Jr, tailor, Hopkins, rms Hopkins House

Hopkins J W, shoemkr, res 111 N Center st

Hopkins Mrs Mary, res 111 N Center st

Hoppe Frank, boilermkr, res 605 E Linn st., Mrs Emma E

Horan Sadie, bds 305 W Nevada st

Horner Ben, clk, bds Breckles 109 W Main st

Horner Ben, billiard hall Pilgrim Hotel

p. 79

Horn W E, tailor, bds Eagle House

Horrigan John, mach, res 507 S 3rd st

Horrigan Peter, res 507 S 3rd st., Mrs Catherine, Catherine F, Isabella G

Horrick M V, architect, res 507 E Linn st., Mrs Francis

Horstman Alvima, domestic 115 N 2d st

Horstmann Miss Alvina, res 15 N Center st

Horton Bell, domestic 507 N 1st st

Horton E P, painter, res 402 E Main st., Mrs Della, Vernon

Horton T D, barber, res 10 W Church st., Mrs Kate

Hoskins Isaac, lab, res 306 Bromley st., Mrs Minnie, Albert, William

Hoskins J, res 306 Bromley st

Hostetler D M, florist, 540 N 2nd st., Mrs Nancy

Hotchkiss L L, boilermkr, res 105 1/2 S 7th ave., Mrs Sarah J, Perry C, Harry W

Houck Chas, barber, rms 102 N 1st st

Houck Thomas, lab, res 1007 Iowa st., Mrs Sarah

Hougland Miss Malinda, domestic, res 207 E Main st

Houghland O C, carp, res 609 W Nevada st., Mrs Anna, Carl G

Houghton E L, res 505 S 4th st., Mrs Estella

Houghton Mrs S A, res 406 S 1st ave

Houghton Wm, res 505 S 4th st

Housberg Miss Ella, domestic, res 716 Noble st

Housenstab Alvis, lab, res 509 Woodbury st., Mrs Phrona, Jacob, Mary, Annie

Hovey M W, supt Light and Power Co, 5 North 7th st., Mrs Ida

Howard Warren, trav agt, res 304 N Center st., Mrs Jane, Alice, Ella, Emmet

Howe Henry J, banker, res 6 S 5th ave., Mrs Anna B

Howell A A, eng I C R R, res 403 W Linn st., Mrs Mattie S, Frank A, Gertie

Howell Mrs E J, bds 403 W Linn st

Howig B H, with Marshall Printing Co, res 508 E Linn st., Mrs Madge

p. 80

Hoy J M, plasterer, res 603 S 3rd st., Mrs Kittie, Oscar, Frank

Hoy Wm, lab, res 508 S 3rd st., Mrs Lizzie, Frank

Hoyt J N, lab, res 304 W State st., Mrs Eva

Hoyt & Parker, milliners and dry goods 122-124 E Main st

Hoyt R F, eng I C R R, res 102 E State st., Mrs Regina

Hubbard Harrison, lab, rms 538 N 1st st

Hubbard L S, lab, 538 N 1st st., Mrs Clara

Hubbard Thornton, retired farmer, res 803 W Main st

Hubbell Ed E, agt, over 127 W Main st., Mrs Mary E

Huber Charles, bartndr Bowman Bros, res 116 May st., Mrs Anna

Hubler Miss Etta, emp Marshall Telephone Co, bds 516 N 1st st

Hubler E G, marble cvtter, res 405 Union st., Mrs Dell

Hubler Harry, emp Andrus & Hoyt bds 503 N 1st st

Hubler I E, clk Benjamin's, res 8 Thompson st., Mrs Pearl

Hubler Jacob, lab, res 503 N 1st st., Mrs Lucy, Florence, Lottie, Roy

Hubler Mrs M J, wid Isaac, res 516 N 1st st

Hudson Mrs Alma, teacher, res 307 W Nevada st

Hudson A B, lab, bds 312 Johnson st

Hudson Miss Mable, teacher, bds 307 W Nevada st

Hudson Miss Nellie, teacher, 307 W Nevada st

Hudson Wm L, bds 108 S Center st

Huff Charles, bds 505 S 2d ave

Huffaker M K, real est, res 301 S 4th ave., Mrs M C, Lulu

Huffaker M K, real est, over 21 W Main st

Hugh Jacob, wks Vinegar Works, bds Windsor Hotel

Hughes James, res 547 N 3rd st., Mrs Emeretta

Hughes J B, real est, res 303 Park st

Hughes Mrs Mary, domestic, res 4 S 5th ave

Hughes T P, chief cook Pilgrim Hotel

Hughlett W, col'd, res 505 E Linn st

Hughs Will, rms 3 W State st

p. 81

Hull Charles H, hide dealer, res 408 W State st., Mrs Allie, Willard, Walter

Hull Edward R, comp Times-Republican, rms 207 W Main st

Hull Elizabeth Y, teacher, res 409 E State st

Hull Mary A, res 207 S 4th ave

Hull N R, res 101 Limit st., Mrs Josephine

Hulse J H, wks Lennox Mach Co, res 712 S 9th ave., Mrs Alida

Humlong's Carriage and Wagon Works, 20-22 N Center st

Humlong George, carriage mnfr, res 310 N 4th st., Mrs Lou, Nettie, Ralph

Humlong Mrs Mary A, wid, res 310 N 4th st

Humphrey H H, train dispatcher C & N W R R

Hunenberger Lewis, wks glucose, res 504 May st., Mrs Mary

Hunincutt J A, lab, res 302 S Center st., Mrs Lizzie

Hunnewell Mrs Catherine, wid, res 709 Woodbury st

Hunnewell W E, cond I C R R, res 604 W Nevada st., Mrs Amy

Hunt J N, wks I C R R, res 206 W Railroad st., Mrs Lillie

Huntington C W, supt I C R R, res 404 N 4th st., Mrs Edith, Chapin

Hurd Charles, bus driver, res 306 Woodbury st., Mrs Maud, Irene

Hurd's Law Office, over 14 E Main st

Hurd E H, attorney, res 115 S 9th st., Mrs Hattie

Hurd Wm, insurance agt, res 205 W Main st

Hurd W D, paper hanger, res 205 W Main st

Hurley George, res 607 E Linn st

Hurshell J R, lab, res 7 Limit st., Mrs Anna

Husser George, wks glucose, res 503 May st., Mrs Sarah

Huzzy Miss Mamie, bds 311 N Center st

Haynes Mrs Mary, wid, res 712 Frederick st

p. 82

Idso A, policeman, res 804 S 9th ave., Mrs Lena

Idso Julia, domestic, res 602 E Church st

Idso T T, butcher, res 612 Frederick st., Mrs C

Impey W E, com trav, bds 8 S 3rd ave., Mrs Hattie

Industrial Insurance Co, Office in City Bank bldg

Ingraham Charles, mngr I U Telephone Co, res 513 N Center st., Mrs Julia

Ingeldue Miss Nettie, clk, res 8 1/2 N 3rd st

Ingledue Oliver, boot and shoe dealer, 312 Main st., Mrs Lottie, Ross Carl

Inman Miss Clara, bds 309 S 1st st

Inter-State Tracer Co,  A S Burnell, Pres, over 122-24 E Main st

Iowa Central Ry Co, Russell Sage, pres; E E Chace, Vice Pres; Geo R Morse, Sec and Treas; L M Martin, Genl Mngr; E Palmer Jr, Genl Frt Agt; J S Talbot, Asst Genl Frt Agt; Thos Barry, Genl Pass Agt; T I Wasson, Genl Auditor; S M Roger Purchasing Agt; A C Daly, Genl Solicitor; T J Fletcher, Local Treas; C W Huntington, Genl Supt; B G Fallis, Supt Tel; M Garvey Supt Bridges and Buildings; W G Manchester, Sto? Keeper; E E Carver, Master Car Builder; W G Martin, Tr?? Pass Agt; F P Ross, Trav Frt Agt; J F Barrington, Trav Tck asst Pass Agt

Iowa Central R'y, depot S 3rd ave

Iowa Heating Co, office cor Church st and 1st ave

Iowa Union Telephone Co, Charles Ingraham mngr, over 36 E Main st

Irving Adam, lab, bds 103 1/2 S 6th st

Irving Mrs Malinda, res 103 1/2 S 6th st., Rosa

Irvin Bros, carps, 410 N 3rd st

p. 83

Irvin Emerson, contractor and builder, res 410 N 3rd st

Irvin John C, contractor and builder, res 412 N 3rd st

Irving Joseph, lab, bds 103 1/2 S 6th st

Irvin Mathias W, carp, res 412 N 3rd st

Irvin Mrs Virginia, wid, res 412 N 3rd st

Isaacson Anna, domestic 101 N 1st st

Isaacson Charles, lab, res 203 N 5th st., Mrs Adla, Alma, Maud

Iseman F M, railway mail clk, bds 107 S 9th st

Iseman Mrs N, wid Henry, res 107 S 9th st

Isenhart J C, res 109 High st., Mrs Emma

Isenhower I N, lather, res 501 N 4th ave

Jackson A G, comp Times-Republican, res 409 S 1st st., Mrs Annie

Jackson C B, teacher, res 211 N 2d st., Mrs Ida

Jackson Emanuel, lab, res 503 N 3rd st., Mrs Rosana, Robert, Martha, Emma, Ella

Jackson Wm, res 604 S 3rd st., Mrs Annie

Jacobson Andrew, lab, res 604 E Nevada st., Mrs Tena

Jacobson Bessie, res 210 S 4th ave

Jacobson Elias, lab, res 418 E Nevada st., Mrs Annie, Ed, Lena, Kate, Martha

Jacobson Hans, lab, res 408 N 2d ave., Mrs Annie

Jacobson John, lab, res 405 N 4th st., Mrs Emma

James Ed, bridgeman C G W Ry, bds 401 S 3rd ave

James K E, emp Bailey & Forney, res 207 N 1st ave., Mrs Amelia, Russell

James Wm, col'd, lab, res 502 N 4th ave

Jamison Wm, lab, res 411 May st

p. 84

Janney Abigail, retired merchant, res 12 N 3rd ave., Mrs Nellie

Janss Dr H, physician and surgeon, over 19 W Main st

Jarvis C J, clk, res 112 N 4th st., Mrs Emma

Jasper County Coal Co, 409 S 1st ave, G R Estabrook agt

Jay A W, baker, res 308 N 2d st., Mrs Viola

Jayne J H, bridge builder, res 208 N 1st ave., Mrs Nettie

Jeffries M W, paper hanger, bds Hotel Eagle

Jenkins Cyrus, butcher, 608 N 3rd ave., Mrs Ella

Jennings Wm, fireman I C R R, res 505 W Boone st., Mrs Mary, Harry, Arthur

Jensen B M, insurance agent, res 405 May st., Matilda, Clara

Jensen Peter, carp, res 214 N 3rd ave

Jerome C S, painter and paper hanger, res 200 N 3rd ave., Mrs A M, Ada

Jerome Frank, clk res 206 N 3rd ave

Jesperson Sem, lab, 205 E State st

Jewel Barber Shop and Billiard Parlor, 30 E Main st

Jewell Emma L, bds 308 S 1st ave

Jipp C F, com trav, res 207 N 1st ave., Mrs Gertie

Jockey Harness Oil Co, Market st, bet 2d and 3rd ave

Johnson & Anderson, East End Bakery, 120 E Main st

Johnson Anna, domestic 507 N 1st st

Johnson A D, stone mason, res 811 W Nevada., Mrs Sarah

Johnson A G, trav agt, res Pilgrim Hotel., Mrs A G

Johnson Mrs Barbara, res 212 S 1st ave

Johnson Barney, lab, bds 801 W Boone st

Johnson B A, lab, res 504 1/2 N 1st st., Mrs Anna, Aug

Johnson Miss Cena, bds 107 S 2d st

Johnson Charles, tailor, res 612 E State st., Mrs Anna

Johnson Charles, farmer, res 302 Marion st

Johnson Charles, res 105 W Railroad st., Mrs Emma

Johnson Charles, bds 311 S 1st ave., Mrs Carrie

p. 85

Johnson Christian, shoemkr, res 511 N 1st st., Mrs Elizabeth, Emma, Minnie

Johnson Christina, wid J P, res 407 W Linn st., Godfrey

Johnson Miss Christine, domestic 306 W Main st

Johnson C A, carp, res 525 N 2d st., Mrs Emma

Johnson Earl, day porter Pilgrim Hotel

Johnson Ed, carp, res 537 N 2d st., Mrs Ida

Johnson Miss Ella, domestic 401 May st

Johnson E C, horseman, res 5 N 5th ave., Mrs Fannie M, Earl E

Johnson E V, res 512 N 1st st., Mrs Francis, Lemmon

Johnson E W, retired, res 620 W Boone st., Mrs Emma

Johnson Fritz, lab, res 312 S Center st., Mrs H S, Leonard

Johnson Geneva, domestic, rms 112 E Main st

Johnson George, carp, 402 E State st., Mrs Margaret, Minnie A

Johnson Gus, car repairer I C R R, 803 W Main st., Mrs Clara, Harry, Hulda

Johnson Harry, comp, bds 305 Bromley st

Johnson Heck, paper hanger, res 506 Woodbury st., Mrs Tillie

Johnson Miss Hulda, feeder Marshall Printing Co, bds 406 Union st

Johnson Miss Ida, domestic S 5th ave

Johnson Ida, domestic, res 110 S 3rd ave

Johnson Isaac H, cigarmkr, res 7 W North st., Mrs Sarah, Annie

Johnson Jacob E, clk, bds 512 N 1st st

Johnson James, wks I C R R, residence 108 Anson st., Mrs Maggie

Johnson James, teamster, bds 610 N 2d ave

Johnson James, salesman, res 112 N 3rd ave., Mrs Christina, Tena, Fred

Johnson Miss Jessie, res 307 S 3rd st

Johnson Joel, oil clk I C R R, bds 401 W Boone st

Johnson John, lab res 509 Lee st., Mrs Mary, Henry

Johnson John, lab, res rear 307 S Center st., Mrs Alice, Annie L, W F

Johnson John, boot and shoe dealer, res 406 Union st., Mrs Hannah, Gust, Huldah, Tillie, George

Johnson Josephine, dom 601 W Boone st

p. 86

Johnson Joseph, lab, 801 W Boone st., Mrs Catherine, Carrie, Josie, Kittie, Milo, Rena

Johnson J A, well driller, res 105 S 7th st., Mrs T M

Johnson J B, painter, res 401 W Boone st., Mrs Rachael, Josie

Johnson J W, lab, res 109 W Lincoln st., Mrs Rachel

Johnson Knute, section foreman C G W Ry, res 301 S 5th st., Mrs Jennie, Nettie, Clara, Hannah

Johnson Miss Lena, domestic 408 W State st

Johnson Levi, lab, bds 801 W Boone st

Johnson Lewis F, teamster, res 408 N 4th ave., Mrs Rosa

Johnson Lewis H, col'd, res 706 E Linn st., Alice

Johnson L W, ice dealer, res 402 N 3rd st., Mrs Mary G, Gertrude, Fred L

Johnson Margaret, teacher, bds 512 N 1st st

Johnson Max, mason, bds 512 N 1st st

Johnson May, stenogr, bds 512 N 1st st

Johnson Miles, teamster, res 610 N 2d ave., Mrs Mollie, Della, Earl, Harry

Johnson Mort, eng, res 617 W Nevada st., Mrs Alice, Arthur

Johnson Nells H, baker, res 310 N 3rd ave., Mrs Anna

Johnson Oscar, lab, res 112 W Church st., Mrs Ida

Johnson Peter, wks glucose, res 803 Frederick st., Mrs Ida, Christena, Roy E, Emma

Johnson Robert, lab, bds 407 W Linn st

Johnson Robert, plumber, bds 7 W North st

Johnson R B, teamster, res 607 Bromley st., Mrs Matilda, James

Johnson Miss Sadie, domestic over 112 E Main st

Johnson S P, wks Marshall Ice Co, res 520 N Center st., Mrs Nellie, Harry

Johnson S P, clks Erickson & Millhiser, res 512 N 1st ave., Mrs Louisa, Otis

Johnson Thomas, carp, res 410 N 4th ave., Mrs Maria, Christine, Mary, Emma, Charles

Johnson Wells, wks glucose, res 102 Anson st., Mrs Ellen, Ethel

Johnson W E E, lab, res 806 Iowa st., Mrs Jane, Lucy

p. 87

Johnson W H, lab, bds 801 W Boone st

Johnson W M, col'd, res 802 Frederick st., Mrs Mary, Emma, George

Johnston Ira S, contractor, res 601 E Church., Mrs Manda, Jay G, John W

Johnston, J H (Ketchum & Johnston), res 603 E Church st., Mrs Libbie

Johnston Miss Maye, milliner Hoyt & Parker, bds 312 W Church st

Johnston Theodore, bkpr Times-Republican, res 312 W Church st., Mrs Martha

Jones Bettie, bds 810 S Center st

Jones Branch, tel opr, res 205 N 3rd st

Jones Charles, lab, res 205 E State st

Jones C A, farmer, res 403 N 3rd ave., Mrs Mary

Jones D L, res 205 E State st., Mrs Julia

Jones D T, res 205 N 3rd st., Mrs Sarah

Jones D W, res 503 S 6th st., Mrs Rosa, Lula

Jones Elsie, lab, res 702 S 9th ave.,  Mrs Anna

Jones Ely, res 205 E State st

Jones E L, propr Wilson House 105 N Center st., Mrs

Jones E R, way master I C R R, res 10 N 4th st., Mrs Louise B, Theresa C, Edwin L

Jones Fred T, comp, res 108 N 1st ave., Mrs Alice

Jones F M, colored, res 706 E Linn st

Jones G W, lab, res rear 105 E Lincoln st

Jones H Frank, carpenter and architect, res 105 W Webster st., Mrs Clara

Jones John W, res 1020 S Center st., Mrs Ida

Jones J A, farmer, 302 Marion st., Mrs Mary J, Mattie A

Jones J W, photographer, bds 1020 S Center st

Jones Miss Laura, teacher, res 205 N 3rd st

Jones Louis, lab, 205 E State st

Jones L B, policeman, res 510 N 1st ave., Mrs L

Jones Miss Mary J, res 404 E Bromley st

Jones Milo H, lab, res 527 N 1st st., Mrs Lilly

p. 88

Jones R C, blksmth, res 805 W Nevada st., Mrs Mary A

Jones R C, mach, res 509 S 5th st., Mrs Lena C

Jones Samuel, tailor, res 604 E State st

Jones S M, eng I C R R, res 410 S 2d st., Mrs Mary, William, T W, Mollie, Belle

Jones W E, eng I C R R, res 309 S 2d ave., Mrs Annie

Jones W H, res 304 S 4th ave., Mrs Mary, Fred

Jordan Michael, blksmth, res 601 E Linn st., Mrs Mary, Mary, Teresa, Lizzie

Jordan Terry, mach, bds 601 E Linn st

Jordan Wm, boilermkr, bds 601 E Linn st

Jordebeck Martha, dom, 402 N 4th st

Jorgenson Jacob, res 402 Woodbury st

Jorgenson Katrina, res 402 Woodbury st

Jorgenson Nick, carp, res 404 Woodbury st., Mrs Matilda, Lizzie

Jubeck Annie, domestic 407 S 1st st

Jungworth John, lab, res 207 Anson st., Mrs Anna

Jungworth Jo, lab, res 211 Anson st., Mrs Tesa

Jurden Oscar, eng, res 712 Wood st., Mrs Margaret, Andrew R, Charles, Anna, Wilbur

Juziner Joseph, lab, res 510 May st

Kadel Florence, bds 207 S 1st st

Kalenay Steve, lab, res 1002 Iowa st., Mrs Fannie, James

Kaley Frank, comp Times-Republican, rms 208 S 3rd st

Kallenburg Charles, grocer, res 602 W Church st., Mrs Annette, Esther

Kallenburg Oscar, clk, bds 602 W Church st

p. 89

Kaple Ray, carp, res 414 Union st., Mrs Margaret, Maggie, Adaline, Tola, Charles

Kauffman Fred, bkpr S W Ins Co, res 405 N 14th st., Mrs Fianna, Branch S, Maire J

Kauffman D L, lab, res 714 Wood st., Mrs Tena

Kearnin Wm, wks glucose, bds American House

Kearns Edward, lab, res 801 E Linn st., Mrs M

Kearns Eugene, wks C & N W Ry, res 708 Frederick st., Mrs Maggie

Kearns John, lab, res 803 E Linn st., Mrs Hannah, Willie, Frank J

Keefe James, lab, res 312 S 1st ave., Mrs Lizzie

Keefe Michael, lab, res 211 Washington st., Mrs Mary

Keefe Patrick, bridgeman, bds American House

Keefe P H, lab, res 506 S 1st st., Mrs Maggie, Kate

Keefe P W, conductor I C R R, res 501 W Linn st., Mrs Anna

Keeler D C, tinner, res 914 Mitchell st., Mrs Maria, Maud, Martin

Keeler's Grocery Store, 13 N Center st

Keeler G H, clk, res 10 W Webster st., Mrs Minnie

Keeler G W, grocer, 208 S Center st., Mrs Sarah A, Ollie M, George H

Keeler Mrs Martha, wid, res 913 Mitchell st

Keeler Milan H, carp, res 210 S Center st

Keesey Samuel, gardner, 603 N 1st ave., Mrs Rachael, Bertha, Emma

Kehoe John, res 1204 W Linn st

Kehoe Stephen, res, 1204 W Linn st., Mrs Anna

Keiser Miss Emma, domestic, 503 W Main st

Kelleher Miles, eng, res 302 S 1st st., Mrs Bessie, Margarete, John

Keller J H, saloon, res over 128 W Main st., Mrs Katie, Anna

Kelley Barney, bds, 202 S 2d st

Kelley Delila, res 105 E State st

Kelley Mrs E A, res 105 E State st

Kelley J, barber, bds Wilson House, 105 S Center st

Kelley Mary E, domestic 401 N 1st ave

Kelley Miss Maxine, teacher, res 206 N 4th st

p. 90

Kellog's Dental Parlors, over 2 E Main st

Kellogg Dr L F, dentist, res 210 N Center st., Mrs Carrie

Kellogg Miss Maud, res 105 S Center st

Kellogg M E, clk, res 105 S Center st

Kelly Co, drugs, old postoffice bldg W Main st

Kelly Edward, lab, res 711 Bromley st., Mrs Agnes

Kelly Mrs Libbie, wid Wm, bds 307 S 5th st

Kelly Patrick, boarding house 513 S 2d st., Mrs Belinda, Emma

Kelly W H, druggist, Pilgrim hotel

Kemper Prof E S, 210 W Church st., Mrs Mary J

Kendall Chas, wks I C R R, res 916 Mitchell st., Mrs Lizzie, Jen??

Kendall Miss Mary, domestic, res 12 N 4th st

Kenedy Geo F, agt American Express Co, res 305 N 1st st., Mrs Lille

Kenedy Geo S, agt American Express Co, 117 E Main st

Kenneda E A, retired farmer, res 108 W Webster st., Mrs Rebecca

Kennehan O, wks L P & R R, bds American House

Kennehan Wm, wks I C R R, res 916 Iowa st., Mrs Mary, James

Kenoyer Chas, cigarmkr, res 607 S 7th st

Kenoyer Wm, lab, res 607 S 7th st., Mrs Emily

Kent Mrs Hattie, teacher, res 506 E Main st

Kent Volney, attorney, 209 N 4th st., Mrs Anna, Carl, Mauris

Kent's law office, over 11 W Main st

Kenyon Mrs Lizzie, res 3 W State st

Kerwin E F, lab, 107 W Boone st., Mrs Maggie

Ketchum E S (Ketchum & Johnston), res 311 E Church st., Mrs Eva A, Katharyn, Marjorie

Ketchum & Johnston, (N S & E S Ketchum, J H Johnston) farm implements, 14 S 1st ave

Ketchum & Co, storage and transfer

Ketchum N S, res 210 S 4th ave., Mrs Helen, Bessie

Khile Joseph, wks Letts-Fletcher, res 304 Woodbury st., Mrs An?

p. 91

Khile Martin, shoemkr, res 504 S Center st., Mrs Tracy, Johnnie

Kibbey Dr Wm B, surgeon and physician 125 E Main st

Kibbey Dr Wm B, res 704 W Main st., Mrs M G, Harold, Gerald, Gladys

Kief Alice, domestic, res 405 S 2d ave

Kierulff Dr, physician and surgeon over 104 E Main st

Kifford George, col'd, rms over 26 E Main st

Kilborn L D, bkbinder, bds 406 N 3rd st

Kilborn L S, county auditor, res 406 N 3rd st., Mrs Fannie L, Cora M, Grace D, Robert P

Killgrove Miss Winnie, student, res 407 N 2d ave

Killion J W, lab, res 312 Johnson st., Mrs Laura

Kilt Wm, lab, res 308 S 2d st., Mary, Henry, Rosa, Hattie

Kime George, coal dealer, res 109 S Center st., Mrs Edna

Kime George W, coal dealer 109 S Center st

Kime Lucy E, res 109 1/2 S Center st

Kimes J C, lab, bds 108 S Center st

King Miss Ada T, clk, bds over 104 W Main st

King & Byrnes, dentists 104 W Main st

King J Wade, dentist, res over 104 W Main., Mrs Mary

King L E, painter, res 609 N Center st., Mrs Eleanor, Claud

King Sherwood, res 106 N 6th st., Mrs Mary, Francis M, Thomas, Charles

Kingon W L, lab, res 506 Anson st., Mrs Alice

Kinnear S D, lab, res 507 S 1st st., Mrs M H, Nellie

Kinney H E, secy Southwestern Mutual Life Ins Assn, res 408 N 1st st., Mrs Catherine

Kinsey Enoch, plasterer, res 519 N 2d st., Mrs Electa, Ernest, Dell

Kinsey L F, bartndr Tremont, res 522 N 1st st., Mrs Ida

Kinsey Miss Matilda, clk, res 519 N 2d st

Kirbie Miss Helen, bds 118 N 1st ave

Kirbie Irving, molder, res 118 N 1st ave., Mrs Emma

Kirby George F, pres Fidelity Bank, res 4 S 5th ave., Mrs Jennie R

p. 92

Kirby & Christenson, grocers 12 E Main st

Kirchberger Andrew, bkpr glucose, res 1117 S 3rd ave., Mrs Eusellia, John, Mary

Kirk Joseph, trav agt, res 107 W Lincoln st., Mrs Sallie W, Clive, Carl

Kirk Thomas, bds 511 E State st

Kirschner Wm M, foreman bottling house, res 509 E State st., Mrs Anna S, Laura

Kissinger Mrs Mary K, laundress, res 603 N 1st ave

Kitson A J, lab, bds 104 1/2 S Center st

Kittleson Clara, domestic, res 303 E Church st

Kittleson Lena, domestic, res 601 E Church st

Kittrick Elizabeth, res 109 N 4th ave

Knapy Chris, lab, res 411 May st

Knight James M, agt, bds 103 S 7th st., Mrs Lottie

Knights Miss Alice J, bds 204 N 3rd st

Knights Miss Louetta, bds 206 N 3rd st

Knisley Mrs Elizabeth, wid, res 201 N 2d st

Knisley S P, manfr, res 12 S 5th st., Mrs Mary, Philip, Sam

Knorr John, lab, res 216 Plaire st., Mrs Julia

Knudson Edward, lab, res 611 E State st

Knutson John, lab, res 8 E Nevada st

Kochendorfen Mrs Margaret, wid, res 501 Jerome st

Kocher N H, lab, res 915 Iowa st., Mrs Catherine

Koester Chas, butcher, 403 S Center st., Mrs Mary, Emma, H C

Koester Emma, res 512 E State st

Koester Gus, baker, 304 S 1st st., Mrs Winnie

Kohlmyer Sophia, housekpr, res 1002 W Main st

Kollin Chas, tinner, res 212 N 6th st., Mrs Mary, Olga, Mary

Koperry Josie, res, 304 Woodbury st

Korner William, lab, 702 Woodbury st., Mrs Maggie

Kosta F A, painter, res 106 S 7th ave., Mrs Mary

Kouba George, shoemkr, res 408 S Center st., Mrs Francis, Frank

Koupeny Miss Josie, domestic Hotel Eagle

p. 93

Kaverik Miss Annie, cook Hotel Eagle

Kaverik John, lab, res 918 Iowa st., Mrs Mary, Annie, Kate, Frank

Kozel Michael, lab, res 502 May st

Kraff E, comp, res 323 S 3rd ave

Krantz John, carp, res 504 Lee st., Mrs Lena, Joseph

Krepps Clem D, trav agt, bds 708 W Church st

Krepps Samuel J, trav agt, res 101 S 9th st., Mrs Elizabeth

Kreutzer Peter (Kreutzer & Wasem), res 303 S 3rd ave., Mrs Bessie M, Mary, Fred, Woss

Kruskopf Miss Helen, teacher, res 207 S Center st

Kruskopf Miss Louisa, milliner, res 207 S Center st

Kruskopf Miss Marie, res 207 S Center st

Kruskopf Max, deputy P M, res 8 N 5th st., Mrs Addie

Kruskopf Mrs S H, wid, res 207 S Center st

Kruse Fred H, wks packing house, res 802 Bromley st., Mrs Mary

Kuhns Clem L, wks car shops, res 209 S 1st ave., Mrs Mattie

Kunkle Adolph, mason, res 606 W Church st., Mrs Margaret

Kunlke E, eng, res 210 S 2d st., Maggie, Lou, Kate, Mary

Kunkle Gabriel, mason, res 907 W Church st., Mrs Moneka, George, Maggie

Kunkle Joe, baker, bds 607 W Church st

Kunkle J S, residence 103 S 3rd st

Kurtz Dan, shoemkr, bds at Breckle's 109 W Main st

Kurtz Paul, carp, 804 Bromley st., Mrs Fannie

Kurtz Joe Sr, lab, res 124 Anson st., Mrs Mary

Kurtz John, card, res 704 Frederick st., Mrs Carrie

Kuseck Mrs J V, res 504 S Center st

Kysilko John, lab, res 506 May st., Mrs Mary

p. 94

Lacey Dave, propr river home boat house, res same., Mrs. D A

Lacey Sylvester, banker, res 312 W Main st., Mrs Mary

Lacky Mrs C E, res 308 E Church

Lacroyx A, eng, res 404 S 1st st., Mrs Martha

Lage Wm, wks Bradbury Meat Market, res 408 E Nevada st

Lahym E J, ckeck clk, res 103 S 7th st., Mrs Anna E, Veda

Laird H L, wks I C R R, res 405 N 2d st., Mrs Adella, Frank

Lamb G G, lab, res 401 N 2d ave., Mrs Hattie

Lammers Miss Tillie, domestic 508 W Nevada st

Lander C M, lab, res 411 S 9th st., Mrs Charlotta, Hannah, Joe, Gust, Charles

Lander C J, drugs 8 E Main st, and Pilgrim Hotel

Lander C J, druggist, res 111 N 2d ave., Mrs Rose, Joe, John

Lander F S, teamster, bds 411 S 9th st

Landis' Barber Shop under 3 W Main st

Landis C A, barber, res 516 N 2d st., Mrs Unice W

Landis S H, barber, res 514 N 2d st., Mrs Fannie, Lennie, Nellie, Maud

Landon F M, agt, res 311 S 4th st., Mrs Anna A, Mildred M

Landon C M, painter, res 109 N 5th ave., Mrs Mary

Lane J A, hardware 32 E Main st

Lane John A, hardware dealer, res 9 N 3rd ave., Mrs Mary

Lanfield Mary, domestic 107 N 9th st

Lang Joseph, lab, res 221 Anson st

Lange Christ, lab, res 211 5th ave., Mrs Bertha, James, Mary

Lange Mrs Fannie, res 116 N 2d st

Lantz Lizzie, wid Samuel, bds 906 W Boone st

p. 95

Laplant Bros, house movers 12 S 1st ave

Laplant C T, real estate 12 S 1st ave, res 409 N 1st st., Mrs Phoebe

Lapour Anton, lab, res rear 702 S 3rd ave., Mrs Annie, Annie, Edward

Larkin Miss Mollie, res 103 W Main st

Larsen Anna, domestic 519 N Center st

Larson Miss Ada, domestic 9 E Nevada st

Larson A F, lab, res 809 W Nevada st., Mrs Julia, Sigri, Oscar

Larson Chris, shoemkr, res 608 E State st., Mrs Bessie

Larson John, lab, res 1021 W Nevada st., Mrs Bertha, Louis

Larson Miss Kate, head cook Windsor Hotel

Larson Mrs Lizzie, widow, res 409 N 4th ave., Christ

Larson Miss Mary, domestic 401 N 4th st

Larson Nels, teamster, res 704 N Center st., Mrs Carrie

Larson R P, tailor, res 608 E State st

Larson Miss Tena, stenogr, res 704 N Center st

Larson Thomas, lab, res 507 W R R st., Mrs Lena

La Shelle D H, trav agt, res 605 W Boone st., Mrs S, Bert

La Shelle Miss Hattie, collector, bds 605 W Boone st

La Shelle R M, janitor 2d Ward school, res W E Lincoln st., Mrs Nellie, Ethel

La Shelle Simon, trav agt, bds 605 W Boone st

Lathrop E E, clk A C Abbott, res 304 N 1st st., Mrs Catherine

Laubach Charles, butcher, res 510 N Center st., Mrs Bell

Laughlin Frank, wks ICRR, res 709 E Nevada st., Mrs Kate, Mary, Mattie

Lauzon J F, cooper, res 312 W Boone st., Mrs Catherine

Law W F, res 302 E State st., Mrs Ellen

Lawrence Miss Bertha, teacher, res 211 N 2d st

Lawrence Charles O (Rewey & Lawrence), res 107 1/2 S 2d ave

Lawrence Miss Cora, clk, res 107 1/2 S 2d ave

Lawrence M D, blksmith, res 107 1/2 S 2d ave., Mrs E A, Lulu

Lawson C J, insurance agt, res 510 Anson st., Mrs Fannie, Clayton

Leach S Y, constable, res 403 E State st., Mrs A E, Norman, Walter

Leach Willis, bkpr, res 312 N 3rd st., Mrs Mattie

p. 96

Leary Thomas, wks ICRR, res 410 S 1st ave., Mrs Hannah

Leavenworth E A, insurance agt, Southwestern Insurance office

Lee & Benedict, dry goods 10 E Main st

Lee E, dry goods merchant, res 307 E Main st., Mrs Louisa

Lee Martin, lab, res 8 E Nevada st., Mrs Petra

Leggett Leroy, lab, res 904 Mitchell st., Mrs Ollie

LeGrand Quarry Co, 102 E Main st

Leber Anton, lab, res 806 S Center st., Mrs Mary

Lehman Fred W, carpet weaver, res 605 Frederick st

Leib Gregor, lab, res 117 May st., Catharina

Leifnit Mamie, wks Breckel's dining rooms 109 W Main st

Lemmon Wilson, retired, res 205 S 5th st., Mrs Maggie, Tishia, Archie

Lenihan Rev M C, res 9 W Linn st

Lenmark Oscar, lab, bds 609 W Boone st

Lennox David, mach Lennox Machine Cs, res 408 W Nevada st., Mrs Jessie

Lennox Mrs E G, wid Martin, bds 408 W Nevada st

Lennox Machine Co, 902 Frederick st

Leobold O, wks Bowman Bros, res 407 Market st

Letts-Fletcher Co, wholesale grocers, F C Letts pres, 133 E Main st

Lett Frank C, wholesale grocer, res 212 E State st., Hernia, Fred

Letts Madson, bkpr, res 10 S 3rd ave

Leutenegger Jacob G, butcher, res 507 Bromley st., Mrs Lydia

Leutenegger J & Co, meat market 114 E Main st

Lewis Albert, mach, res 307 W State st., Mrs Lottie E

Lewis Miss Bertha, comp, bds 208 E Main st

Lewis John, res 607 E State st

Lewis Paul S, lab, res 707 E State st., Mrs Mary

Lewis W A, trav advertiser, res 804 W Main st., Mrs Carrie

Lierle Dr F P, res 308 W Church st., Mrs Laura

p. 97 (too difficult to read)

p. 98

Long Louisa, wid, res 121 May st

Long M C, bds 121 May st

Long Miss Retta, bkpr, res 605 N 1st ave

Long T R, carp, res 508 W Boone st., Mrs Grace

Long Wm, teamster, res 605 N 1st ave., Mrs Lucy, Catherine, Mattie, Willie

Long W F, printer Times-Republican, res 305 N Center st

Longfield Andrew, bds 8 E Nevada st

Lord Miss Ollie, domestic 509 N 3rd st

Loree Lucy D, res 401 N Center st., Miss Nellie M

Loree W S, hardware dealer, res 21 W Main st

Lounsberry C C, stenog, bds 625 W Nevada st

Lounsberry H C, stenog, bds 625 W Nevada st

Lounsberry H W, gardener, res 625 W Nevada st., Mrs Agnes, Carl, Iva

Love Riley, lab, res 810 S Center st

Loveland Miss H E, milliner 121 E Main st

Lovering G J, cooper, res 205 W Main st

Louchery Mrs Marilla, laundry 106 S 2d st

Low Miss Anna, res 205 W Main st

Lowe Mrs M, wid Samuel, res 707 W Church st

Lowe Miss Pearl, stenog, bds 707 W Church st

Lowe S E, trav agt, bds 707 W Church st

Loyd Miss Agnes, bds 516 N 1st st

Loyd A U, carriage painter, res 12 E North st., Mrs Kate, Ida, Jessie L

Lloyd Mrs E A, bds 212 South 1st ave

Loyd Mrs Susan, res 609 N 2d ave

Loyd Thomas, lab, 609 N 2d ave

Loyka John, merchant, 408 S Center st., Mrs Frances

Ludvigson Miss J, domestic 110 W Church st

Ludwigson Martha, res 609 E Church st

Lund Godfried, car repairer C&NW, res 709 Frederick st., Mrs Live

p. 99

Lura Bertha, domestic 114 N Center st

Lura Lizzie, domestic 401 E Main st

Lurvey J H, lab 312 W Boone st., Mrs Lydia A, Clarence, Nina

Lusby & Co, books and stationery, 12 W Main st

Lusby C D, books and stationery, res 107 S 1st ave., Mrs L

Lusby Miss Ella S, clk, res 209 N 2d st

Lusby Miss Emma A, bkpr, res 209 N 2d st

Lusby Mrs Sarah, wid, res 209 N 2d st

Lusby S B, clk, res 107 W Webster st., Mrs Melvina, Susie L, David T, Cora

Luthi Miss Lena, domestic 202 N 4th st

Lutz S G, clk ICRR, res 203 N 2d ave., Mrs Cora

Lydick Mrs Addie, res 206 S 2d ave

Lyman A R, lab, res 706 S 3rd st., Mrs Georgiana, Clarence, Ted

Lynch Edward B, res 509 S 3d st., Mrs Annie, John

Lynch Mrs Eliza, wid, res 607 N 3rd st., Mary, Margaret, John, Gilbert

Lynch Jerry C, fireman ICRR, res 411 W R R st., Mrs Lizzie

Lynch Mary, domestic, res 608 Frederick st

Lynch Miss Mary, domestic Satia House

Lynde William R, broom factory, res 304 E Nevada st

Lyon G E E, retired farmer, res 107 W Grant st., Edna E, Artie, Austin, Nora, Clara A, Veda A, Collins E, Maggie, May

Lyon Mrs Amy, wid Edwin, bds over 124 W Main st

p. 124

Peterson R C, clk, res 109 N 4th st., Mrs Fannie

Peterson Sofus, teamster, res 501 N 3rd ave., Mrs Mary, Lena, Mina, Emma

Peterson Tena, domestic, res 403 N 3rd ave

Peterson Wm, lab, res 205 E state st

Petra Sam, lab, res 119 May st., Mrs Annie, Mattie, Aggie, Amel, Charles, Mary

Pettet A, wks Heinz & Hansen, bds 307 N 9th ave

Pettet F W, wks packing house, res 309 N 9th ave., Mrs Augusta

Pettit Lizzie, bds 206 W Nevada st

Pfeffer Chas, res 205 N Center st

Pfeiffer Katie, bds 205 N Center st

Phay Elijah, plasterer, res 504 N 3rd ave., Mrs Rachael

Phay Miss Nellie, bkpr, res 504 N 3rd ave

Pharus Rev N M, col’d pastor A M E church, res 107 E North st., Mrs M E

Philipps John, lab, res 806 Frederick st., Mrs J, Charles

Philipps Robert E, res 205 ½ S 1st ave., Delilah

Phillips Ross, V S, office 104 ½ S Center st

Phillips W N, com trav, res 112 S 1st ave., Mrs Lila, Lily

Pickard Ollie, res 101 N 6th st

Pickett A E, mach, res 603 E Nevada st., Mrs Lennie

Pierce Mrs Alice, domestic, Pilgrim Hotel

Pierce Franklin, mayor, res 411 S 2d st

Pierce Jason, retired, res 506 E Main st., Mrs Joanna, Myrta, Mary

Pierce M J, piano agt, 411 S 2d st., Mrs Eva, Nellie

Pierce S R, rms 11 N 1st st

Pierce Walter, wks M L P R R, 109 North 9th st., Mrs Lottie

Pigman C C, blksmth, res 708 Noble st., Mrs Laura

Pihlgren Emil, comp, bds 205 S 4th st

Pihlgren Mrs Nanny, wid Albert, res 205 S 4th st

Pihlgren Miss Nanny, tailoress, bds 205 S 4th st

Pilgrim Barber Shop, under 302 E Main st

Pilgrim Billiard Hall, 302 E Main st


Pilgrim Drug Store, 302 E Main st

Pilgrim Hotel, C R Barnhart mngr, cor Main and 3rd ave

Pink John, wks Andrews & Hoyt, res 306 S 3rd st., Mrs Fannie

Place W L, foreman I C R R shops, res 301 S Center st., Mrs Fannie

Placek F A, tailor, res 405 N 1st ave., Mrs Elizabeth, Emma, Mamie, Fred W, Willie G

Placek F J N, painter, bds 406 N 1st ave

Placek & Goodale, painters 113 E Main st

Placek’s Tailor Shop, over 27 N Center st

Plaister Joseph M, trav agt, res 303 E Church st

Planter Fred, lab, res 710 Doty st., Mrs Mary, Martha, Emma

Platz Charles F, lab, res 505 E Linn st. Mrs Mary, Auretha, Olive, Myra, Mary, Jennie

Plum Edward R, lab, res 104 Anson st., Mrs Emma, Edna

Plum John C, res 204 N 2d st., Mrs Cora

Plummer A, carp, res 502 Railroad st., Mrs Lillie

Plunkett Edward, retired, res 708 S 3rd st., Mary A, Mamie, Julia

Ploughman Herbert, wks Marshall Telephone Co, rms 10 W State st

Poduska Charles, shoemkr, res 504 S Center st., Mrs Tressa

Poe Grant, res 212 S 1st ave. Mrs Katie

Pontius S C, painter, res 411 Lee st., Elias, Maud, Harold

Porter S E, clk McBride & Will, rms over 2 E Main st

Portz John, com trav, res 511 W Church st., Mrs Lizzie, Lina, Mamie, George, Leo

Postoffice, H L Getz P M, 125-29 E Main st

Postal Cable Telegraph Co, 5 S Center st

Powell Ed H, agt, res 210 E Main st

Powell Miss Maud, clk, res 411 E Main st

Powell W B, millwright, res 411 E Main st., Mrs Mary A, Ella

Powers’ Drug Store, 3 W Main st

Powers Geo P, druggist, res 312 N Center st., Mrs Alice, Carrie, Addie


Townsend John, carp, bds 401 S 3rd ave

Townsend Mrs Julia E, res 110 N 6th st., Louis, Pearl

Townsend Miss Lizzie, bds over 36 W Main

Townsend Ross C, clk, rms 311 N 1st st

Townsend Second Hand Store, 29 N Center st

Townsend W H H, second hand store, res 311 N 1st st., Mrs Marguerite, Louisa

Trautman Fred, mach, bds 411 E Linn st

Trautman George, shoe dealer, res 602 W Main st., Mrs Anna, Clara

Trautman Miss Lillian, bkpr, bds 602 W Main st

Travis Mrs Bell, wid, res 610 E Main st

Travis Mrs M, wid, res 508 E State st

Travis Sam, res 107 W Boone st., Emma

Travis Thad bkpr, res 11 S 6th st., Mrs Tillie

Tremont The, A B Cox propr, 20-30 W Main st

Tremont Bar, 24 W Main st

Tretter Joseph, lab, res 707 S 7th st., Jane, Margaret, Will, Joe

Trine Charles C, teller Marshalltown Bank, res 305 W State., Mrs Catherine

Trine Edward, harnessmkr, res 106 N 3rd st

Tritt A D, painter, res 803 ½ Frederick st., Mrs Dora

Trotter Jay, medical student, bds 412 N 1st st

Trotter J G, city clk, res 412 N 1st st., Mrs Candaicy

Trotter Walter, eng, bds 412 N 1st st

Truax F M, fence builder, res 802 N Center st

Trumby Fred, lab, 508 W R R st., Maud

Tuckerman B M, carp, res over 126 W Main st

Tuffree Chas O, clk I C R R, bds 402 N Center st., Mrs Florence

Tuffree E, abstracts (Tuffree & Marsh), res 402 N Center st., Mrs Rachel, Maise, Eddie, Roy

Tuffree Edw, office court house

Tuffree E A, pianos and organs, 109 E Main st

Tuffree E A, res 104 W Linn st., Annie

p. 151

Tuffree Jennie C, 201 S 1st st., Mrs Mary, George

Tuffree Joseph, real est, room 8 over City Bank

Tuffree & Marsh, abstracts of land title, office court northeast corner

Turner Geo A, ret farmer 608 W Main st., Mrs Margaret, Ella F, Frank E

Turner & French, real est agts, over 17 W Main st

Turnka Michael wks glucose, res S 12th ave

Turr Paul, lab, bds 512 Anson st

Tune J J, lab, res 512 Bromley st. Mrs Lizzie, John R

Tuttle G M, com trav, res 518 N 1st st., Mrs J E, Otto E

Twedt Andrew, lab 505 ½ S 1st st

Ucherman Dr A W, surgeon over 108 E Main st

Uhde Louis, lab, res 601 E Nevada st., Mrs L

Ulmer Charles, clk, bds 202 S 2d ave

Ulmer H C, res 202 S 2d ave., Mrs Serepta, James H, Harry D

Ulrich Miss May, milliner, bds 5 E State st

United States Express Co, 109 W Main st

United States Industrial Insurance Co, office over City Bank

Upson Miss Grace, decorator of chinaware, res 211 W Main st

Upson Mrs Julia A, res 211 W Main st

Upson J T, res 302 N 1st ave., Mrs J T

Urban C, res 108 N 6th st., Mrs Thressa

Urbanek John, lab, bds 801 S 6th ave

Utz John, retired, over 118 E Main st., Mrs Jane E

Utz T N, res 206 S 3rd ave., Mrs Emma G, John G

p. 152

Vail D W, res 409 N 4th st., Mrs Francis

Vail John M, prop American House 401 S 2d ave., Mrs Lucy

Vail E Morris, bds 411 S 3rd st

Vail J D, Business Loan Assn, res 411 S 3rd st., Celia E

Vail Miss Susan C, comp, bds 409 N 4th st

Van Cleve Mrs S E, res 310 S 2d st., Charles

Vance Roy, res 606 N 1st ave

Vance S G, res 208 S 3rd st., Annie, R M

Vandever E W, bkpr, res 607 E Main st., Mrs Mamie

Vandever Wm H, trav agt, res 406 E Main st., Mrs Jessie, Eva, Hattie

Van Hee Isadore, blksmith, res 601 E Main st

Van Horn Wm, clk, res 6 N 4th ave

Vanhove Henrietta, res 711 S 12th ave

Van Orman J G, res 309 S Center st., Ruth, Mc, Grace, Gertie

Van Schaick Mrs A M, res 10 N 6th st

Van Schaick Ed, florist, res 10 N 6th st

Vanschaick Walter, lab, res 501 S 1st ave., Eva

Van Scyle Miss Emma, rms 106 N 1st st

Van Sheick E A, lab, bds 8 W State st

Van Sickle A B, dentist, res over 124 W Main st

Van Slyke John, harnessmkr, res 106 Anson st., Mrs Addie

Van Tine A L, painter, res 408 N 4th st., Mrs Mary E

Van Vleck Geo O, real est, over 33 W Main st

Van Vleck G O, real est, res 311 N 5th st., Mrs Evalyn P, Jennie E, Fred W

Van Zandt Newton, bds Tremont

Varnum C B, farmer, res 612 W Church st

p. 153

Varnum H B, retired farmer, res 612 W Church st., Mrs Carrie E

Varnum P I K, farmer, res 612 W Church st

Varnum Sam, lab, rms over 29 N Center st

Vaughn Miss Laura, res 207 N 2d st

Vaughn Thomas, carp, bds Satia House

Vavouska Miss Josie, domestic Satia House

Veach Mrs Ama J, dressmkr, 104 N 1st st., Harry S

Veber S M, res 203 S 2d st., Edna

Vehmeier Henry, teamster, res 105 S 8th ave., Mrs Emma, Walter A, Jacob H

Verhuel Roy, res 111 E Church st., Mrs Ida

Vertz Irelin W, insurance agt, res 801 W Main st., Mrs Mary A, Kittie A, F M, G R

Visek Joseph, res 323 S 3rd ave., Rosa, Emma

Vikstron John, res 209 S 3rd st., Mrs Brita

Vitek L D, wks A S Burnell, res 105 S 7th ave., Mrs Josephine

Vitex Ed, lab, bds 12 Anson st

Vogel August, lab, res 604 N 1st ave., Mrs Elizabeth, Lillie, Amelia, August Jr, Fred

Vogle Harry, upholsterer, bds 10 E State st

Vogle Miss Lou, stenogr, bds 10 E State st

Vogel Miss Mae, clk, F B Newcomber, bds 10 E State st

Vogle Robert J, wks glucose, res 10 E State st., Mrs Kate, Nellie, Francis

Vogle Robert J Jr, clk Peter Meyer, bds 10 E State st

Vogle W R, wks glucose res 411 May st., Christena

Vokoum Frank, lab, res 116 Anson st., Annie, Mary

Vondersaar Miss Lulu C, teacher, res 109 N 2d st

Vorhies J H, wks I C R R, res 308 S 1st ave., E J, Esther

Vorwick J A, res 11 W Nevada st., Annie C, Harry, Fannie, Lillie, Georgie

p. 154

Wade B F, wks glucose, res 904 Mitchell st

Wade Jos, bds 801 W State st

Wade Will, wks cooper shop, bds 501 May st., Mrs Sadie

Wage Jennie, res 7 S 3rd ave

Wagner Geo, lab, bds Breckle's 109 W Main st

Wagner Mrs G W, res 402 N 4th ave., Arthur, George, Lulu

Wagner Rev Herman, res 102 S 5th ave., Mrs Johanna

Wagner Mrs Lizzie, dressmkr, 708 W State st., Emma

Wagner W A, wks cooper shop, res 1300 E Nevada st., Augusta

Wagoner Geo, lab, 412 W R R st., Maggie

Wahlbert Gus, cement walk maker, res 601 W Boone st., Mrs Ellen

Waite Chas, res 712 W Main st., Mrs Ann M, Ada, Helen M

Waters G M, clk, res 408 W Main st., Mrs Lizzie

Waldo Mrs Belle C, music teacher, res 310 E Main st

Waldo Mrs E D, rms 118 N Center st

Waldo John, lab, res 704 Bromley st., Mrs Jane, Edna

Waldo John, lab, res 408 S 1st ave., Kate, William, Frank

Waldo Leroy, lab, 510 W R R st., Stella, Loren

Walker Wm, bds 405 S 2d ave

Walkup E H, carp, 808 W State st., Dora

Walkup, Harry B C, bds 204 S 3rd ave

Wall Arthur, tailor, bds 502 W Church st

Wall Austin, clk, bds 502 W Church st

Wall Lydia, domestic 309 W Church st

Wall Theodore, deputy sheriff, res 502 W Church st., Mrs Christine, Ben

Wallace John, patent medicine and tobacco 22 1/2 N Center st

Wallace John, retired, res 207 N Center st., Mrs Mary A

Wallace John L, coachman, res 212 E State st

p. 155

Wallace Photograph Gallery, over 5 W Main st

Wallace Robert, wks McCombs Bros, rms 207 N Center st

Wallace Sherman, shoemkr, res 307 S 3rd ave., Mrs Ida B

Wallace Will, jeweler, res 108 N 2d st., Mrs Clara, Irena

Wallace Wm, mach, res 8 S 6th ave., Mrs Wm

Wallace W L, brakeman, res 306 N 4th ave., Mrs Laura, Fred, Harry, Edward

Wallen O, bds 406 S 2d st

Wallen O H, molder, res 209 N 4th ave., Mrs Christine, Florence, Minnie

Wallish John, lab, res 706 S 2d st., Katherine, Frank

Wallish J F, wks I C R R, res 109 May st., Anna

Wallish M A, lab, res 109 May st., Ella, Addie

Walsh John, flagman, res 405 S 1st ave., Mrs Katherine

Walsworth S A, retired, res 412 W Boone st., Mrs C E

Walters E P, retired, res 205 S 3rd st., Ida, Hannah

Walters Joseph, bds 311 S 1st ave

Walters Mike, teamster, res 3 Limit st., Florence

Wanbert Geo, dentist, res 202 N 4th st

Wanberg P E, boots and shoes, 107 E Main st

Wanberg P E, boot and shoe merchant, res 202 N 4th st., Mrs Clara, Esther

Ward Rev Julius A, res 104 S 1st ave., Mrs Amanda A, Ralph

Ward R F, salesman, res 210 E Main st

Ward Wm W, clk Tremont House, res 410 N 4th st., Mrs Ada, Flossie, Ethel

Warfield W H, moterman, 311 S 4th ave., Mrs Sarah, James, Harley

Warring E R, eng waterworks, res 528 N 3rd st., Mrs Anna

Washburn Mrs Nellie, res over 21 N Center st

Wass A W, com trav, res 408 W Main st., Mrs Ellen

Wassen August, wagon mkr, 601 Frederick st., Mrs Dora, Annie K

Wassen Ida M, music teacher, res 106 W State st

Wasson Thomas I, auditor I C R R, res 107 N 3rd st., Mrs Amanda, May, Roy

p. 156

Wassen Mrs M A, wid, 106 W State st

Waterbury Mrs Delia, res 107 N 2d st., Grace, Ella, Flora

Waterbury Guy W, telegraph opr, res 107 N 2d st

Waterbury Roy R, clk, res 107 N 2d st

Waters B F, com trav, res 6 1/2 S 3rd st., Mrs T

Waters D E, ex-police, res 401 E State st., Mrs Nellie J

Waters Imogene, res 5 N 4th ave

Waters Joe B, col'd, res 709 E Linn st

Waters O B, lab, res 610 W Linn st., Mrs N Edith

Waterman Edith, teacher, rms 519 N Center st

Waterman Moses, comp, res 519 N 1st st., Harry, Richard

Watko Joseph, lab, res 217 Anson st., Mrs Thresa

Watros M V, ticket broker 117 E Main st, rms 205 E Main st

Watson Fred, comp Times-Republican, bds Center House

Watson W P, res 202 N 6th st., Mrs Dora

Watts Mrs Christine, res 508 N 1st ave

Way Fred M, Marshall Ice Co, res 204 W Lincoln st., Mrs Rosa A, Ralph

Wead Chloe B, res 105 1/2 S 7th ave

Wead May E, bds 105 1/2 S 7th ave

Weakley Mrs Lizzie, res 417 Swayze st

Weakley Scott, lab, res 506 W Railroad st

Weatherly A W, bridge builder, res 622 W Nevada st., Mrs Emma, Leta

Weatherby T C, councilman Third Ward, res 609 W Nevada st

Weatherby W H, peddler, res 607 S 6th st., Mrs Safronia

Weaver A M, res 11 E Railroad st., Mrs Mary, Blanch

Weaver Mrs Emma, wks 15 N Center st

Weaver F S, wks glucose, res 909 Iowa st., Katherine

Weaver James, wks I C R R, res 412 1st ave., Emma, O B

Weaver John W, wks glucose, res 801 S 6th ave., Mrs Anna

Webb Rev Clarence E, rector Episcopal church, res 8 E Grant st., Mrs Melinda

Webb Clarence, minister, over 32 W Main st

Webb Dr H P, bds 8 E Grant st office over 32 W Main st

p. 157

Weber F J, bds 211 S 1st st

Weber Gus, bkpr packing house, res 607 Woodbury st., Mrs Annie, Johnnie

Weber H J, merchant, res 501 W Church st., Mrs Mary

Weber John, lab, 303 W Church st., Mrs Laura

Webster Mrs C E, rms 110 N Center st

Webster C E, carriage painter, res 111 W Lincoln st., Mrs Lydia

Wedgwood Mae, domestic 808 W State st

Wedgwood Sanborn, carp, res 414 N 3rd st., Mrs Clara, May, Luella, Benjamin

Weigle Bros Laundry, (Frank and W H) 6 W Church st

Weigle Frank, Weigle Bros laundry, rms 209 N 1st ave

Weigle W H, res 6 W Church st

Weigle Ida, wks 6 W Church st, bds 103 W Main st rms 207 N 1st ave

Weiter Henry, lab, res 406 May st., Augusta

Weiser Lizzie, bds 403 1/2 S 1st st

Welch Miss Belle, clk, 607 W Main st

Welch Bros, groceries 311 S Center st

Welch Edward, wks glucose, bds Hotel Eagle

Welch Grace, bds 511 S 4th st

Welch J C Sr, grocer, res 411 W Boone st., Mrs Mary A, Josie, Maria T, J C Jr

Welch J J, carp, res 310 S 1st st., Agnes, Bessie

Welch J P, clk 511 S 4th st., Nellie, Gertie

Welch Martin A, clk 311 S Center st

Welch Thomas, wks Anson Co, res 805 S 6th ave., Mrs Mary

Welch T W, grocer 311 S Center., Mrs Mary C

Wells Miss Amanda, bds 206 E State

Wells Edward, bkpr Hawkeye Oil Mills, res 107 N 4th st., Mrs Florence

Wells Mrs Isabella Y, wid, res 206 E State st

Wells John W, propr job printing office, res 106 N 3rd st., Mrs Carrie T, Arny, Helen

Wells J E, lab, res 8 Thompson's Court

p. 158

Wells Miss Leona, comp, res 106 N 3rd st

Wells Miss Nettie, teacher, bds 405 N 1st st

Wells Rodney Clarke, associate city editor T-R, bds Tremont

Wells F T, bkpr, res 112 N 5th st., Mrs Mary E, May

Weltha Miss Martha, seamstress, bds 510 W Main st

Wenger Chris, lab, res 503 May st., Mrs Lizzie

Wenger Fritz, wks glucose, res 506 May st., Mrs Grace

Wenger G, lab, res 510 May st., Mrs Sadie, Fred, Rosetta, Mary, Sam

Wenger Miss Mary, domestic, res 111 W State st

Wentworth Mrs C J, 504 W R R st., Kate

Wentworth H, brakeman, rms over 120 E Main st

Waren Peter, lab, res 408 Union st., Mrs Anna

Werlick C A, clk I C R R, res 8 N 4th st., Mrs Celestia

Werner Gertrude, student, bds 8 W State st

Werner Miss Lillian, teacher, res 409 E State st

Werntz Miss Kittie, dressmkr, res 536 N 2nd st

Wescott C A, gun smith, res 108 N 4th st., Mrs Mary J, William, Clare, Leon, Bernice

Wescott Fred, teamster, res 307 N 4th ave, north door., Mrs Elsie

Wescott Rosa, domestic 10 E North st

West Chas, bds 511 E Linn st

West John, lab, res rear 309 N 4th ave., Mrs Nora E

West J A, baker, res 8 S 6th st., Mrs Jennie, Earl B

West J B, butcher, res 207 N 2d ave., Mrs Mary, Lillie, Charlie

West Wm, carp, res 812 W Nevada st., Mrs Francis, Albert, Lee

West Wm, emp Andrews & Hoyt, bds 207 N 2d ave

Western Accident Association, 116 W Main st

Western Syrup and Preserve Co, 505 S Center st

Western Union Telegraph Co, C A Gillette mngr, res 101 E Main st

Westlake G W, retired, res 614 E Main st., Mrs Rebecca R

Westling Herman, boot and shoe dealer, res 410 Union st., Mrs Lena, Hulda

p. 164

Winters Mrs Harry, wid, res 110 Anson st., Blanch, Maud, Bessie, Fred, Jim

Winterstein J Z, emp I C R R, res 212 S 2d ave., Mrs Lizzie

Wise George A, bkpr Bowman Bros, bds 805 ½ S 3rd ave

Witholder Henry A, plasterer, res 404 W Linn st., Mrs Sophia

Wittel Jake, wks I C R R offices, res 311 May st., Mrs Barbara

Wolcott Edgar, eng, res 6 E Linn st., Josie

Woeber Miss Alice, bkpr, res 204 N 4th st

Wolever E, veterinary surgeon, res 601 W Linn st., Mrs Lottie J

Wolever Dr Theo, veterinary surgeon, res 8 W State st., Mrs Ida

Wolf Al, bds 106 S 1st st

Wolf Mrs Mary, res 507 E Nevada st

Wood Asa, bds 106 S 2d st., Mrs R E

Wood Eugene, res 1009 S Center st., Miss Flora

Wood Miss Laura, bds 407 N 2d ave

Wood Mark, bkpr Densel & Wilbur, res 409 W Nevada st., Mrs Bettie

Wood Miss May, res 103 W Main st

Wood W P, lab, res 521 S 5th st., Mrs Sarah

Woodard Mrs Clara, res 206 S Center st

Woodard Elmer, clk P A Stern & Co, bds 311 N 1st ave

Woodard Lyde, lab, res 114 Anson st., Mrs Nellie

Woodard Miss Winnie, res 607 W main st

Woodberry Miss Alice, res 205 W Main st

Woodbury Frank, bkpr First National Bank, res 11 N 3rd ave., Mrs Belle, Francis, Fred R, Greenleaf M

Woodbury Hose Co No 5, 130 E Main st

Woodbury J P, pres First National Bank, res 407 E Church st., Miss Mabel T, Emma, John, Clark

Woodbury School, Main and 6th ave, Miss Rose Woodard prin

Woodmansee C C, barber, res 404 N 2d st., Mrs Anna

Woodruff Miss Julia, bds 301 S Center st

Woodruff W P, lab, res 502 N 1st ave., Mrs Mary, Emma, Ida

Woods Miss Anna, col’d, domestic 704 W Main st

Woods Joe, col’d, fireman I S H, res over 114 E Main st., Mrs Minnie

p. 165

Woods Roy V, marble cutter, bds 114 N 1st st

Woods W W, marble dealer, res 114 N 1st st., Mrs Clora

Woodward Rose, prin Woodbury School, bds 408 E State st

Woodworth Mrs A E, wid, res 403 E State st

Woodworth C E, drayman, res over 118 W Main st., Mrs Bertha C

Woodworth D C, tailor, res over 107 E Main st

Woodworth J M, cashr Com State Bank and City Treasurer, res 305 Jerome st., Mrs Mary C

Woodworth W C, res 118 N 1st st., Mrs Nellie

Woolf M C T, tailor, res 503 N Center st., Mrs Anna, Willie, Olive M

Woolf Tena, domestic 9 W State st

Wolsey John, wks Marshall Grocery Co, res 803 Iowa st., Lizzie

Worden E T, travelinn salesman, res 907 Iowa st., Mrs Alice, Arthur

Worley Charles, clk, bds 105 S 1st st.

Worley O J, lab, res 105 S 1st st., Ida

Worley Mrs Susanna, wid Nathan, res 204 E Main st

Worth Mary, domestic 802 Doty st

Worthington J H, shipping clk, res 806 W Nevada st., Mrs Minnie D

Wren G W, com trav, bds 707 W Church st

Wrigley Mrs J H, wid, res 309 S 3d st., Ellen, Nellie

Wright Amanda, wid R C, bds 412 W Main st

Wright E Christine, librarian High School, res 404 E State st

Wright G S, res 404 E Linn st., Mrs Mary Clara, Francis

Wright Herbert G, col’d barber, res 403 Union st., Mrs Bernice

Wright J A, bkpr, res 404 E State st., Mrs Catherine, Gerald M, Charles C

Wright J H, res 113 N 3rd st. Mrs Pluma, John H Jr

Wright R J, barber, cor 1st ave and Main st

Wright R J, col’d barber, res 411 N 2d ave., Mrs Sarah, Myrtle, Fred, Flossie

Wright W D, clk, res 412 W Main st., Mrs Anna

Wulff Oscar (Wulff & Son), res 406 S 1st ave., Mrs Emma, Ed, May

Wyand Miss Millie, bds 309 S Center st

Wyllis Mrs Ruth, wid, res 114 N Center st

p. 166

Yeager A W, teamster, res 128 Anson st., Mrs Julia

Yeager C W, res 305 S 1st st., Mrs Eliza, Lilliam, Claud

Yeager D A, lab, res 210 S 5th ave., Mrs P A

Yeager Wm, bds 305 S 1st st

Yelanick Frank, wks glucose, res 911 Iowa st., Lillie

Yetley C J, farmer, res 702 Marion st., Elizabeth, Sam, Jud

Yokom George A, clk W G Calhoun, res 107 S 6th st

Yokom John A, agt, res 107 S 6th st., Mrs Emma C, Blanche, Clarence

Young A N, carp, res 511 N 3rd ave., Mrs Jennie, Roy

Young Charles H, res 301 S 1st ave., Minnie, Shurley

Young David, lab, res 501 N 3rd st., Mrs Anna

Young Edward, res 512 1/2 Bromley st

Young Emery D, cond I C R R, res 202 S 3rd ave., Mrs Alice B, Myrtle, Birdette A, Lyle E C

Young John N, stone mason, res 7 S 7th st., Mrs Anna, Tressa M, Hannah, Marie

Young Mrs J, col'd, res rear 505 E Linn st

Young Miss Leona, domestic 902 W Main st

Young Miss Mary, domestic 106 N 2d st

Y M C A Building, 318-330 S 3rd ave

Young Ralph, eng, res 715 E Main st., Mrs Rachael

Young Sanford, col'd, cook, rms over 120 E Main st

Youngreen Fred, res 406 S 2d st

Yule Mrs Mary A, res 115 N 3rd st

p. 167

Zahnd John, res 401 S 1st st., Eva

Zatechka Miss Mary, res 204 W State st

Zenaklik Josie, domestic 512 Anson st

Zhand Gotfried, lab, res 412 Swayze st., Mrs Sopha

Zieger Mrs Alma, res 207 S 3rd st., Stella, Harold

Zieger F A, res 217 S 3rd st.,  Stella Harold

Ziegenfelder Christian, res over 120 E Main st

Zimmerman Joseph, wks glucose, res 209 Anson st., Barbara

Zlavov Louis, lab, res 404 May st., Christiana, Mary

Zug Dawson, res 112 S 3rd ave

Zug James, bds 112 S 3rd ave., Dawson

Zug Seth, local frt agt I C R R, res 112 S 3rd ave

Zundt G, lab, res 507 W Railroad st., Rosa, John

Zurcher August, blksmith, res 905 W Nevada st., Mrs Emelia

Zwilling Will, loan broker, res 12 N 3rd st



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