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Various News Entries for Marshalltown Times-Republican, June (12), 1926

Dale Lundstrum, 19 years old, 5 feet 10 inches tall, weight 170 pounds, dark eyes and dark hair, complexion slightly rough.  Dale was last seen at Marshalltown Tuesday, June 8.  Has not since been heard from.  He wore a dark blue suit, gray cap and black Oxfords.  Left home with his father's Paige touring car, 1916 model, license 69-2628.  Any information notify H.A. Lundstrum, Route No. 1, Marshalltown OFFERS TO COMPROMISE. Date Fixed For Objections to Gervich Debt to Bank. Saturday, June 19, is the date fixed for hearing objections to a compromise by the receiver of the Marshalltown State Bank of the debt owed the bank by Morris Gervich, a junk dealer of this city. Gervich owes the State bank approximately $17,000.  He has offered in settlement $6,700 in cash, or a little less than 40 cents on the dollar, and the receiver has satisfied himself that from Gervich's assets the bank would not be able to realize more than this sum.  Gervich owns a farm in southern Minnesota on which there is a $10,000 mortgage, due soon, and there is said to be some question as to his equity in the farm.  Altho the receiver does not consider that Gervich's equity is very large, some have considered that the equity is as much as $15,000.  Other assets included the stock in the junk yard of scrap iron and steel.  This is said to have had a value of about $5,000 earlier this year, but that the value now has lessened by a drop of $2.50 per ton in the market price of the junk.  In cases where the receiver thinks best to compromise a debt it is necessary to publish a notice giv ing the date at which time the compromise is to be considered in court, in order that nay depositor of the bank who considers that the compromise is not to the best interests of the depositors may file his objection.  If no objections to the settlement are made in court next Saturday the court may order the compromise effective.


Fox Construction Company Finishes Work on State Center-Hartland Road--Moves to Road South From State Center to Rhodes.

  Motorists today were crossing Marshall county, from east to west, without plowing mud, despite a heavy fall of rain Friday night.
  The last mile of the Lincoln Highway paving, completed about three weeks ago, by Anderson & Empre, city, who had the contract for the county work, was opened to traffic this morning.
  Believers in hard surfaced roads today saw their dream of  apermanent highway across the county fully realized.  The Lincoln Highway paving is finished and is now being enjoyed by auto drivers of Marshall county and of the entire country.
  With the network of gravel-surfaced roads completed and to be improved this year, Marshall county soon will have surfaced highways linking all localities within the county with the principal national highways, which lead to both coasts and from lakes to gulf.
           Grading Work Progressing
   Almost simultaneous with the opening of the last mile of the highway paving, the Fox Construction Company of Forest City, having the county contract for grading road to be gravel surfaced, completed the first section of its work.
   Work of grading the highway north from State Center to the Hartland road, a distance of four and a half miles, was completed Friday night.  Better progress than had been expected was made with this work.
  Today the contractors began work on the road south from State Center to Rhodes, a distance of six miles.
   The work on the State Center-Hartland road was begun May 24, and if the same progress is made in grading the State Center-Rhodes highway, the latter road should be finished by July 7.


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