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Various News Entries for Marshalltown Times-Republican, March 9, 1918

We, the undersigned, take this way to express to Mrs. H.L. Thorp our hearty thanks and appreciation for her splendid patriotism in presenting a beautiful silk service flag to be displayed in the M. & St. L. blacksmith shop to the memory of a departed comrade, Wilber B. Williams. Signed, Shop Mates. THEATER OWNER INJURED
E.L. Jones Severely Hurt When Struck By Automobile
 E.L. Jones, proprietor of the Colonial theater, is at the Deaconess hospital suffering from severe injuries caused by being struck by an automobile driven by Thomas Meickley at 10:30 Friday night. The accident happened at the intersection of Main and Center streets.
  Mr. Jones received a severe concussion of the brain, due to striking the back of his head on the pavement: a cut in the chin, to the bone; a badly scratched face, and a fractured left shoulder blade. Drs. R.R. Hansen and N. Merrill dressed his wounds. Mr. Jones was unconscious all night, and today was in a semi-conscious condition. He is past 70 years old.
  Mr. Meickley was driving west in the street, when the accident happened with Roy Good as a passenger in the car. The car was going slowly, having slowed up for a west-bound street car that had stopped at Center street. Meickley says Jones stepped directly in front of the automobile as he was going north across Main street.
Walks Into Police Court With Smallpox
  Roaming about in public when broken out with a pronounced case of smallpox, J. Nevin Brindle came into the police headquarters Friday night, asked for a place to sleep, and complained of being sick. Brindle said he didn't feel well and he asked Officer Lage if he might stay there all night.
  "I don't want to stay at home; my folks are away, " he explained to the officer. Brindle lives with a maiden sister.
  "What's the matter with you?" the officer inquired.
  "I don't know, " Brindle responded, "but I think I got the small pox."
  "Come under the light here, " ordered the officer and he got Brindle's face upturned under an electric lamp. It was sploched with red welts characteristic of the early stages of the disease.
  "Say, you, " yelled the officer, "get outside until I get a doctor."
  Brindle obeyed and went outside the building while Officer Lage got Dr. Conaway on the telephone.  A little later Brindle was on his way to the detention hospital, for quarantine and treatment.
Docketing Ends For March Term--January Term Closes
  Friday was the last day of filing for the March term of the district court, which opens March 18, and a number of new actions were filed late in the day.  The January term was adjourned this forenoon by Judge Cummings.
  Mrs. Kate Melton, widow of John W. Melton, member of the city fire department who received injuries when run over by a fire truck that caused his death, Nov. 12, 1917, has sued the Royal Highlanders, a fraternal mutual insurance association, for $1,000.00, the face value of a policy held by her husband.
  Mrs. Anna M. Marquis has petitioned the court for a divorce from Henry Marquis. She asks the custody of her children, temporary alimony of $60 a month for their suppport, and permanent alimony of $1,500.  An attachment against the husband's property to secure the claim for alimony was issued by Judge Cummings.
  O.L. Ingledue, formerly in business at Vancleve, has filed suit against the M. & St.L. for $113, alleged to have been his loss in shipments of eggs consigned to Philadelphia which were damaged or lost in transit.
  George Livingston, of this city, has filed suit for divorce from Mrs. Grace Livingston. The couple was married Jan. 13, 1914.
  Mrs. Rhoda M. Hobbs has recommenced a suit filed previously and then dismissed against Mrs. Nora F. Cummings and George Cummings, involving a controversy over a strip of ground abutting the Cummings lot which Mrs. Hobbs claims is her property.  The parties to suit are neighbors in the Third ward.  Application is made for an injunction and $500 damages.
  Heirs of Samuel B. Hull, Mrs. Saluda C. Hull and Alfred A. Hull ask that real estate owned by the heirs be sold and the proceeds divided.  The action is entitled Chester F. Hull vs. Edna E. Flossie M. and Ernest Thompson.
  A motion to set aside the verdict obtained by C. H. Johnson in a personal injury case against H.A. Kinnan was submitted to Judge Cummings Friday.
  J.E. Ortman of Des Moines Succeeds J.W. Hildebrand.
  J.E. Ortman, of Des Moines, was today being checked in as passenger and ticket agent for the Chicago Great Western, to succeed J.W. Hildebrand, who has resigned. Mr. Ortman has been assistant city passenger agent in the city office of the company at Des Moines.  He is unmarried. Mr. Hildebrand, who resigned to enter the employ of the Des Moines Union Railway in its office at the union station, Des Moines, expects to go to Des Moines tomorrow or Monday.


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