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Various News Entries for Marshalltown Times-Republican, July 2, 1913

Bertha Hockridge, aged 9, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Hockridge, was removed from her home to the detention hospital Tuesday. She has a slight attack of smallpox. Don't forget the picnic lunch Friday the Fourth.  Better phone 448 or 1433 and get the many good things to eat.  We have pop on ice all the time. J. G. Carter, 14 East State.
General Secretary J.H. Fellingham, of the Des Moines Y.M.C.A. was here for a short time this forenoon.  He has been at Lake Geneva, Wis., and Chicago, and stopped here on his way home. Complimentary to her cousins, Martha and Gertrude Broadhead, of Paris, Tex., Miss Margaret Wasson, 402 North Fifth street, entertained twenty-five girl friends at a sew party Tuesday afternoon.  The hostess served refreshments during the afternoon.
William M. Garey, father of Mrs. Stewart A. Moyer, wife of the ensign of the local Salvation Army, left St. Thomas hospital Tuesday following an operation for cancer of the lip.  Mr. Garey's condition is as good as could be expected. Dr. and Mrs. B.E. Fullmer, of Los Angeles, who have been visiting in Washington, Boston, and other cities of the east, stopped in the city for a short time this morning while on their way to their home.  Dr. Fullmer is a brother of Fred Fullmer, and Mrs. Fullmer is a sister of Dr. C.A. Noggie, of this city.
Rev. Allen Wood, a former Marshalltown young man, who has entered the Methodist ministry since he left here several years ago, was in the city this morning for a short time.  Rev. and Mrs. Wood have been spending a vacation at Galveston and Houston, Tex., and were on their way home to Garner where Rev. Mr. Wood has had a charge since last fall. As a surprise to her husband, Mrs. C.C. Trine, 303 West State street, entertained the members of the Marshalltown State Bank force at dinner Tuesday evening.  The affair was in honor of Mr. Trine's birthday anniversary.  Dinner was served at 7 in the yard, and the evening was enjoyed socially.  Mr. Trine's co-workers in the bank presentd him with a fine rocking chair.
Dr. H.H. Center left Tuesday evening for Omaha, Neb., where he will visit a few days at the home of his son, Granger Center. Miss Dorothy Balch, who has been visiting at the home of her sister, Mrs. George Ott, at Davenport, for ten days, returned home Tuesday evening.
The regular meeting of St. Margaret's Mission will be held Thursday evening at the home of Miss Margaret Armstrong, 111 North First avenue. Tomorrow you stop and select your "Eastman" as you'll want it the Fourth.  You sure can have a time taking pictures. McBride & Will Drug Co.
Have you ever worn the French double cuff soft shirt? Nothing neater or cooler for hot weather.  They come in good wash colors.  Painter's clothing store. Ten years' experience in testing eyes is one of the reasons why my optical patients can find comfort in their eye glasses. M.GO. Wilkinson, optometrist, at 111 East Main. W.M. Hodges.
Rev. B.F. Martin and wife have moved from 510 West Main street to apartments in teh A.A. Ake home, 10 North Fifth street, where Mr. and Mrs. Martin will be for the summer. Mrs. Gus Biermann, 507 East Boone street, was removed to St. Thomas hospital Tuesday evening to be prepared for an operation for adhesions that have resulted from another operation performed early in the year.
Mrs. B.J. Mitchell and children, who have been visiting with the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Welch, for three weeks, left for her home at Vail this morning.  She was accompanied by her sister, Miss Katherine Welch, who will spend the summer at the Mitchell home. Mrs. Ina Vance, of Stanhope, wife of Oliver C. Vance, formerly of this city, was brought to the city from Stanhope Tuesday night and is a patient in the White hospital, suffering from Addison's disease.  Mrs. Vance was brought to the city by her brother, Fred Truesdel.  Mr. Vance is a son of Mrs. T.E. Harris, 606 North First avenue.


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