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Various News Entries for Marshalltown Times-Republican, November 3, 1898

Everett pianos at Benjamin's. Henry Olson for rubber heels.
Ladies' white aprons 10 cents. Hoyt's Department Store. Eighteen pounds granulated sugar at the Bee Hive for $1.
Dr. W.M. Choate, dentist, over M.F. Andrews' dry goods store. S. Davis, a stranger, arrested by Officer Cochran Wednesday afternoon, was sentenced to six days' work by Mayor Pierce this morning.
In spite of the bad weather last Saturday we had a great many calls for those knives and forks and will again next Saturday sell the genuine Rogers knives and forks at $3 per set of six knives and six forks. Wm. Hellberg. Private Charles H. Whaley, of Company H, Forty-ninth Iowa, arrived in the city Wednesday night from Jacksnoville, and will spend a thirty days' sick furlough in this city. Private Whaley has been sick for several weeks with typhoid fever.
A small fire, presumably originating from spontaneous combustion, was discovered in the store of J.P. Cooper, on North Center street, at about 7 o'clock this morning.  The blaze started in a box of sawdust and had been burning for a short time before the store was opened at 7 o'clock.  Aside from a small hole burned in the floor there was no damage done. Mrs. L.G. Seager, of Gilman, spent Wednesday in the city.
Mrs. R.J. Wollett, of Des Moines, is visiting friends in the city. Mrs. F.H. Gifford and daughter, Bernice spent the day in Grinnell.
Mrs. J. Sievers and daughter, Miss Minnie, of Gilman, spent Wednesday in the city. Mr. and Mrs. E.C. McMillan spent Wednesday with Mrs. W.M. Pyle at Melbourne.
Mrs. H.I. Smith and daughter, Miss Leona, of Gilman, visited in the city with friends Wednesday. Mr. G.R. Haas arrived home Wednesday from Omaha, where she has been for a few months during the exposition.


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