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Various News Entries for Marshalltown Times-Republican, Tuesday, October 12, 1897, p.6

Dr. Lierle, surgeon and physician. Fur capes from $7.50 to $50 at M.F. Andrews'.
Best assortment of underwear at Lee & Benedict's. Drs. Conoway, gynecologists, physicians and surgeons.
Window glass! window glass! All sizes at Powers' drugstore. The Literary Clan was entertained last night by Miss Mary Hall.
Ladies heavy ribbed, fleeced-lined union suits 50 cents each. Lee & Benedict. A cape is just the thing for these cool mornings. See those at M.F. Andrews'.
For breakfast you will want some home-made sausage, so you had better call up Andrews & Hoyt's market. No. 31. Mr. Otto F. Kohn and Miss Maude M. Wilson, of LaMoille, were united in marriage Monday evening, in this city, by Justice Allen.
Conductor Chet Agan took Conductor Anderson's run south to Peoria on the Central this morning while the latter takes a brief vacation. Henry Sundell is doing a rushing business in the short order lunch line. He is making the "Up-to-Date" one of the popular resorts of the city.
The Non-Partisan W.C.T.U. will meet with Mrs. N.S. Ketchum, at her home, 210 South Fourth avenue, Thursday afternoon, beginning at 3:00 o'clock. Mrs. Georgia McMillan will be home to her friends and patrons at her dressmaking parlors, over 107 West Main street, Oct. 18, 1897. All are cordially invited to call.
Winter clothes are in demand now. Don't go around in old-looking clothes when by cleansing and dyeing we can make them look like new. Flitton's laundry and dye works.  


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