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Various News Entries for Marshalltown Times-Republican, April 7, 1890, p.6

LaPlant Bros., house moving and raising. 603 North First avenue. Children's suits and kilt suits, the finest and greatest variety, at Philip Stern'.
The Presbyterian young people expect to give the old fashioned "Deestrict Skewl" May 1. District court convened at 2 o'clock this afternoon, Judge Bishop, of Des Moines on the bench.
Editor Mason, of Union Star, is in town this afternoon, and will return home a married man. Particulars later. Will you suffer with dyspepsia and liver complaint? Shiloh's Vitaliser is guaranteed to cure you. B.A. Morgan. 2
Rev. H.O. Pratt will lecture at the M.E. church Thursday, April 10. Evening subject: "The Glory of the Nineteenth Century." Headache, neauralgia, dizziness, nervousness, spasms and sleeplessness cured by Dr. Miles' Nervine. Samples free at B.A. Morgan's.
A large number of veterans are arranging to take the Diagonal train tomorrow morning to attend the G.A.R. encampment at Des Moines. Mr. and Mrs. Delano T. Smith entertained a party of friends at 6 o'clock tea Saturday evening, at their hospitable home on West Main street.
Marriage licenses have been issued to to George J. Elson, of Dunbar, and Lizzie Ingebritson, of LeGrand; also to A.B. Snider and Emma V. Scofield, both of Timber Creek township. The regular meeting of the Women's Club will be postponed one week, till Wednesday, April 16, when Mrs. Crowe, of Iowa College, will give a talk on "The Passion Play of Ober Ammergan."
Cashier A.F Balch, who has been down sick since the 26th of March with diphtheric sore throat, finds his case developing into quinsy, and is a great sufferer. He has the unbounded sympathy of hosts of friends. NO one is making finer Cabinet Photos than Brown.
Comic Opera
The sale of seats for "Powhatan" opened up this morning with a rush. Everything is progressing finely at rehearsals and the company will put the opera on in first-class style. Secure your seats. Every one is going to see the new comic opera success, "Powhatan."
Old Settlers' Meeting.
The Old Settlers' association met at the store of L. Armbruster conformable to adjournment, April 5, and was called to order by President Ingledue.  The proceedings of last meeting were read and approved. The committee on location, through its chairman, Mr. Armbruster, reported that none of the committee on location except himself was present, and he asked that time until the next meeting be granted. The request was complied with.
   The following bill were reported faverably by Chairman Weatherly, of the finance committee, and were allowed and the treasurer ordered to pay them:
The bill of Henry & Sower for old settlers' record...$2.75. E.N. Chapin, for postage...$1.60, Total...$4.35.
   The secretary reported that he had sent out 150 blanks by mail as instructed by the association, and distributed large numbers personally, and had only received three completed records to be entered upon the association's record books that he had personally solicited others to write their own autobiographies in the record book without...(copy of page cut off)


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