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List of Delinquent Tax Payers in 1868


The following information was provided by Barbara J. Price.


The Marshall County Times, Marshalltown, Iowa, August 22, 1868: Notice to the tax payers of Marshall County:


The following lands and town lots, and other real property in Marshall County, State of Iowa, will be sold for the total amount of taxes, interest and costs that are now due and unpaid.

Sale to commence on the first Monday of October A.D. 1868, at the Court House in Marshall, at 10 o’clock A.M.

H.A. Gerhart, Treasure of Marshall County, Iowa.

[The information is NOT in alphabetical order.]

Township Name
Marietta Abell, T.B.
Bruce, Arba
Clark, S.D.
Darbu, T.J. - estate
Frank, E.F.
Ford, L.T.
Garretson, Sol
Harland, A.M.
Keisler, J.Q.
Patterson, Joseph
Shorthill, Thos.
Teson, Robt.
Truex, E.
Wimberry, T.M.
Woodward, M.
Woodward, Mary
Woodward, James
Marshall Abell, T.B.
Arbon, Wm.
Arnold, Delos
Bissel, -estate
Clark, G.C.
Clark, E.H.
Dudley, J.M.
Hunt, H.H.
Johnson, Isaac
Thorpe, Monroe
Tower, Geo.
Taft, Calvin
Timber Creek Berry, Wm. M.
Burns, James
Currens, E.T.
Frobel, Charles
Hamilton, H.M.
Hull, H.H.
Monohan, Wm.
Nash, H.H.
Walton, S.H.
Walton, Wm.
Jefferson Bagley, A.
Bless, B.
Crane, Calso
Cornaham, J.L.
Dewey, Jacob
Denning, Issac
Gear, G.P.
Gordon, J.C.
Henderson, -heirs
Higgins, Geo.W.
Howard, R.
Leiter, B.F.
Learning, J.W.
Monahan, Wm.
McCall, M.
Norris, David
Powers, J.K.
Sincox, J.D.
Scholfield, Thos.
Stellings, Abra
Whitcomb, A.
Young, Wm. J.
Washington Abell, T.B.
Alword, Z.
Bagley, A.
Brown, E.S.
Brown, Columbus
Beebe, H.B.
Borland, B.L.T.
Boardman, H.E. J.
Bills, John C.
Carpon, S.D.
Coon, J.S.
Cornwell, Mrs. S.
Davis, Geo. C.
Freeman, N.P.
Fuller, O.
Henry, G.W.
Lee, J.R.
Meyers, W.W.
Mitchell, Sam'l
Offerty, L.
Porter, R.
Sloan, Geo.
Wheeler, J.D.
Yokum, E.
Marion Abell, T.B.
Rice, Ed'd
Shrader, A.
Taft, Calvin
Tallman, ___
Hutchinson, H.
Vienna Abell, T.B.
Arney, A.H.
Bourne, Jas. D.
Beckwith, ___
Cadet, N.
Crum, W.
Crouse, Sarah H.
Cunningham, Was
Carpenter, Milton
Grant, Edwin
Fisher, Elias
Montgomery, J.H.
Pershing, Jos.
Rector, W.H.
Richard, R.C.
Young, V.H.
Liberty Arnold, D.
Alfred, J.G.
Boardman, H.E.J.
Ladden, G.M.
Lacey, J.H.
Marsh, A.B.
Macey, Wm.
Norton, Levi
Reese, J.F.
Minerva Arnold, Delos
Burt, Jemima
Butts, C.
Meyers, Christiana
LeGrand Avery, A.
Brooks, Sol
Brown, T.H.
Conway, J.D. & L.N.
Clifford, ___
Clifford, John
Dean, H.J.
Fisher, Hiram
Gailbert, H.
Hall, Amos
Herbert, Rebecca
Krough, Joshua
Loveland, John
Lories, D.M.
Martin, R.S.
Nash, H.H.
Willits, Mrs. Ann
Whitney, David
White, C.G.
Eden Abel, T.B.
Arnold, D.
Bagley, A.
Boardman, H.E.J.
Brown, T.
Brown, E.S.
Coon, Abraham
Henderson, W.H. --estate
Jelley, Joseph
Keesler, H.
Logan, Andrew
Logan, ___
McCarty, D.
Price, Simon
Schell, I.W.
Temple, H.
Underwood, E.H.
Winchester, H.F.
Webster, G.D.
Waterman, J.S.
State Center Boardman, H.E.J.
Day, John M.
Hutzel, J.
McCall, M.
Randall, W.C.
Shipman, Mary B.
Stuark, Donald
Thompson, Jas.
Conversa, Viles
Weatherly, Wm. H.
Iowa Boardman, H.E.J.
Beatty, Abraham
Coldren, S.
Hedrick, Sam'l
Hamlin, Jas.
Hauser, John H.
Melick, Robt. W.
McKibbon, W.E.
McClary, Thomas
Ramsay, Jas. --estate
Bangor Bagley, A.
Horn, ___
Moore, ___
McGreegor, R.
Green Castle Austin, W.E.
Ailman, James
Buell, Mary
Brush, Mary
Brown, James
Eckles, U.
Farr, L.B.
Hammond, Anson
Johnson, B.W.
Maliet, J.D.
Robb, Miss J.
Southwick, G.W.
Sexton, L.
Weaverling, William
Wilmoth, Jos.
Whitcomb & Seymour
Marshall City Blackman, W.H. --estate
Butler, Alonzo
Bailey, M.C.
Berry, D.G.
Brown, T.
Clark, D.W.
Crane, Caiso
Clifford, Marcy
Clark, C.
Clark, T.
Cole, W.
Drum, Ch's
Ewing, A.F.
Fuller, B.H.
Howe, Geo. E.
Henderson, Jas. A.
Huff, Elijah
Hobert, Jerome
Jones, H.A.
Loveridge, D.
Laisey, W.S.
Lindsey, Robt.
McCall, W.H.
Miller, Will
Nestle, J.E.
Patterson, G.G.
Page, L.L.
Pollund, J.W.
Roach, Dan'l
Smith, C.C.
Sargent, R.S.
Schoifield, T.
Snyder, F.
Wallace, Abijah
Whitney, I.R.
Waston, Hannah






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