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Newspapers are a great source of genealogical and family history information. Many of these papers can be borrowed at your local library through the Inter-Library Loan program. Develop a friendship with your reference librarian and they will be happy to help you find these materials. Remember to do your homework: Do your best to find the correct and complete bibliographic information; there are sources at the library that will help; in additon to the list below.

The newspapers listed here are in microform at various repositories. Libraries usually have other sources for the location of these materials, but sometimes they appreciate knowing where you found your information.

Fremont Gazette 1890 - weekly
absorbed Oskaloosa Tribune-Press
Ia-HA m January - March 1968

Iowa Herald July - November 1850 weekly
continued by Oskaloosa Herald
No microform

Oskaloosa Herald 1850-1919 weekly
continued Iowa Herald
title varies: Oskaloosa Weekly Herald; Saturday Herald; Weekly Oskaloosa Herald
CFIS s August 1852 - October 1857
HyF m August 1852 - October 1857
Ia-HA m August 1852 - October 1857
McP m August 1852 - October 1857
NNC s August 1852 - October 1857
PPT s August 1852 - October 1857

Oskaloosa Messenger 1878 - 1885 weekly
WHi m October 24, 1885

Saturday Globe. 1881- January 1922. weekly
merged with Oskaloosa times to form Oskaloosa Times-Globe
IaHi s 1885 - January 1892
McP m 1885 - 1891

Oskaloosa Times. 1885 - January 1922 weekly
merged with Saturday Globe to form Oskaloosa Times-Globe
No microform reported

Oskaloosa Daily Herald September 3, 1887 daily
title varies: Daily Herald; Evening herald; Daily Evening Herald
Ia-HA m 1936-1968
McP m 1897; 1905 -1909; 1968 -

Liberty Bell 1894? -?
WHi m May 19, 1894

Oskaloosa Times-Globe. February ? 1922 - 1931 weekly
formed by the merger of Saturday Globe and Oskaloosa Times.
continued by Oskaloosa Tribune.
No microform reported

Oskaloosa Tribune. 1931-1944 weekly
continued Oskaloosa Times-Globe.
continued by Oskaloosa Tribune-Press.
Ia-HA m 1932-1944

Oskaloosa Tribune-Press. 1944 - December 31, 1965 weekly
continues Oskaloosa tribune.
absorbed by Fremont Gazette
Ia-HA m 1944-1965