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School Photos

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Do you have Mahaska County school photos? If so, please send them to the county coordinator to be included on the school pages. 

Bryan School

bryan school
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Pictured in the back row from left to right is the teacher, Miss Lewis, and Goldie Fisher Hoffman, Revena Ver Steegh Blanke, Nettie Ver Steegh Beal, Harold Taylor, Charlie Ratcliff and Paul Smith.
Middle row: Lena Van Genderen Ver Steegh, Margaret Schenck ______, Mabel Malloy McGriff, Dorothy Schenck McSpadden, Gail Fisher Fudge, Lila Orcutt _______, Luella Fisher Donahey.
Front row: Claude Mendenhall, Alva Smith, Harold Mendenhall, Alfred Drennan, Leonard Van Genderen, Johnnie Van Genderen, Merwyn Fox.
Contributed by Jeanie Belding

1910 New Sharonclass note

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Back row: Alva Smith, Claude Mendenhall, Harold Taylor, John Smith, Nettie & Arthur VerSteegh, Charley Ratcliff
Front row: Alfred Drennan, Luella Fisher, Harold Mendenhall, Harrison VerSteegh, Gail Fisher
Teacher: Clara Mather behind all students. 1910 circa 
Contributed by Jeanie Belding                                   
 Student, Gail Fisher, received this note from her teacher & classmates before her 8th grade examinations

Contributed by Jeanie Belding

New Sharon High School

edna rempp
miss jackson
Edna Rempp was a 6th grade teacher in 1917.
Contributed by Jeanie Belding
Miss Jackson, Latin & Algebra teacher in 1920

Contributed by Jeanie Belding
sophomore teachersMiss Jennings1923 teachers
L to R: 1921 sophomore class teachers: Miss Hotte (or could be Hatte), Miss Jackson, Miss Jennings, Miss Whitaire (or maybe Whitakre?)
Contributed by Jeanie Belding
Miss Jennings, geometry teacher in 1921

Contributed by Jeanie Belding
Gail Fisher was a student who graduated in 1923.  The following were her Senior class teachers L to R: Miss Jackson (first semester Home-Ec), Miss Hersh (sponsor), Miss Glenn (assembly).
Contributed by Jeanie Belding

 Jeanie Belding shares, "My grandmother, Gail Fisher, taught school after graduating.  Her obituary said "She graduated from the New Sharon High School in 1923 after which she received her normal training and taught school in Brownstown." "