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Fisher Family

Fisher wedding
James & Naomi (Beal) Fisher Wedding Photo
15 Sep 1867
1882 Fisher family
1896 Fisher family
Photo is of the James & Naomi (Beal) Fisher & their children. Left to right: Lillie Fisher, James Fisher, Effie Fisher, Alice Fisher, Naomi (Beal) Fisher, Albert Fisher.

Photo taken about 1882
Photo is of Mary (Jones) Fisher and her children, who all at one time lived in Mahaska County.  Front: Thomas Fisher (son), Mary (Jones) Fisher (mother), James Fisher (son);  Back: Phoebe Jane (Fisher) Godby (daughter), Mary Elizabeth (Fisher) Mitchell (daughter), Rachel (Fisher) Gaston (daughter).  The Fisher family was in Mahaska County by 1850, as daughter, Abigail Fisher was born in Mahaska County in October 1850 (she died in 1857 and is not in this photo). Mary (Jones) Fisher's husband, Thomas Fisher, died in Mahaska County in 1863 and is not in this photo.
Photo taken about 1896
1896 Fisher grandchildren1917 50th anniversary
Photo is of James & Naomi (Beal) Fisher with their daughters and grandchildren.   Standing left to right: Clyde Spain, Lillie (Fisher) Faulkner, Effie (Fisher) Pippen;  sitting left to right: Naomi (Beal) Fisher holding Forrest Pippen, Alice (Fisher) Spain holding Perry Spain, James Fisher, Porter Spain (arm on James knee).  The photo was taken by/at Kitching's Gallery, New Sharon, Iowa, which was stamped on the original photo card.
Photo taken about 1896
This photo was taken 09-15-1917 on the occasion of James and Naomi (Beal) Fisher's 50th wedding anniversary.  Those in the photo are: Row 1: Leland Faulkner, Homer Faulkner, Orville Spain, Harley Spain, Floyd Faulkner, Merlin Fisher;  Row 2: Beulah Faulkner, Lillie (Fisher) Faulkner, Effie (Fisher) Pippin, James Fisher, Naomi Fisher, Albert Fisher, Alice (Fisher) Spain; Row 3: Carroll Faulkner (name noted above head), Elmo Hoffman, Goldie (Fisher) Hoffman, Mary (Musgrove) Spain, Lillie (Pippin) Caldwell, Mary (Denney) Spain, Louella Fisher, Gail Fisher; Row 4: Porter Spain, Herbert Caldwell, Perry Spain, Lola Spain, Pauline Pippen, Lora Spain, Milton Spain, Clyde Spain. 
First carNash car
This is a photo of James Fisher, with his first car, a Ford Model T.

Photo taken in 1910
This photo is of James Fisher with his Nash car.  We believe it is possibly a Nash 1916 Touring model.
Photo taken about 1920
1918 friends1918 HS Friends
Gail Fisher's HS friends - L to R: Ruby Grover, Mable Lowry, Velma Longstreet, Alice Howell
    Fisher Family Photos submitted by Jeanie Belding

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