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Photos by surname of submitted Mahaska County gravestones. These are from the IAGenWeb Gravestone Photo Project.

The Mahaska County portion of Iowa Works Projects Administration Grave Registration Surnames.

Commission for the Preservation of Pioneer Cemeteries

This is a list of some of the cemeteries located in Mahaska county.

Cemeteries Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' Map
Appel Cemetery 412651N 0924710W Peoria
Baldwin Cemetery 412859N 0924634W Peoria
Beacon Cemetery 411640N 0924229W Oskaloosa
Bedwell Cemetery 412201N 0922748W Rose Hill
Belle Fountain Cemetery 411649N 0925200W Leighton
Black Oak Cemetery 412332N 0925115W Peoria
Bloomfield Cemetery 411553N 0923355W University Park
Butler Cemetery 411836N 0924552W Leighton
Cedar Township Cemetery 411338N 0922623W Fremont
Cedar Township Cemetery 411338N 0922615W Fremont
Cedar Township Memorial Cemetery 411229N 0922613W Fremont
Centennial Cemetery 412309N 0924638W Peoria
Coal Creek Cemetery 411423N 0924640W Buxton
Cohen Cemetery 411001N 0924816W Buxton
Crane Cemetery 411130N 0924118W Eddyville
Eddyville Cemetery 410947N 0923738W Eddyville
Evergreen Cemetery 412126N 0924717W Leighton
Forest Cemetery 411821N 0923800W Oskaloosa
Friends Cemetery 412745N 0923901W New Sharon
Henness Cemetery 411430N 0924208W Eddyville
Highland Cemetery 412837N 0923857W New Sharon
Hopewell Cemetery 412101N 0922658W Rose Hill
Indianapolis Cemetery 412419N 0922611W Gibson
Jackson Cemetery 411909N 0922823W Rose Hill
Madison Cemetery 412128N 0924117W Oskaloosa
Mahaska County Farm Cemetery 411655N 0924604W Leighton
Mormon Point Cemetery 412604N 0923029W Union Mills
Olivet Cemetery 411853N 0924926W Leighton
Prine Cemetery 411941N 0924226W Oskaloosa
Pringle Cemetery 411150N 0925015W Buxton
Roberts Cemetery 412246N 0923125W Union Mills
Rochester Cemetery 411608N 0924725W Leighton
Sand Ridge Cemetery 411458N 0925141W Buxton
Smith Cemetery 411621N 0924919W Leighton
Stewart Cemetery 413017N 0924159W Searsboro
Tilford Cemetery 412916N 0923156W Union Mills
Tinsley Cemetery 412339N 0922842W Gibson
Tioga Cemetery 411736N 0922456W Rose Hill
Union Mills Cemetery 412654N 0923352W Union Mills
Weldon Cemetery 411450N 0924903W Buxton
White Oak Grove Cemetery 411626N 0922949W Rose Hill
Woods Cemetery 412339N 0923646W Union Mills

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