Township HistoriesThe 1879 History of Madison County included brief histories of the county's townships and (incomplete) lists of early settlers. These have been transcribed by Cay Merriman; you can choose the township you're interested in from this list. 
Township MapNot sure which townships are where? Check out this Madison County map.
Madison County TownsDuring the nineteenth century a number of towns and hamlets were founded, only to be abandoned later. Some only made it to the planning stage, some were platted but nothing was ever built and some had a few dwellings, and maybe a store and/or church. The railroads played a role in this saga. Peru, for example, was abandoned after the railroad went through East Peru. Barney sprang up because of the railroad. Read about the formation of the abandoned towns as well as the existing ones here.
Madison County post officesThe list of  post offices includes a number of closed post offices as well as those still functioning, together with details about when they opened and early postmasters.




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