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Some information contained herein is drawn from the Winterset High School yearbook know as the "Boomerang." That data was compiled by Ida Morse and proofread by JoAnne Walker. The remainder was gleaned from Winterset newspapers and was transcribed and edited by the County Coordinator.

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Name of Senior

Yates, Burton 1941
Yates, Delilah 1935
Yates, Geald 1943
Yates, Irwin 1937
Youmans, Dorothy 1937
Youmans, Phillip 1936
Young, Bert 1933
Young, Blair 1927
Young, Irene 1922
Young, Lloyd 1916
Young, Lucy G 1892
Young, Myles 1925
Young, Philip G. 1896
Zeller, Catherine 1897
Zeller, Joseph 1908
Zern, Clarence 1921
Zern, Cline 1915
Zern, Grace 1916
Zika, James 1949
Zink, Bernadine 1941
Zink, Bob 1942
Zink, Charles 1939
Zink, Doris 1944
Zink, Harold W 1948
Zink, S W 1948
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